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I used below to draw one flow diagram

when i saved to my computer it is saving as .XML file

I want to save it as image file for my diagram

how can i achieve this

please advise
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CompTIA Security+

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I am operating Windows 7 with Access 2010.  I have been programming in Access
for close to 20 years. I also been using active X items within our programs. The one that
I need to have is the "Common Dialog" I use mostly for printer functions. I have this particular
active x in many of the forms we use. When I try try insert the common dialog box I get a
message that I don't have the rights to use them. I am not adverse to paying for the rights
if I new were to go to get them? I am curious as why this is happening now.
using microsoft visio 2013 standard how to draw various diagram like below
1. sequence diagrams
2. flow diagrams
3. activity diagram
4. user interaction diagrams
5. database diagrams
6. any other similar type of system, system flow diagrams

any good video tutorials, resources, , links around this?
please advise
Attached is an Excel document, Excel_EqualWidthCells.Xlsx that has two sheets, one labeled "Structure".
The other is labeled, "Header-Footers", and looks like this:
Headers	Footers	 -- There is inconsistent use of "…", so assume that "…Begin" and "Begin" are keywords
…Begin	…End	 -- Notice the "…" acts like it is a singe char
…If		         -- Assume case insensitivity, so "BEGIN" and "begin" are also matches

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For simplicity, I can remove the "…" from the document. Other tables have different keywords for their headers/footers, so I'll just change the corresponding headers and footer keywords in the VBA code.

The attached Excel_EqualWidthCells---ManualInden.xlsx document shows the desired result after the indentation macro is run.

The Excel_EqualWidthCells.xlsx file is very flat looking, yet describes a complex structure using headers and footers. I manually indented sections of rows so that I could see the structure. This is tedious, but doable.

One suggested approach in a different question is found here.
"This can be done with a stack structure, where you push a set of items on the stack when some condition is detected and remove them when another condition is detected.  In your case the first set of conditions is a cell that begins with ("loop", "if") and the second set of conditions is a cell that begins with ("end").  If you're working in Excel, you might use the stack 'level' (depth) as a parameter in an .Offset() method.

"With as simple a problem as this one, your stack structure can be an integer variable.  You might indent as you iterate the rows."
I have a C# program that runs perfectly under Windows 10.  It uses Connected Services so that I can add in additional Class and Method functions to connect to Ultimate Software's HR system and pull our employee information from.  What I would like to do is run this application under Linux CentOS.  I installed Mono for Linux on both CentOS 6 and CentOS 7; and verified 100% that it can and does run compiled Visual Studio C# programs under Linux.  No problem.

However, when I run the EXE program under Linux Mono, it does not connect to the external website defined in Connected Services.

Here is the line it is failing on.

loginClient = new LoginServiceClient("WSHttpBinding_ILoginService");

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And the error I get back, is (of course), a NullReferenceException as the defined object of 'loginClient' never gets instantiated.

System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

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Has anyone ever successfully taken an EXE file for Windows using Connected Services and run it under Linux Mono?

Thank you,
I have a text file which has duplicate lines... I need to remove any dupes and leave just one of them. The file also needs  2 different strings of words replaced with different strings of words IF either of the 2 original strings exist.

Is this even possible via Windows batch?
how to understand big new project code quickly and effectively to write new enhancement to existing code or to fix some defects or to debug to improve some areas of poor performance.

what are the tips and recommendations , best practices around this
Please advise
what is difference between below two eclipse short cuts

control +alt+h
(above does not yield any results saying members calling that method in workspace it shows at bottom again same method nothing else)

control +shift+g
(above shows like 8 references in workspace)

please advise
How to extract NTFS Disk Security user list which was added in a disk using command prompt
Hi Team, Need 2 help with my excel file.

1. I have attached 2 file. Daily report should update on  as per date in utilization sheet.xlsm. See the attached Daily Report file where i have use macro record option.

Need: I need that once date get change from 07-Jan-19 to 08-Jan-19 in (E7: Daily report.xls) so update button should take data from next column (G8, G21).

2. Once we are taking the screenshot its taking TAB name in 1st row, instead of tab name, i need that it should  take (E8) "Daily Work hour report for 07-Jan-19" text.

