Project Management Software

Project management software has the capacity to help plan, organize, and manage resource tools and develop resource estimates. Depending on the sophistication of the software, it can manage estimation and planning, scheduling, cost control and budget management, resource allocation, collaboration software, communication, decision-making, quality management and documentation or administration systems.

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Hi Team,

Any suggestion for Integrate Nagios with JIRA.
I am planning to start this project.Need your valuable suggestion

Cloud Class® Course: Microsoft Windows 7 Basic
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Cloud Class® Course: Microsoft Windows 7 Basic

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Dear Experts

We are looking for project management tool which is to be installed in on -premises at present we are using smart sheet subscription but the requirement is to have the project management tool on premises, for the internal email and collaboration we are planning to implement zimbra email services please suggest the project management tool for the on-premises, thanks in advance.
How do I setup MS Project 2016 to open more than one window at a time? I know that I can go to the View tab, and choose switch windows, but I need to be able to see 2 different projects at one time. I have dual monitors.

Thank you,
Does Project Online Essentials offer Gantt chart functionality?
can anyone suggest some real-time tasks or assignments on java projects, how to achieve those? just need some tips based on your project.

example, my project is xxx and so far I worked on a couple of tasks.   can you mention briefly those tasks(at least a few assignments just for reference)?

Thanks in advance guys.
What code is required and where in Project 2016 Visual Basic Editor to run a macro each time a project file is opened or when the value in a specific custom field is changed
What are some free or low priced alternatives to Microsoft Project 2016?
Please provide me with the URL to download the evaluation version of Microsoft Project 2016.
How can you sort Microsoft Project tasks by date that are in different subtask sections?
I have 500+ task with a task on line 11, 25, 143, 175 & 400 (different subtask sections) all occurring on the same day.
The sort option (down arrow in the Start and Finish title bar) only completes a sort within each of the subtask sections.

Thank you for your assistance.
hi evreyone ,

PS 1 : our company use jira service desk cloud  .
PS 2 : i have two Question.

Question1 :

Is it possible to integrate  Jira Service Desk Cloud with Windows Active Directory ?
because it doesn't seem to allow Active Directory integration , i didn't find any option for this .

Where can I find the description of the settings?
Do we need additional software?
how we can do it ??

If not, is there a solution that does the same job of Active Directory?

i need this solution of active directory or any solution that make the same work of active directory

Question 2 :

what is the solution who can make the company when it should add a lot of customers , i mean how it can add them in one time instead of add one by one ?? it's a real issue ,any help please ???
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I'm working on a project. Need to work in 2 shifts.
9am to 5pm, and 9pm to 5am.

How do I make and manage calendars?


On the same Project I am working, there are two teams working in different time zones, therefore they have different holidays as well.

1) Suppose from task ID 10 to task ID 20, people are working on different time zone, the how to record their progress based on time.
2) In the above scenario, if they have a holiday, which is not a holiday in my Project Calendar, how do I consider that.


As I work in MS Project, and export data to Excel, thru mapping, I seem to be missing on:

1) Exporting Task Name - I cannot find proper field name to map
2) The Start and Finish dates exported don't allow me change their format
3) Assignment Column has value only 'No'

Warm regards,

In MS Project, is there a method to add documentation for things like a project data sheet and other helpful references that are not necessarily a task or milestone of the work plan, but are handy references?
I have a corrupt MS Project file,  When I open it I get "not a valid format".  I've tried many of the suggested solution to no avail.  I don't have project professional so I can't try that solution,  What do you think?
I can not see the multiple select button in SAP.  What do I need to do to make them available.
I want to start learning about software project management. Although there are books on this subject but its tiresome to read the whole books.
i need suggestions on the inportant topics of software project management that i can directly read to get started.
Also suggestions for some good books or videos would be great
I'm using MPXJ to read Microsoft Project files (.mpp), but the current version of MPXJ (7.2.1) seems to refuse to read Lookup fields when I change a field to have a different name.

For example, create a new project, show Text1, set it to Lookup, add 0 and 1 to the Lookup list, and rename Text1 to anything ('Test'). Now generate a task and set it's Text1 (Test) to 1.

Now you can't read the 1 in Text1 (task.getText(1) returns null).

We parse many files, some of them are quite large, so it's not possible for me to continually modify our customers' headers, read them in, and then change them back. Further, I don't see any way to modify them programatically.

Has anyone else found this issue? Does anyone know how to workaround/fix this behavior?
can someone provide steps to setup permissions in Atlassian Jira?  we have create a new project and are trying to grant new users access to it.
Cloud Class® Course: MCSA MCSE Windows Server 2012
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Cloud Class® Course: MCSA MCSE Windows Server 2012

This course teaches how to install and configure Windows Server 2012 R2.  It is the first step on your path to becoming a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE).

I have a IBM-ProtecTIER with a replication active, but i have also much pending nominal , if I Stopping replication activities can reduce the backlog ?
After i wish restart  replication activities, I can do it ?
we have a project manager who just joined our IT team.  They don't have a lot if experience but are well versed in IT and organization.    any recommendations for good software?  it needs to be able to remind people of deadlines.    It needs to have results published or easily accessible by managers.   she is not a pop buy pretty good at what she does.   I don't want the software to be to complex

First of all, thanks to whoever will help me in advance.

Second, my question is that I got a new job offer from a company as a Team Leader in Linux Administration Department, I'm OK with that but the issue is that I've been asked to re-create the department from scratch that consists of a new vision, system for support, ticketing, project management, employees rating, and services that we will provide.

I need to hear your ideas on how to start building this department, what do I need? and what to read to enrich my knowledge regarding this?

The company gave me an unlimited budget to work with.

Department: Linux System Management, Administration, Monitoring, Backup, Virtual Machines and Storage.

Hope that you can enlighten me with some ideas/softwares that can help.

Best regards,
Wondering what other folks using to manage multiple projects.  Software or app, etc.
I want to find a mechanism to manage multiple projects on the high level.  Then dig into the individual project tasks and so on.  
Anyone can share?
I am using portecle to generate a java store cert for JIRA. I created the keystore, create the key pair, generated the CSR, processed the CSR using third party CA. I then imported the root cert into Portecle. When I import the CA response I get "could not establish trust for the CA reply. The import cannot proceed.
Why is this happening as everything appears correct.
Hi All,

I am searching for a support system for a small team of around 10 users.  The features that I would like are:

Integrate with our website so that users can log and create/update support requests;
Create groups for support requests;
Real-time instant messaging;
Customer Database;
Mobile phone app;
Used with a support email address;
To be installed locally;

I have tested many systems but cannot find a system with all these features.  I am looking for something that we can host and pay an annual support fee for.

Any help and suggestions would be great.


Project Management Software

Project management software has the capacity to help plan, organize, and manage resource tools and develop resource estimates. Depending on the sophistication of the software, it can manage estimation and planning, scheduling, cost control and budget management, resource allocation, collaboration software, communication, decision-making, quality management and documentation or administration systems.

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