Programming includes both the specifics of the language you’re using, like Visual Basic, .NET, Java and others, but also the best practices in user experience and interfaces and the management of projects, version control and development. Other programming topics are related to web and cloud development and system and hardware programming.

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Is SOLID Outdated?

What are more modern definitions/terms for design principles for OOP?

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Hi guys

I have an excel sheet with a load of data in one particular column. It has lots of email addresses ending with various domain names. In the next column, I would like to create some sort of formula that outputs the domain names from the column with the data into the associating rows so that I can then organise it by domain name. So if cell A1 says ' i would like the next column in the associating row to output '' and then do that for all the domain names in there.

Does this make sense? If so, can you help me write the correct formula to output the content correctly?

Thanks a lot
What are some classic Problem Solving questions I might expect from an upcoming interview for a .NET Senior Software Engineering position.

I created an folder in project directory (see the attached pic) .
Into this folder I will save some files while user use the program. When program close those file will be removed.
I'm programming in C# WPF.
The problem is that I cannot add files to this folder and get message:
'Could not find a part of the path 'E:\GAB-SW\Program\Source Code\Program_WPF\Program_WPF\bin\Debug\temp\Profile174.png'.'
If I open the project folder my "temp" folder was exist there.
Which path I have to use to save my files in this folder?
when we go to eclipse market place vs when we go
install new software option under eclise-->help

please advise
objectaid ul plugin now working

i went to eclipse -->help--->install new software

then i put url
it brings windwo with saying
Add Repository
with 3 text boxes
not sure what to give above text boxes
after some times says
it says coulld find

please advise
Merge 2 Excel 2016 Files to single file and group records

I have 2 files, each with 4 columns:

Email Address - First Name - Last Name - Type

My goal is to merge these files so that records with same Last Name values will be grouped in the new file, that is the records will be grouped - sorting of fields not necessary.

How do I do this?
I have created a userform and for question 2 I need help writing a subroutine to:
•      Create an array and initialise it
•      Store the count of “Poor”, “Average”, “Good” and “Excellent” in the array
•      Plot a graph to show the number of count for each rating.

Attached is an example file that I have to work on. Any help is much appreciated! :)
On the sample file attached I have data arranged in columns A thru E on Sheet1.  The column E with field name "Deletion Check" is used to check the status of each row for deletion, if it says "Delete" then that row should be deleted in its entirety. I tried three different VBA procedures and those can be seen in modules to achieve the deletion of all those rows that meet the criteria but all procedures raised error.

On Sheet2 I placed the original sample data so after testing the code data set can be reverted back to its original state again.  One quick note here is that initially I was using the procedure "deleteRowswithSelectedText() " without any issues, the way I was using this code from the button was that I was highlighting the column E then running it and it was working pretty good up until this morning but for reasons that are beyond me it stopped working and after that any other code trial generated error even after I tried on brand new files.  

So if any expert can offer a working code either by modifying one of the existing code blocks or adding entirely new code would be much appreciated.
What are the big benefits of .NET CORE?

And how do they differentiate from .NET Framework?
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Design Pattern for object oriented design question...

What is that 5 letter word that has 5 OOP Design Patterns in that one word?

Once I hear the word, I will recall the 5 patterns.

"S," is Single Responsibility..


I want to create desktop application using C# .NET that create RAR file. application select date wise files and create one RAR file of that.

Is there any utility or third party tool available ?

Naitik Gamit
I am looking at upgrading my switches in my network and would like to use SFP+ modules to connect the switches together but I am finding I don't know enough about the ins and outs of doing this. I was under the impression that you would connect the switches like you would with a Copper wire, plug it in one port then plug it into another port on a separate switch thus daisy chaining the switches together.

When I started looking into the project I found that there are two different types of fiber cables and single-mode and a multi-mode. From reading I found that the single-mode cable is usually used for long runs and the multi-mode transmits more data so to speak but what is the right choice? The switches will all be in one rack so there is no need for a long run but what should I use.

Then comes the switches and programming the SFP ports. When I look at them they have two connections which I assume is to connect mulitiple switches together but what programming is needed? I would guess one port is receiving and one is sending and this all needs to be programmed in the switch.

I have one 24 port 10GB Netgear Prosafe XS728T V1 switch that my servers plug into with copper and want to purchase an additional 4 1GB Linksys Business LGS552 48 Port switches which all have the SFP ports that can handle 10GB fiber connections.

So my question is how do I configure these and which fiber cables should I use? Am I making this too complicated than what it is?
I am looking for an option in excel to get the below :

1) New columns should be inserted at a click of a button between two specified columns.
2) Once we are done with our work on the newly inserted columns, there should be a button to delete the columns
I had this question after viewing Excel - Floating Command Button.


How do I do the same for multiple buttons? lets say I have button 1, button 2 and button 3?
Compar-Template.xlsxHello Team,

I am in mid of Excel VB Script task.

I have a column A in Sheet1 & Column A in Sheet2 & Column c in Sheet3

have done VLOOKUP for Sheet 1 & Sheet2 (both the Column A's) & got the output result in Column B on Sheet1 & Sheet2 respectively.

Now the task is:

Matching VLOOKUP on Sheet1 & Sheet2, needs to appear in Sheet3 Column C with the help of VB Script, can this done, i am trying to get this out put, not able to find the correct out.
Pls advise.

I want to create my first application (I'm a web dev) in Python.

