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Productivity software is application software dedicated to producing information, such as documents, presentations, worksheets, databases, charts, graphs, digital paintings, electronic music and digital video. Most common programs and suites such as Microsoft Office and LibreOffice have their own topics. Office suites, which brought word processing, spreadsheet, and relational database programs to the desktop in the 1980s, are the core example of productivity software, but they can include communications software, personal information managers, groupware and log analysis software.

appreciate this is a very very broad question, but we are going round documenting the purpose of over 150 servers in our network for risk assessment purposes. For one of our records management type applications, there are 4 different application front end servers. would this typically be for performance/load balancing, or do you suspect there may be a number of different user interfaces to access the database. Most apps I have ever reviewed from a security perspective have just 1 application/front end server, and 1 backend/database server, so to find a set-up with 4 front end servers fazed me somewhat. The guy who knows about the setup is off sick hence trying to get some possibilities for application specialists here...
Hi techs,
I am having trouble finding a good keyboard for my note 4.  I've tried several that are on the top of the list for popularity and my phone starts to run very poorly with those installed. So I'm looking for a keyboard that's customizable but won't rec my phone
I have an iPad with I think 14g storage with about 15mb left. I bought cloud storage for 20g. Can I use this to substitute or do I just have to delete apps, video and pictures, there should be a way to delete the usage not the apps I want.
looking for recommended software that can
- keep track of mobile employee timesheet, easy  to keep track of performance etc
- apps for the mobile phones and computers that can easily scan hard copies of documents
- storage that can easily integrate with the apps that do the scanning so no double work to upload files
Is anyone have a typical IT and alert mechanism template
I need to be able to pull reports on my Cisco switches that shows config specs and port mapping. Is anything like this available for me to use?
Our company (which I am slowly helping to bring into the 21st century) is finally going forward with Direct Deposit.

However we have forgotten one important detail - Time cards.

Our entire workforce is non-office employees who get their time cards mailed to them,
which are mailed back, or if they live close, driven back to work.
Also many of the employees have no smart phones, some with no computers, and little or no PC skills.

We have the ability to email their time cards, but unsure what to do next:

1) Is there any cost efficient App for smartphones and computer users so they can fill out their time cards electronically?
(Which could possibly be emailed back to us?)

2) Should we just mail time cards to our less tech savvy users? Or any other ideas?

Thank you,
Hi folks, we want to keep a log of the traffic going around our exchange system to gauge quiet times etc etc. and I am trying to find a way to get some metrics for the study.

One idea was to use Perfmon to monitor the exchange servers to see how many messages are being sent around the system at any given time. We're not worried (at this stage) about the size of the messages, but want to know at a minute by minute basis how many messages are being sent. We will then log this, and create a chart to show this to Snr Mgmt.

However, I am struggling to find the correct metric to view in Perfmon, and was wondering if anybody had any ideas on this?

Answers on a postcard please,

I'm on a Mac, and I'm just wondering if anyone here knows of time tracking and/or project management software that will record both total time and billable time spent on projects.  I'm interested in tracking how much time I spend versus how much of that time I ultimately bill for, per project.  Unfortunately, those two numbers are often different.  But that's not a feature I've found on any productivity software that I've come across on the web.


I am considering create an application on Google App Engine where each user will have their own MySQL database but the app itself will be hosted on one Google App Engine Account.

How do I go about making changes to the structure of each database in bulk if I want to say add a column?


We have a free Google App Business account with two email accounts, and we want to add more, unfortunately, we are not getting it, has Google Removed this option from free business accounts?

With both the Ids if I try to access:

I get redirected to:

Please help.

Hi All,

Scenario as below:

Was assigned to look into new SharePoint 2013 setup and OneDrive for business. For the Onedrive portion, i was told that management intends to use it as a storage location. Meaning to it will be used as user's personal storage and they intend to assign about 300GB per user to store their personal stuffs.
As I understand from the articles that I've read on OneDrive for business,
"OneDrive for Business in a SharePoint 2013 on-premises environment, user files are stored in the SharePoint Content database in the SQL Server that you are using for SharePoint Server 2013. User storage quotas are set through site settings for the web application that is hosting the My Site host site."

