Project Management

Project management is the discipline of carefully projecting or planning, organizing, motivating and controlling resources to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria. A project is a temporary endeavor designed to produce a unique product, service or result with a defined beginning and end (usually time-constrained, and often constrained by funding or deliverables) undertaken to meet unique goals and objectives, typically to bring about beneficial change or added value.

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Dear Experts

We are looking for project management tool which is to be installed in on -premises at present we are using smart sheet subscription but the requirement is to have the project management tool on premises, for the internal email and collaboration we are planning to implement zimbra email services please suggest the project management tool for the on-premises, thanks in advance.
Does Project Online Essentials offer Gantt chart functionality?
I am building a timeline. I have several tasks where the resources work 10 hour days 4 days a week. I built a custom calendar to reflect this. I have the approximate work hours needed to complete the tasks. I assigned the custom calendar to the resources and the tasks that are only done in 10 hour shifts/4 days a week. I entered the work hours and the number of  resources. It is calculating the duration for this work still based on 8 hour work days and a 5 day work week.
Is there any way to get it to calculate based on the 4 day work week and 10 hour work day?
I have Microsoft Project 2016.

I am in the process of learning Software requirements gathering (using the BABOK) and the IREB standards.

I am to use a tool and the ones I have come across (actually they were recommended by the trainers) are Visual Paradigm and Sparx System.

I found Sparx to be a little bit too complex, yet Visual Paradigm is not "that easy" too !
So I am confused and since there is some effort needed (learning curve) I would like to hear about experts about the right tool to choose.

The projects I will be working on (mapping in the tool) are mid-size projects. But I need to be able to do all the "actions" project management, database design, UML, use case, testing scenarios...etc...
I work in events and facilities management for a University and often have multiple projects to track as well as multiple work orders open with various other departments on campus (i.e., IT, facilities, custodial, dining, security, etc.). I'm looking for a better way to track and manage all these various and disparate projects. I'm fairly savvy with excel and am starting to get in to the more advanced features, but I want to make sure I use the right tool for the job. Based on the software I already have access to due to institutional licenses, my choices come down to Microsoft Excel, Access, or Project.

I'm looking for advice and opinions on which of the three would be the best choice. I don't mind a learning curve and don't mind doing front end work, as long as the payoff in the end is worth it. The main things I'm looking for are:

•Tracking work orders from multiple different departments. If I can create something in VBA to take the automatic emails I get through outlook every time I submit a work order and input the information into whichever program I end up using, so much the better.
•Assign employees to different projects either as the person heading it up or as the person that needs to follow up to make sure that the other department completes the work.
•Create reports to see project progress and timelines.
•Ability to set task dependencies.
•Ability to create multiple parts for each project/task.
•Ability to attach or link to supporting documentation.
What are some free or low priced alternatives to Microsoft Project 2016?
Please provide me with the URL to download the evaluation version of Microsoft Project 2016.
I have some old Microsoft Project 98 files and cannot open the files with Project 2016.  I cannot find the install disk for Project 98.  Is there any way to convert the 98 version files so that they can be opened by Project 2016?

I'm working on a project. Need to work in 2 shifts.
9am to 5pm, and 9pm to 5am.

How do I make and manage calendars?

This is great but too expensive:

Need a free alternative for project planning.
How good is PMP Project Management Professional certification for mechanical design engineers?
I have nominal 400 TB of replicated data that correspond to a one month backup retention on a 1Gbit fiber. time ago I had to stop replication, so I found myself with a backlog of 400TB to recover, at the moment I still have a backlog of 120TB but I can not go below that threshold, also I have a pending of more than 100TB, as I can do to end the replication in acceptable time? thus recovering all the pending.
I want to start learning about software project management. Although there are books on this subject but its tiresome to read the whole books.
i need suggestions on the inportant topics of software project management that i can directly read to get started.
Also suggestions for some good books or videos would be great
How do you think your previous experiences will help you succeed in as a master's data analyst position?
can someone provide steps to setup permissions in Atlassian Jira?  we have create a new project and are trying to grant new users access to it.
I have a IBM-ProtecTIER with a replication active, but i have also much pending nominal , if I Stopping replication activities can reduce the backlog ?
After i wish restart  replication activities, I can do it ?
we have a project manager who just joined our IT team.  They don't have a lot if experience but are well versed in IT and organization.    any recommendations for good software?  it needs to be able to remind people of deadlines.    It needs to have results published or easily accessible by managers.   she is not a pop buy pretty good at what she does.   I don't want the software to be to complex

First of all, thanks to whoever will help me in advance.

