QuickBooks is an accounting software package geared mainly toward small and medium-sized businesses and offers on-premises accounting applications as well as cloud based versions that accept business payments, manage and pay bills, and payroll functions. QuickBooks includes remote access capabilities, remote payroll assistance and outsourcing, electronic payment functions, online banking and reconciliation, mapping features through integration, improved e-mail functionality, import from Excel spreadsheets, employee time tracking options, pre-authorization of electronic funds and new Help functions.

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So this small office (5 users) recently upgraded (from 2014) to QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 15.0.  

Apparently this has been a problem for the four networked users, but now the host as well will crash QB when changing "Active Customers" to "All Customers" and the Windows Error Reporting will give the Exception Code c0000005.

I've tried deleting the EntitlementDataStore.ecml file and renaming the QBWUSER.INI file (found these suggestions in the QB user community), but no change.  Of course, I've done all Windows updates and rebooted, but no joy.

I tried the same operation with a sample file, and quickbooks did not crash then.

crash details from Windows
Windows error messages don't offer much detail
One of my customers would like to use a computer to accept payments, and update inventory for book sales.  Essentially a very basic POS system with no barcode scanner, no touchscreen (regular screen), and a normal laser printer as a printer. The sales volume is very slow, maybe 5 transactions a week, and the inventory is under 100 items.
I think a QB POS, or most commercial POS's are overkill for them, I have been looking at the open source stuff, and even that seems a bit too daunting for them (need an APache server, etc). Any cheap and easy recommendations? (they are currently using excel).
Oh, and they want something on-prem, no cloud solutions.
I have Quickbooks Point of Sale v6.0 installed on a windows 2003 server

I believe some files/folders were deleted from the c:\Documents and Settings\All Users folder
Now when I start the program I get an error
Warning 176109  "Invalid Product Number" and QB closes.

I do not have backup to restore from or Undelete does not work.

I looked in the C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Intuit\Entitlement Client\ folder and the V6.0 folder is not there so deleting the EntitlementDataStore.ecml file is not applicable

How do I fix this?
Hello Everyone,
We are using Quickbooks 2008 and I think I may have a corrupt file but I'm not sure.  Originally the program was having trouble printing.  So I ran a repair on Quickbooks through windows control panel.  That's when the real problems began.  Now I cannot even open my QBW file.  When I open Quickbooks I get the following error message.
ErrorAfter clicking Ok the error message pops up again.  I can't do anything.  I have to close quickbooks through task manager.

Here's what I've tried so far.
Moved the ND and TLG file into another folder so QB would create new ones
I tried the QB file doctor.  It said there was nothing wrong with the file.

I have a backup of the file but I'll have to redo a couple hours of work so I'd rather get this one working.  Any help would appreciated.

BTW, just so you know I know nothing about quickbooks.  I'm just the poor sap who is tasked with getting this working :).

I'm using Quickbooks Enterprise 15 and Outlook 2013.  Quickbooks does create the email in Outlook but it automatically uses the Exchange account instead of the POP account which is the default.  Is there any way to force Quickbooks to use the default account?  Maybe create a second profile in Outlook with only that account - and then figure out how to get Quickbooks to use that profile??
We have a Windows 2012 Server Hosting many QuickBooks database files.  People have lost the ability to open the Company files in Multi-User Mode.  They are getting a H202 error within QB.

I have been in contact with QB Pro Advisor Support and they could not resolve this problem?

Verified no one is Hosting any Company Files on their Computers.
Verified All QB Services are running on the Server:
QuickBooksDB23. DB24, and DB25

When I run the Scan from the QB25 DataBase Server Manager on the Drive and Folder Hosting the Company files, it ends with an error stating " Windows firewall is blocking QuickBooks"?  

I have input the Exceptions in the Windows Firewall as per QB Support.  I've tried disabling the Firewall.  I have disabled AVG CloudCare on the Server.

The server is a Small Business server that is a "Everything Server-Domain Controller", Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, File Server, Printer Server. It is in the Domain Controller OU in AD.  I tried Blocking GPO Inheritance on that OU.

I found this interesting article on my problem and simular in nature:   http://blog.cypgrp.com/2014/06/12/so-you-cant-get-quickbooks-to-work-in-multi-user-mode-on-windows-2014-r2/ but it did not resolve my issue.  When I did try to Restart the "Base Filtering Engine" Service it locks out Everyone from accessing the server over the Network.  That doesn't seems right.......

I am at my Wits-End, Please Help!
I need to import checks that have items in lieu of expenses. Can this be done?