Therefore from this understanding, OneDrive contents would actually reside in the contentDB.
However, limitation to contentdb size is that it is limited to 200GB per contentDB. Therefore here comes the perplexed situation,
Management wants onedrive to be implemented, able to integrate with sharepoint with assigned 300GB space per user BUT not looking at the cloud to store data as they only want data to reside locally in-house.

Question is, is there a way for onedrive to be implemented using local SQL storage. And if it can be done, don't mind if you guys could share some light or article? THanks. I've gone bonkers searching for this info.

Thanks in advance.
We are currently seeking a helpdesk\ticketing system that can meet the below requirements:

•      Hosted on premises
•      Have some sort of asset management
•      Ability to disable all auto replies, ticketing numbers on the user side, etc. (aka no user visibility)
•      Has the ability to update tickets based off of replies to the original email that created the ticket through outlook

In short we are a small team and are currently handling requests via outlook that are sent to a dist group. We would still like to work this way, however, we are seeking a system that can house metrics and provide better organization for our current workflow.

It would be ideal if we can fins something that integrates directly with Outlook, although not a requirement.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Hello, all.  I've got a complicated share that I'm trying to accomplish with OneDrive for Business and am not sure how to go about accomplishing it.  (If this is a duplication, please redirect me; I have done a search for this topic, but have come up short on answers.)  Our company has an archive of approximately 6000 files with a size of approximately 800 GB that we currently have synced to a OneDrive for Business account.  I need to make this archive available to my 39 employees scattered across several field offices without their local workstations downloading the entire mass of files to their hard drives.  Also, each employee needs to maintain a working synced folder for files they create that will eventually go into this archive.  Each employee has the proper Microsoft Office365 license to allow them access to this archive, however, I am coming up short on ways to share this archive with them without their local OneDrive syncing program downloading the entire archive.

My thoughts are that a weblink to the archive would work sufficiently to provide a read-only copy of the archive files to the local employee, however, I cannot find the setting to provide this without causing the entire archive to sync to their local workstation.

In short, I want for each employee to have a OneDrive for Business account on their local workstation that has full file syncing capability for files they create, and additionally want to provide a read-only weblink to the company archive …
I have setup Spiceworks for a Help Desk ticketing system.  I have set it up to sync with AD and it is doing that.  Pulled an inventory of users and I can make changes to those users in Spiceworks and it will update their AD account.

That being said- I cannot get anyone's log in to work for Spiceworks.  It is supposed to recognize and AD account and accept the same AD credentials to log in to the help desk portal.

I have searched and everything I am getting says it is setup correctly.

Anyone have any ideas or experience with this?
I am experiencing some real problems with adding an account to the Mail App program. The account behaves as it should and then
inexplicably the account will vanish from the app!

On a related topic am I able to transfer my contacts I'm Using the Office 365 version of Outlook for Mac. It would appear that Microsoft and Macs do not play very well together
2 charges hit one vendor and it was the wrong vendor.  I need to move those charges to 2 different vendors. How can I do this.

For example:  V12345 was hit with $100,000. $35000 and $65000 make up the $100,000. These two amounts need to be transferred to V000001 and V000002.
I just purchase a Windows 8.1. note book. 500 Giga; I am the only one user and Administrator. I have a dropbox account. I want to replicate it on this machine. I went on my dropbox account. I downloaded dropbox and installed it. I can access the panel. End of the story. I cannot do anything else.

1. panel is frozen saying "connexion ..." and that dropbox is starting (for two days)
2. I can access the preference/options panel, but is also frozen.

I sent a mail to dropbox support to ask two days ago. But also frozen.
Hes someone an idea ?
Thank you !
I've been reading up on configuring Dropbox as a service on a Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 box. Is downloading and utilizing the Windows Resource Kit the best, and most current, option, or is there a better way to do it?
Hello experts,

I have multiple servers and I would like through  VB script to check connectivity of each servers and send a notification e-mail if one of the server is down.

if possible (the priority is test connectivity) I would like to send a notification e-mail if Hard disk usage of one of the server is >%60

I have the notification script so I just need to include the test connectivity

' Send by connecting to port 25 of the SMTP server.
Dim iMsg 
Dim iConf 
Dim Flds 
Dim strHTML

Const cdoSendUsingPort = 2

set iMsg = CreateObject("CDO.Message")
set iConf = CreateObject("CDO.Configuration")

Set Flds = iConf.Fields

' Set the CDOSYS configuration fields to use port 25 on the SMTP server.

