QuickBooks is an accounting software package geared mainly toward small and medium-sized businesses and offers on-premises accounting applications as well as cloud based versions that accept business payments, manage and pay bills, and payroll functions. QuickBooks includes remote access capabilities, remote payroll assistance and outsourcing, electronic payment functions, online banking and reconciliation, mapping features through integration, improved e-mail functionality, import from Excel spreadsheets, employee time tracking options, pre-authorization of electronic funds and new Help functions.

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QuickBooks 2018 and Outlook 2016
I want to include my Outlook signature (with included logo) on emails sent from QuickBooks.
I have signatures turned on for all emails but email from QuickBooks doesn't include it.
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The 14th Annual Expert Award Winners

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I am trying to migrate data from Quickbooks Enterprise 17 to Dynamics GP 2013. I am using Microsofts RapidStart Migration tool. Three of the errors that show up in the log I cannot figure out. See below. Any help is appreciated.

Table Customer is not exported. For table Customer error message is: Invalid object name 'contactsdetail'.:  contacts in table customer. Source is: .
Table Vendor is not exported. For table Vendor error message is: Invalid object name 'additionalnotesdetail'.:  additionalnotes in table vendor. Source is: .
A total of 18 payment amounts have values less than or equal to zero. Refer to the Migration Troubleshooting topic in the RapidStart Migration help.
When a customer asks you for something try to your best to understand what exactly he wants to accomplish and not really on what he says he wants, be clear with him what this will be used for before you make a recommendation, take your time, and discuss. for example a client ask me for a NAS drive so he can have all file in his office in a central location and all his staff can access it. Then he calls up that he moved his quickbooks file to the NAS drive and quickbooks does not work, of course it does work, quickbook needs its network manager installed in the same place where the file is and the network manager is a windows based application not Linux. Then he wanted his ticketing program file on the NAS, again sql is not supported on a Linux, would I know more details I would recommend him one model higher than the one I gave him which support a vm where he would be able to have a window machine on.
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hm. does it support iSCSI?, then you can store data on the NAS while the processing is on one "server" outside of the box...
Sometimes  think out of the box.
QB files - CurrentQB files from BackupHi,
 I have a situation where a Quickbooks  user downloaded transactions from the bank website and it altered multiple accounts this afternoon.
 Fortunately I perform file backup during night and also mid-day. So I see QB files as of this morning.
 How do I go about using QB files as of this morning?

Just installed Quick Book Enterprise 2018 that is said to come with QODBC to allow Microsoft Access to read its files.  I want to Microsoft Access to read Transaction Detail By Account report in a table in ACCDB format. Is it possible?  If so can you walk me through?
We use QuickBooks 2016 and we have lost the ability to send eMail through Outlook 2016. Have tried all the solutions on the Intuit site, our Mail API works correctly and preferences are set, etc.
Does anyone know of a way I can make quickbooks work with the file on a synology NAS drive
Thank you all in advance.

We setup a Windows 2012 R2 server to use for published/remote app. It is running as a VM and seems to have enough hardware resources available.
I have been able to get everything up and running and get users connected.

The issue is that when they close the app the process for that app is still running on the server and the next time they go in, they get a error that the app is already running,

Specifically, this is happening with QuickBooks Pro 2017.

Any ideas? I'm not really sure where to start.

What versions of QuickBooks allow checks to be printed?
Currently have a workgroup environment that with a server running Multipoint 2011, primarily for RemoteApp access for QuickBooks.  Company has grown since it was installed about 5 years ago. Now about 12 users in the main office with 4-5 accessing QuickBooks at any one time.  There are also about 10 laptop/tablet users in the field using MS Office Apps primarily.  They connect with cellular hotspots, so connections are variable.  Expect to add a few more in the near future. Approx 30 devices total, because some users have desktops and Surface Pro tablets.

Have NAS for storage currently, primarily for local backups.  Office and email is through Office 365.

We are needing to add more storage to centralize access, and update the server(s) for QuickBooks and adding a DC. Am considering on-premise vs cloud server options and wondering if it would be better to stay on-prem for the best performance.   Any recommendations would be helpful.
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4 computers in workgroup accessing a network NAS...
NAS size is 3.57 TB...
When I do a full  backup it totals about 122 GB...
Of which 118 GB is all in one folder...
So...about 3+ TB is junk files...

Every now and then the NAS fills up...cannot save data to the NAS...
And after a few hours the NAS reduces the data back to it's normal size...have no clue as to why...
When I run Tree Size it seems to indicate that the Quickbooks data reporting too high allocation...

Seems to have started when I replaced 2 comptuers with brand new PC's...Win 10...
One of those PC's has QB installed and is the ONLY PC that access the QB data files located on the NAS...


Difficulty  getting work done as none of the 4 PC's can save data to the NAS...

Any ideas...suggetons appreciated...
I am trying to install QuickBooks 2016 on Linux using wine. I keep coming to the error, during installation, that it cannot find MSVCP120D.dll and MSVCR120D.dll. Numerous sites have pointed out that these are debugging DLLs not normally shipped (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/21707992/msvcp120d-dll-missing). I've tried everything I can think of including different version of wine, 32 and 64bit modes, linking MSVCP120D.dll to MSVCP120.dll ... None of the office workstations have MSVCP120D.dll even though 3 of them have the very same licensed copies of QuickBooks.

I think the bottom line is that I need to find these dll's. Any idea where I can get them? I've searched to no avail.
Clients are suddenly unable to connect to a Windows file share on their Quickbooks server (workgroup environment).  See  attachment for errors.

