Project Management

Project management is the discipline of carefully projecting or planning, organizing, motivating and controlling resources to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria. A project is a temporary endeavor designed to produce a unique product, service or result with a defined beginning and end (usually time-constrained, and often constrained by funding or deliverables) undertaken to meet unique goals and objectives, typically to bring about beneficial change or added value.

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Dear Experts
We have software development resources 3 users we have asked them to do development on the development server once the changes are accepted then they can commit to the production server. we are using BitBucket repository for version control, have following doubts
Production server administrator privileges of the application is disabled but development server  administrator credentials are enabled so that they develop, in this case is it recommend project manager will be as admin for the Bitbucket and once the developer develops and testing is done and user is accepted from the development server then project manager will execute the commit changes so that production server is updated, please suggest the best practice
Introduction to R
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Introduction to R

R is considered the predominant language for data scientist and statisticians. Learn how to use R for your own data science projects.

We would like to keep tracking of many things, to produce reports based on date interval, etc.  Kind of things we would like to track are not necessarely "computer/network related":

  • Grant/Revoke access rights (computer, building access, etc)
  • Keep a list of downtime
  • Keep a tracking of non-conformity

Does anyone have a suggestion?  Preferably an Online solution.  We have seen many ISO27001 solutions, but they are all expensive.

(PS: We are actually using JIRA for task related actions, but it's not really good for reporting and it's more a solution to keep tracking of progress on a project related task)

Thanks you
We are testing Project Pro Online. We use SharePoint online as well. We copied a test project file as well as a master resource list into SharePoint Online. We are unable to select the master resource list from within the test project (even with both of them open) when going to Resource > Resource Pool > Share Resources as the pop up does not show the master resource list in the drop down (which is open and in the same SharePoint library folder).

I have researched this and found it is a common problem but was wondering if this was now working or if there is a workaround. If not, any help with migrating / copying the resources from the master resource list to Project Online resource center is appreciated, if that is the correct method to use Project Online resources.  

Thanks for any help - I am new to this.
I am working in Service Now focusing on CMDB - the machine database. I would like to export all of the VMs and note what applications are associated with each VM. Is there a way that I, a common user, can accomplish this? I see a reports generation tool but I quickly got into the weeds with all the options. The report is very simple: Server Name, Applications
Hi, I need to understand if I planing to develope software
How will I organise and proceed to your final solution"
any tips much appriciated
Does any one here use the Project management software Projeqtor?

I am trying to configure it, but need to configure such that I will be able to log in using AD credentials.
Does any one have a detailed list of steps that could help with the AD Config from scratch.
I recently was working on a project.
We have to upload files to a sftp server on some bank. And they didnt provide any staging environment for the same.
Initially thought it should not be a problem and so went ahead but later it caused a lot of issues as some unexpected errors came on production
and it didnt come on preprod environments.
Now there were requirements like files have to be copied in a folder /xyz-1/xyz-2
and inside this a folder will be placed with the current date as say 13-May-2019 and all the files will be copied there.
Now this requirement also got changed and after a long time we went in the project. The files not have to be uploaded directly under xyz-1 without the date folder.
Similarly after some weeks I was told that not all files from the db are to be uploaded but a certain files...
All these types of changes was very irritating to me...and i got frustrated....And demotivated. as a developer..

I am not sure if this was the problem that the product manager should have made sure doesnt happen in the begining or the Manager who was guiding me.
But the PM i remember he said that he told the bank guys that we will be uploading files to /xyz-1/xyz-2/  and under the date folder...
Now the thing here i notice it lots of such things are probably verbally told between product manager and the Bank guys thats causing all the issues.

what do experts suggest here. This seems like a communication gap. Whats the correct way to share these kind …
I have recently setup an atlassian organisation and added my domain name. This has pulled in a number of user accounts that registered with atlassian using my domain name as they were invited to my customers Jira. The accounts are referred to as “managed accounts”. by Atlassian. All good except I have to pay for this privilege. Is there a better way if managing the accounts as my atlassian organisation is fully connected to my azure AD instance. Thanks.
I am attempting to create an automation in Jira (Atlassian) service desk software.
Having created a front end form, with relevant fields and check box lists.
Which is working mostly as it should.
The automation creates and allocates the information correctly....
with the automation picks up all of the fields (check-boxes) selected and creates sub-tasks for all the check-box fields, however it does not differentiate between the ones that have been selected, and ignoring the ones that have not.

