Programming includes both the specifics of the language you’re using, like Visual Basic, .NET, Java and others, but also the best practices in user experience and interfaces and the management of projects, version control and development. Other programming topics are related to web and cloud development and system and hardware programming.

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we are upgrading from oracle forms6i to forms12
and our calander control is not working, from what ihave understood from googling the error,
the problem is callander. pll problem, its too old...
can u please send me an updated pll.
thanks, ora
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We have a data which has expiry date which is in Month and Year format in say Column K.  so I want to validate the value in the column K with todays date ( i.e Month and Year format) and if it matches then I want to copy the whole active row data to other sheet.

if the value does not match, then I want to copy only the value of the Cell  G column Same row to other sheet to a specific column.

below is the code id have written But when i excecute the code i get Argument not optional Error

Sub Rentfree()

Dim Valid As Date 'Variable to Hold the Today date
Dim irow As Integer 'Variable to Hold the Row count or Cell number
Dim Val As Date 'Variable to hold the value data sheet active cell
Dim i As Integer ' Counter Variable
Dim lngLastRow As Long 'Variable to hold the Last row address

i = 2
Valid = Now(FormatDateTime(MonthName & Year))

Worksheets(1).Range("K & i").Activate

While ActiveCell.Value <> ""

Val = Worksheets(1).Range("K & i").Value

If Val = Valid Then
lngLastRow = Worksheets.Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row + 1
Worksheets(2).Range ("A & Lnglastrow")

Worksheets(1).Range("G & i").Activate.Select.Copy
lngLastRow = Worksheets.Cells(Rows.Count, "C").End(xlUp).Row + 1
Range("A & lnglastrow").Select
End If
End Sub
I am a C#.NET developer but have not yet touched Core. I am in the midst of a job changes and have some time, which I could put int learning the basics of .NET Core.

Is that a good idea?

I do not se many member in the few .NET Code topic areas, unless I am missing the bigger TA's.

I seek a list of 20 most important design patterns in computing today.

I am a C#.NET Full Stack developer, so that may bias which patters are the top 20 for me.

I want to make myself a faster programmer and able to code more on my feet under pressure. And having tried and true patterns on the top of your mind, will help.

I have a folder A on 10 window machines located on  C drive folder temp which contains .cmd file for execution , I want to execute that .cmd file on all 10 windows machines from one machine using batch file. which should run in highest permission with run as administrator & UAC should not block when script executed.

Thanks in advance
I have an excel file that i would like to create a button on, that will copy a certain worksheet and then open a new excel file and do a paste special onto the new worksheet to only paste the values.  I would also like the existing worksheets column widths copied to the new sheet as well.
I had to change the computer I use for my vb6 programming.  When I try to re-compile a module I get a Break compatibility warning.

Old Computer:  Win 10
New Computer: Win 7

Below is the reason for the compatibility issue:

Original Definition:
Property Set to Connection(RHS As ADODB.Connection_Deprecated)

Current Definition:
Property Set Connection(RHS As ADODB.Connection)

Where does Set Connection(RHS As ADODB.Connection) come from and how do I set it to Connection(RHS As ADODB.Connection_Deprecated)
Hi Experts!
I am Fresher,
could you please provide me the details, how to approach the real time projects in organization...
Back when C# came out; I did not know how to pronouns this combination of C and a # (sharp).  Talking to a  developer, he chuckled when I said "C pound."
And now, when "reading" about generic decorators; it is not written as to  how to pronouns these;
*args, **kwargs
Might any one have the phonetics /fəˈnediks/ on these two decorators;
*args, **kwargs

I have my code like below
      response = orch.process(request);

when i mover on to process method and click control and left mouse click it supposed to go to process method implementation but it is not doing in eclipse mars.

it used to work earlier not sure suddenly what happened stops working.

i restarted my laptop still not working.

please advise
Optimize your web performance
Optimize your web performance

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If I have a spreadsheet of data whereby column A gives me the name of someone, and column E gives me the answer 'yes' to liking ice cream; can I populate a new worksheet with the name provided in column A, provided the condition is met that Column E is 'yes'?

in eclipse java project i have below stored procedure in a DAO class say


wen i search on it eclipise not finding.
how to find all the stored proc similar to above in all DAO classes?
what are best search strategies to find what i want in eclipise?
please advise
I'm looking for a PHP code snippet that loops through multiple lines in a textarea and turns it into an unordered list.

