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Project Management Software

Project management software has the capacity to help plan, organize, and manage resource tools and develop resource estimates. Depending on the sophistication of the software, it can manage estimation and planning, scheduling, cost control and budget management, resource allocation, collaboration software, communication, decision-making, quality management and documentation or administration systems.

I had this question after viewing URL is changing after rewrite with proxy flag.

I am having a similar issue with my Jira instance, but rather than writing :8080 after the URL, :80 is getting inserted. I am not at all an Apache guru and am stumbling along using the Atlassian guides which have not been able to assist me with this problem.

In short: I configured Jira for SSL with Apache acting as a reverse proxy. I have The configs exactly as several guides recommend and when I hit the web pages at https://my.jira.site.com/jira the URL is changed to https://my.jira.site.com:80/jira. If I remove the :80 a couple times, the log in page will come up with the proper URL and will show secure with a valid cert.

After I put in my creds, it does the :80 thing a couple more times and then runs fine.

I am completely puzzled about this.

If someone thinks that they might have a thought, I can post my configs.

Thank you.
Hi Experts

Could you point if it's possible to clone a repository  (Bitbucket  on my case) from master with a named way ?

What I mean is something like:

git pull origin master  (name)

Or the name is only possible to link a name when commiting (f.e.).

Thanks in advance!
Hi experts

Since I'm part of new team managing cloud projects (AWS)

As part of DevOps, would like to introduce few automation which will streamline CICD

My request is, could you please help me with some pointers, essential process, best practices, house keeping, monitoring automation (I know, its a wide topic) but even a link to a third-party would be very helpful.

Basically below are the areas would like to get some help.

1. github on commit deployment to DEV or QA?. (we already have basic branching and release strategy)
2. Housekeeping, deleting old branches
3. Automated git commit report (generate release note from git code commit).

Atlasian JIRA:
1. Automation around JIRA
2. Integration with github, confluence
3. Essential alerts and report.

1. On commit, reports etc.

please let me know, if you want me to create individual question for each topic

I've been asked to search for a good collaboration/project managing application
We’re trying to have a group of people, (around five or six users) share information about a project. All users need to see what everyone else is doing and need to be able to collaborate via email.
-      I recall around 12 years ago using a Microsoft project manager application which I thought was awful. I don't recall that it allowed email interaction
-      My first thought was Team. I have not yet used it or researched it
-      Not all users have Office 365 email. Many have free internet email accounts such as Gmail and Comcast
Looking for recommendation and opinions that would point me to a good project collaboration software program
I want to update a task's UI presentation (basically coloring a cell based upon some task properties) and while I know how to traverse the task collection for an open MS project, I can't figure out how to change the cell color of the cell for a particular task row.  Any ideas?
Microsoft Project and a web API?

I see Project has many more features than when I last worked with it, years ago. But, does it have an API?

It would be great to be able to build Project into a large solution, and this would be possible, if I can manipulate Project data externally.

Also, what other similar tools have such capabilities as Project? I do recall,  when using it, if you have a need to go outside their features, it was challenging. But this was many years ago.

We would like to keep tracking of many things, to produce reports based on date interval, etc.  Kind of things we would like to track are not necessarely "computer/network related":

  • Grant/Revoke access rights (computer, building access, etc)
  • Keep a list of downtime
  • Keep a tracking of non-conformity

Does anyone have a suggestion?  Preferably an Online solution.  We have seen many ISO27001 solutions, but they are all expensive.

(PS: We are actually using JIRA for task related actions, but it's not really good for reporting and it's more a solution to keep tracking of progress on a project related task)

Thanks you
We have several computers with MS Project loaded on them and can't find the licensing documentation for them. Is there any way to find out how many licenses we have thru Microsoft?
I got a request to see the analytics of the trouble tickets over the last year.  What would be the best reports to show this? Meeting at 1:00 central time!
Any help would be most appreciated!

Please see https://www.experts-exchange.com/questions/29149554/Powershell-and-Remedy-Force-automation.html?headerLink=workspace_open_questions

I d like to do the same for Jira (on prem).
Apparently there is an integration for Azure Devops there too, but then a cloud solution needs to connect to on Prem Jira...?

Thanks for input!
I have a client who has is using Office 365 Business Premium. They want to add Project to their subscription...

After consultation with Microsoft, I was told that Project Online Professional is the version I require.