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Amazon Web Services

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I need to test the below Java main class with JUnit and Mockito/EasyMock without using PowerMockito so that I get the Code Coverage in Jacoco. I want to have the output as "Mocked Result" without getting the actual output as "Actual Result" when I call the MainClass.process() method in the Test Class.

public class MainClass {
    public String process() {
          AnotherClass another = new AnotherClass();
     String result = another.getResult();
          return result;
public class AnotherClass {
      public String getResult() {
            return "Actual Result";
How would I modify this to move email to a different account then the main PST...  I have multiple accounts and would like to do the same thing with each account.
Is this possible?  I have one called  How do I point to that account?  Please advise and thanks.

'Outlook VB Macro to move selected mail item(s) to a target folder
Sub MoveToFolder(targetFolder)
On Error Resume Next

Dim ns As Outlook.NameSpace
Dim MoveToFolder As Outlook.MAPIFolder
Dim objItem As Outlook.MailItem

Set ns = Application.GetNamespace("MAPI")

'define path to the target folder; the following assumes the target folder
'is a sub-folder of the main Mailbox folder

'This is the original'
'Set MoveToFolder = ns.Folders("Mailbox").Folders(targetFolder)'
Set MoveToFolder = ns.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderInbox).Folders(targetFolder)

If Application.ActiveExplorer.Selection.Count = 0 Then
    MsgBox ("No item selected")
    Exit Sub
End If

If MoveToFolder Is Nothing Then
    MsgBox "Target folder not found!", vbOKOnly + vbExclamation, "Move Macro Error"
End If

For Each objItem In Application.ActiveExplorer.Selection
    If MoveToFolder.DefaultItemType = olMailItem Then
        If objItem.Class = olMail Then
            objItem.Move MoveToFolder
        End If
    End If

Set objItem = Nothing
Set MoveToFolder = Nothing
Set ns = Nothing

End Sub

Sub MoveToActive()
MoveToFolder ("Active")
End Sub

Sub MoveToAction()
MoveToFolder ("Action")
End Sub

Sub MoveToOnHold()

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Using the following code to pull the first set of chars, in the value of StartSpot, until the first space, but it appears instead of a space, it is a Asc(13)??
How would I modify this to have it stop like it should?  It is probably a bad way to get this value, but I am trying to get the whatever the characters are after "Partner Number: " which should also be in RRelVal2.  Please advise and thanks.

strFind = "Partner Number: " 'strFind is what to look for in variable RRelVal2
        RRelVal2 = InStr(1, myItem.Body, strFind)
        StartSpot = Mid(myItem.Body, RRelVal2 + 16)
        startchar = 1
        endchar = 1
        Do While Not Mid(StartSpot, endchar, 1) <> " "  'Chr(13)
            endchar = endchar + 1 'was 1
        yourtext = Mid(StartSpot, startchar, endchar - startchar)

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Use the following line to delete items from an email message .body.

myforward.Body = Replace(myforward.Body, "From: batchsd <>", "")

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Is there a way to add a wildcard to this?  So everything after From: is deleted too?  I have lines that are not static.  Any ideas?
2018-12-05 @xyz@1@mn

i have above kind of data row.

using notepad++ or some other free tool how to break at delimiter @ and make data go to next line as below

please advise
Hi Experts,

     I want to configure elasticsearch to a new IP address.  Currently, it is on a dev machine.  But I want to configure to a new IP address.

currently, in my elasticsearch.yml the current settings are : /var/lib/elasticsearch

path.logs: /var/logs/

inside /var/lib/  elasticsearch is link file to links to /mnt/elasticsearch

I want to install elasticsearch to new machine.  machine ipaddress is eg., 5*.25*.22*.1*,  

My questions are,

Do I have to install elastic search on this new IP address,

or can I set this new IP address as path in the existing dev machine?

or do I have backup and restore to the new ipaddress?

Please suggest how to configure?

I had tried changing the network host to the new IP address, and copied elasticsearch folder to the new machine and set the path to and I had set path.logs to new machine folder paths and restarted elastic search from the existing dev machine.

elastic search failed to start.

Please suggest how to configure the elastic search on this new machine.

With many thanks,

Bharath AK
I have a problem running any c programming using Widnows 10 command prompt, gcc ver is 3.4.2
please help
gcc: Internal error: Aborted (program collect2)  
Please submit a full bug report.
See <URL:> for instructions.
Using Excel 2013 .....
I have a button that when double-clicked, enters today's date.
The problem is that it is entered on to the sheet in American format (mm/dd/yyyy).
For today, it incorrectly displays 12/11/2018 instead of the correct UK formatted 11/12/2018
(G46 Should read ... EE 0 Days Ago)

G47 is correctly formatted and Win10 Locale is set to UK
Why could this be happening?

