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hi experts,

 I have quickbooks 2016 installed and when I go to Edit>preferences and click on send forms under send email using:
i only see web mail and I need outlook there because I need to send using outlook but it's somehow hidden and it doesn't let me see the other options... see screenshot
I have a very odd situation for which I'm looking for assistance.

I have a client with a server running Server 2012 R2 Essentials.  They use WSE RemoteApp to allow remote users to access QuickBooks Enterprise 16.  This works fine for several users, except for one who just recently started having problems.  He can connect to the server and log into QuickBooks, but QB will abort moments later with an Unrecoverable Error.  The Code is 19758  66888.  I'm not finding anything online about that error.

What is particularly odd about this is that it only occurs with this one computer.  I try the same thing on another computer running the same version 1703 (and build) of Windows 10 Home, from the same location (have tried 2 different locations), using the same login and QuickBooks credentials with no problems.

I have installed a new hard drive in the laptop and reinstalled Windows 10 from scratch and the same symptom occurs.  The BIOS and drivers are up to date with no errors.

When I reinstalled Windows, I did copy user data (Documents, etc.) from the old drive.  I thought that might somehow be the issue, so I created a new user on the computer.  It shows the same error.  Both users are local admins.

The only common element with the failures is this specific computer.  The error is coming from QuickBooks.  I'm not seeing how something in this computer can cause the application error in the host computer.

I added a new Windows user on the server as well as a new QB …
I have a 2012 Standard r2 Server that i have installed Quickbooks Enterprise Solutions 17.0. After the installation i can not get the QuickbooksDB27 Service to start. I have uninstalled reinstalled many times. QB 2014 worked fine. When i first try to start the service i get an error that the user login failed so i reset the password for the .\QBDataServiceUser27 user and then try to restart then i get Windows could not start the QuickbooksDB27 service on the Local Computer. Error 1053: The Service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion.

I adjusted the Time out in the registry for a longer time and same thing. I have spoken to Intuit and that is just a waste of air. This is a single server running as a guest on a 2012 r2 Std Hyper V. It has roles of DC, AD, File, RDS,

Any one have any suggestions.
I have several small clients that would like to purchase a file server. I had considered spinning up a couple of vm's at my office and hosting it for them, but Im not sure how I should do it. All they want is a "Company drive", they dont wish to be joined to a domain. Its primarily for files, but it could host a quickbooks db. Any suggestions?
A customer of mine has two computers - both running windows 7 pro, service pack one and with quickbooks point of sale installed.  
yesterday, the server and the client suddenly stopped working.  The server is working fine now, but I cannot get the client to work.  When I attempt to open point of sale, it starts to open and then stops with everything grayed out.
Since everything is grayed out. I un-installed and re-installed the the program, but that didn't help.
I also set the two computers as a home group and set up a map-drive, but since everything is grayed out when POS is opened up, I can't point it to the file on the server.  Can someone help me with this issue?
I have attached a capture of what it looks like when it stops loading.
It appears that it cannot find the server, but I did a ping both ways and that checks out fine
The computer gave no issue when I set up a map-network drive-that worked fine also.
Have lot of quickbooks files and have no issue opening but 1 file. the same file can be opened by other users. what can be the issue. this screen pops up
SnipImage.JPGwindows 10, quickbooks 2016, the files are on server 2008
Hello, we have a client that has single user QB 2016 running on their PCs.  Their company files are stored on a Dell server.  If their company files are stored on the server, does that mean, the QB Management console and SQL database engine are running on the server too?  Thanks.
What are the tax implications for being paid on a 1099 (All Inclusive) basis?

Does this mean that I as the employee will have to pay both my share as well as the employer's share of the social security tax?

Are there any other additional or higher taxes that have to be paid by me while being paid on a 1099 basis as opposed to a W2 basis?
Hello all,
This one baffles me and I have no idea what to do.
Have a client that is having a problem in the item list in Quickbooks.  When she goes to search for an item(like MUGS) when she types in an M it goes to the M.  When she types in a U instead of going to MU it goes to the U's.  When she types in a G instead of going to MUG it goes to the G's .
I have removed all unnecessary columns on that view.  Didn't help.
I changed the screen size from 1920x1280 down to 1024x768 but that didn't help.
Did a re-sort of the item list (and all other lists).  That didn't help.
Did the latest QB update but that didn't help.
Did the latest Windows updates but that didn't help.
I am not sure what else to do to fix this.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Kelly W.

We use multiple user QB in my office. All pc and QB are up to date. But the same username and password for the same company file only works for a particular pc. If we are trying to use the same password on the admin pc (the pc hosts the files), we keep getting password error.

Any ideas?  thanks
Hello everyone, pleas help me in setting up quick books server and database. What are the requirements? Currently its installed on one of standard workstation. I recently join this company and admin i IT. Please help and advise me. I have to transfer all this data to server. Please give me all requirements list so that can setup quick books database efficiently. Thanks.
Network 1gb the main computer is wired with 1gb , a couple of wired computers and some wireless tablets that has AC Access Point.

What can I do to make it faster?

Just move to SSD hard drive? or there are other ways?

The main computer has windows 10 with a regular hdd.
Tomorrow I will be replacing two computers (easy), and replacing their server that runs quickbooks pro 2010 and is their DC for about 5 computers.
Their server is server 2003, the new server is 2012 essentials.

What is the best way attack to this?

I was thinking replace the two computers first and don't join to domain just yet.
Upgrade quickbooks to 2017 desktop pro on the old server.
Then start to set up the new server. Transfer the quickbooks files over after it is set up.

