The term proofreading is sometimes used to refer to copy editing, and vice versa. Proofreading is the reading of an article publication to detect and correct production errors of text or art, but it also can include corrections to style and correctness of language, spelling and grammar. Proofreaders are expected to be consistently accurate by default because they occupy the last stage of typographic production before publication.

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Planing marriage and property distribution
I agree with the view that, this is the right time to start searching a groom for NANCY. As I had already explained to mother regarding this subject, The solution is, let get over the property distribution process, then we will get to know how much share NANCY’s family is going to own, based on the outcome we can make a better decision for her life. Apart from that, MARIA also in the pipeline for similar reason, possibly within a period of 1-2 years, the above solution will fix the issue once for all. By doing so, will get the opportunity to know, Do they even need any support system at all from outside. Moreover, As for as NANCY’s family concern, the property they expected to get, none but she is going to own it as no other heir to share it. Regarding MARIA,  having $1 Million property with clear title in hand, which they can liquidate anytime, PLUS agri land which they are anticipating, aggregate of the both, would be more than sufficient not just for her marriage, even for next family generation needs. Now, If we go with your thought process for NANCY’s, then people would expect to apply same logic in case of MARIA also.

Having said that, Uncle categorically agreed to take care of all monetary expenses which would incur for her marriage. I made this to happen because neither he looked after BOTH families after their guardian passed away, nor done any justice yet to get their share of the property, and …
Why Diversity in Tech Matters
LVL 12
Why Diversity in Tech Matters

Kesha Williams, certified professional and software developer, explores the imbalance of diversity in the world of technology -- especially when it comes to hiring women. She showcases ways she's making a difference through the Colors of STEM program.

===  Giving advise to distribute family property which has been pending ... casing problems in a family
Uncle's lackadaisical attitude getting things even worse for each passing day to get our due share from the joint property, on which PAUL lifeline solely depended on. The delay made us to lose all Govt benefits for every now and then, very lately allowances which has started giving away for every 6 months based on size of land, and typical loan waivers offered when every new Govt assumes the office, which has been going on since ages. The sum total so far has been very huge and counterproductive so far to NASAR progress too. If this situation lingers for more time, In the prevailing social landscape, and with the changing Govt policies with the time, then it is almost impossible to dream to get the due share in property our lifetime. This effect already visible in the form of huge mistrust brewing while distributing crop share amount to relevant shareholders. For all these kind of nonsensical things I hold him responsible.

In conclusion, Let Uncle react positive to culminate property distribution process, the subsequent process would be transparent everyone to see how to plan their future support system and needs. This is an opportunity to all of us, what they are going to own vis-a-vis Needed in future, else Uncle has to take care of all expenses End-2-End for GIRL1 marriage and also for one more similar on the cards offing now. Now entire onus lies on him. Otherwise,…
which one is grammatically correct and why
we dont need to go there because,we have not been invited.

we need not go there because,we were not invited.
which one is grammatically correct and why
I wrote a book when I was in USA
I had written a book when I was in USA

postman bought  a letter.   It was given to your mother.
postman  bought a letter.It has been given to your mother.
which one is correct and why ?

you are not be permitted to go into theater if you dont have a ticket
you are not going to be permitted to go into theater if you dont have a ticket
you will not be permitted to go into theater if you dont have a ticket
Grammatically which one is correct, appreciate if you can add the reason too...
This road  was not repaired for the last 5 years
This road  has not been repaired for the last 5 years

this work must be completed in  a week
this work has to be completed in a week

this work is not going to be completed in 2 days
this work won't be completed in 2 days

== Requesting company HR to share contact details of my previous colleagues ===

I am John,former colleague of David, who is working as Project Manager in your organization, had been associated with him during our previous job role with HP, Florida.
I would need to reach him for some personal purpose.

Kindly advice  ..
========= Seeking clarifications about documents  for my PR process ============
regarding ABC company experience ...I hope to get the "Roles and responsibilities" on their letter head very soon for my PR process.

Apart from above, I have  1) Exp letter & 2) Reliving letter, with me.

ABC is a human resources consultancy,  and no contemporary consultants are currently in touch.I used to depend on ABC only for my HR related needs.
whereas their customer-- "IDB bank"where I had worked ,  I have known contacts.
Hope the above three documents are sufficient.

please advice
============ Writing email to my previous company-ABC HR, Requesting her for employment refernce letters for my PR process  =======

It has been long time since I left the organisation. I must say experience with ABC had been wonderful, and its transparent HR process.
Still I miss the annual gatherring parties.Hope such parties still ABC keeping alive.

regarding reference letters I requested for my PR...
you might have provided such reference letters so far, for many PR aspirants. I didn't exactly get the reason for the delay getting requested letter.
If the reason for my employment,  my experience letters sent you in earlier communication, hope that will give you enough details.
More details you can get from your internal employee database.

