Project Management

Project management is the discipline of carefully projecting or planning, organizing, motivating and controlling resources to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria. A project is a temporary endeavor designed to produce a unique product, service or result with a defined beginning and end (usually time-constrained, and often constrained by funding or deliverables) undertaken to meet unique goals and objectives, typically to bring about beneficial change or added value.

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Does Project Online Essentials offer Gantt chart functionality?
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Cloud Class® Course: Ruby Fundamentals

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I am building a timeline. I have several tasks where the resources work 10 hour days 4 days a week. I built a custom calendar to reflect this. I have the approximate work hours needed to complete the tasks. I assigned the custom calendar to the resources and the tasks that are only done in 10 hour shifts/4 days a week. I entered the work hours and the number of  resources. It is calculating the duration for this work still based on 8 hour work days and a 5 day work week.
Is there any way to get it to calculate based on the 4 day work week and 10 hour work day?
I have Microsoft Project 2016.
I'm asked this question a lot... and while they do have different roles and different defined tasks... they also have an obvious and common tasks and responsibilities.

I would like to hear from a few other people here, as i'm sure a lot of the community here falls into one of these departments, and you might also have one of these titles.

Head of Product VS Head of Engineering VS CTO

What are their main tasks and responsibilities?

I am in the process of learning Software requirements gathering (using the BABOK) and the IREB standards.

I am to use a tool and the ones I have come across (actually they were recommended by the trainers) are Visual Paradigm and Sparx System.

I found Sparx to be a little bit too complex, yet Visual Paradigm is not "that easy" too !
So I am confused and since there is some effort needed (learning curve) I would like to hear about experts about the right tool to choose.

The projects I will be working on (mapping in the tool) are mid-size projects. But I need to be able to do all the "actions" project management, database design, UML, use case, testing scenarios...etc...
hi evreyone ,

PS 1 : our company use jira service desk cloud  .
PS 2 : i have two Question.

Question1 :

Is it possible to integrate  Jira Service Desk Cloud with Windows Active Directory ?
because it doesn't seem to allow Active Directory integration , i didn't find any option for this .

Where can I find the description of the settings?
Do we need additional software?
how we can do it ??

If not, is there a solution that does the same job of Active Directory?

i need this solution of active directory or any solution that make the same work of active directory

Question 2 :

what is the solution who can make the company when it should add a lot of customers , i mean how it can add them in one time instead of add one by one ?? it's a real issue ,any help please ???
I want to start learning about software project management. Although there are books on this subject but its tiresome to read the whole books.
i need suggestions on the inportant topics of software project management that i can directly read to get started.
Also suggestions for some good books or videos would be great
can someone provide steps to setup permissions in Atlassian Jira?  we have create a new project and are trying to grant new users access to it.
is that course is good ?

primavera p6

The Professional Planning Engineer (PPE) has been developed in a manner that will aid planning engineers in gaining the required knowledge, with the help of the study techniques and practical content that we develop and provide, which will empower them to plan, monitor, control, and report construction projects in a real construction projects environment. The aim of this course is to provide planning engineers with the right knowledge, content, and support which will enable them to comprehend and apply the theories they learn in an effective manner, thereby transforming them into smart planning engineers in the professional world.

Workshops for project management can be costly and in this way, it is essential to guarantee that the workshop you are going to sign up for will be worth your time and money. There should be a genuine profit for the preparation speculation, which is why this course has been specially formulated while keeping the end benefit of the trainee in mind.
Never mind. Question answered.
Hi All,

I am searching for a support system for a small team of around 10 users.  The features that I would like are:

Integrate with our website so that users can log and create/update support requests;
Create groups for support requests;
Real-time instant messaging;
Customer Database;
Mobile phone app;
Used with a support email address;
To be installed locally;

I have tested many systems but cannot find a system with all these features.  I am looking for something that we can host and pay an annual support fee for.

Any help and suggestions would be great.

Cloud Class® Course: SQL Server Core 2016
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Cloud Class® Course: SQL Server Core 2016

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I want some help to create a pre commit hook to Restrict Subversion commits if the Jira Issue key is Not in.
I am very new to SVN and don't have any experience in scripting also.
SVN is installed on Windows serve 2016.
Any help would be highly appreciated.

I have found the below link.But its for Linux and not sure how to change it to windows.
Ms project // How can I configure the rate as days instead of hours (see screenshot)

I have been working as a Product Manager for a number of years now, and i've tried and use all of the below:

- Trello (probably the most user-friendly of them all, it is not essentially project management software for a software company)
- Jira (i find this clunky)
- Asana (Same as Trello but not as user friendly

My typical weekly tasks, with a team of 8:

- Report bugs: these are added to the Development team's 'weekly sprint list' in Trello, or added to an Urgent list if urgent
- New Feature: these are planned and added to the Development team's 'weekly sprint list' in Trello
- Ad Hoc Tasks: some of our sales teams will request various product requests that we need our Development team to look into, however we don't really add these to Trello, we discuss them... as they don't require development just yet.

