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Hi, I have a computer hosting the database server manager.

Quickbooks database server manager

I have my first client enabled for host mult-user access.   I mapped to the database server manager's share and I selected the following QBW file

Open a Company

However, I ran into this connectivity isssue with the QBW file on the client when contacting the server.

Problem with multi-user hosting setup

I have been using Excel (Google Sheets) to manage my accounts / balance sheet for the last number of years.

- income with Tax breakdown on the left
- expenses with Tax breakdown on the right
- totals at the bottom

It works well for me, however I'm slightly concerned over how easy it is to update a cell in error with '10' vs '10000' without recognising it.

Can anyone recommend any software that provides the following:

- easy interface
- export for backup
- ability to duplicate line items (recurring expenses and income) so that when a recurring payment lands in my bank account, i can duplicate a previous record and update the date
- add note to each line item

Additional Benefits
- app
- receipt management

Thanks in advance for your help.
My credit score has greatly improved and the value of my home has also skyrocketed compared to how much is left on my current mortgage.

I would like to refinance my current mortgage and also draw money through a home equity line of credit to pay off other higher interest rate debt.

What are some good banks, credit unions, or financial institutions for doing this?
Yesterday I had a user whose computer shut down because it was running low on virtual memory.  This is a brand new (to her) computer that I bought because her last computer was having these problems.  I used a program to transfer over settings from her old machine, but I am wondering if somehow that program caused her problem to be transferred to the new machine.  She is using Office 2016 and Quickbooks Premier 2016.  
The machine is an Dell 9010 i5 3.4 ghz with 8 gb RAM with Windows 10.

The event viewer for yesterday shows this:
Windows successfully diagnosed a low virtual memory condition. The following programs consumed the most virtual memory: OUTLOOK.EXE (6288) consumed 30421221376 bytes, QBDBMgr.exe (9152) consumed 562049024 bytes, and QBW32.EXE (4964) consumed 380674048 bytes.

Did I do something wrong or is this user simply doomed?
Hi there,
I have recently been having some issue with Quickbooks 2010 communicating with Outlook 2010. usually I am able to solve these issue relatively quickly but this one is being real pain.
I am trying to email a paid invoice. When I select the option to email, the program either either crashes or gives an error message that it cant communicate with the pdf converter.

I am able to print to print to pdf but for some reason the emailing is just not working.

Here are the things I have tried.

1. Running the Quickbooks pdf converter tool from their website. I removed all of the quickbooks pdf converters from the printer list aswell as xps printer and ran the same tool again.

I also ran another tool that asked for the version and put a bunch of programs on the desktop but I cant remember the name of it.

2. I checked all settings pertaining to printing/emailing. The prefs have outlook selected for emailing.

3. I ran a repair on the quickbooks install.

4. I fully reinstalled the application.

5. I ran a repair on outlook and recreated the outlook profile.

6. A few other things I cant really remember, but im happy to try some things again :)

I feel like Ive tried everything here and on other sites about the issue, so any information you guys can give would be great!
I have a customer with a small 2008 Windows server. She thinks going to the Cloud will be cheaper and easier that using a file server.
I've looked to Del for a non-server solution that will work for them. They couldn't come up with a solution using Azure. I looked at OneDrive for Business  and I think it has a file locking if 2 people work on the same file. Plus not sure how Quickbooks will work when it's in the cloud.
I looked at AWS and looks like same file locking issues.

Any solutions for an inexpensive Cloud replacement that allows mapped drives and doesn't need syncing?
Getting this error after installing QuickBooks 2008 on a new Windows 7 Pro computer.
Users cannot log in MU mode from their workstations.
I found the QBCFMonitorService.exe is stopped, and pressing StartScan button in QBDSM enables users to log in Multi-User mode.
Looking at Event viewer, I found .Net Runtime error 1026 is being logged.
What can be done about this error?