Well, I have started a Project Online Professional trial but get an error message when I try to assign the Project license to a user with O365 Business Premium: "You can't assign licenses that contain these conflicting services: SharePoint Online (Plan 1), SharePoint Online (Plan 2). Review the services included with each license and try again."

Has anyone else encountered this?

What version of Office 365 should I be looking at to go with Project Online Professional?
Microsoft Teams (And even SharePoint and OneDrive) seem to have grey area with the storage. I can't get a good Microsoft support representative on the phone. I have a project that needs to start with 15TB of file storage and we want to use Microsoft Teams to work on this collaborative project. Is there a license that allows this right off the bat, or is there a way to pay for additional storage?

ie: OneDrive is "Unlimited Storage" but 1TB included, then you have to call when at 90% to get 5TB, and so on and so on. Teams doesn't seem to offer this scaling but we need 15TB to start with.

If Microsoft doesn't have a solution for this, what would be an equivalent?
Can software developer also writes the following documents (in a small business environment)?

1) Requirements
2) Test Plans
3) Validation Plans

Blue Fin
Dear Experts
We have a requirement to use the Project Management Solution which to be of On-Premise deployment , to start with we require 04 users and these 4 users should have insights/able to track project tasks and they have to collaborate for this requirement I can see the on-Premise product of Microsoft Project Professional but I am not sure this works only for standalone user OR should we have to go for Microsoft Project Server please suggest on which product to procure for our need as mentioned above.

Don't know if there is a solution like this, but I am looking for a software or tool that I can use to have the programmers collaborating in software development, history software versions, privileges to access codes, able to assign programmer to specific codes, possibility to have start/end-dates for each software to developed that has been assign, possibility to have at least 2 o 3 programmers work with the code simultaneously (and when done, the software tool would merge all changes into the code) and finally some sort of history of each code on who have worked on it, who started it, who finished it.  The programmers work with VB. Net.

Thank you very much for you help.
I am attempting to create an automation in Jira (Atlassian) service desk software.
Having created a front end form, with relevant fields and check box lists.
Which is working mostly as it should.
The automation creates and allocates the information correctly....
with the exception.....my automation picks up all of the fields (check-boxes) selected and creates sub-tasks for all the check-box fields, however it does not differentiate between the ones that have been selected, and ignoring the ones that have not.

Therefore still presents all of the sub-tasks on the form (as tasks) - including as I say the ones that have not been selected.

As a total newbie to this I am sure it is in the if / then / else part of the automation....but am scratching my head wondering what I am not seeing.

Could be that I have to create some additional JQL statements to fulfil?
Not sure.
Still investigating

Any assistance or pointers gratefully received.

I am looking for a simple and user-friendly project management web application/site that help me manage my projects and tasks.

Please note that I have third parties involved in my projects and not all are internal staffs.

Ticketing system change

Anyone have first hand experience of implementing a complete change in ticketing system

Best way to plan\implement etc
Hello Experts,

I am new to atlassian/confluence. I am brainstorming some ideas to make a more reader friendly documentation available on our wiki, and I was wondering if a flow chart with links to different documents can be created on the wiki? So far, I have only found documents with links. I would like to have a flow chart with links in the shapes so the user can know which documents has the information needed. Thanks.
I'm using JQL (jira query language) to create a custom query filter from Issues.  I want display all keys and links.. but I want to group by or create a sub query to display all links underneath the keys it has relations too.... We can't use a SQL plugin or use Script runner, so I'm trying to find a work-a-round..

Is this at all doable.  We are using JIRA..
hi guys, I am web developer with 5 years coding experience in .net and want to jump up to project manager level. can you suggest me some pmp cert that I can take an exam and make myself qualified? I am pretty new to this field and my English is just average so I hope to take easy one.

I am wanting to be able to prototype carpentry projects online, for free, and in a collaborative way so that neither party has to have software loaded in order to use it or add to it.

Assistance in finding such a tool is greatly appreciated.
I'm trying to install install project 2016 professional and I'm getting this message.
I'm running Windows 7   64 bit.

I have a strange problem. My user is opening  MS Project files and they open read only from SharePoint. All other Office files open fine and she can edit them. Any ideas? I googled a few things and nothing worked.
I have a project that I am trying to get funding. if anyone here has tried in the past, please share some information for me to get start it. thanks

Project Management Software

Project management software has the capacity to help plan, organize, and manage resource tools and develop resource estimates. Depending on the sophistication of the software, it can manage estimation and planning, scheduling, cost control and budget management, resource allocation, collaboration software, communication, decision-making, quality management and documentation or administration systems.

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