So, as you can see we plan weekly sprints, but the 'Ad Hoc Tasks' can linger on there is no really process for the developers to work on, as they could be 2 months of discussions before anything happens so they don't fall into the weekly sprink tasks


01 - what Project Management software would you recommend based on the above

02 - how would you recommend approaching and managing the Ad Hoc Tasks

Thank you in advance for your help.
I have a very big production server in a VM with lots of web pages and SQL database code.

I have 3 options:

1) DEV server with VisualSVN and Jira for bug tracking
PROD server

When code is tested on DEV, it is deployed to PROD.  

2) PROD / DEV server is the same machine with VisualSVN and Jira for bug tracking
When code is tested on DEV, it is deployed to PROD.

3) DEV server with VisualSVN
PROD server
JIRA server (hosted version for bug tracking)

When code is tested on DEV, it is deployed to PROD.  

-> Which option would you choose and why?

-> How do you track bugs and how do developers communicate in joint projects / code?

I'm looking for some advice on how to manage document libraries when it come to project management.  We have SharePoint 2013 and have recently started setting it up for managing our projects. The first part is our project tender process. This is when we bid for projects.  I have created a single document library to hold all these documents.  Each tender will be created in it's own document set within the document library.  
I have applied several categories to the tender list, such as the status of the tender, (i.e. tendering, submitted, won, lost, etc) and the type of tender.  This gives me around 10 different views.
Now, where the issue lies is the number of files that are now in the document library.  It has just gone over the 5000 item threshold limit. I know that I can go into the settings in the administration panel and increase this threshold.
But, rather than just increasing this threshold, I would like to manage it differently.

It is not affecting our system yet, but I would like to jump on the current issue before it becomes a bigger problem (if it is one) :)
Project plan for policies, procedures, chart of accounts, It organisations etc......
I'm not a SharePoint expert by any means, but I've loosely followed the a guide online (sharegate) for creating a Project Management site, where you have sub-sites as "projects" created from a site "template" to keep uniform, consistent sites with apps/web parts to manage a project.
I then have a content query on the main site that shows all the sub-sites, which are effectively all projects.
Problem I'm having is determining how to know when a project is "complete" and thus how to then remove it from the content query at the top. No sense in having projects showing up if they were from years ago.
I also would rather not delete them, for historical purposes and reference (could be some good useful documents in their doc libraries for example).
So with existing 15 projects, anything I can do to each site like add a drop-down or form where the project is marked active/complete, etc, and then modify a the search query to exclude them?
To give the same example from the article I followed, the query is like this:    
path:"http://demo/projects" contentclass:STS_WEB Site<>{Site.URL}
rollup site search

Can you please suggest the best and cost effectiveRepository Manager software.
We are evaluating it for our new project.

Hi All,

Is there any standard job list for backend programmer ?
Also for front end programmer like mobile apps.

Thank you.
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Hi, i've been using Trello a lot lately and i'm considering moving everything over from Evernote to Trello. Like many others on here, productivity and organisation are key to me.

While there is no right or wrong answer to my question(s), I would like to hear what other people's thoughts and setup are, in relation tot he following:

01 - when you have a list of items or tasks... how do you define whether you should add them as 'multiple cards on a list' or 'add all of the items as a checklist to one card' :-)

02 - has anyone else moved their notes from Evernote to Trello... how did you find the change?

03 - any regrets or dislikes with Trello

Thank you in advance for your help.
See attached screenshot.

I don't seem to able to edit the formats.
Please advise
Please advise

We currently use Dropbox and Google Drive for sharing various different documents and files on a one to one basis... however i'd like to set up a shared folder (hub) and store key files that are used on a regular basis, and not just for once off sharing.

It is important that I can set various different permissions as i don't want various departments updating or editing some of the files and docs.

From your experience, which is a more suitable platform for a shared hub of files (not online docs)? We will always use Google Drive for docs and sheets, but which is better for a file storage repository case... Google Drive or Dropbox?

Here are some example file types and use cases that might explain this better:

- logos
- brand guidelines
- stock images
- templates (code)

It is important that 90% of the team can only read and copy the files, and that senior management are the only members of staff who can edit them.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Using MS Project I would like to show the task items and duration - start and end date.  This is fairly easy and I can do that. I meet with developers and they provide me with the list of tasks and number of days to complete.  I need to present this schedule to the program manager with the developers estimated days to complete the task and then my estimate and then the best possible estimate on how long  would take to complete the project.

I read about PERT analysis and trying to do using MS Project 2012. Has anyone done some thing like this before and can share your thoughts?


Project Management

Project management is the discipline of carefully projecting or planning, organizing, motivating and controlling resources to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria. A project is a temporary endeavor designed to produce a unique product, service or result with a defined beginning and end (usually time-constrained, and often constrained by funding or deliverables) undertaken to meet unique goals and objectives, typically to bring about beneficial change or added value.