QuickBooks is an accounting software package geared mainly toward small and medium-sized businesses and offers on-premises accounting applications as well as cloud based versions that accept business payments, manage and pay bills, and payroll functions. QuickBooks includes remote access capabilities, remote payroll assistance and outsourcing, electronic payment functions, online banking and reconciliation, mapping features through integration, improved e-mail functionality, import from Excel spreadsheets, employee time tracking options, pre-authorization of electronic funds and new Help functions.

This is not a technology question - it's more of a bookkeeping question. I'm using Quickbooks Pro 2018. I have a set of products that I'm essentially leasing to my customers. In other words, they're not buying the products. They won't own them - I will. There's an up-front "setup" fee, and then they pay for monthly service on the unit for the term of the "lease". At the end of the term, they will probably wind up getting a new, updated device, with a new setup fee, and then continue paying the same monthly rate as they had been, for an updated service.

So... how do I set this up? It's not exactly a sale, but how do I set up for the setup fee? How do I put that on the invoice? And how do I set up the lease? The purchase, I guess, is my own, so I need to pay Use Tax on it. But how do I account for any of that - it's not like it's "office supplies". Or is it? Do I just set up an expense for "Leased Out Equipment"? Or is it an Asset, and if so, do I make an Asset account for every single device? I'm so out of my league here.
Hi I'm trying to get Quickbooks Enterprise running on A Server 2019, but the database server manager reports error with the Windows firewall.  I have added the ports to the allow list in the firewall, but It is still being blocked.  

I opened 8019, 56728, 55378-55382 but no go, I also ran file doctor that usually finds the problem but it didn't find anything.

Thanks all.
We are moving to Quickbooks Enterprise and I am trying to figure out if there is any reason why I need to run the database on a server as opposed to a high powered Win 10 machine.

We don't currently have a server so the expense would be considerably higher if it should be run on a server.

Using quickbooks 20019 enterprise.  If I go to the employees tab and try to update information there within about three transactions quickbooks will stop responding.  If we wait approx 3-5 minutes it will start responding again and work for 1-5 transactions.

We have

Verified data
Rebuilt data
and Condensed data to no avail.

Windows logs show SOME errors:

An unexpected error has occured in Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 19.0: DBConnPool::HandleConnectionError errorCode:-6069, dbCode:-103 from file:src\connpool.cpp at line 1042 from function:DBMgr::DBConnPool::init

- An unexpected error has occured in "Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions:

DQE execution failed. Could not retrieve COUNT(user name).

Any thoughts on how I could fix this??
I have my code in C# to create the outershell of the file I need(QBXML).
I then have it call my function to query SQL and get the info that need to go inside of it under the <QBXMLMsgRq> element

The first part creates this -
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<?qbxml version="13.0"?>
  <QBXMLMsgsRq onError="stopOnError" />

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Then it called my "BuildCustomerAddRq"

Which is this
 void BuildCustomerAddRq(XmlDocument doc, XmlElement parent)

            string ConString = "Data Source=;Initial Catalog=OCITIME;User ID=ocisql;Password=Emagdne1212";
            string CmdString = "select employee_name as Name ,'OCI Associates' as [CompanyName],'Mr' as Salutation , LEFT(employee_name, CHARINDEX(' ', employee_name + ' ') - 1) as FirstName,  REVERSE(LEFT(REVERSE(employee_name),    CHARINDEX(' ', REVERSE(employee_name)) - 1)) AS LastName   from EMPLOYEELIST for xml raw('CustomerAdd') , ROOT('CustomerAddRq'), ELEMENTS";

            SqlConnection con;
            SqlCommand cmd;
            XmlReader reader;
            XmlDocument xmlDoc;

            using (con = new SqlConnection(ConString))
                cmd = new SqlCommand(CmdString, con);
                reader = cmd.ExecuteXmlReader();

                while (reader.Read())

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 I have one Windows Pro 7 laptop with QuickBooks and other software and purchased two new  Windows 10  Pro laptop computers.
 I am looking for a software (free or commercial) that would transfer application software such as QuickBooks and others from Windows 7 laptop to two Windows 10 laptops.
 Since I don't have original software, it would be nice if I can have these application programs moved over.
 Can you recommend one that you had most success with?

  Thank you in advance.
I have a server with 2 physical processors, 12 core each.  It has exsi 6.5 on it.

