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Programming includes both the specifics of the language you’re using, like Visual Basic, .NET, Java and others, but also the best practices in user experience and interfaces and the management of projects, version control and development. Other programming topics are related to web and cloud development and system and hardware programming.

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I am  vb.net desktop developer and need to learn Asp.NET CORE (MVC)  , where do I start? Any suggestions on Books, Training (even paid is fine) will be appreciated.
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Can someone help me please?
2 days ago I installed per EE advice to install icons8 which I didn't like it so I uninstalled it. Not realizing it was going to be stuck in the task bar as seen in the screen capture. Similarly, there are 2 other icons that I don't want on my PC as well , they are stuck here and I want to get get rid of them and I do not know how. They are Tracker software and Airdroid .exe. Please help me. Thank you.

Not on my PC.JPG
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <pthread.h>

#define N 4
#define NxN (N*N)
#define TRUE 1
#define FALSE 0

struct node {
	int tiles[N][N];
	int f, g, h;
	short zero_row, zero_column;	/* location (row and colum) of blank tile 0 */
	struct node *next;
	struct node *parent;			/* used to trace back the solution */

int goal_rows[NxN];
int goal_columns[NxN];
struct node *start,*goal;
struct node *open = NULL, *closed = NULL;
struct node *succ_nodes[4];
pthread_barrier_t barrier_before_filtering, barrier_after_filtering;
int finish=0, multithread=0;

void print_a_node(struct node *pnode) {
	int i,j;
	for (i=0;i<N;i++) {
		for (j=0;j<N;j++) 
			printf("%2d ", pnode->tiles[i][j]);

struct node *initialize(int argc, char **argv){
	int i,j,k,index, tile;
	struct node *pnode;

	pnode=(struct node *) malloc(sizeof(struct node));
	index = 1;
	for (j=0;j<N;j++)
		for (k=0;k<N;k++) {
			if(tile==0) {
	printf("initial state\n");

	pnode=(struct node *) malloc(sizeof(struct node));

	for(index=1; index<NxN; index++){

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My requirement is to develop an application in power builder, which receives Scanned barcodes and decodes it

The application should also be able to reveal hidden ASCII codes in the scanned barcodes.

TAB - 9
BS Backspace  - 8
EOT End of Transmission - 4
FF Form Feed - 12      

When scanned codes arrives at datawindow, rich text input, single line edit  it comes as one character at a time
So my logic would be is to take that character before it is written in Datawindow or rich text input and  find its ascii value and if it is less the 32 (which means it is  a hidden character)
I can give brackets around it and show in display screen. so that hidden characters are not missed out.

Eg Scanned code abc<TAB>def<FF>gh

Decoded code will be abc[09]def[12]gh

So I tried with EditChanged, itemchanged , KeyDown events but I am unable to get the character before it is written in datawindow. Because once it is been written in datawindow hidden characters will be missed out.

Is there any event in powerbuilder will  give me the scannedcode after it has been scanned but before it has been written in data window or rich text control,
Something like PreviewTextInput Event, which will preview the  text before writing it into the data window.

Thanks and regards,

I have a very difficult task that I can't find solution for..

I have 5 sheets in total in which:
3 of them have 2 pivot tables  each(one under other), one sheet I need to copy completely with no change, and last sheet have one pivot which like 3 first sheets have to be filtered by pivotitem, named the same like in pivot item +sheet name and together copied (in same style like before filtered) to file named same like pivotitem + sheet name.

After that I need to add macro that based on file name will attach file to specific receipment..
Please help me with finding solution for those problems

I forgot to add that there is one sheet which has three pivots 1 pivot at top left sheet, one under it and one to the right from first pivot(this one would be copied without change - screen 33)
I have a part of code that can split and copy pivot to new sheet by pivot items, how can i modify it to also copy Second pivot(Pivottable2, the range is A205:N300) from same worksheet to same new created worksheet(by pivotitem name) and paste it few rows under first pivot ?
There would be 46 new worksheets created based by pivotitem "Territory"

Sub CopyPivData()
Dim PT As PivotTable
Dim PI As PivotItem
Dim PI2 As PivotItem
'1)Worksheet name where PIVOT Table is located
MyWs = "14,42 tabs(S) "