I have cleared saved credentials from Credential Manager on the client and rebooted, still getting this error when trying to connect to the file share.
I am seeking some advice regarding an Azure configuration I have just done.

The client will be using:

Quickbooks Enterprise
Quotewerks Corporate edition

The client has had these running on 2 Physical Servers (on-premise) both running Windows 2012 R2. Both physical servers ran Hyper-V. On one server 2 Virtual servers were set up - one as an AD DC and the other as an Application Server. The second physical server had RDS running as a Hyper-V Virtual Server and a second DC as a separate Virtual Server. From what I understand he was using Terminal Services through the RDS Server to provide a desktop for the clients to login to.

He engaged me to provide a complete cloud-based solution with no AD information being transferred from his existing domain.

My approach in Azure has been:

Azure Active Directory Domain Services
3 Virtual LANs - Master ( and 2 subnet LANS - Management ( and RDS (
2 Virtual Servers both on the RDS subnet with Windows 2016 Standard configured on one and Windows 2012 R2 / SQL Server 2012 on the other
1 Virtual Workstation (Windows 10 Pro) used for AD Management on the Management subnet

The Windows 2016 Virtual Server which will contain the applications is also configured with Hyper-V and RDS working with a Personal Virtual Desktop Collection of 5 Windows 10 Pro workstations (Gen2 virual workstations) which will be allocated to the users.

Access to the 5 workstations will be via the RDS Web …
My son is the parts man for a small business and they are using quickbooks point of sale at the counter and then in the office there secretary is using quickbooks pro.  At the end of the day my son sends the end-of -day report to the office for the secretary to do the report and to get deposits ready.  in order for them to do this they need to open up RDS Server so that they can successfully transfer the data into quickbooks pro at the office.  It was working fine until the other day when it suddenly stopped working for them.  When they attempt to send data they get this error: "C:\ProgramData\RDSClient\v6\RDSClient.dat is denied"
I have a Quick Book database that the accountant update last week but our business office processed a lot of checks while the accountants were working on the database. Is there a way to merge both database so we don't have to re-enter the data the business office or the accountants entered. Quick books 2014.
Thank you.
I am running Quickbooks 2016, and as of this morning it began giving me an H505 error.  This seems to have been caused by the 1709 Windows update.  QB Server utility says the QBDBMgrN is not running.
Good morning,
      I have 2 servers, one a domain server and the other machine a Windows 7 machine setup for our quickbooks. We have 9 users usually that are connected at all times and can get to all shares on the domain server. Never lose connection etc.... Now 2 users that are trying to get to the quickbooks share on the Windows 7 machine can't keep connected to the share. I have checked power settings, regedit etc... The only way to re establish connection is to reboot the Quickbooks server(Windows 7 machine). Everyone else stays connected but 2 machines. Any suggestions?
We are needing to switch to a different company file in quickbooks point of sale.  how is this done?
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My son works for this company where the old computer has died, so they purchased a new computer and are attempting to install and transfer the data from the old machine to the new one.  They have successfully installed quickbooks onto the new computer and since they do not have a current backup of the quickbooks data from the old computer and are not able to eccess quickbooks POS  on old computer we copied the data from the intuit folder of the old to the intuit folder to the new.  
Now, when they attempt to open qb pos on new computer it says that it cannot open because the company file is already open on another workstation.  
How do we resolve this issue?
Im trying to install Quickbooks 2010 on a Server 2012 for an accountant. I keep getting this error "The following feature couldn’t be installed:
.NET Framework 3.5 (includes .NET 2.0 and 3.0)

Windows Server roles and features cannot be automatically installed or uninstalled via the Windows Features Control Panel."

I goto Roles and Features and its already installed.
Cloudwalks-QuickBooks online
Use this step by step method when setting up QuickBooks Online. They will allow you to explore the various features of the advanced settings available to you.
Anyone familiar of a company or individual that provides consulting or support for Expensify?  Looking for some sort of phone support - only support provided by the company is through email.  I am having problems with it's syncing/integration with QuickBooks.
We have a client that has 30 users on qbooks 2017 enterprise. they are running on a new dell server in hyper-v and using RDS. This environment has been running for 10+ years without an issue (other than quickbooks sucking). windows 10 dell pc's. the file runs well for a while then an error comes upthe error we get when quickbooks goes unresponsive. no one can get back in after this. we've had the file rebuilt thinking it was the file and it worked for 8 hours. intuit has been no help can't get a competent tech. watchgaurd firewall, cisco poe switch. backups using replibit device. we really need quickbooks high level tech expertise. we have a dba, programmer and two techs on the tshoot.

the file fails even from the console.

we tested on multiple stand alone pc's off the network and the file fails

we put the file on the hyper v host and attached local quickbooks installed pc's to it and it failed. (taking out rds).

the failure is not predictable happens 7 hours in, then may go another 1hr then 30 minutes, etc.

our log shows no discernible trend.
Our business owner needs to upgrade his Quickbooks Enterprise Edition but is not willing to purchase a subscription. How long has Enterprise Edition been subscription only?  If we can find a stand-alone 2015 or 2016 version, that will work for our needs.


QuickBooks is an accounting software package geared mainly toward small and medium-sized businesses and offers on-premises accounting applications as well as cloud based versions that accept business payments, manage and pay bills, and payroll functions. QuickBooks includes remote access capabilities, remote payroll assistance and outsourcing, electronic payment functions, online banking and reconciliation, mapping features through integration, improved e-mail functionality, import from Excel spreadsheets, employee time tracking options, pre-authorization of electronic funds and new Help functions.