With Flds
    .Item("http://schemas.microsoft.com/cdo/configuration/sendusing") = cdoSendUsingPort
    'ToDo: Enter name or IP address of remote SMTP server.
    .Item("http://schemas.microsoft.com/cdo/configuration/smtpserver") = "" 
    .Item("http://schemas.microsoft.com/cdo/configuration/smtpconnectiontimeout") = 10
End With

' Build HTML for message body.
strHTML = "<HTML>"
strHTML = strHTML & "<HEAD>"
strHTML = strHTML & "<BODY>"
strHTML = strHTML & "<p>-----This message has been sent automatically-----<p>"
strHTML = strHTML & "<p>Regards,</p>"
strHTML = strHTML & "</BODY>"
strHTML = strHTML & "</HTML>"

' Apply the settings to the message.
With iMsg
    Set .Configuration = iConf
    .To = "" 'ToDo: Enter a valid email address.
    .From = "" 'ToDo:

Open in new window


I am using OneNote to store some information about people.
Likes, Dislikes, Children etc

A VERY basic CRM  :-)

what I would like to do is enter a date e.g. Date of Birth, and calculate the age from it.

is this possible in OneNote.
I know I can embed a spreadsheet with the formula, but I can't get that to automatically recalculate if I change the date.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!
entering debit card number, debit card expiration date, cvv2 into an eCommerce website as a customer.

online one (or multiple) time purchase of  food delivery is considered by customer bank account as 'recurring payment'
and allowed to go through on an overdrawn bank account

I thought 'recurring' meant monthly

how can online food delivery company set this up where their payment will clear on an debit card that is out of funds.

Does 'recurring' just mean 'online'
working with our PRTG server setup SNMP on one of our Cisco ASA devices
looking to setup on PIX firewall
using paessler SNMP tester v. 5.1.3
I have the community string and designated where my snmp-server resides
testing to PIX firewalls no; all other firewalls so far okay
is there a problem with SNMP on the old PIX firewalls?
all help is greatly appreciated
Need to find an easy solution to receiving and responding to shift swap requests.  Requests do not need to be authorised just received and acknowledged once actioned.

Was considering using google drive as have used successful on a  project in the past and liked the simplicity of the form layout and use.  However, this is a little more complicated as need the requester to indicate which two shifts are being swapped and who they are swapping with.  Then I need to be able to respond once actioned with that request being marked as done on google drive? The user input on the part of the requester has to be very minimal - currently requests are being submitted to an individual via email which everyone is familiar with so the other option was to continue using email but have the requests submitted to a generic email account - possibly with an email template?  Have Office 2010 on majority of machines.

Any advice/recommendations on the above or any other options would be appreciated.

I have six clients that operate as independent business units for the same corporation. Our firm is piloting a program for managing their excess/surplus inventory.

Essentially, I am looking for software or a manner in which the six buyers can do the following:

1.) Upload surplus inventory to a database to be viewed by the other buyers in the corporation.
2.) View the surplus inventory available from all buyers (i.e., view all uploaded inventory from all other buyers).
3.) The buyer should be able to decide that they would like to "purchase" the inventory from another buyer, and initiate a process by where the buyer can transfer the inventory from one buyer to another (one location to another), and thus remove the inventory from the database.
4.) In Step 3, it should alert the partipating buyers of the changes via e-Mail.


1.) Our company does not have this inventory in our warehouse, it always remains in the buyers warehouse.
2.) Our responsibility is solely to provide the platform that keeps the inventory list up-to-date.
3.) Currently, a spreadsheet is being circulated. When one buyer would like inventory from another buyer, an e-Mail is sent from the buyer to the other buyer, and our company to update the spreadsheet. The actual transfer of inventory is done completely on their end (the purchase, accounting, shipment, everything is on them).

Preferably, is there software out there that accomodates inventory transfer such as the above? …

Productivity Apps

Productivity software is application software dedicated to producing information, such as documents, presentations, worksheets, databases, charts, graphs, digital paintings, electronic music and digital video. Most common programs and suites such as Microsoft Office and LibreOffice have their own topics. Office suites, which brought word processing, spreadsheet, and relational database programs to the desktop in the 1980s, are the core example of productivity software, but they can include communications software, personal information managers, groupware and log analysis software.

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