MyPIV = "Pivot Table1"

MyField = "Territory"
Set PT = Worksheets(MyWs).PivotTables(MyPIV)
With PT
For Each PI In …
When using ExpandPath, I will occasionally get something unexpected. For instance, I'm trying to move a file from one directory to another.
<cffile action="MOVE" source="#ExpandPath('/tmp/bloop.jpg')#" destination="#ExpandPath('/final-images/bloop.jpg')#">

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This is the error I'm receiving:
An exception occurred when performing a file operation moving a file to another filesystem on files /var/www/vhosts/[sitename].com/tmp/bloop.jpg and /opt/coldfusion10/cfusion/bin/redirect:/final-images/bloop.jpg.The cause of this exception was: java.io.FileNotFoundException: /opt/coldfusion10/cfusion/bin/redirect:/final-images/bloop.jpg (No such file or directory).

You'll notice that the expanded base of the source is /var/www/vhosts/[sitename].com (which is what you'd expect it to be) while that of the destination is /opt/coldfusion10/cfusion/bin/redirect:

What's going on here? This isn't the first time I've run across this issue, but I can't seem to Google anything up about it. We're running CF10 on a Linux server. Thanks!
I'll need a Shell (Bash) script (rather an exact command) that outputs

a)  files' name in the Solaris system, one file per line in the UNIX systems
b) that were modified/created the last 1470 minutes
c) exclude FIFO files, symbolic links, sockets (ie *.sock)
d) names of files of between 1 byte to 20MB in size
e) files in /dev, /devices, /kernel, /cdrom, /platform, /proc, /net
f) files mounted on NFS

I have about 1million files so hoping the command/script of outputting
the file can complete in 30mins, so may need efficient coding.

I need to amend the following script to read (ie for AV to scan) the above output file:

LOGFILE="/var/log/clamav/`hostname`-$(date +'%Y-%m-%d').log";
## suggest to change dirs below to root but exclude databases
DIRTOSCAN="/var /opt /home /etc /tmp /export";

for S in ${DIRTOSCAN}; do
DIRSIZE=$(du -sh "$S" |grep -v "/proc" |grep -v "/dev" |grep -v ...  /2>/dev/null | cut -f1);
## add to grep -v for any other file types to exclude

echo "Starting a daily scan of "$S" directory.
Amount of data to be scanned is "$DIRSIZE".";

clamscan -ri "$S" >> "$LOGFILE";
I am studying programming with Win32 API. I am confused about what window and viewport are.

I look forward to your help. If i get an illustrations or links to an explicit explanation of this GDI concepts I will be happy.
			previouslyTaken = new DataDAO().testForPkgPreviouslyTaken(this....., TimeStamp);//gives true or false boolean value
		catch (XYZExceptionException xyze)
				LOGGER.error("item is PreviouslyTaken due to aa", xyze);
			else if(xyze.getMessage().contains("888"))
				LOGGER.error("item is PreviouslyDumped due to bb", xyze);
				throw new XYZException(xyze);
			return ;
		LOGGER.info("previouslyTaken indicator from DB {}",previouslyTaken); //coming false t me
		LOGGER.info("item taken or dumped so update status to new)

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i have above code in a method.

i never saw if else inside a catch in earlier.

why some one use if else inside catch
when the catch is thrown as try block simply return true or false

when it has 999 or 888 etc value in the xyze exception

please advise
  • Microsoft Visual Code 1.28.2 x64
  • Python 3.7

I've the smallest code ever
import ldap
print (ldap.__version__)

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And i'm getting the error:
  • Exception has occured: ModuleNotFoundError
  • "No module named 'ldap'

I've installed the Wheel found on Christoph Gohlke web site.
using this command: pip install .\python_ldap-3.1.0-cp37-cp37m-win32.whl

I've checked the dependencies as shown here:
What am i missing?

Because when i run the following command in terminal, i'm getting "3.1.0" which mean that it can find the ldap module.
python -c "import ldap;print (ldap.__version__)"

Thanks a lot for your help
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I am working on an iOS application (in nativescript) that needs to get and post some data to an API in the background each 5 minutes. Now it seems that iOS is closing my application so I took a look at the long running tasks section of https://docs.nativescript.org/core-concepts/ios-runtime/how-to/BackgroundExecution but I fail to see how I should configure an interval now.

