QuickBooks is an accounting software package geared mainly toward small and medium-sized businesses and offers on-premises accounting applications as well as cloud based versions that accept business payments, manage and pay bills, and payroll functions. QuickBooks includes remote access capabilities, remote payroll assistance and outsourcing, electronic payment functions, online banking and reconciliation, mapping features through integration, improved e-mail functionality, import from Excel spreadsheets, employee time tracking options, pre-authorization of electronic funds and new Help functions.

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I have an office that is running Quick Books Pro 2017 Premier with 3 users in Multi Mode that decided to give this error 3 days ago.   After spending all day trying to find the solution and even talking to Quick books support for hours without a solution. I figured I would check if anyone out there has came across this one.   This error only occurs when we try to go to Reports > Payroll > Employees > Summary Report which launches excel and creates this report.  What is really odd is all other areas seem to function like we can pull a vendor report without any issues for example.  

The machines are all running windows 10 Pro with one using office 2013 and the other using office 2016.  I have verified all of the Quick-books and windows updates are in,  I had rebuild the database and verify it within Quickbooks.  I even went as far on the one workstation as to repair install both Quick books  2017 and Microsoft office and it still does not function on both the workstations.     Any assistance on this quick books error with a solution would be very appreciated. :-)
Is it possible to import an invoice that reflects two different states sales tax into Quick Books? Can, in general,  Quick Books show two different Sales tax rates on one invoice?

I have been struggling with exporting from a 3rd party database, to importing into Quick Books via an IIF file without errors. I finally got past the error messages with a successful import only to discover it only recognizes one states sales tax rate (we deal with several states for a number of customers).

Anybody have experience with this?
When I run the QuickBooks Database Server Manager is shows that +QBCFMonitorService not running on this computer.

In the services window +QBCFMonitorService is showing running.

Only the file in on the server

Server 2012

The program is installed on multiple windows 10 PC's with a drive to the file maped.

I can open the file in single user mode but when switching to multi user mode I get error code H202
I have a client asking about their VFP app being able to export data to QuickBooks.  I am wondering if anyone has suggestions on how to best go about making that work, using 3rd party tools or otherwise?
I am revisiting an old issue. QuickBooks Pro 2018 Desktop --  How can Maryland unemployment taxes show as paid and overdue at the same time? Look at the screen shot --  $86.74 Paid at the bottom "Payment History. Now look at the top over due Liability. You can verify that that exact particular liability has been paid; but it shows as over due. Why? Thank you for any assistance.
What are the steps involved in becoming incorporated so I can be paid on a Corp to Corp (C2C) basis?
Starting a new year with QuickBook 2018

My accountant uses QuickBooks and provided me the 2017 QB file  used to file my taxes. So, I need to create a new empty file for 2018 where I can start to log my expenses.

I need to maintain all the accounts and configurations she may have done, but want 2018 to be a blank slate.

Is there an option for this in QB?

My client has Quickbooks 2018 Enterprise installed and recently switched email provider service to Office 365. I set them up to use the new email host in the QB settings but now it won't let them send email reports outside their domain. They can email them to themselves, but when it's being sent externally it gives a network connection error.
Hi Experts,

I need some help in balancing out my HST Account. In particular, for one period, I spent more than I made, and CRA posted a CR of $5.05 to my account, towards my HST Balance

The issue is when I filed this particular return within QB, it posted the $5.05 to my Receiver General - A/R, opposed to reducing my A/P, in order to balance out with CRA. For this transaction, I located the following Journal Entry under Receiver General (vendor), not A/R.

Journal Entry
When I try changing the second line to A/P with the Receiver General (Vendor) as Name, I get

QB Warning
Based on this error, I also assume that I cannot DR A/R and CR A/P.

How can I fix this, and bring the $5.05 into my A/P? I'm using QB 2012

Thank you.
I use QuickBook 2016 and store data on server, i always backup my company file with QuickBook backup utility and it work just fine. And my concern is want to know that is it also work 100% if i manually copy or zip whole company folder to external HDD and copy back to anywhere and connect QuickBook to that company folder? (If you can detail me also about PeachTree would be very appreciated).

Thanks in advance.
Hello using quickbooks pro 2012 version I clicked on something that has made my blank checks half the width of my screen.  The font is fine it is the blank check form itself.  It was the full width of the quickbooks screen but now is only the left half of the screen.  Any ideas on what I clicked or how to get it back to full width?
I'm upgrading to a new server at an accounting firm and had a question about multiple years of QuickBooks.

In the past, I've always set up the server with each year of QuickBooks configured as the database server only.  There's no need to actually run the application on the server.  Because it is an accounting firm and some clients have older versions of QB, they need to be able to access the different years.  With my old approach, there are multiple instances (different years) of the QB service.  While this doesn't appear to cause problems, I generally like to simplify when practical.  I'm thinking that a simpler approach may work.