About my job roles,as a IT Consultant,the document sent you mentioned most generic roles not to make it complicated.

I am waiting for your letters to procede next level of processing for my PR processing.

I am sure, you will help me getting the required documents in this regard, also wishes me to succeed.

I really appreciate your help
=  Writing mail for whatsup admin, reminding him  for not getting delivered daily lessons through his broadcast list =

This is to inform you that, I have not received the -  Day-21 Evening lesson again.
Can you please kindly check again, whether my below number has added to your whatsup broadcast list.

my num # +1234567  ( Make sure '+' sign before the number).

Making you uncomfortable daily with reminders to send me lessons individually , I am feeling apologetic for that.

Just for Info, my cell has always been connected to High-Speed 4g, and it is a Samsung Note.
Learn SQL Server Core 2016
LVL 12
Learn SQL Server Core 2016

This course will introduce you to SQL Server Core 2016, as well as teach you about SSMS, data tools, installation, server configuration, using Management Studio, and writing and executing queries.

yesterday I received an update about my education credentials status.
One of the transcript not been accepted mentioned the below-given reason.
===  reason ==

Kindly advise, Shall I send you the photocopy of a statement of marks sheet which has the clear visibility to support my - "Statement of Marks-Transcript" submitted to you earlier.
Dear HR-Manager,

How have you been?
Hope you are keeping good health.

I had been your employee during the period 2005 to 2010 yr.
I have initiated the PR processing for countries CCC & DDD,I would need your help to submit some documents required in some defined format on company letter head(a scan copy) as part of the processing.

Apart from regular experience/relieving letters, process mandates job duties performed during my tenure with your client-"ABC" I had worked.
The job duties details I will send you in my next email once I got positive reply.

I hope, you definately take some effort to help company former employees to get the required scan copies.

For your reference, I have attached my experience letter.

Thanks for your support
Is this phrase correct?

"View own added record and clients task assigned to"

I am trying to say  "The user can only view the records that he/she personally entered or the clients which have tasks that ara assigned to user" shortest possible
Given this (admittedly awkward) sentence:

We have been over this - I mean Brian and I, not you and I - in the past.

Is it supposed to be "Brian and I" and "you and I", or should it be "Brian and me" and "you and me"?

* Not specifically related to Web Languages and Standards, but I couldn't submit until I picked one "approved" category..  :/
I am planing to have a visit to my home town next month for 3 weeks.
presently I have only few scan copies, about my experience and Education.

If I miss to arrange the required certs in this visit, then,my subsequent visit would be only after 5 months.

therefore, please let me know

1)Full-list of documents required to have, to procede for PR

2)Do you consider any reduction of processsing fee

3)If I am fortunate to get the PR, I wish to take my family only after spending some amount of time,to make myself comfortable.
  In such scenario, please let me know whether I have to pay the dependents fee upfront ?
4) My graduation is from an Autonous college  which Affliated from   , Post Graduation Engg college affliated directly from XX University.
   In such case, which is better option to show about my education details, Graducation/post graduation ?.
   I am not sure whether I can get the required transcripts for my graduation in my case.
5)I have been working in current Organization/Role since 2 yrs.
   My current job contract most likely end by coming Dec,
   Once I left from here, little difficult to procure the documents that I may be needed for our PR-processing
   please advice, what kind of documents I may be needed from current organization.
   Kindly refer my brief  biodata submiited to you to advice me further
Which of the following statements is correct:

I was in Spain as a student between 2000 and 2003. After finishing the first degree. I was planning to study another course but because of some urgent family matters I had to leave the country and return home.


I have been in Spain as student between 2000 and 2003. After finishing the first degree. I was planning to study another course but because of some urgent family matters I had to leave the country and return home.

Please help.

Hello everyone,

Can someone please proofread my email please. Thank you.

Hello terry,

This is a follow up email to summarize what action has been taken to solve you’re the boot up issue that your laptop was experiencing last night.

Issue: Terry’s Dell Laptop doesn’t boot up.

Terry I am very pleased that the Dell technician confirmed my suspicious that the issue that was preventing your laptop from turning on was caused by a Virus or a Malware that you probably accidentally have download while surfing the internet.

It’s important to clarify that that issue was not caused by a defected Dell laptop but instead by a user error.