Also while it works correctly on the simulator (not thinking about the interval) with the debug fetch command, I can't get it to work correctly on a real device.
Is there a way to reprogram a shortcut icon so users cannot pin it to the taskbar on Windows 7?  I found this link where you can disable pinning for a certain string, but I don't want to include that in the name of the shortcut.  Anyway of doing something in Powershell or VB?


If any of the following strings, regardless of case, are included in the shortcut name, the program is not pinnable and is not displayed in the most frequently used list:

More Info
Read me
Read First
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I tried jsp custom tag example.

custom tag color is not changing even though i changed to blue or some other color it still shows default color as attached.

Index.jsp is

    Document   : index
    Created on : Nov 6, 2018, 1:41:41 PM
    Author     : saiganesh

<%@page contentType="text/html" pageEncoding="UTF-8"%>
<%@taglib prefix="mytags" uri="/WEB-INF/tlds/my_tags" %>
<!DOCTYPE html>
        <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8">
        <title>JSP Page</title>
        <mytags:formattag colour="blue" font_size="50" is_uppercase="false">
            this is ext hello custom tag

my_tags.tld is

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<taglib version="2.1" xmlns="http://java.sun.com/xml/ns/javaee" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:schemaLocation="http://java.sun.com/xml/ns/javaee http://java.sun.com/xml/ns/javaee/web-jsptaglibrary_2_1.xsd">
          <name>colour </name>
          <name>font_size </name>

I never tire of asking me: To be a good programmer, what is the relevance of getting a degree in computer science? And a good programmer has in mind all the commands of a programming language, like PHP or JAVA? The oldest languages (MSDOS) had less than 200 commands and functions, currently they must have more than 1000

I would like to hearing from you

I have this bit of C Code for a project I working on for a project.  
logit("Username: %s Password: %s", authctxt->user, password);

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This is going to be used in a proof of concept project and I want to obscure the real password.  I was thinking of either replacing the whole password with a set of characters or maybe keeping the first and last two characters and replacing the rest with a set of characters.  Maybe Xs.   Looking for suggested modification.

Ps advice how to syn with my local-repo to the gitlab repo with error. Tks.

Keep loading non-stop
I have a public API endpoint that I am pulling a json file every 30 mins. Right now I am using a python pandas dataframe to pull and upload the file to a cloud storage bucket and then sending to pub sub to process and place into BQ. The problem with this is that the file name stays the same and even though I have  gcs text stream to pub sub if it reads the file once it never reads it again even though the file attributes have changed. My question here is can any one help me with code that will pull from an api web link and stream the data directly to pub sub?

Sample code below:
import json
import pandas as pd
from sodapy import Socrata
from io import StringIO
import datalab.storage as gcs
from google.oauth2 import service_account

client = Socrata("sample.org", None)
results = client.get("xxx")

# Convert to pandas DataFrame
results_df = pd.DataFrame.from_records(results, columns =['segmentid','street','_direction','_fromst','_tost','_length','_strheading','_comments','start_lon','_lif_lat','lit_lon','_lit_lat','_traffic','_last_updt'])
# send results to GCP
gcs.Bucket('test-temp').item('data.json').write_to(results_df.to_json(orient='records', lines=True),'text/json')
followup question to Website Development Case Study (https://www.experts-exchange.com/questions/29124521/Website-Development-Case-Study.html)

I plan to get a Review Website off the ground (with affiliate marketing the right way).

WordPress is set up on my site: https://wireoo.com/

Now, my question is ...

I am ready to customize the website.  I am attaching a video of Dashboard.generatepress.swf

How do I proceed? I upgraded to Generatepress Pro. Will this be a problem?
I am hoping to find an expert who specializes in creating websites that set up as affiliate review website using rss feeds and feedburners.  I really would like the inner working of this type of website and how I can create one. I have a builtwith link to a website that I know is using this type of technology here is the link https://builtwith.com/?https%3a%2f%2fthewirecutter.com%2f 

News is that RSS and Feedburners are a thing of the past but, website are still using them. And, making a kill.