I've tried:
server is static IP
Full install of QB 2017 Premier on Windows Server 2016 Essentials
QuickBooksDB27 is local admin with r/w on shared directory
All latest patches/updates in Windows 2016 Essentials and QB.
QBCFMonitorService is set to Log On as Local Service Account

Below is the error:

Application: QBCFMonitorService.exe
Framework Version: v4.0.30319
Description: The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception.
Exception Info: System.UnauthorizedAccessException
at System.IO.__Error.WinIOError(Int32, System.String)
at System.IO.File.InternalDelete(System.String, Boolean)
at System.IO.File.Delete(System.String)
at Intuit.SBM.DataHelper.CFScan.CFWatcher.DeleteDSNFile(System.String)
at Intuit.SBM.DataHelper.CFScan.CFWatcher.OnDeleted(System.Object, System.IO.FileSystemEventArgs)
at System.IO.FileSystemWatcher.OnDeleted(System.IO.FileSystemEventArgs)
at System.IO.FileSystemWatcher.NotifyFileSystemEventArgs(Int32, System.String)
at System.IO.FileSystemWatcher.CompletionStatusChanged(UInt32, UInt32, System.Threading.NativeOverlapped*)
at …
I started having issues runing the same quick books file from different workstations so I installed quick books data manager on my file server which only hosts the QB file) The files show up when I do a scan but when I open the quick books on a workstation the quick boos database server shows no files are connected.

When I run the file doctor the file is ok but when starting to diagnose the network connectivity the following msg comes up dll.JPG and when pressing continue the doctor just runs for ever.

the QuickBooksDB23 is running

I can open QB on all computers but only in single mode as I changed on all workstations not to host multi user access which should be done by the data manager on the file server
Hi, I'm having lots of issues with QuickBooks 2016 pdf converter, right now the pdf printer is not showing under the device and printers, I have tried the pdf repair tool from their website and it did not work, I have tried to repair the quickbooks software and it did not work, before deleting the printer I was getting an error 35 for printer not activated and now since its deletion I can't put it back, any help?
We have an RDS server set up on Server 2012 R2.  It has Quickbooks Desktop Enterprise Solutions:  Accountant 17.0, Quickbooks Premier Accountant Edition 2016, and Quickbooks Premier Accountant Edition 2017 installed.  There are fewer than 10 users.  

The RDS users all have local accounts, though the RDS server is part of a domain.  (We figured that by sticking with local accounts, that would ensure that the users had absolutely no access to any other network resources.)  All of the RDS users are members of the Remote Desktop Users and Users groups.  

The standard user is locked down and does not have access to browse the C: drive.  When setting up each user, we left administrator access enabled, then opened the database files in Quickbooks so they would show up in the list of recently opened files, and then removed administrator access.  This gave them the ability to open the database files through Quickbooks while restricting their ability to browse the C: drive.

The folder structure is a folder called Quickbooks located on the root of the C: drive, with subfolders for each user's company files.  Each user is the owner of its respective folder, and Creator Owner has full control.  Also, the local administrator, domain administrator, and system accounts have full control to the Quickbooks folder and all of its subfolders.  The users cannot browse to any folders (through the Quickbooks file-open prompt) aside from their own folder.  

The users who are using QB AE …
I am looking to survey the crowd for opinion on a server.  I would sincerely appreciate your weighing in.

For a small business of the following size / needs would this server be appropriate?

10 to 15 workstations on domain

Server (2012 R2) will be used Active directory, folder ridirection & shares.

There is a file maker file that is shared out to the workstations

The server runs a program from intacinternational.

The server will host Quickbooks

These are the specs:

Dell PowerEdge T320 Xeon Server 2012 R2 Standard Redundant Power 32GB 12TB (6 x 2 SATA) H310

Would this be underkill / overkill?  

Thank you so much,
In QuickBooks Premiere 2017 I have a user who can't open the Accountant Center in at least two company files. I am able to open the same company files and get into the Accountant Center.

I checked the Open Windows view to verify that the Accountant Center window wasn't opening out of sight. I had the user try on different computers and the issue follows the user but I haven't been able to identify a cause in the profile.
We have a very odd problem, and talking to the support (if you want to call it that) at Quickbooks is useless.