They don't need multi-user access for any of the files except for some current (QB 2018) ones.  My thought is that I don't have to install the database server for the older years.  If someone opens the file, their local copy of QB can manage it as a single user with no issues.  If this is the case, I can just install the QB 2018 database server and leave the other years alone.

Am I on the right track or do I really need to install the older ones?
My QuickBooks Pro 2018 shows my Maryland Unemployment account for 1st Qtr 2018 as being due/late in the “Pay Liabilities” page. It was paid end of April and cleared May 2nd. In QuickBooks it shows as being paid May 2nd in the “Pay Liabilities Payment History” section; so why would it show as still being due in the “Pay Liabilities” section? The payment also shows up in the register as cleared.
I currently implemented a technology from cdata software (cdata.com)  that replicates tables from QuickBooks (contractor version 18) to SQL (screenshot attached) and, I'm now in the process of trying to create an accounts receivable report based off of the newly replicated data.

Do any of you experts know which tables (presumably credit memos and invoices) and data in those tables I will need to get proper AR data? I'd like to be able to see the current AR, 1-30, 31-60, 61-90, 91+ days past due, if possible.

Thank you all, in advance!!

QuickBooks Enterprise data file issues--when we run Verify and Rebuild data we are getting errors; errors range anywhere from 4 or 5 (may 20018) to 1000's (June/Jule/2018). The last time I was able to run a Verify and a Rebuild without any errors was on 5/29/2018. I saved that file and put it in a backup folder with other backup files that also passed both rebuild and verify. Since that date all files that I try to run Verify and Rebuild error out at some point in the process, some in the verify and other in the Rebuild. Each time these have failed I have sent a the requested report to QuickBooks yet they have never responded to those reports nor acknowledged receiving them when we have called to try to get these errors resolved.  We are now to the point where their support is telling us we have to start a new file because the fixes they have been trying to make over the past 2 months are not working. So before I agree to this I wanted to check with EE to see if I have other options because they are also saying our corrupted file with all our history cannot be saved even though they say that all the unlinked transaction causing these problems are from data created in 1998/99 and 2000 and 2001 and 2002. So my question is this this--can the file be saved by exporting/saving all data from the last 10 years only? Can the last 10 years be removed from the existing "corrupted file" and then see if removing 10 years of data can then allow for repairs to what is left? Ideally we …
I have a customer that is running Quickbooks Desktop 2011.  (I think it is time to Upgrade!)  Just one user.  The QB file lives on the server.  She is getting an error that says: "Company File Error.   The disk or drive containing x:\sduncan\qbdata\qbfile.qbw is full.  In order to create more space, you need to remove some files.  After you remove the files, retry your operation."  
The network drive has plenty of space.
Any ideas why this error?  I searched Intuit and didn't really find anything.
QuickBooks - all versions - DB Mgr issues and MultiUser mode plus simple access to a company file on a Server.

I've read article after article and  they all give the same solutions over and over - which of course are valid.  Open ports on firewall, exclude AV from scanning QB folders, share permissions, etc.
Although QB is a fantastic accounting program for the small business, its data structure and sharing is something else.  We have QB database mgr installed on servers ranging from Microsoft 2008/2012/2016 domain controllers with Microsoft DNS, dedicated QB member servers (No DNS), Windows 7/10 PCs with DB mgr, etc.  All experience the same issues over and over.
The problem:  Either cannot switch to MultiUser mode or cannot access a specific company file.

Our solutions, depending on which platform QB DB Mgr is installed on is basically to perform a "Scan" from the DB Mgr and once its complete, all is good.  Of course on DC's we have to stop DNS (or modify QB to look at other ports that don't conflict) or restart the QB service or just do the scan.  We do find that if we open the QB program on the DB Mgr server and open a company file, there is never an issue but that is not something you can leave because certain functions require QB to be in single user mode to perform.  Even if we disable any firewalls on the DB servers we still get issues.  Many times, on standalone servers, running the Scan to search for company files give a network error.  Most of the time we …
Hey Guys,

I am trying to public Quickbooks 2018 APP on RDS hosted on 2012 R2 Standard server.
Currently there is Outlook 2013 and Remote desktop connection which are successfully published.
There was Quickbooks 2017 that was published earlier but I removed it as I installed the latest version of quickbooks 2018
which I now want to publish.

Under my current collections, under RemoteAPP program I tried publishing it but it gives me an error saying the app cannot be published.

Status: Failed: Could not create a published application instanced on the server  server.domain.local.

It still for some reason adds to the list of Remote APP Program box. Screen shot:


Just to test I tried publishing calculator but same error. I could not find any errors entries in event log on this server.