Second, my question is that I got a new job offer from a company as a Team Leader in Linux Administration Department, I'm OK with that but the issue is that I've been asked to re-create the department from scratch that consists of a new vision, system for support, ticketing, project management, employees rating, and services that we will provide.

I need to hear your ideas on how to start building this department, what do I need? and what to read to enrich my knowledge regarding this?

The company gave me an unlimited budget to work with.

Department: Linux System Management, Administration, Monitoring, Backup, Virtual Machines and Storage.

Hope that you can enlighten me with some ideas/softwares that can help.

Best regards,
Wondering what other folks using to manage multiple projects.  Software or app, etc.
I want to find a mechanism to manage multiple projects on the high level.  Then dig into the individual project tasks and so on.  
Anyone can share?
We adopted a very basic Scrum-like project management system to help us through a multi-month software platform transition we are doing. We have a SharePoint list to hold the Project Backlog (Epics) and a physical whiteboard (To Do, Doing, Done) to display the stories for each Sprint.

A question/disagreement came up about the location of a verification step, which we want to add. The project manager wanted it added in the Project Backlog and I took the position that it should be included in each Sprint as the Backlog is just for reference, not for process.

Simple question: where should the Verify step go: Backlog or Sprint?
I'd like to be able to auto-sort these tasks based on:

Grouped by project with the task of the following criteria indicating which group of projects is listed first.

Then by oldest dates of: Actual Start, Actual Finish, Planned Start, Planned Finish

Tasks within the project should be sorted in the same order.

When I add or change any of the dates, I want the spreadsheet to re-sort (I suppose it's similar to requery).

I am comfortable with this being VBA or whichever method the expert chooses to sort them.
I am using portecle to generate a java store cert for JIRA. I created the keystore, create the key pair, generated the CSR, processed the CSR using third party CA. I then imported the root cert into Portecle. When I import the CA response I get "could not establish trust for the CA reply. The import cannot proceed.
Why is this happening as everything appears correct.
Hi All,

I am searching for a support system for a small team of around 10 users.  The features that I would like are:

Integrate with our website so that users can log and create/update support requests;
Create groups for support requests;
Real-time instant messaging;
Customer Database;
Mobile phone app;
Used with a support email address;
To be installed locally;

I have tested many systems but cannot find a system with all these features.  I am looking for something that we can host and pay an annual support fee for.

Any help and suggestions would be great.

hi guys,

I'm currently managing an IT Operations team. I've been asked by our new head to come up with a way for me/us to measure in some shape or form their progress on a weekly basis.

We use Zendesk for our ticketing system which is very comprehensive. He wants us to find a way of knowing, how many particular jobs were started, closed, including things such as 'what got in the way?'. Along with that, he wants to know a way of measuring project progress in a similar way.

Do you guys have any measuring methods that you use at your work places? Or advised others on how to better do something similar?

Thanks for helping
I am working with a stakeholder on a project.  The project has gotten off track due to the stakeholder being unresponsive and not delivering requested items within the set drop-dead dates.  This has gotten the project behind schedule. Stakeholders are unmotivated and drag pieces and parts of the project way past deadlines.  I  am stumped as how to get them more engaged.  Ideas are brought forward by the project team and it takes customer weeks to make decisions on whether to move forward.

There is no clarity on what exactly what they want.  What are some things I can do to motivate the customer and get them more engaged in the project? How can I get the customer to see the urgency of delivering needed items by the delivery deadlines?  How can I request and get the customer to define what they really need without upsetting the customer?  They are very sensitive.  Some of the issues observed.

Stakeholder does not have a business liaison on their side who understands how to move through a project.  Suggested they borrow a project manager from their sister agency to help.  No response.

Business and the Technical teams have no communication between them so decisions can be made on pertinent issues.
Believe because they do not understand how to project manage a business solution implemented, they wanted to hand over the project to the team and not be involved at all, but do not want to give team authority to make decisions.

Project Management

Project management is the discipline of carefully projecting or planning, organizing, motivating and controlling resources to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria. A project is a temporary endeavor designed to produce a unique product, service or result with a defined beginning and end (usually time-constrained, and often constrained by funding or deliverables) undertaken to meet unique goals and objectives, typically to bring about beneficial change or added value.