Therefore still presents all of the sub-tasks on the form (as tasks) - including as I say the ones that have not been selected.

As a total newbie to this I am sure it is in the if / then / else part of the automation....but am scratching my head wondering what I am not seeing.

Could be that I have to create some additional JQL statements to fulfil?
Not sure.
Still investigating

Any assistance or pointers gratefully received.
I'm about to start a project for a serviced office with 10 offices looking to offer broadband and voip solution to these tenants and maybe a WiFi solution too.

1. What is the best way to do this?
2. What firewall do you recommend?
3. What type of cabling do you recommend for future proof.
4. Is it possible to offer public ip address to each tenant?

PMI ACP® Project Management
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PMI ACP® Project Management

Prepare for the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® exam, which formally recognizes your knowledge of agile principles and your skill with agile techniques.

Dear Experts
We are implementing ERP based on SOW the work is almost completed but stake holders are approaching the project manager for new requirements and change requirements. I am looking for the template where stake holders have to follow instead of sending mails, they have to follow the process by filling it and submit based on the feasibility, cost and deliverable time lines Project manager can take it forward, please help me with new/change requirement requisition template. Thanks in advance.
I have an interesting request to build or advise on an expert system, now known more commonly as a KBS or Knowledge Based System.

The reason is that this team are encountering many examples of same or similar problems, where they spend a lot of time re-inventing similar solutions. Ideally, they need a database that can intelligently and [semi]automatically connect the dots between hundreds of similar problems and solutions; in other words, an inference engine connected to a database.

1. Search results need a trust raking for the likelihood of a correct solution.
2. New information (problems and solutions) must be easy for a technician to enter, and in a structured format.
3. Database must be both machine and human readable.
4. Must be OS agnostic (web based).

So far, I have found a lot of technical and conceptual papers on this subject, but I haven't found a ready to use application. :(
FYI, here is an interesting document from AAAI:

1. Can this be accomplished, as an add-on, with the tools we already own?
2. What KBS systems are available that are either open-source, free, or relatively inexpensive?

We currently use Confluence, Confluence Questions, Jira, Bitbucket, Freshworks Freshservice, and Slack. I have reviewed many of the plugins available and none seem to offer KBS-like functionality. :(

Google Search?
Search results seem to be help desk …
I have a subscription to Microsoft Project (online and desktop).  I was interested in using Project on my ipad and found the below video showing how to do this using the iOS RDP app and adding a remote resource.

My question is, how do i find what my feed URL is?  Is this possible?
Anyone have experience of Jira Software vs Workfront for project management?
What can Jira do that Workfront can't?
Why one or the other?
If using both, how is the integration between the two (I see there is an integration toolkit to connect the two).

I run an app and web development agency. We always have approx 25-35 projects (websites or apps) on the go at any one time. We have been using a mixture of different tools to manage our client’s projects over the last few years.

We’ve trialled and tested several different tools and software to manage each project but always end up back using Trello and Google Sheets.

We are now considering building our own software to manage all of our projects as we can’t find one piece of software to manage our entire process, HOWEVER I would like to explain our requirements to see if anyone here can recommend a tool / software that will facilitate our needs before we go building a bespoke web app to manage our client’s and projects.