Is there a best way to do this?

Any help appreciated.
I am coordinating the build of a MS Access DB with some SQL and VBA on the backend that uses data from the Quickbooks (v17) SalesOrderLine Data to manage a production workflow system for a small parts manufacturing company.  All data comes from the SalesOrderLine table exclusively. I am looking for a Unique identifier in that table to use as a filter for various sorting and prioritizing purposes.  I have not been able to locate such a field in the SalesOrderLine Table.  

The application is functioning well with one component dependent on this unique field value.  I hope to deploy in production fairly quickly.  We are in UAT testing now and learned that this one piece needs resolution.

QB has two fields labeled FQPrimaryKey and another FQTxnLinkKey but neither are unique. Is there a possible line count within the sales order that I can add to a record TXNID that would make it Unique? Some other avenue to pursue?

Does anyone have any experience or suggestion relevant to this area of QB specifically?   If so, would you please share your thoughts and/or solutions?
I am repairing a part of an MS Access database where I need only the first part of a field from data pulled from QODBC Quickbooks.
QB Table SalesOrderLine.  QB Field ItemSalesOrderLineItemRefFullName].  Our data syntax is nnnnn-xx.  I want returned only the five digits and assign a Column name.  I am a novice attempting to repair someone elses work.  Suggestions please?

My select query works fine until I needed to parse out the first 5 characters in that field. The results will be placed into a form in the same MS Access DB.
QuickBooks is not letting me to register on Windows 10- just installed the 2011 version on Windows 10 and keeps crashing
Hi Experts,

I need to access a previous Sales Tax report, but when I do, I get the attached.

I don't understand why, because I have Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, File Version 17.009.20044.25828 installed on my Win 7 and use it daily.  Whats wrong?

Any help is  appreciated.
I cannot figure out how to get my invoices to display the employee for each time sheet it imports into an invoice and list that as a data column
I have Quick books 2014 and need to have it on 2 computers. It opens find on the first computer but on the second computer it wants to change the password every time we login. How do I get around this problem? I have it set to multiple users. Both computer are windows 10.
Thank you.
I have a client for whom QuickBooks 2017 (Local copy NOT network version) is failing to load under Windows 10 Pro. It previously worked just fine. Recently AVG anti-virus was installed which corrupted the networking connections. AVG was uninstalled and networking resumed as normal.

An uninstall and reinstall of QuickBooks has not resolved the problem. QuickBooks support has essentially given up on the issue. Have tried it under safe mode ... same problem ... fails immediately upon starting to load up.

Any ideas? Seems only option is a complete reformat and install of Windows 10 pro and all software including QuickBooks. Not looking forward to that!

Regards, Dave Melnyk
I know, Quickbooks might be easier, but the wait will kill you.

Just updated a customer from Qbooks 2013 to 2014.  Everything went great.  One problem.  Their checkbook register has defaulted back to a starting entry of 03/01/15.  I backed up everything (and made spares of those).  I captured the .QBW and the .QBB's going back a year (most current today).  I did the restore of the company file and that works fine, but the checkbook register is as I mentioned earlier.

What am I missing?
We have a system that was upgraded to Office 2016 from 2010.  We thought this issue may have been PC related so we built a new PC with Windows 10 and Office 2016 fresh installed.   The problem duplicated itself.  Here is the info:

Anytime an invoice is sent from Quickbooks 2017 using Outlook 2016, the email gets an Undeliverable message moments later with the following:

Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients

530 5.7.0 Authentication required

We are using MDaemon Outlook connector 4.0

I have checked the connector settings and SMTP Server requires authentication is checked and use same authentication as incoming server is checked.  

All other emails work fine.  Only emails sent through Quickbooks are an issue.
Hello everyone,
I was asked to set up email sending on Quickbooks 12.0 Contractor.  The user is using Office 365.  I tried to follow the steps as noted in this article https://community.intuit.com/articles/1501520-set-up-your-email-service-in-quickbooks-desktop, however there is no option to select Outlook and when I try webmail, I put in smtp.office365.com and ports 25 and I have also tried 587.  There is no where to put in a user name or password in the box either which confuses me more.  I think that this user may need to upgrade, but I am wondering if anyone has any sort of workaround or suggestions.  Thanks
Installed Quickbooks 2017 and installed the DB Manager on the 2016 Server.

It keeps kicking users out of multi-user mode and only allows Single User.

I keep having to stop the DNS Servcie and re-run the Scan and when everyone can get in

Kick the DNS Server back on again...

this is getting old.....

What is a Fix for the 2017 DB Manager using the Same Ports as the DNS Server.

I Wish to have Quickbooks change Not Microsoft Please.


We have recently upgraded our Quickbooks multi-user  software from 2014 to 2017.  Since the upgrade, I have not been able to bet the multi-user function to work.  Nothing has changed with network (single server operating under Windows 2012 R2).  When starting up the database monitor, get an error message, "+Windows firewall: Connection sharing  not allowed".  I have verified that all firewall ports and  all qb programs have been adddwd to rhe exception rules,  I have even tried turning off the firewall, but still got error message.  Dies anyone have any suggestions?


QuickBooks is an accounting software package geared mainly toward small and medium-sized businesses and offers on-premises accounting applications as well as cloud based versions that accept business payments, manage and pay bills, and payroll functions. QuickBooks includes remote access capabilities, remote payroll assistance and outsourcing, electronic payment functions, online banking and reconciliation, mapping features through integration, improved e-mail functionality, import from Excel spreadsheets, employee time tracking options, pre-authorization of electronic funds and new Help functions.

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