I'm going to try and create an open source version of Neck Diagrams ( If that is beyond me I'll come back to it soon.

So I need to learn Python and GUI programming in Python.

I was hoping some people could recommend books to learn Python and books to learn GUI Programming in Python.
I have an Adobe Form with hundreds of field names for Year Information
I need to find and replace 2010 with 2013 and so forth.  I can't find a way to find and replace the field names.
Good Morning,

I'm trying to take this formula and transfert it to vba excel in a module.

=SI([Date de livraison]<>"";SI([Date cédulée]<>"";[Date de livraison]-[Date cédulée];"");"")

I have change the formula this way :  Selection.Formula = "IF([Date de livraison]<>"",IF([Date cédulée]<>"",[Date de livraison]-[Date cédulée],""),"")"  and it is still not working.

Can you help me to get this work please.
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Cloud Class® Course: Amazon Web Services - Basic

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I have an excel spreadsheet File1 containing a blank Country Codes column (A) and Country names column (B) + other data Several Thousand rows so the same country name will appear 0, 1 or multiple times

I have a second excel spreadsheet File2 containing both Country Codes column (A) and Country names column (B)  

is it possible to loop through the all the rows of File1 using the value,  Country name, in column (B)  to  search File2>column (B) return either column (A) value or Not Found and update column (A) in File1?

If it's easier I can copy the values from File2 temporally into File1 or create a VBA hash (if there is a thing)

Sample bellow with desired output


Code	Name	Foo	Bar
	Argentina	other stuff 1	other stuff 2
	Argentina	other stuff 1	other stuff 2
	Aruba	other stuff 1	other stuff 2
	Argentina	other stuff 1	other stuff 2
	Australia	other stuff 1	other stuff 2

Open in new window

Code	Name		
AR	Argentina		
AM	Armenia		
AA	Aruba		
AT	Ashmore and Cartier Islands		
AS	Australia		
AU	Austria		
AJ	Azerbaijan		

Open in new window

File1 Output            
Code	Name	Foo	Bar
AR	Argentina	other stuff 1	other stuff 2
AR	Argentina	other stuff 1	other stuff 2
AA	Aruba	other stuff 1	other stuff 2
AR	Argentina	other stuff 1	other stuff 2
AS	Australia	other stuff 1	other stuff 2

Open in new window

I just started learning git using source Tree.

I used mercurial hg workbench before and was quite comfortable with it. I usually created new feature/bug/ticket branch from the main branch to work on something. and if there were any updates to the main branch, I would pull the changes and merge the master branch into my local branch, to resolve any conflicts locally.

I imagine I can do similar in git using sourcetree. I am new to git and still reading about all the terminology around it, fetch, rebase, stash and so forth.

How would one usually achieve this in a team environment while using git.

say I'm working on a feature branch, and there is update to master branch, the one you know which will have lot of conflicts. so my idea is to do a pull on to my master branch. then merge that master branch into my local and resolve the conflicts locally .

how would i achieve this in git. do i do a pull, or fetch?
if i have uncomitted changes, do i stash my changes?
What I want is  copy sheet2 Coloumn A and coloumn C and paste to sheet3 Coloumn B and coloumn C
See the sample file
i have to do all this by vba
highlighted colour in sample file is only for understanding purpose, In actual file there is no highlighted data
I have lot of access programs ready and so many are in production.
Now I am in a situation to develop a we based app. I am not an expert/developer.
Is there anyway I can convert this access database and forms to any web based application.
I dont know which will be easy for me.
I am ready to pay if there is a converter.  I know its not possible to convert 100%.

Your input/advise is highly appreciated.
I have a program part of which is used to control one of two interfaces.  When the program starts a determination is made which interface will be controlled. The two interfaces have similar commands (not necessarily identical)  to perform their functions.  I have made a class to handle the actual communication to each interface.  My problem is what would be the best way to select which class gets the commands from the program.  The program is old - written in VB6.  It is a rather large program, and moving it to a different language is not possible.  Although, regardless what language is used, the problem would be the same.

An example:
Interface A is selected
Program issue a command to START_OPERATION.  A black box takes the selection (A) and the command, then creates the command needed by Interface A and pushes it to Interface A
The next time the programs runs, it might select interface B.  The same command (START_OPERATION) is issued.  Now the black box takes the command and modifies it to perform the action on interface B.
There are 20 or so commands which may be sent to either of the interface.  Also each of the interfaces send information back to the program (in different formats) which needs to be "normalized" for the program to use.
I have no control over the interfaces - the commands and formats are not the same.
My initial thought was to use an IF - ELSE on each command inside the black box, but I'm wondering if there might be a better way.
Excel Visual Basic Macro

I'm trying to build a macro that says something along the lines of...  Hope this makes sense!!!!    I am way out of Macro VB practice!!!

Under column A, when the txt changes, copy of that text group and place into new worksheet.
Repeat, the next set of data when the text changes, copy that text group and place into a new worksheet
Repeat. etc.
Until no new data

This test workbook attached.. (Not the real secure workbook I'm working on.)  Would be to copy all the Apple data set to it's own tab, All the orange data set to it's own tab.  etc.  

Thank you!!!!!!







Programming includes both the specifics of the language you’re using, like Visual Basic, .NET, Java and others, but also the best practices in user experience and interfaces and the management of projects, version control and development. Other programming topics are related to web and cloud development and system and hardware programming.