If I want to turn up one windows 2019 server and allow 2 users to connect to it and run quickbooks, what licensing would I need to do this to be legal??

I know I would need the following:
1- quickbooks 2 user
2- Windows server 2019 ....... standard??
We use quickbooks 2019 premier.  When accessing the payroll tab we recieve the error in the attached picture.

If we click ok it just goes in and seems to work fine.

Any idea how to get rid of the error??
2 Fresh install windows 10 with Quickbooks.. the main computer that holds the quickbooks data files works fine with another computer.

The problem computer will sometimes allow the network share folder to open and most of the time not. Sometimes when I ping from it to the other and vice versa I will get a variety of loss then it will all be good and the share will open after pinging at 100% files show up but error when trying to open quickbooks file.

I have checked driver updates and ordered a new wifi adapter but still persists

what could be the problem?

We are looking for input on a good way to manage accounts receivables / collections with Quickbooks. We are not looking to sync our company information with someone else's servers so that rules out the "cloud" approach for us. We were hoping that there is a desktop / on premise or spreadsheet that could help us with this. Maybe there good builtin functionality that we're not aware of?

Thank you for any help you can give.

We have Quickbooks Enterprise version.
I am using QuickBooks Pro 2012. I recently upgraded to Windows 10. Now I find that I can't print any of my invoice to PDF. I can't even print them to a real printer. I used to use PrimoPDF but I get the following message: "You don't have permission to modify files in this network location" even though I am logging in with the exact same username I have used before (which has Admin privileges). I then tried the print to PDF on PortPrompt only to be told that "Could not print to printer. Check your printer selection. Printing may have been cancelled from another program" - I have tried this with SnagIT/OneNote/Brother printer - just to get the same message. What am I missing?  it is frustrating when I can see the invoice in Print Preview.....
One of our customers would like to associate email addresses with the vendors they have in Quickbooks 2018.

Many years ago we developed an MS Access application to handle some of the core business functions.  The Accesss DB also has most of the same vendors in the QB application.  However, vendors in the Access application already have email addresses entered.

It would be very convenient to create an export of the email addresses from our Access application, which could then be imported into Quickbooks.

I know how to create export files from our application and they can be created in many different formats.  I have no knowledge of Quickbooks though.

In what format and with what contents/fields would the export files have to be created to be imported into the Quickbooks vendor file?

On the Quickbooks side:  What would be the steps to import the file containing the email addresses?
I need to be able to print from quickbooks from my hotel to my office.

Can I setup remote printing on this zerox printer??
A client of mine has this issue when attempting to open up QB on the work station, QB Sees the file on the server but then pops up a message saying that it cannot communicate with it. I have uploaded a picture of the error.  I tried to find the connection diagnostic tool that it is talking about, but it seems to be hidden. The instructions always says to download it from the "OEM" website, where ever that is.  I couldn't seem to find it.  
But for some reason QB sees the files on the server, but cannot access them.  a little help would be appreciated.
Hi, I have a client that when they open quickbooks, it's seems to be opening a ton of stuff, takes like 30 seconds then I get a warning....

"The report you requested is too large and can not be displayed.  Please filters to limit the scope of the report."

The user must have had them startup on startup by accident, she wants to remove them so it opens normal

Question, how do we do that?

Thanks all.
I've been offered a "C2C" or 1099 contract position. The company is interesting to me for the cool stuff they do and I want to be a part of it to see how the magic's done. They say it could go full time if things pan out - although that's not critical for me if it just winds down or turns into a long term gig. I've always either worked directly for a company or as a W2 contractor where the consulting company just took care of everything. Is there a web site that can help me dot all the I's and cross all the T's in order to be a C2C or 1099 contractor? It's all going down quickly so any advice is appreciated!
I have a QuickBook software that allows me to create multiple companies and now I have two companies in QuickBook in one Windows 10.
For each company, I have 2 user accounts for each company.

My question is: Can user A in company A manually download the company B quickbook db file inside of the root directory?
If the answer is yes, how can we prevent this happen?

