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Productivity software is application software dedicated to producing information, such as documents, presentations, worksheets, databases, charts, graphs, digital paintings, electronic music and digital video. Most common programs and suites such as Microsoft Office and LibreOffice have their own topics. Office suites, which brought word processing, spreadsheet, and relational database programs to the desktop in the 1980s, are the core example of productivity software, but they can include communications software, personal information managers, groupware and log analysis software.

I'm looking for the best free Microsoft Project viewer that will allow me to view and print Microsoft Project 2013 files.

I don't need to make any modifications to the Project files I just want to be able to view and print them.

What are the best free applications that will allow this to be done?
what are some of the best tools to create help search

form the all the files that i have (word,pdf,excel) when i click on search it should preview the section from all the files

is there a open source tool or can this be created customizing  with logos that i need and name that i can have for the tool
Good evening experts,
I would like to know what type of pc whiteboards are available free or otherwise.

My handwriting is atrocious on paper and using ms paint. Is there a tool out there that I can use that's better than ms paint and will interpret my bad handwriting into good readable hand writing. I would appreciate any help you can give me and so will my students. I was thinking pc whiteboards, but I haven't researched it. I figured I would come here first before I googled for a solution.
I need recommendations for some of the best professional paid Screencasting Software that can be used to prepare programming tutorial (like the one tutors use on some of the well known programming tutorial websites like Pluralsight and Lynda.com).
Thank you for your help.
Can I get some recommendations for software used to run a small service-based business. 10 employees. tracking hours, pay, inventory of materials, expenses, etc.
to be run on Windows, or Linux or Mac OS.  Haven't decided on OS platform yet.
(Currently doing everything in MS Word and Excel.)
Currently we are running a Windows Small Business Server 2008 (with Service Pack 2). Domain & Forest function level are Windows 2008. We are now going to setup another domain controller using Windows 2012 R2 Standard. However when it runs the prerequisites check, it show me error message.

Verification of prerequisites for Active Directory preparation failed. Unable to perform Exchange schema conflict check for domain ......
Exception: Provider load failure.

Anyone has some idea? I am trying IFM mode and will see whether it works.

We have a local ERP windows software that works with MySQL server, and we want to generate a web application to share with the customers all the information linked to the service (Invoices, tickets, documents, etc)

We are looking for a easy way solution as external cloud service that we can integrate with our MySQL database and have all the services that this kind of customer page need.

Any suggestion?

Hello Experts,

I would like to know the difference between this two products. We already have PRTG installed in our network. And now we are considering to get OpManage. Does this products are same ? Do they provide same functionality
Hi all.

I'm doing some project work to learn web application development.  These projects are simulations of Human Resources systems.  One (Employee Management) is written in Struts/Spring with JDBC for database access.  The other (Talent Management System) uses Spring with Hibernate for database backing.

I have 2 different projects, the Talent Management System and the Employee Management System.  Talent Management System sends an object, representing a Performance Review, to the Employee Management System.  It uses SOAP to publish it.  Here is the code I have currently that generates the WSDL and publishes it:

//This exposes a SOAP based web service to send the PerformanceRating for
//an employee over to the Employee Management System
public class SendPerformanceRatingWebService implements DisposableBean
	private static final Logger logger = Logger.getRootLogger();
	private PerformanceManagementDelegateInterface pmDelegate = new PerformanceManagementDelegate();
	private Endpoint ep = null;

	//Method is being sent over the SOAP service.
	public PerformanceReview sendPerformanceRating(int givenEmployee)
		PerformanceReview serveThis = 
				pmDelegate.getReviewForPerson(givenEmployee, new TMS_DAO_Impl());
		logger.debug("GOT A PERFORMANCE REVIEW\n" +serveThis.toString());
		return serveThis;
	public static void main(String[] args)

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I need to share my computer screen with others for work but I can't afford to pay for 'JoinMe' right now.

Are there any free alternatives of at least something cheaper?

How do I make Woocommerce sort the products by SKU on the customer invoice?

