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Python is a widely used general-purpose, high-level programming language. Its design philosophy emphasizes code readability, and its syntax allows ...

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Linux Samba Share on Raspberry Pi


I am attempting to write a text file using python to a Samba Share on a Raspberry Pi - OS Raspberry

How to load Excel's data into SQL Server in different ways

How to load Excel's data into SQL Server in different ways

Data can be kept in different media, Sometimes, the data need to be extracted, transformed or loaded in different ways. For this article, I'm going to demonstrate some of the popular ways of importing Excel data into MS SQL Server.

I've been really interested in recommendation systems lately…

I've been really interested in recommendation systems lately which has lead my down a few rabbit …

Choosing a web framework: php, python or node.js? Personal reflections of a developer.

Which language to choose for your next web project? Python, PHP, or maybe Node.js? Which framework to choose? Should you go with Symphony, Yii, or Laravel in PHP world? Django, Pyramid or Flask in Python world? Or maybe go for Feathers, Sails, Meteor, or plain Express in the Node.js world?

Getting Started with Network Automation

Launching into an automation effort without adequate standards, authoritative sources, a well thought-out classification and storage scheme, and a strategic road map will achieve an unpredictable result . . . quickly! Do the "heavy lifting" first. Carefully research and map out your path.
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Extract Key and Value of Json String Key/Value Pairs


I have a deeply nested Json string data in a table - with IDs. I want to extract (deserialize) the

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How to parse JSON files into a tabular format using Python


Hi experts,

How can I parse a JSON file in a tabular format using Python. I would like to avoid using


I just recently picked up the Humble Bundle for several …

I just recently picked up the Humble Bundle for several Python programming eBooks. Great set of …
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Python: Appending to a CSV file


I have python code that will loop through a directory and find documents that contain certain


Python illustrated (part 2)

Less strange, but still introduction
This introduction was added (1st August, 2011) to …
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RegEx to capture versions of each python module in Pipfile.lock

I'm trying to get a list of versions for each modules within a Pipfile.lock file.

The file look like

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Python Challenging Code Question

OK, EE members, I appreciate that EE doesn't have as many programmers as Stackoverflow, but I have …
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Python TypeError: '<=' not supported between instances of 'int' and 'str'


I am reading from a data store into a list, but I need to convert the 2 index to integer before it

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how to stop a cron job after certain time


Hi. I am new to Python and unix Cron job.

I need to finish a question below. I had set up the cron

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Code to implement mailmerge using Python and GMail


Need Python code to implement basic mailmerge for a gmail account. The code should: 

1. read a

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Why the scheduled task is not running in CRONTAB?


Hi Experts,

have access to a Ubuntu Linux server, and I am trying to use crontab to setup some task

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How to select items from a list?


There are 10 items in the list l.

list l = [4,8,3,9,2,15,17,19,34,1]

I want to select 70% items (in

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Ansible | Need to find a way to pass a variable within an ansible windows playbook


We are using a standard ansible playbook to join a VM into an AD domain. 

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