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QAQuality Assurance

Quality assurance (QA) is a way of preventing mistakes or defects in products and systems, and avoiding problems when delivering solutions or servi...

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Troubleshooting Question

Add attachment to JIRA issue with logic apps

The JIRA API has a method to upload attachments on  here How do I do this using Azure logic apps?
I …
Troubleshooting Question

Need help with Jira CLI action Regex Pattern

I have a code for Jira CLI action. It creates an issue based on filed value.The field is a list of …
Troubleshooting Question

atlassian confluence issue

I have atlassian 7.4 (last stabil always not) on ubuntu 20.
user can't login and in systemctl status …
Troubleshooting Question

best automation QA testing tool list

I am searching automation qa tool

I evaluated testcraft.io, https://www.testim.io/ 

Any other…
Troubleshooting Question

Performance testing environment

How do you begin with setting a Load environment for an Enterprise application (traditional MVC …
Troubleshooting Question

Clarity around Service.AutoDiscoveryAddresses for Director in IIS

I have my non-production environment setup for XenApp 7.15 on Windows 2016.  So I went back to …
Troubleshooting Question

calling Jira create API  from node js from AWS


I've just built functionality in my Node.js app that allows me to create Jira issues via Jira…
Troubleshooting Question

Atlassian Enterprise Manager accounts

I have recently setup an atlassian organisation and added my domain name. This has pulled in a …
Troubleshooting Question

Looking for a suitable knowledge based system (KBS) that will intelligently connect problems to solutions?

I have an interesting request to build or advise on an expert system, now known more commonly as a …
Troubleshooting Question

Jira vs Workfront, or both in conjunction

Anyone have experience of Jira Software vs Workfront for project management?
What can Jira do that …
Troubleshooting Question

Atlassian Crowd - troubles making SSO work with Jira and Confluence


I can not make SSO with crowd working. I have set up SSO, as desribed in the articles for …
Troubleshooting Question

Integrate Nagios with JIRA

Hi Team,

Any suggestion for Integrate Nagios with JIRA.
I am planning to start this project.Need…
Troubleshooting Question

unable to get mails from bugzilla while new account creation

Hi, when i was trying to create  a new user account in bugzillla (from GUI) it says "A confirmation …
Troubleshooting Question
Troubleshooting Question

Qa tester with manual and automation experience

i need a qa tester with manual and automation experience
Troubleshooting Question

Stack Pass/Fail in Graphana

Hi All,
 I am using Graphana on Elasticsearch to show % pass/fail in weekly reports, I can get …
Troubleshooting Question

How to send a Tweet made on Twitter to a Facebook group chat?

Hi there, just curious if anyone can help me with an IFTTT applet ?

What I need to do is...
If a…
Troubleshooting Question

Need Suggestion on Performance Testing

Hello there,

Good Day!

I would like to have the best suggestion on performance testing  to one of …

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