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Programming includes both the specifics of the language you’re using, like Visual Basic, .NET, Java and others, but also the best practices in user experience and interfaces and the management of projects, version control and development. Other programming topics are related to web and cloud development and system and hardware programming.

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i have multiple options on my combobox and i want, if someone chooses one, then it takes the person on the for suitable for that option.

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Hi ,
Please help me to create excel marco for attached excel sheet.
For a prarticular value say DOB to insert into database table say CUSTOMER some
xYZMain calls---XYZOrchestrator class ----which calls ----XYZDAO ---where some jdbc call happens with callble statments with ?,? as arguments to insert.

Now my question is how to trace in eclipse which method of which class calls which method of which class starting from main upto DAO.

call hierarchy in eclipse control+alt+h on particular method just gives details of who is calling particular method.

please advise
Count the number each item appears in a selected column and produce those values in a new tab.

Column A of New Tab = Original Value (text or number)
Column B of New Tab = Number of Times Value Appeared

Assistance is greatly appreciated.  A sheet might contain as many as 15,000 rows.
Hello Experts,

We have a multiple folders in d drive these all folders have sub folder which name is LogFiles, we need to forcefully delete all LogFiles folders only from a batch file.


Please suggest
In eclipse when i selected a method and do control+alt+H i get
An internal error occurred during: "Fetching children of orchestrate".
GC overhead limit exceeded

how to resolve this error. please advise
Is it possible to bypass the need for a LAMP server (LAMP = the Linux operating system, the Apache HTTP Server, the MySQL relational database management system (RDBMS), and the PHP programming language)?

I am looking for a way to simply put some files on a file share for a specific group and let everyone have access to whatever is required to run the application, but without having access to a full LAMP server.

Can writing php files that conform to newer standards accomplish this?  If not, is there any way to accomplish this without any installs?

I was hoping to get some feedback on an Apex trigger I have written on the Salesforce platform. I have two custom objects (SalesOrder__c and Sales_Order_Line__c) that is a master/detail relationship.

On an edit of the line, I'm iterating over all the lines, running a check to see if the lines have been fully fulfilled and if so, then setting a fully fulfilled Boolean field on the master record to true. The check on the lines is looking at a custom formula field and the record type of the lines.

I'm interested in any feedback on the code I have written (see below) regarding best practices on bulkification, code logic, error handling, appropriate DML usage and governor limits.

For example, is it better to use standard DML operation or the database DML methods and use partial success? Should try/catch be used in triggers? I've read differing opinions on using error handling in triggers. Would a different loop be more efficient (do/while)? Should limit checks be added into the code? Any feedback on improvements and best practices would be welcome.

Please note, I'm using a trigger framework that uses a handler interface. The trigger calls the framework class, passing in the event to fire the trigger and the handler class to dispatch. The code below is the handler class that runs the logic on trigger after update event.

global class SalesOrderLineFullyFulfilled implements ITriggers.HandlerInterface {

	Sales_Order_Line__c[] newCollection = 

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How can i convert this functon compatible to listview
 Private Sub ListBox1_MouseDown(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.MouseEventArgs) Handles ListBox1.MouseDown
        If e.Button = MouseButtons.Left Then
            Dim pt As New Point(e.X, e.Y)
            startIndex = ListBox1.IndexFromPoint(pt)

            If startIndex >= 0 Then
                Dim itemRc As Rectangle = ListBox1.GetItemRectangle(startIndex)
                startPoint = ListBox1.PointToScreen(New Point(ListBox1.Width, itemRc.Top + (itemRc.Bottom - itemRc.Top) / 2))
                endPoint = startPoint
                lastIndex = -1
                ListBox1.DoDragDrop(ListBox1.Items(startIndex).ToString(), DragDropEffects.Move)
            End If
        End If
    End Sub

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  Private Sub ListBox2_DragOver(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.DragEventArgs) Handles ListBox2.DragOver
        Dim lbPoint As Point = ListBox2.PointToClient(New Point(e.X, e.Y))
        Dim index As Integer = ListBox2.IndexFromPoint(lbPoint)
        If index >= 0 Then
            ListBox2.SelectedIndex = index
            Dim itemRc As Rectangle = ListBox2.GetItemRectangle(index)
            Dim key As String
            If lastIndex <> index Then
                If lastIndex <> -1 Then
                    key = startIndex & "|" & lastIndex
                    If Not connections.ContainsKey(key) Then
                        ControlPaint.DrawReversibleLine(startPoint, endPoint, Panel1.BackColor)
                    End If
                End If
                key = startIndex & "|" & index
                If Not connections.ContainsKey(key) Then
                    endPoint = ListBox2.PointToScreen(New Point(0, itemRc.Top + (itemRc.Bottom - itemRc.Top) / 2))
                    ControlPaint.DrawReversibleLine(startPoint, endPoint, Panel1.BackColor)
                End If
                lastIndex = index
            End If
        End If
    End Sub

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  Private Sub ListBox2_DragDrop(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.DragEventArgs) Handles ListBox2.DragDrop

            Dim endIndex As Integer = ListBox2.IndexFromPoint(ListBox2.PointToClient(New Point(e.X, e.Y)))
            If endIndex >= 0 Then
                connections.Add(startIndex & "|" & endIndex, Nothing)
            End If
        Catch ex As Exception
            Exit Sub
        End Try

    End Sub

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GetitemRectangle,IndexFromPoint is not a part of listview
Dear Respectable Experts,

i need help below code attached function Extract a number from a string value and returns numbers as string i need that it returns number as value or number please help me if it is possible.