Can I get a little help here with this question?  Step by Step, pls. Sorry
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HI Team,

Project :

I am looking for chart control which full fill below requirement.

I have to generate chart control with binding data from ms sql server database tables and with this generated chart need to save in database table with good quality of image so i can use in some annual reports pdf documents.

i have used Kendo UI line chart control have the option to save as either SVG or canvas. I switched it to canvas, which may have improved performance but the image, when retrieved from the database, was of lower quality and performance is very slow to generate for all my 700 companies chart.so i have chosen 50 companies per page to render then save in db and repeating same process until it reaches end of all companies but still performance and quality is not as good and sometime we observed some charts are drawn with empty data or half of data loaded and saving in db, this happens randomly and unable to figureout what problem is......

control i used as below:

and The ASP.NET MVC version is just a wrapper around Kendo UI for jQuery

so i am looking for any other chart control which can do my job as draw chart from binding data from tables and save chart images into table with good quality and good performance or how can i improve here

Please,I need your suggestion on this.
I am starting this discussion early.  I am motivated and obsessed with getting this website off the ground.

I have found myself with self-imposed errors of grand magnitudes.  

I want to get this website off the ground, so I am going to ask for help every step of the way.

1.  Now, I have gone to wordpress.org to get a theme called GeneratePress https://wordpress.org/themes/generatepress/
as advised by Expert Favor.

2.  Next, I have downloaded the Plugin Beaver Page Builder from https://wordpress.org/plugins/beaver-builder-lite-version/
as advised by Expert Favor.

3.  I am going to upload these files to my website http://www.wireoo.com.
I am going to make sure that the HTTPS is upgraded in a few hours for security and SEO.

I plan to get a Review Website off the ground (with affiliate marketing the right way).

Now, my question is where do I go from here.  I do not want to make any mistakes as I have in the past three months.
I, respectfully, ask that you be patient with me as I am taking small steps and in the learning stages.  Just be aware that I am passionate about this quest so, please do not take me seriously.  I laugh, sometimes, for I am embarrassed in some instances. Have a good day!
MQ under glassfish called imqdbroker not running when i double click on windows laptop.
path is
C:\Program Files\glassfish-4.0\mq\bin
i am not able to open default hosts under jms host to see that same mq that is supposed to be started
Please advise

I build one stateless session bean example with presentation tier html inddex page and web tier servlet within ejb web project then business tier in the ejb project

<!DOCTYPE html>
To change this license header, choose License Headers in Project Properties.
To change this template file, choose Tools | Templates
and open the template in the editor.
        <title>TODO supply a title</title>
        <meta charset="UTF-8">
        <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">
        <form action="ConverterServlet" method="POST">
              <input type="number" name="value"></br>
              <select name="type">
                    <option value="C2F">celcius to fahrenheit</option>
                    <option value="F2C">fahrenheit  to celcius</option>
              <input type="submit" value="Convert">

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do i not need to add close tags for input html element
<input type="submit" value="Convert">

also do i not need to ad begin tag for </br>

please advise

 * To change this license header, choose License Headers in Project Properties.
 * To change this template file, choose Tools | Templates
 * and open the template in the editor.
package servlet;

import bean.ConverterBeanLocal;
import bean.ConverterBeanLocal.ConvertType;
import java.io.IOException;
import java.io.PrintWriter;

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well  how can I decode the emails  so i can get plain text?

import poplib;

import io;

import string;

import encodings;


 server = poplib.POP3_SSL("pop.gmail.com",poplib.POP3_SSL_PORT);




response = server.user('XXXXXXXX@gmail.com');

response1 =  server.pass_('XXXXXXXX');



# download the first message in the list

messages = server.list();



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help appreciated
Building a workflow and I need a couple of "tricky" pieces to complete it.  I am using a SharePoint 2013 Workflow.
  • How to get the value from a column that is the lookup from another list
  • How to get a value using a lookup column when that value is another column in that lookups list (say the lookup shows a role and I want the associated persons email address or addresses)






Programming includes both the specifics of the language you’re using, like Visual Basic, .NET, Java and others, but also the best practices in user experience and interfaces and the management of projects, version control and development. Other programming topics are related to web and cloud development and system and hardware programming.