We HAD a 2012R2 server with Quickbooks 17 and Office 2017 on it, the hardware was quick but not that great, running as a terminal server.  Whenever users would export certain types of reports to Excel it would take 15-20 minutes for reports that were not that large.

We recently purchased a 2016 server, all SSD drives, 128GB ram, 8 core XEON 3.8ghz Dell PowerEdge, also set up as a RDP server, we load QB on it, the machine is lightning fast, load Office 2017 on it, then try to export a report and again, just as slow as the old server.

This is very frustrating.  Server and QB are updated with latest software and patches.

Any ideas?
I am trying to send invoices from quickbooks through 'other' email exchange 2010 server.
When I send the message, it keeps prompting for password.

The Exchange 2010 server is configured to accept email relay (receive connector configured) with simple authentication.
Outlook anywhere connects with my UPN credentials, and I am able to login through OWA.
When I test the 'auth login' via telnet session, I get 'authentication unsuccessful'
Hi Everyone,
I have a client with a Windows 7 64bit PC.  They are using QuickBooks 2017.  When they email an estimate or invoice (using their Gmail account) it gets stopped by Avast Internet Security.  I have tried turning the AIS Firewall but estimates & invoices are still not allowed to be sent.

What exceptions in AIS do I need to add to permit estimates and invoices to be sent?
My customer tells me that sometime after noon today,  one of their developers was working with the finance dept to re-establish a connection between QuickBooks and Fishbowl, and he inadvertently uploaded QuickBooks data into Fishbowl -- which is an application that sits on top of a MySQL database.  They are asking my help to remove/rollback those changes.

For the most part, the changes seem to be just more data -- ie., there are 1579 vendors when there should be 114, or there are 435 customers when there should be 395.
The active data in Fishbowl reflects the MySQL database after the mistaken upload, and they have a directory on the C drive with the restored database and files from 12 noon today.

I've asked if we cannot just restore the database from noon, and they've said no, because far too many data changes occurred after this happened, that they don't want to have to recreate.

I believe we could compare the current tables to the backupset, and collect and/or change the necessary data, but I need some assistance accessing the backup set.  Are there any MySQL Experts available?
i have a Client that has a 3-user quickbooks license and has hired two more people,

They have purchased an additional 3-Users Pack and installed on the Two New Computers.

Problem is when the two users try to login to the Quickbooks File where the other Three are working

It will not let them in????

How can I get this to work?

I have a client needing to upgrade their very old server and I could use some advice on a direction, very simple requirements and trying not to overthink it.

Right now there is a dying Microsoft 2003 PC server sitting in an office with only one person accessing it locally.  It's a management company for 5 restaurants with 20+ restaurant employees/managers logging in via Remote Desktop to input data onto a couple of Excel spreadsheets.  The only other application being accessed by users daily by 3-4 remote managers and the owner is Quickbooks.  They all login with their own desktop and security over RDP.

The easy solution is to use a cloud service for spreadsheets and quickbooks online, but the owner is old school and insists on having a physical server like the one he has in his physical office, does not want to pay any recurring fees or have any cloud based data, and is willing to pay for the local installation, hardware, and maintenance, which I'm perfectly happy to provide.

I'm not familiar with Windows Server 2016 but I'm sure I could figure it out something this basic with a Dell PowerEdge for small business or something similar, but is this the best option for their requirements in 2017?  

Any suggestions on how to best fulfill these requirements with a modern replacement to their 15 year old setup would be appreciated!

QuickBooks 2013 sending emails from an exchange account rather than the IMAP account that is both set as the default in Outlook 2013 and as the email account to use from QuickBooks.  This happens regardless of settings changes made and restarts.
We have a problem where Quickbooks users have to export reports to Excel.   When the user's were using Excel 2010, there was no problem exporting.  For example, when they used Excel 2010 one particular report took only about 1 minute to export to Excel 2010.  After "upgrading" to Office 2013 and then to 2016 (to try to fix problem), the same report may take about 10 minutes to export to Excel.   I've followed various forums and even a solution on Experts Exchange, but, none of them have any resolution that's worked for us.  