Thank you.
I have many company files which I want to make automatic Email reports for. Is this possible?
We have recently restructured our networks and replaced our old SBS 2003 with Win Server 2012 R2.  Internal networks were upgraded to gigabit speeds throughout the building.  On the old system we hosted our QuickBooks multi user data file on our accountant's desktop which had a full install of QuickBooks Enterprise 2013.  The actual data file resided on our SBS server drive as a sheared drive on the Accountant's machine.  For the remote / infrequent users and our CFO that needed access to our accounting system we used remote desktop to connect to our accountant's desktop (running an RDP server that allowed 3 remote users on the machine).  Remote users would VPN to our internal LAN to use the RDP.  Our CFO would use a local machine to RDP in.  This worked well and even though it was a light performance PC running Xp Pro it could easily support 3 users running reports and data entry simultaneously.  

In our new system we decided to host the QuickBooks file in a Virtual Machine running on our 2012 R2 server.  It is provisioned with 2 cores, 8 gig of ram and two virtual disks (One for the Win 7 Pro operating system and the second for the data files).  We installed the full copy of QuickBooks Enterprise 2013 on the Virtual Machine (VM) so it could be used by our accountant from any other computer should her new computer fail.  QuickBooks runs pretty fast, not a speed demon, on the VM when logged in via RDP.  It is at least responsive to user input.  However connections from our…
Hello Quickbooks Network Experts -

We have a working multi-user Quickbooks 2014 environment with Company Data files being served by a Windows XP machine running only the database manager with the files in a network share.  All QB workstations are W8.  For obvious reasons we want to retire the XP machine.  The only reason we have it is when we bought Quickbooks in 2011 the database manager would not run on our ancient Windows 2000 SB Server.

Now that W200SB Server is history.  We are running Windows Server 2012 Essentials R2 in it's place.  We also plan to upgrade to QB 2015 which does not support XP as a database manager. I attempted to migrate the data files to a share on our 2012 server. I installed the database manager from QB 2015 in anticipation of our upgrade. I did have some problems with the QB install as it didn't seem to like the server version of .Net, but eventually I got a good install.

All went well with my test using a W8 client and a QB 2015 client install.  A few days later I moved the live data to W2012 and attempted opening 2014 files from the new share on 2012. This worked fine with a user who was in Single User mode, but as soon as a user tried to access a file in Multi-User mode they got a H202 Error message that the 'host is not set up for Multi-User access'. Then the user who was able to access files tried changing to Multi-User mode and got an H505 complaining that the 'location needs additional set up'.

We have a support contract with …
I have a customer that I want to create a "office in the cloud" type solution for. They have 6 total users, 3 physical locations. They all need access to Office 365 for business, Quickbooks Enterprise and file shares. I want them to be able to use RDP connections from their devices (PCs, Macs, Tablets and Phones). They have about 250GB of file shares total at this point.
What is the best way of going about this? I'm open to using Azure or AWS or even a third party if a better option exists. My current plan is to deploy a couple of Servers running 2012 R2, 1 as a DC and 1 as a RDS gateway. I don't have any experience in this arena and would welcome any help here.
What would you do?

We have VB.Net application which needs to determine whether QuickBooks is installed and running on the current machine or not.
If QuickBooks is installed, then the application will work with QuickBooks.
If not, it will continue with other processing.

How would we determine this programmatically?

If it is installed, how do we determine the version?

Can a user convert a QuickBooks 2003 data file directly to latest version of Quickbooks (Pro 2014), or do you have to convert it to an earlier version (2007\2010) and then convert to 2014?
We are running QuickBooks with a multiuser license on one workstation. We are installing several new computers - the new users will need access to QB as well. I will setup the new access accounts on the original QB. Do I need to install QB on all those new stations or access the main database another way?

What is the best query to use for querying the following type of report from QB?

I want to see the Item Names and total unit sales in 2015 for that Item Name.
Hello Experts,
I have a customer that has a store and a restaurant next door to each other, he currently runs QB Enterprise 11 in the store, he is adding POS software to the restaurant an wants to run the QB on the same server. I first tried to purchase more license for the Enterprise but QB will not sell 11 license any more, they want a complete new purchase which is $4000.00 plus for a 10 license version. That is not an option. The POS software can use any version of QB back to 2002. What I am thinking is adding a QB Pro or Premier with 3 or 5 license for the restaurant.
My question is, can I run 2 different versions of QB on the same server, I have 3 partitions on the Server 2012. If so, should they be on different partitions? How exactly should I go about installing, etc. Any an all advise would be greatly appreciated. Thank You in Advance.
Hi Experts, does anyone know of a product that would allow multiple simultaneous users connecting to an SBS2011 server remotely? This could be a paid program.

As far as I know products such as gotomypc, logmein, etc all only allow a single access at any given moment. I'm not sure if SBS2011 supports terminal services or not, but that may be an option if it does, but only if there is not another solution.

I'm trying to get 2-3 users access to the server remotelyh for the purposes of getting access to run Quickbooks. The Quickbooks datafile is on the server currently accessed via a 2003 terminal server setup...going away in July....

Any ideas or suggestions?

I am currently trying to import an IIF file into Reckon(Quickbooks), specifically an Invoice Transaction.

I am having a problem finding a way to import the "Customer Tax Code".