01 - ability to add leads manually

02- ability to collect leads from your website (via contact form)

03 - ability to change ‘leads’ to ‘live’ to ‘completed’ etc

04 - ability to have a predefined set of tasks auto created each time you create a new lead or change the stage / status of a project (‘lead’ to ‘live’ etc)... every project and stage has common tasks that we do for each project so I’d like these common tasks to be auto created per project and stage

05 - ability to control who sees what tasks (don’t want developers seeing financial or client business tasks... and don’t want clients seeing internal dev snag lists that we create... at the moment we manage this via Trello but it means we have to create 2 separate…
I have many projects and it has become hard to decide which project to spend my time on. Can you recommend a Program Management software? (not project management! Program management, i.e. to put project names in there, attach some expected ROI, and prioritize which projects will be worked on, and which ones put on hold).

I can not make SSO with crowd working. I have set up SSO, as desribed in the articles for Jira and Confluence, but can not make it work.

If I log in to Jira with a Crowd User and then change to Confluence I have to log in again.
I have checked the cookies. The Crowd Cookie seems to be there, like you can see here:
This cookie somehow seems to be ignored on my Jira, Confluence and crowd.

The urls I have set up for Jira, Confluence and Crowd are:

So they all are sharing the domain.

The crowd directory for Jira and Confluence is set up correctly with the above url and is working. Just Single Sign On does not work.

The username I use is "armin". This user is inside the groups "jira-administrators", "jira-users", "confluence-administrators", "confluence-users", "crowd-administrators".

On Jira I am using the SSOSeraphAuthenticator, on Confluence the ConfluenceCrowdSSOAuthenticator.

I also tried to switch off the "Require consistent client IP address", but also did not help.

Please find the debugging log of crowd here:

Ps advice how to syn with my local-repo to the gitlab repo with error. Tks.

Keep loading non-stop
I have network diagram where we have replace the cisco switches with Aruba switches. We got the current cisco config so we can configure the new Aruba switches accordingly. Can someone help me to share a project plan template or something similar for the implementations. All the cabling will be in place on site and all the devices, spf modules will be there.
Bootstrap 4: Exploring New Features
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Bootstrap 4: Exploring New Features

Learn how to use and navigate the new features included in Bootstrap 4, the most popular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework for developing responsive, mobile-first websites.

I am chasing a professional example of a summarized strategic IT department plan to build an idea while formulating a document to present to my clients' stakeholders,  the document I will formulate will be used as a blueprint to build a more comprehensive plan as we go on with meetings with the client.

I also need an example of a power point presentation for the same purpose.

Thank you in advance
Hi Team,

Any suggestion for Integrate Nagios with JIRA.
I am planning to start this project.Need your valuable suggestion

Is it possible to add or change a custom field to the custom field tab in the Task Information dialog box in MS Project 2013 standard? If so, how?
How do I setup MS Project 2016 to open more than one window at a time? I know that I can go to the View tab, and choose switch windows, but I need to be able to see 2 different projects at one time. I have dual monitors.

Thank you,
I'm asked this question a lot... and while they do have different roles and different defined tasks... they also have an obvious and common tasks and responsibilities.

I would like to hear from a few other people here, as i'm sure a lot of the community here falls into one of these departments, and you might also have one of these titles.

Head of Product VS Head of Engineering VS CTO

What are their main tasks and responsibilities?
is that course is good ?

primavera p6

The Professional Planning Engineer (PPE) has been developed in a manner that will aid planning engineers in gaining the required knowledge, with the help of the study techniques and practical content that we develop and provide, which will empower them to plan, monitor, control, and report construction projects in a real construction projects environment. The aim of this course is to provide planning engineers with the right knowledge, content, and support which will enable them to comprehend and apply the theories they learn in an effective manner, thereby transforming them into smart planning engineers in the professional world.

Workshops for project management can be costly and in this way, it is essential to guarantee that the workshop you are going to sign up for will be worth your time and money. There should be a genuine profit for the preparation speculation, which is why this course has been specially formulated while keeping the end benefit of the trainee in mind.

Project Management

Project management is the discipline of carefully projecting or planning, organizing, motivating and controlling resources to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria. A project is a temporary endeavor designed to produce a unique product, service or result with a defined beginning and end (usually time-constrained, and often constrained by funding or deliverables) undertaken to meet unique goals and objectives, typically to bring about beneficial change or added value.