For example:

SKU001 - WIDGET #1
SKU002 - WIDGET #2
SKU004 - WIDGET #4

Right now Woocommerce does this:

SKU002 - WIDGET #2
SKU004 - WIDGET #4
SKU001 - WIDGET #1

Not sure if is random or by date. Any help on finding where (and how) to change this is appreciated.
I have some how embedded a document that now appears in every note I have saved in Evernote.  How can i get rid of this?  The delete function does not seems to work or apply to this situation.

Thank You
We have a windows server 2012.
We are using QuickBook server 2012 and its update QuickBook server 2015.
We are facing below event id on regular basis.
Log Name: Application
Source: .NET Runtime
Date: 12/2/2015 1:01:00 PM
Event ID: 1026
Task Category: None
Level: Error
Keywords: Classic
User: N/A
Computer: WV-SERV2.weathervane.local
Application: dbextclr11.exe
Framework Version: v4.0.30319
Description: The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception.
Exception Info: System.InvalidOperationException
When i searched internet i found out that this is related to dot net. but watching server features. It has dot net framework 1.1, 2.0, 3.5 and 4.5.1 installed.
So i ran an update for dot net 4.5.2 on the server but it terminated with error "the component store has been currrupted"
So i am unable to figure out what actually is happening and what is causing this issue.

One of my clients has developped in house Web applications
using the classic tools available: HTML, PHP, Java, SQLServer

They have deployed these apps to remote agencies based
in the West Indies; these are connected with have 2Mbps
SDSL uplinks

They often complain of sluggish responses
They can click on a roll out list and at best count till five for the list to appear,
same thing with button clicks.

I have been trying to help them out by adjusting the agencies' routers
to reserve bandwith for these remote accesses; so far my impact hasn't
been that impressive

I always ask the remote users whether normal Web browsing is fine or
similarly affected. In most cases standard navigation works fine.

I'm not a developper so I'm not really able to advise them on the
quality of their developments

The developpers themselves seem pretty confident that it isn't the
apps causing the sluggishness - when they access them from here
all seems fine

The apps are normally housed in a data center

A storm wreaked havoc about two months ago so they relocated
some of their apps on their local office servers. The symptoms
are unfortunately still the same

Any ideas, pointers ?


My company used to run its business on an individually programmed AS/400 system for the last 20 years or so. Currently we are in the process of investigating an upgrade of the whole infrastructure. Since it's a wood trading company with a rather unusual corporate mission, the amount of different departments are very limited to just administration, logistics and procurement department. Annual turnover is considerable (>300 Mio €).

There are various solutions covering our demands for the financing/accounting part which would fit off the shelf (e.g. SAP, Navision, BMD). For logistics we also have some options in mind. The issue seems to be procurement. It seems difficult to find something capable of dealing with the special requirements induced by the wood business.

Finally the software should handle the process of:
manage access permissions for users
keep a history of changes to system data
maintain material master data (the big issue, since material schema is attribute based resulting in substantial amount of very specific products which have to be grouped flexibly)
maintain price lists
maintain customer master data
store planed procurement figures
management of customer contracts
provide interfaces for import/export of data
work online and offline (sync when network available)

I'm looking for a pen-input program that will record my handwriting, but not reformat it to text.  Here is my reasoning: I can read my handwriting; what I want is a kind of diary that I can run on my Microsoft tablet that will let me create a file, start writing and just keep whatever I have written.  Then, allow me to append to that file later, also in handwriting.  

Kind of like and endless scroll of paper across which I'm inputting my own handwriting.  And, that is what I see when the file is reopened.  Like a long scrolling note in handwriting.

I feel another advantage of an application like this would minimal processing load.  All the handwriting programs I've seen seem to use all their time trying to correctly interpret handwriting. My thinking here is that this just...records your handwriting on a long unspooling sheet of paper.

Is there anything like this for Windows tablets?