On November 21st 2016 I preformed the follow action to correct the issue:

1)      Backed up Terry’s Data on a flash drive
2)      Attempted to restore the laptop using a restore point (FAILED)
3)      Attempted to restore laptop keeping existing files (FAILED)
4)      Attempted Restored laptop to factory setting (SUCCESSFUL).

After installing a new copy of Windows 10 I installed :

•      Chrome Browser
•      Norton Antivirus
•      Adobe Reader, Flash and Java
•      Installed Wireless printer
•      Started the process to install Microsoft Updates

Terry confirmed that the laptop is working great as usual after I restored the Operating System.

This 3h and 45 minutes of technical service is free of charge as courtesy. Terry, remember that next time that there will be a technical issue generated by the user a regular charge will be applied.

As we …
Hello Everyone,

can someone proofread this email for me and make sure that it understandable and with less grammar error possible please

Thank you,

Hello Tracy,

Thank you for your time in providing very important information about you current network needs, this will help when switching your Phone and internet service provider from Verizon to Comcast in a more efficient and smooth way.

As per our phone conversation below is a summary of the main points discussed this morning:

1)      Currently T P C doesn’t have internet connection. Tracy connect her Mac Computer wirelessly borrowing the wireless internet from “Culture Counter LLC Guest”

2)      The installation of the new Comcast router has been schedule by Tracy Davis on Friday December 2nd from 10:00am to 12:00am. The new Comcast router will be installed under the Desktop counter in the same location where the current Verizon router is installed. Comcast confirmed that the new router can be installed under the Desk counter.

3)      Tracy has already requested to ported the current Verizon phone number 202 347 8850 to Comcast when she placed the Comcast order.

4)      There is only one phone that must be connected to the new Comcast router, it is the AT&T CL4939 located on the top of the desk counter.

5)      As soon as the Comcast Technician has completed the installation and activation of the new router xxxx will be connecting one (1) analog phone located on the top Desk counter and one (1) Mac computer wireless to …
Can someone please proofread this email please, Thank  you.

Good Morning xxxx
I have very good news for you. I spoke with the xxx Account Manager this morning, I explained that while we were waiting for the ordered laptop to arrive you purchased a new laptop on your own. I explained that when  I received your laptop on Monday September 26th (two days earlier that what we were expecting it to arrive) I set it up for first time use, and I called you to schedule  the  delivery, you didn’t want it anymore due to the fact that in the meanwhile you had already purchased another one.

The xxxx Account Manager told me that they would take your laptop back and wave the restocking fees. They asked me to factory restore your laptop before shipping it back to them, this will take about one hour and I will be more than happy to do it free of charge and as a courtesy to you.

Dell said that it will take approximately 40 days to for the refund process to be completed. As soon as  I receive the refund from xxxx I will be able to cut the check to you too. The check will be cut for the amount of $841.00.

A charge will be apply in the amount of $ 240.00 for setting up your laptop as we agreed.

The amount you paid was $1,081.00 for the xxxxx Inspiron 5000 Series Intel 13”and included the antivirus $ 49.00 and the setup fee $ 240.00 ($ 1,081.00-240.00= $ 841.00)
These are the details about the charge for setting the Laptop up for you:

•      Creating a Anne Metcalf Profile …
Introduction to R
LVL 12
Introduction to R

R is considered the predominant language for data scientist and statisticians. Learn how to use R for your own data science projects.

Dear XX,

I would like to have below clarification regarding the course before I proceed further to enroll.

If for some personal reasons, If I want to to give a pause to the course enrolled for a duration. In such case, how do you manage my subscription?

Please let us know in detail the terms and conditions for the above scenario.

All technical issues from server side has been resolved(like Memory, File system level bankup … …etc.)
Apparently environment is stable now.
Dear XX,

this is to inform you that, The only task left is- to take VHD backup of each v-server, for which we need one more new dedicated v-server, and David has already started communicating with HP.

Despite the above task is pending, it is not going to obstruct the work to proceed further.

You may Please proceed to migrate and perform testing the application in new environment.

Once everything is fine from your end, please let us know, we all can decide whether to go Live with/without VHD level backup.

Until today I am under the assumption that,  Row over this matter concluded long before. After getting your call yesterday, understand apparently  it was not true.

A  month before, when you whatsup me asking about my whereabouts to receive a call from your Uncle , during the discussion I express my un-willingness to involve in this subject.
I tried to explain you  soon after I done with that call, for some reason you couldn’t pick up my call.  However, I did a message to you.