(If I incorrectly set the format of the vba to American it works .... a most unsatisfactory workaround)

Private Sub CommandToday2_DblClick(ByVal Cancel As MSForms.ReturnBoolean)
    Range("G47").Value = Format(Now(), "dd/mm/yyyy")
End Sub

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G47 Format
A high school student needs help learning Java.  I first looked at books by PeachPit Press, but they are all 16+ years old.

Can somebody recommend a great visual guide for a beginner, or some links?

I am going to try and help.  I've been programming for a  L  O  N  G  time.  My latest was PHP.  I figure I could learn along with the student - at least i have the coding mentality.

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Big Business Goals? Which KPIs Will Help You

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Hi Team,

This is a very simple question related t strings in JAVA .  I know String Objects are immutable and JVM maintains  a copy of the string literal in String constant pool.

But my question is with respect to this context..

String str =" Hello"   ;    --> It is stored in SCP
String str1 = str + "Wellome to Strings"  ;

When  I issue this statement , does the java compiler stores the string Welcome to Srings in SCP and at the runtime , create a String Object  in heap after concatenating Wellcome to Strings with value stored in the variable str and make a copy of this string in SCP.
lets say i have method called

i clicked on testSum
i did CONTROL+ALT+H i see call hierarchy results
if I clicked testSum did CONTROL+H  then i get search option with my method and its class, package selected automatically and i click SEARCH without changing anything(it says java search)

how above call hierarchy different from java search is different from previous one?

please advise
I have an OData query to get a historical list of HDX sessions (username, start/end times, protocol, Delivery Group) from Director. What's the easiest way to extract the data from the XML and produce a simple table of the fields above? I tried using Chrome's Advanced REST Client, but while the XML response came back fine, the client couldn't parse it successfully.
The actual query:$filter = StartDate ge datetime'2018-12-02T15:14:49' and StartDate le datetime'2018-12-03T03:14:49' and CurrentConnection/Protocol eq 'HDX'&$select = StartDate,EndDate,CurrentConnection/Protocol,Machine/DesktopGroup/Name,User/UserName,User/FullName&$expand = CurrentConnection,Machine/DesktopGroup,User 

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We have a client that has ACT 2011 on Windows Server 2012 R2.  They have somehow managed to damaged all of their ADF files by messing with ACT 2011 and SQL server.  We have no idea what was done except that it is not working.

1. We are getting this error message with all the current database/files when we try to open them:

This database cannot be opened because the SQLServer version of this database cannot be identified.

2. When we restore backup files from before this issue occurred and try to open them we get a dialog box that say it will verify the database.  However, the next moment. we get an error message:

The log scan number (1201:656:1) passed the log scan in database 'Sales' is not valid,  The error may indicate data corruption or that the log file (.ldf) does not match the data file (.mdf).  ......

3. Finally, when we try to attach the file (that the client "messed with") to the database (via ACTDiag) I get this error message:

"The database was created with a version of SQL Server that is neither SQL Server 2005 or Server 2008.  Attaching a non-SQL 2005 or 2008 database is not supported."  However, I do not believe SQL version about 2008 R2 has been on this machine.

We are doing what seems to be endless research and multiple solutions for SQL and/or ACT and nothing seems to be working.  Any thoughts or advice?
Need a check on cells for empty/null cells  past a column header

vba excel 2010

I have this code trying to count my rows:  The data will either be in Column 1(a)   Or Column 2(b)
While Len(.Cells(lastRow, 1)) > 0 Or Len(.Cells(lastRow, 2)) > 0
                lastRow = lastRow + 1
The column Header are always in rows 3

Sometimes in Column1 the cells will be empty and i need to calculate the rows in Column2
Both Column cells will never be both filled in:

Will always look like this:
Column1            Column2
account              track       <----   row 3

Column1            Column2
account              track           <----   row 3

The code above seems ok(working), just wanting to make sure







Programming includes both the specifics of the language you’re using, like Visual Basic, .NET, Java and others, but also the best practices in user experience and interfaces and the management of projects, version control and development. Other programming topics are related to web and cloud development and system and hardware programming.