When user logs on to the web portal for RDS, they only see Outlook 2013 and RDP shortcuts. I did tried rebooting server
but still the same.

What am I missing ? Are there additional steps those I need to take ?  This is the first time I am attempting publishing the app.

Hi Experts,

My QuickBooks company file is damaged and not opening. Please help me to fix the problem. I have tried QuickBooks file doctor but didn't work.
After being hit with Ransomware, restoring from backup, and reinstalling applications as needed, I can't get the Quickbooks Database Server services started or the Quickbooks Database Server Manager to run. When I browse for files and 'Start Scan", it attempts to start the services after browsing the files, finding Quickbooks files. It claims the folder in which the company files live isn't shared. I guess that's technically true, but the directory one level up IS shared, so it's possible to browse to it from a network share. Then it tells me it is attempting to resolve Networking issues, and tells me after that to resolve network issues and try again later (not the exact syntax, obviously).

I have tried installing just the bare server (what we had done in the past), installing the full version of Quickbooks (2016 for the moment), uninstalling, rebooting the server (2008 R2), reinstalling just the database server, using the Quickbooks clean boot utility, disabling ALL firewalls (Kaspersky and WIndows Firewall), I can't get the QBDbMgrN to start and stay started. I can't get the QuickbooksDB26 started. For some reason it claims to be a service that should be started manually. I don't recall that having been the case in the past.  Also,  I don't think the QuickbooksDB26 ever disappeared, even after a clean install (using the Clean Install tool), an uninstall, and/or a reboot.

Previous to the ransomware, the server had Quickbooks 2015 and 2017 database servers installed. …
I have two flash that I am using to back up Quick books.  Each night I use "1" drive and the next night I use "2" drive.  The problem is, Quickbooks always uses the same drive letter to do it's backup.  However, Windows assigns a different drive letter each time I insert the different drive.
This problem also exists with sync back software.  If the backup drive is assigned "E" and I take the backup drive out, then the next time I plug it in, Windows might assign it a different drive letter and so Sync back can't back up until I manually assign it the same as before.  
 Is there a way to force windows 10 to keep the same drive letter to both drives?
I have a customer with Quickbooks 2016 and is needing to print out all the invoice clear back to January 1 of 2015.  Is there a way to do this in a batch form instead of manually printing off invoice by invoice?
.  This computer needs to host quickbooks, standard basic office apps will be installed and used on it; and other computers will sometimes remote desktop into it.   This computer is obviously overkill but we want Dell RAID 1 controller redundancy.  Is there a more reasonable Dell spec with real significant saving to be had.  I'm not just saying let's reduce quantity in these items to save a couple hundred bucks.  I'm thinking RAID redundancy but more like a $1000 dell tower.  PS - We do need the dual display port video card included.  Anyway, your thoughts?

Dell Precision Specs
I am trying to start using the Quickbooks Web Connect Import. The problem is it isn't reading the entire line description. It will only read the first initial of the name. I believe it stops after so many characters.

About 75% of our transactions are through Chase Quickpay. The transactions look like this "QuickPay with Zelle Payment to Richard Smith" when we use the import, all quickbooks read is "QuickPay with Zelle Payment to R"

Then they create a rule for this... which then assigns any quickpay to a vendor with first initial "R" to Robert Smith.

Is there a way for it to read more characters? I do see the rest of the link in the "Bank Memo" but it doesnt' seem to read those with rules.
I'm looking for alternatives for accessing QuickBooks Enterprise remotely.  I'm looking to upgrade a server that is currently in a workgroup environment. It's a Multipoint Server, so does not require Active Directory for RDS functionality.   The users need full functionality of QuickBooks, so QB Online not really an option.  

Since Multipoint is long gone, Windows Server Standard is the only option, necessitating AD for RDS functionality.  The user base really isn't large enough to justify a Domain Controller and AD, but there is a need to access QuickBooks out of the office.  Currently 7 QuickBooks users, with the possible addition of 1-2 more in the  near future.  So, I was wondering if something like Cisco Webex or something similar is a viable alternative?

The other issue is installing QB Desktop on the 7 users PC's and accessing the Company File via mapped drive.  What's the performance hit likely to be?

Thank-you for your input.



QuickBooks is an accounting software package geared mainly toward small and medium-sized businesses and offers on-premises accounting applications as well as cloud based versions that accept business payments, manage and pay bills, and payroll functions. QuickBooks includes remote access capabilities, remote payroll assistance and outsourcing, electronic payment functions, online banking and reconciliation, mapping features through integration, improved e-mail functionality, import from Excel spreadsheets, employee time tracking options, pre-authorization of electronic funds and new Help functions.

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