I have worked out how to set the Tax code for each item in the invoice but i also need to be able to apply the tax code to the Transaction as well. I have attached a screen shot of the field i'm trying to fill.

I need to apply the Australian Tax "GST"

Thanks in advance for any help.
We have a new customer that is using QuickBooks Enterprise 14.0 on a Windows SBS2011 server.  The QB company file size is 428000kb.  The payroll clerk has asked for our assistance in improving the response time when she is processing a payroll of about 200 people.  The company file takes several minutes to open and is very slow when entering and processing payroll.  Her workstation is running Windows 7 Pro with 8GB memory  She has logged on at the server and processed the payroll with much faster response time but we know this is mainly because she is using the computer/server that is hosting the company file.  There are other users in the office that use the same company file for accounts payable or other accounting-related functions but do not use the payroll function.  They do not report the slowness issues like the payroll clerk.  The QB program is installed on each workstation and but the server hosts the company file.

We have checked the network connections, router, and switches and found nothing usual on their network.  Access times to shared network folders and printer appear to be adequate compared to other sites.  Their Internet response time is good considering they are in a rural community.  

We have several customers that use QuickBooks Pro and Premier editions but we do not have much experience with QuickBooks Enterprise.  Are there file size or record number limits or restrictions for this edition of QB?  Are there technical issues that could be causing …
How to import Transactions from an Internet Banking web site using a .CSV file to Quick Books Pro 2015?
I was wondering if there is a flag or way that when we have a customer that walks up to our business who wants to pay cash ( we do not have a POS ) system. We are 98% Invoice only. It would be nice if those 2% that walk into our offices with cash for our medical supplies that we get a messaged saying when we pull that client up that we get a flag or a message that this person owes us from their last visit when they walked into our offices for supplies. Does QuickBooks Enterprise do this or is it something that would have to be done through a POS system even though our percentage of customers that do that is small. Trying to justify one way to do it if QBE can do or or do we have to buy a POS. I would think there would be a way to do it in either case. Please advise.

If it can be done in QBE we need to know how to do that. Thank you.
I am needing to install the latest update (R16) for quickbooks pro 2012 but when attempting to install the update I get the error "There is not enough space on drive C:\ to extract this package."   I don't believe this because I still have 304 GB of space left on Drive C.
Any help on this issue would be appreciated
I have a client running OSX server with Quickbooks server.  In the office the clients connect just fine.  There are a number of users who connect remotely via Logmein Hamachi (A subscription based VPN tool).

Those users using Hamachi have a terrible time, and I'm trying to find out why.

With QB for OSX you can only open files if they are 'shared' by the QB server... you don't browse to them like you do in Windows.  The server is sharing about 40QB files, and on the remote clients they often don't see any of them.  If we go onto the server and stop sharing on one file, and share it again, all of a sudden we'll see that shared file, or sometimes all, we can also access the file and performance is great.  If we wait 2-3 minutes, the shared list is gone and they can't work.

While this is happening I can still browse via finder and see all the files so we haven't truly lost connectivity.

I've verified Hamachi isn't 're-routing' through their servers (NAT problem indicated by blue dot in Hamachi interface).  I've verified there is no software firewall in play.

I did read a note from QB saying that the QB server needs to appear in the 'finder' under shared devices, and that is typically not the case.  If I connect to one of the shares then it will appear under shared devices, but QB files don't appear in the QB gui unless I stop and start sharing via the QB server.

I imagine this is't going to make sense to you unless you've actually messed with these products, so …
I am using QuickBooks Online and doing the sync with my AMEX importing the charges.  So far I have had no problem entering the charge category and the vendor.
The problem is I don't know what to enter in category and vendor in the AMEX payments I have made to the card, which is the other way around, this is important so that I can keep the real balance on the card. What should I enter in both boxes ?

In the category drop down it only displays: Accounts under Expenses, Equity, Assets, Revenue.  none make sense for a payment made to the card.
I have a customer that has spent close to 6 hours on the phone with QuickBooks support dealing with an a failure in sending the accountants copy. This has worked previously and now it doesn't. The QuickBooks tech worked through the different problems that could cause this with no success. He/she finally changed a firewall rule and the copy was sent today it won't work. The rule is still set as it was. I have tried disabling the firewall to no avail. I verified that QuickBooks was able to access the internet. She is running QuickBooks Pro 14, Windows 7, and McAfee Security Center 13.6.1599. Any ideas will be appreciated.


QuickBooks is an accounting software package geared mainly toward small and medium-sized businesses and offers on-premises accounting applications as well as cloud based versions that accept business payments, manage and pay bills, and payroll functions. QuickBooks includes remote access capabilities, remote payroll assistance and outsourcing, electronic payment functions, online banking and reconciliation, mapping features through integration, improved e-mail functionality, import from Excel spreadsheets, employee time tracking options, pre-authorization of electronic funds and new Help functions.