There are many programs to boot a computer that makes trouble starting
And more
Which is most recommended based on your experience in terms of simplicity and effective.
As to my understanding they will work to diagnose hardware and help rescue date.
Do they have feature of doing some hardware repair?
In case it’s not hardware not virus/malware is the only next option copying date and try to aim to the most (as some program’s save their date in different locations not in the document folder) and do a reinstallation?
I am looking for a simple network / bandwidth monitor for a medium size school district.  We have a mix of cisco and HP switches. We tried solar winds however that does not do what we need and its too expensive. The old big brother was great as a network monitor so something similar to that would be great.

I just have not idea what we can use as a bandwidth monitor. Any recommendations would be great. thanks!!!
When you purchase a software app (business/ERP app) and install it on servers in your own infrastructure, as opposed a SaaS type model, what kinds of contractual SLA's would you typically have with the providers of the application? I was thinking stuff like incident response to faults etc. Can anyone provide a list of key things you need to have in a contract with the providers?

I have a small PC mounted on a display on the wall.  This PC is running Windows 10.  I have a desktop that is running Windows 7 in the same room and on the same LAN.  I would like to remote onto the Windows 10 PC from the Windows 7 PC and share the Windows 7 desktop or window with the Windows 10 PC.  I've installed TightVNC and it works well but I don't see a "share my desktop" option on the client side.  I've installed TeamViewer and this is the closest option as it will allow me to share my desktop but it's on a small windows that doesn't expand.  I saw a program called TightProjector for $100 that might do it but it doesn't look like it supports Windows 10.  Does anyone have any experience or recommendations for this?  To recap.  I want to remotely display the client (Windows 7) desktop remotely onto the host (Windows 10) display.  Thanks!
what are the main benefits of using a formal records management system for your files as opposed to a plain windows file server? what are the business drivers in using records management systems over plain windows file servers, i.e. technically what does it acheive?

I have a 1T external hard drive
I bought a RAidon 3630 a while ago but didn't use it much since I have tons of data on my 1T external hard drive

Is there a way to miror in one shot all the data on my external HD , to the raidon 3630.

So I could stop using the single 1T and start using my 3630 now

Thank you
I just updated my RoboForm for Mac on my MacBook Pro (Yosemite 10.10.3).  The use of the RoboForm toolbar in safari is invaluable, particularly to save new of changed passwords.  However, following this most recent update of Roboform for Mac, my RoboForm toolbar in Safari has disappeared.  How do I restore this invaluable toolbar?
Help needed with a help desk so I can get back to helping my clients. I’m in over my head and need help from those who have survived through the process of selecting an automated help desk / ticketing system that is ideal for a one-man-show, his iPhone and dozens of support requests and inquiries each day.

In the eighth year of running a small Apple computers repair and service shop, I'm growing overwhelmed by the volume of SMS texts, phone calls, voicemails and emails from prospective and current customers. It's come to a breaking point, and it's compromising the quality of service. My needs are:

way to separate business calls AND texts from my personal communications on my iPhone ... my guess is There's an app for that.
help desk that can integrate with said app
max monthly budget $50, if it handles a good volume of calls and texts (minimum of 500 talk and 2000 texts

So I started shopping for a help desk solution, the first dilemma with all those choices. There are so many options in that field alone, that I just settled with ZenDesk, which I'm in no way married. If there's a better help desk / ticketing option that lends itself to my situation, I'm all ears. It’d be nice if it lent itself to an IT shop, such as mine, but that’s no deal breaker. The help desk part needs to be under $40 a month and compatible with processing SMS, phone calls, Youmail (the answering service I used for seven years) and email.

Hello Experts - I am looking for a (preferably free) messaging and screen sharing application for a small company with about 60 users.  Ideally it would be something that integrates with active directory and can be centrally managed.  I also think it is important to be able to log and archive messages for potential legal issues.  Please recommend any software you might be familiar with that I could check out, thanks!

Productivity Apps

Productivity software is application software dedicated to producing information, such as documents, presentations, worksheets, databases, charts, graphs, digital paintings, electronic music and digital video. Most common programs and suites such as Microsoft Office and LibreOffice have their own topics. Office suites, which brought word processing, spreadsheet, and relational database programs to the desktop in the 1980s, are the core example of productivity software, but they can include communications software, personal information managers, groupware and log analysis software.

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