For example, users would paste the text similar to the following into a textarea (with a hard carriage return after each line):

Hand carved double wood entry doors
Wood flooring and wood detailed ceiling with custom moldings
Breakfast bar with sink, refrigerator and cabinetry
Large bedroom with views of the Intracoastal Waterway
French doors lead out to a private covered patio with fireplace

Open in new window

.. and I'd like to convert it to the following -- on the fly -- using PHP:

     <li>Hand carved double wood entry doors</li>
     <li>Wood flooring and wood detailed ceiling with custom moldings</li>
     <li>Breakfast bar with sink, refrigerator and cabinetry</li>
     <li>Large bedroom with views of the Intracoastal Waterway</li>
     <li>French doors lead out to a private covered patio with fireplace</li>

Open in new window

I believe the main challenge is that I have to turn this into some kind of list or array (using the hard carriage returns as delimiters) and to then loop through that list to stiitch everything back together into an unordered list.

How would I accomplish this using PHP?

- Yvan
        global $con;
            $pro_id = $_GET['add_cart'];
            $check_pro="select * from cart where ip_add='$ip' AND p_id='$pro_id'";
                  echo "";
                  $insert_pro="insert into cart(p_id,ip_add)values('$pro_id','$ip')";
how to stop form process for tracing
I have an issue print a pdf label to a zebra printer. I can print the file fine using the printdocument class, however the issue is the speed. It takes far too long to print.

So instead my idea was to send a zpl command directly to the printer and see if the performance was improved. To do this I am converting the pdf file to an image file and then trying to send the image using the below code.

 string zplImageData = string.Empty;
                //Make sure no transparency exists. I had some trouble with this. This PNG has a white background
                string filePath = GetLabelTemplateFolderPath() + hu + ".png";
                byte[] binaryData = System.IO.File.ReadAllBytes(filePath);

                foreach (Byte b in binaryData)
                    string hexRep = String.Format("{0:X}", b);
                    if (hexRep.Length == 1)
                        hexRep = "0" + hexRep;
                    zplImageData += hexRep;

                //string hex = BitConverter.ToString(binaryData).Replace("-", string.Empty);

                string zplToSend = "^XA" + "^MNN" + "^LL12000" + "^PW12000" + "~DYE:" + hu + ",P,P," + binaryData.Length + ",," + zplImageData + "^XZ";
                string printImage = "^XA^FO115,50^IME:" + hu + ".PNG^FS^XZ";

                SendStringToPrinter(printername, zplToSend);

                SendStringToPrinter(printername, printImage);

This code prints a small …
Hi experts,
Pls check the attached sample excel sheet. would like to get ur help.

Sample sheet.
1. I have 3 rows of data in several columns
2. I also populated Column O "Expected Final Result" on how I would like to get the values aggregated
3. Basically scan each row by every column and summaries on the final "Expected Final Result" column
4. "Expected Final Result" column position might change, so better to have relative cell
5. Since trying to automate this. Is it possible via excel formula? or vba?

Thanks in advance
I Want to disable clipboard option for citric clients, and in citrix  server'.
how to disable can anyone help me please
for years i used

    Application.DisplayFullScreen = True

in order to get my display in full screen modus

Recently, something has changed, and now the top row of the menu mentionning the file-name and the formula bar is still visible.
How can I hide these two lines ?
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On Demand Webinar: Networking for the Cloud Era

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Hi, new member here and first post. My goal is to create a basic tab control using the Win32 API that contains a canvas for rendering OpenGL. Please see attachment for my source code. I created a tab control with two tabs; the first tab contains a button and the second tab contains the rendering context. The first tab, when active, successfully displays a button. The second tab, when active, does not display the OpenGL canvas. The only way I can get the canvas to appear in the GUI is to exclude the tab control (comment out the CREATE_TAB_PANE macro in my example to do this). I am rendering the OpenGL context within a static control. Thanks in advance for your help.
What is tunneling and JRMP and DMZhow they are related to firewall and ports and network. Why we use tunneling. please advise
How authentication and authorization different from data integrity and Confidentiality.

why we use key, tokens, certificates, rkm etc. please advise
I was reading about Resource Bundles

as below
internationalization feature of the JDK provides a mechanism for separating user interface (UI) elements and other locale-sensitive data from the application logic in a program.
I can relate with local sensitive data separation but not the UI elements like buttons etc why we need to separate?

pelase advise

the create method is optional for Entity Beans. This is useful when you do not want to clients to be able to insert data into the database.

i am reading as above. I was not clear what is relation between create metnod and the insert data to the database.  please advise
I have a workbook with a couple of worksheets, each having a table - a ListObject.

One of the tables uses one connection, the rest of the tables use another connection.
Both connections are identical - same server, same credentials, same linked tables - thus I wish to remove the connection that serves only one table.
Before doing so, of course this table must have changed its connection to that of the other tables.

I cannot find a way in the user interface, and all VBA objects I can find that relates to this - ListObject, TableObject, ModelTable, etc. seem read-only or only have Delete()  methods, never an Add()  method.

So what are my options, please?







Programming includes both the specifics of the language you’re using, like Visual Basic, .NET, Java and others, but also the best practices in user experience and interfaces and the management of projects, version control and development. Other programming topics are related to web and cloud development and system and hardware programming.