It appears me, the issue is complicated to resolve dispute between agents.
(In first place, Who are we to manage that !!) It is their personal call.

As I am just being a customer, not our part to involve to manage relation between the agents.

As I am here in ABC, my family who manage finances at home-xyz city, If I explain them,  I am sure they will get more confuse & concern about the things going behind the scene and embroil in this matter.. ..which is not healthy!!!!!!!!!.
As the latest example yesterday, when you called me, unknowingly, implicitly you got into this subject. it is going to expand with non-actors which is going to create lot of head-ache who has no role to play in house dealing & agents personal issues.

Having said that, As we already been at the burden of getting house at expensive rate for just single portion,which is attached to a function palace hotel which is typically a very noisy place, which is huge drawback... ..but have to compromise for the time. However, …

AAA recommends the following approach in order to improve the overall system and user experience for the xxx team.  The project will be broken into the following seven phases:

4.1 Phase 1: Initial Optimization of Company PCs Infrastructure Assessment
(This phase is in Progress)

All the 8 computers will be thoroughly cleaned and securely protected. The computer cleanup will be scheduled with xxx employees to make sure that no disruption of work will affect the staff.  AAA will optimize, clean, and make sure that all three machines are patched and working at peak performance.  This will increase the company’s productivity and staff efficiency.  So far 5 out of the 8 computers have been completed. Next computer in the list that need attention are Joanne, Tracy and Dan’s computer.

Kelly’s old computer has been replaced with a new one. And two additional computer have been push cased and setup for new user like Brianna and DM Temp in the accounting. I highly recommend to completely format Jim’s computer after the QuickBooks project is completed, that computer has serious issues and the cleanup improved the situation but was not enough to fix all the issues. When a new computer is purchased should be purchased considering the business needs.

4.2 Phase 2: Infrastructure Assessment
AAAA will perform an onsite assessment of the xxxxx’ IT infrastructure network identifying and documenting every piece of equipment needed to run the business …

3.1 Current Environment

Network Environment: Currently xxxx is experiencing very slow network performances. The computers are freezing in the middle of their work and all run very slowly.  The printers are working intermittently. The wireless router drops the signal of the connected devices causing an unreliable connection.

Company Computers: The majority of computers are infected with viruses and malware and they are running very slow freezing multiple time per day. Some computers are outdated, they are running with antivirus expired or even without antivirus at all.  Some computers can’t scan, or print. When they try to open a webpage the cursor sits and spin instead of opening the new webpage. One computer has profiles corruption and easy task like installing a printer or any software become a nightmare. Some computers are old and should be replaced.

Switch: The current switch in place has no sufficient Ethernet ports available to host new computers. There are no available ports to connect Ana’s computer and the new QuickBooks computer and eventually any other new additional computer that may be added in the future. Some computers/ devices are connected improperly to the router due to the lack of Ethernets ports on the switch. This configuration may cause network instability.

Internet Service Provider: Currently xxxx uses an obsolete modem connected to a wireless router.  The internet speed delivered by these two devices is 16Mbps. …
Hello Everyone,
I am informing everyone about the next two steps that will be happening at xxxx on Saturday 20th and Tuesday 23rd.

Saturday August 20th.

This Saturday August 20th Jim xxxx will purchase a new switch and install it.  When the new switch will be installed and more ports will be available, Jim will run a new cable from the switch to Ana station in which a new computer has been set up. Jim also will make sure to separate the Ethernet cables needed for the phone system from the Ethernet cables needed to run the computers network. This cleanup/switch upgrade must be done before the COX technical team install the new Router. In this way we will avoid confusion for the COX team and will avoid them to inadvertently bringing down part of your network.

Tuesday August 23rd

The Cox Technician is scheduled to come on site and upgrade your old equipment between 10:00am and 12:00am on Tuesday morning. They will replace the old modem with a new Modem/Router/Firewall with Wi-Fi capability.  Switching from the current situation in which you have two separate boxes one for a modem and one for a Router to only one box that combine Modem/Router/Firewall should fix the dropping wireless signal that you have been experiencing lately. It will also greatly increase the speed of your internet performances. You will be upgrading your internet from 16Mbps to 200Mbps. This will allow the 23 devices in your organization to be connected simultaneously without experiencing …






The term proofreading is sometimes used to refer to copy editing, and vice versa. Proofreading is the reading of an article publication to detect and correct production errors of text or art, but it also can include corrections to style and correctness of language, spelling and grammar. Proofreaders are expected to be consistently accurate by default because they occupy the last stage of typographic production before publication.

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