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QuickBooks is an accounting software package geared mainly toward small and medium-sized businesses and offers on-premises accounting applications ...

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Troubleshooting Solution

Quickbooks Desktop Version


   It is known that Quickbooks has discontinued the Desktop version and gone 100% subscription but


Viewing Past Transactions Without Opening QuickBooks

You may need to view past transactions from previous QuickBooks files or other QuickBooks company …

We have a new branch that uses the QuickBooks pro 2017 …

We have a new branch that uses the QuickBooks pro 2017 software, they are getting the following …
Troubleshooting Solution

Setting up VPN on computers


i have this client that wants to set up a computer with quickbooks at his home and also have one at

Troubleshooting Solution

checking to see if email/domain is on black list (email going in spam folder)


Hi I have a company that sends emails from Quickbooks Desktop, most of the times, the email's go to


QuickBooks Invoicing Tip : How to transfer to an invoice the custom description from the QuickBooks bill, PO, check,  or credit card charge

By Linda Saltz

Customized item descriptions from bills DO import into a customer invoice!  
Troubleshooting Solution

Trying to change a field for several employees in Quickbooks at once.


I have to change the info on the Employee item for several employees.  Is there a way to change the

Troubleshooting Solution

Need Quickbooks only for historical viewing


We no longer use Quickbooks however we have need to view historical information.  How can we use

Advice Solution

Access QBO with WinForms


Trying to integrate QBO API with a WinForms application.  All the samples I have found are mainly

Troubleshooting Solution

Can't install any version of Quickbooks on Terminal Server 2008

Can't install any version of Quickbooks on Terminal Server 2008... as soon as I run the Add/Remove …
Troubleshooting Solution

Coldfusion - Quickbooks online integration


I am interested in connecting a Coldfusion application to Quickbooks online.  Has anyone done this


Quickbooks Scam  I had a client ask about using Quickbooks…

Quickbooks Scam

I had a client ask about using Quickbooks in multiple locations. My …
Troubleshooting Solution

QuickBook to MS SQL


I have a quickbook that using hosting account (not cloud).

and I want to export it to MS SQL Server

Troubleshooting Solution

quickbooks work with the file on a synology NAS drive

Does anyone know of a way I can make quickbooks work with the file on a synology NAS drive
Troubleshooting Solution

Looking for CRM web based software that pull in ACT and QB data.


I have a customer wanting to do an overhaul of their website.  It is a law firm.   Currently they

Troubleshooting Solution

VM Licensing questions

I have a server with 2 physical processors, 12 core each.  It has exsi 6.5 on it.

If I want to …
Troubleshooting Solution

Quickbooks online - Financial data security concerns...


From what I have seen Intuit has been hacked before where hosted QuickBooks data was exposed for all

Troubleshooting Solution

Cannot register msxml4.dll, return code 0x80070005.  Can't install Quickbooks because of it.

I cannot register msxml4.dll which is causing me to not be able to install and use Quickbooks.  I …
Troubleshooting Solution

QuickBooks Pro 2020 cannot send a report to Excel 2019


When a user tries to “send report to Excel”. All items are greyed out except for the last option

Troubleshooting Solution

Server Recommendations

I am looking to survey the crowd for opinion on a server.  I would sincerely appreciate your …

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