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Project Management

Project management is the discipline of carefully projecting or planning, organizing, motivating and controlling resources to achieve specific goal...

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Anybody familiar with BASECAMP?


I will be using BASECAMP for a political campaign, but have never touched it.

Anyone have any hands


10 Ways To Management Success

This article originally appeared in the Experts Exchange Newsletter

I have always thought when I hear people say meetings are a …

I have always thought when I hear people say meetings are a waste of time or that a meeting did not …
Troubleshooting Solution

WSUS Project Plan and Installation

Two parts to this question,
1) Need a project plan on how to Install WSUS, we are currently …

This looks like the simplest possible way to track time for …

This looks like the simplest possible way to track time for projects.

You always hear about the feedback sandwich, but I like this…

You always hear about the feedback sandwich, but I like this 3x3 rule.  One of the most important …
Advice Solution

When multiple people work in IT, what is the best way to keep track of changes made?

byY Y

We have a group of individuals who work in IT, including the IT manager, System Admin, SQL

Research Solution

[jira] batch request


We would like to find all the tickets related to all the VMs running, is there an API to batch the

Troubleshooting Solution

Create Program or User-Friendly 'Home Page' for User Requests.

Greetings fellow Experts.  I am in need of a solution to the attached spreadsheet.  I am trying to …
Advice Solution

Issue tracker tool


Dear Experts:

We are looking for Issue tracker tool ( on - premise ) can you please suggest, thank

Advice Solution

software to maintain details of functionality-features-improvements of product


Dear Experts:

We are looking for software to store and maintain the details of functionality, new


Requirements Document Template for a Reporting Project


This article is a requirements document template for an IT reporting project, based on my

Troubleshooting Solution

Cannot change passwords on ONE DC out of many

We have a world wide 2003 AD with many DCs.
Recently one countries users stopped being able to …
Troubleshooting Solution

Database Design

Can someone try to help draw an Entity Relationship diagram for a database... I neglected that part …
Troubleshooting Solution

Looking For Online MindMap Tool With Collapsible Branches For Project Management


Desktop: Windows 10

Phone: Android

Tablet: Apple iPad

I'm looking for an online Mind Mapping tool that

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Recommended Issue Types and Subtypes

Good Morning!

The company I work for has finally decided to invest in a professional service desk …
Troubleshooting Solution

Use of parameters from Access table in VBA code in Excel

First of all my question is how can I use parameters from one table in Access database in VBA …
Troubleshooting Solution

User Accounts Across Forests and domains

I have 2 companys working in the Same phisical locations
we have 2 seperate domains and forests . …
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I'd Like to Purchase MS Project 2019 Professional Cheap!


I want to buy MS Project 2019 Professional. I see prices for it all over the map. 

Are some of these

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