After trying various thing from QB's website and the usual  tasks like: Windows updates, defrag, QB database rebuild, and chkdsk, I uninstalled 2016 on one system and reinstalled Office 2010 and this fixed the issue.  Even after installing 2016 alongside 2010 and making Excel 2010 the default spreadsheet application, everything is working great like it used to.   However, we have 3 new users and we're faced with either purchasing standalone Office 2010's for them or trudging along using our Office 2016.

It seems like a lot of people online have had the same problem but don't see many solutions to this issue.  Has any found a vaild solution to this?
Customer has multi-user Canadian QB Desktop Enterprise V16 and will be adding US QB Desktop Enterprise V17 for another company file.

Both need to support the same concurrent 3 remote users.

Question:  Can I create ONE Win 2016 (or 2012) Remote Desktop Server to service ALL COMPANY files (from a QB Server Manager perspective) AND multiple remote and concurrent RDS client sessions all on the same Terminal (RDS) server ?

If so, what limitations do you foresee ??

Thanks in advance
I have a customer that needs to use Quickbooks Enterprise for two different companues - one US and one Canadian.  This implies they need to use the two different Enterprise products - USA DESKTOP Enterprise for the US company and CDN DESKTOP Enterprise for the Canadian Company.

Question 1: Does anyone see a reason why the database for both companies can't be on the same server ?

Question 2: Does anyone see a reason why the client (Win 7 or Win 10) could not have both versions of clients loaded on the same PC ?

Thanks in advance,
I use QuickBooks for my business. I have a report in QB for my P&L that I can download into excel. In one column (Col A) I have the individual line items. These line items have a QB reference number (eg 4201) followed by a user field describing the line item. Col B is the value associated with the line item.
             Col A                         Col B
Row 1  4200 Food                0
Row 2  4201 Credit card     $10,000
Row 3  4202 Cash sales      $20,000
Row 4  Total 4200 Food      =B2+B3

Cell B4 has a formula in it.

I want to construct a spreadsheet where in the column A I can put the QB ref and in column B I can "lookup" the value associated with that line item eg:
             Col A       Col B
Row 1  4200       0
Row 2  4201      $10,000
Row 3  4202      $20,000

Where in B1 I pickup any number under "4200" but not the "Total 4200 ..." cell.

What formula do I need to put in Col B to extract the "correct" values pls?

Now imagine columns B, C, D, E ... all have different numbers in them corresponding to different dates. So in Col B I need a formula for line item "4200" that is NOT "4200 Total" and corresponds to the correct month.
Two problems have cropped up on every workstation that I've installed the tax1099.com QB plugin.  Every workstation is either running Premier or Enterprise, both are running the 2016 version.  

1) Ability to access mapped drives vanishes.  Rebooting the computer sometimes once or twice seems to fix this problem, but after a couple of days, QB will stop seeing the mapped drives.  Uninstall the plugin, and the problem vanishes for good.  Re-install the plugin, the problem comes back right away.   If I'm working in an office with 5 computers, one or two may lose the ability to connect to the mapped drive while the rest are OK.  You can ALWAYS access the mapped drive via run, CLI, and My Computer.  The next day, it might be another computer that loses access.  It seems random when the problem crops up.  

2) The next problem is that eventually, QB will stop running.  Event Viewer will show a 1000 error.  Running the QB repair tool works sometimes, uninstalling the plugin never helps, but occasionally I have to do a complete un/reinstall of the QB software, which includes reinstalling the Tax1099.com plugin, which brings back the problem I addressed in number one.


QuickBooks is an accounting software package geared mainly toward small and medium-sized businesses and offers on-premises accounting applications as well as cloud based versions that accept business payments, manage and pay bills, and payroll functions. QuickBooks includes remote access capabilities, remote payroll assistance and outsourcing, electronic payment functions, online banking and reconciliation, mapping features through integration, improved e-mail functionality, import from Excel spreadsheets, employee time tracking options, pre-authorization of electronic funds and new Help functions.

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