QuickBooks aborts every so often, so I decided to post the QBwin.log file and hope someone knows how to read this file to get information as to why it was aborting around 5:37pm.  Unfortunately there is not a lengthy log file there and I'm not sure why quickbooks doesn't give more.  If there is a way to adjust that, please let me know.  An individual will be in the middle of work and QB client just simply aborts.  We are using QB Pro 2018.
I had to wipe clean my PC and on reinstalling all the software I find that QUICKBOOKS  2013 cannot find my default mail client (Office 365 Outlook) please can anyone suggest how I can get Outlook as the mail client in QuickBooks 2013.
Outlook is the Windows default mail client.
I have removed and re-installed QuickBooks twice!

Before I had to wipe clean my PC QuickBooks worked perfectly with Outlook
Got a client that is using Quickbooks 2018. They are trying to update their file using an accountants copy. They must use the web version because they don't have the same year of quickbooks. Also, the client's quickbook is the one a year behind the accountant. From our research, these items of concern are fine and will not impact the process. The company file opens fine, they just can't update it with the accountant's copy. Below is the link to their error. https://quickbooks.intuit.com/community/Reports-and-accounting/Unrecoverable-Error-when-importing-Accountant-s-Changes/m-p/202619

The error code is: 26021 03020

Has anybody encountered this error before?
Finally giving up on Microsoft Office Accounting and wish to migrate to something else like Quickbooks.  Are there any migration programs that will permit data transmission of data from OS to others (Like QuickBooks)?
We have created a new QuickBooks company file for a client using QuickBooks Premier 2019.  We have a Chart of Accounts in a worksheet created with Excel 2016.  After selecting Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks, we select the Import option.  A message is displayed that Excel is being opened.  The file and sheet is selected.  Data from the worksheet is mapped and saved. When IMPORT or PREVIEW is selected, an error message stating "QuickBooks could not open the Excel file specified" is displayed.

The computer is running Windows 10 Pro.  We have imported Chart of Account information using older versions of QuickBooks (2013) with Excel 2010.  This is first attempt using the newer versions of QuickBooks and Excel.

Since the company file was created with QB2019, the file could not be opened with the older QuickBooks version.  We would like to resolve this import issue so we do not have to recreate the file using the older versions of QuickBooks and Excel.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
One of my client's Quickbooks access gets slow when multiple users access to server where QB is hosted. I checked the processing power available, and RAM, CPU, and Ethernet usage is between 10%-20%, so that shouldn't be the cause of the issue. Other users accessing files on the server don't seem to be having any issues.

Rebooting either the workstation or the server seems to help, although it can be tedious to reboot on a regular basis as it's proved to need.

Any ideas on how to keep Quickbooks running at it's best?
quickbooks - creating and emailing invoices leads to QB generating a filename like Inv_####_from_companyname_#####random number.pdf.  The random numbers don't increment and there's no apparent pattern to them.

Need to find out how the random number at the end is derived, what it's used for, and why it's included in the invoice file name.  Also whether it can be removed.
I have a client who is trying to use the merchant center in quickbooks premier 2018. Quickbooks uses the I.E. browser within it's program so if there are issues with I.E. then there will be issues inside of quickbooks where it is accessing the Internet. There are a few issues with Internet Explorer that I believe are keeping it from working correctly. I think once we resolve the I.E. issues, the rest will take care of itself. The system was just upgraded from windows 7 pro to windows 10 pro version 1903. Internet explorer is exhibiting some strange issues. On a simple page like msn.com,  graphics do not show. A black box (w/o a red x) shows in place of the correct graphic. Accessing the merchant center via I.E. will initially display page info but once you click on one of the options, it moves to the next screen and generates a black box that would be where the detailed information would be. I have attached a copy of how it looks on a working version of I.E. (my computer, windows 10 pro 1803, i.E. 11 vs the non working verson on windows 10 pro 1903, i.E. 11.

I have removed I.E. on that computer via the windows features and reinstalled it. I have done a reset on I.E. and the advanced option on the advanced tab on I.E. settings. I have checked the media settings and it is set to show images. During the uninstall, I also deleted any I.E. info from the appdata folder for any users.

I have tried it both clean (to check websites like msn) and with the program requirements …


QuickBooks is an accounting software package geared mainly toward small and medium-sized businesses and offers on-premises accounting applications as well as cloud based versions that accept business payments, manage and pay bills, and payroll functions. QuickBooks includes remote access capabilities, remote payroll assistance and outsourcing, electronic payment functions, online banking and reconciliation, mapping features through integration, improved e-mail functionality, import from Excel spreadsheets, employee time tracking options, pre-authorization of electronic funds and new Help functions.

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