Option Explicit

Public Function ExtractNumbers(AValue As Variant) As String
  Dim Character As String
  Dim Index As Long
  Dim Result As String
  Dim Value As String
  Value = CStr(AValue)
  For Index = 1 To Len(Value)
    Character = Mid(Value, Index, 1)
    If IsNumeric(Character) Then
      Result = Result & Character
    End If
  Next Index

  ExtractNumbers = Result
End Function

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What is the answer for this question
rest web services Standard vs business exception differences not clear. when to use which one and how. Both seems almost same to me in terms of error handling
 please advise​
I am reading below link

I was not very clear when we use content type application/xml  and when we use application/x-www-form-urlencoded and when we use json. what is importance of content type and practical uses of it. How media type is different from content type or mime type. what is the meaning of payload. please advise
I have a 2 paypal accounts one personal the other is business. In my personal PayPal account. There is an option

Web site preferences Send your clients to my website after a payment

I have made extensive programming to use this option

In my business account at PayPal nobody seems to understand that I need the same functionality in my business account

So in my business account I need clients to be sent to my website to update my database (for example)

Does anyone know how to go about this in the business account?

Using VB6 and stepping through a file sequentially that has been opened for random access I am getting bad record length errors.

However if I close the file then reopen it and start reading the records from 1 before the one that gave the error then it continues sometimes to the end of the file without error or sometimes it will error later with another bad record length error.

I have been using the same code without error on the same files for 20 years.
These errors have only started since Windows 7,8,10.
What is causing the problem?
It is happening on a number of different files with different record lengths.
I use Adobe acrobat XI Pro version 11.0.22 extensively

Have vba code that edits (E) acrobat files adding headers and footers and shrinking file sizes

I understand that Adobe will stop supporting this software on October and they recommend an upgrade

Any advice on the upgrade - how will it affect my code applications?

Examples are

Option Compare Database
Private Declare PtrSafe Function GetWindowText Lib "user32" Alias "GetWindowTextA" (ByVal hwnd As LongPtr, ByVal lpString As String, ByVal cch As LongPtr) As Long
Private Declare PtrSafe Function GetNextWindow Lib "user32" Alias "GetWindow" (ByVal hwnd As LongPtr, ByVal wFlag As LongPtr) As Long
Private Declare PtrSafe Function GetTopWindow Lib "user32" (ByVal hwnd As LongPtr) As Long
Private Declare PtrSafe Function FindWindow Lib "user32" Alias "FindWindowA" (ByVal lpClassName As String, ByVal lpWindowName As String) As Long
Private Declare PtrSafe Function PostMessage Lib "user32" Alias "PostMessageA" (ByVal hwnd As LongPtr, ByVal wMsg As LongPtr, ByVal wParam As LongPtr, ByVal lParam As LongPtr) As Long

Private Const GW_HWNDNEXT = 2
Private Const WM_CLOSE = &H10

Public Function MakeEvenPageCount(ByVal SourcePath As String, ByVal SourceFileName As String, ByVal DestPath As String, ByVal DestFileName As String, ByVal FrstPg As Double, ByVal MaxNoPgs As Double, ByVal FileNo As Double, ByVal DoYouWantToSendToPrinter As Integer, ByVal FontSize As Integer, ByVal 

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I want to use VBA to populate the cells in a single column with the following formula.


where A2 is the starting location of the text that I am searching for "501020", and C2 is the starting location of the result (x or Y).  Each subsequent row would have different text in column A and the appropriate result in column C.  The number of rows in the worksheet will vary ranging up to 500 rows.

I want to duplicate the same results that I get if I copied the above formula in C2, and pasted it down to the last row containing data in column A.

I have a dashboard created but wish to link some of the information to the data behind it, for example, showing on the front sheet  I wish to look at points 6-11
1) Overdue tickets - done
2) Open Tickets - done
3) Problem tickets - done
4) Completed tickets - done
5) Unassigned tickets - done
6) The person who has been assigned the tasks most often - support on this
7) Which user has reported the most tickets - support on this
8) How to check your ticket (based on the data in the IT Action List) - is there an easy was of a user clicking on a button which then displays the tickets they have reported
9) Top 5 categories reported (number of instances) - chart
10) Top 5 subcategories (number of instances) - chart
11) Open tickets by category - pie chart

Kind regards, Stewart
It is possible to select range of node using start node and end node.
Below is sample code.

               <w:p w:rsidR="009F72A0" w:rsidRDefault="00C14A8B" w:rsidP="00D80B27">
                     <w:pStyle w:val="Heading1" />
                  <w:bookmarkStart w:id="0" w:name="Page_1" />
                  <w:bookmarkEnd w:id="0" />
                  <w:proofErr w:type="spellStart" />
                  <w:proofErr w:type="spellEnd" />
               <w:p w:rsidR="00472CBA" w:rsidRDefault="00472CBA" w:rsidP="00472CBA">
                     <w:spacing w:after="0" />
                     <w:tblStyle w:val="GridTable5Dark-Accent6" />
                     <w:tblW w:w="0" w:type="auto" />
                     <w:tblLook w:val="04A0" w:firstRow="1" w:lastRow="0" w:firstColumn="1" w:lastColumn="0" w:noHBand="0" w:noVBand="1" />
                     <w:gridCol w:w="3116" />
                     <w:gridCol w:w="3117" />
                     <w:gridCol w:w="3117" />
                  <w:tr w:rsidR="00E317D5" w:rsidRPr="00531C77" w:rsidTr="00531C77">
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Industry Leaders: We Want Your Opinion!

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Hi, I have a couple of macros which needs to be run automatically every day. However after opening the sheet I need to move the tab and press CNTRL+D to download the file. HOw can do that automations. Please advise

Is it possible to insert image (location map ) in the sheet using VBA if I save all the respective images in a folder with Project code as name.

Say for example if I have DS101.jpg ,DS102.jpg (Project Code column in datasheet) saved in a folder. When I run the macro it fetches the respective image for each project and insert at a specified range (Location) in the template.

Please find the attached excel
I have written a big C# program, (like 84 pages long), and I want to use GNU grep to compile a list of all of the C# symbols, such as variable and class names into a .csv file for the purpose of creating a "data dictionary" that accompanies the program so that I can continue to maintain programming it effectively.

Somebody please tell me how to compose the pattern expression that does that. Or if there is a tool expressly for doing that, please tell me what the name of that tool is. (preferably a free tool).
I have a datasheet and a template. I need to create around 30 worksheets(in the same workbook) using the data . When I run the macro with 7 sets of data it is working fine (execution time: 3 minutes). But it is hanging if I enter more number of data.

Please find the code I am using:

Option Explicit

Sub PTOTemplateFill()

Dim LastRw As Long, Rw As Long, Cnt As Long
Dim dSht As Worksheet, tSht As Worksheet
Dim MakeBooks As Boolean, SavePath As String

Application.ScreenUpdating = False  'speed up macro execution
Application.DisplayAlerts = False   'no alerts, default answers used

Set dSht = Sheets("Datasheet")           'sheet with data on it starting in row2
Set tSht = Sheets("Project Page Template")       'sheet to copy and fill out

'Option to create separate workbooks
    MakeBooks = MsgBox("Create separate workbooks?" & vbLf & vbLf & _
        "YES = template will be copied to separate workbooks." & vbLf & _
        "NO = template will be copied to sheets within this same workbook", _
            vbYesNo + vbQuestion) = vbYes

If MakeBooks Then   'select a folder for the new workbooks
    MsgBox "Please select a destination for the new workbooks"
        With Application.FileDialog(msoFileDialogFolderPicker)
            .AllowMultiSelect = False
            If .SelectedItems.Count > 0 Then    'a folder was chosen
                SavePath = .SelectedItems(1) & "\"
                Exit Do
In the sample file attached on OCEAN tab there is raw data and on DATA tab formulas display values looking at the OCEAN tab and the other tabs on the file.  

I have been trying to copy the formula range B2:AG2 down according to the criteria in A2 cell.  If the value in the A column is 1 for the corresponding range Excel should copy the formula range down. When no value shows in A column it should stop copying down the formulas.  

The formula in column  A goes down to the row number 100,000. As an alternative I did this simply by using IF logic for each formula cell but this is not how I want to achieve this. I don't want to fill up the whole range all the way down to corresponding number of rows on the OCEAN tab.  I tried to come up with a VBA procedure to accomplish that but was not successful.  

I would appreciate if an expert can help me to do this by adding a VBA procedure.

Thank you
I have projhejct with name restweb which i imported as maven project

i hen imported another project with restweb with enhanced code in it by renaming at the named template section to xyz as attached.
when i try to start tomcat server within eclipse server wont start?
what is the work around so that i can start both projects at the same time even in future 10 more projects with same name with enhnaced code.
please advise
if not named template is there better approach to get these enhanced code projects and import to eclipse.






Programming includes both the specifics of the language you’re using, like Visual Basic, .NET, Java and others, but also the best practices in user experience and interfaces and the management of projects, version control and development. Other programming topics are related to web and cloud development and system and hardware programming.