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Found a memory leak when I delete a ChunkArray.   But I'm not sure how to fix it.  How to a deallocate or recover the memory used in "buffer" ?

class Chunk : public CObject
      void Serialize(CArchive& ar);

            used = 0;

      ~Chunk()   // 8.0.24
            // How to clean buffer?  

         BYTE buffer[0x2000];  // 8KB
      int used;             // How many bytes of "buffer" are used

// Define an Array type for Chunk
typedef CArray<Chunk*, Chunk*> ChunkArray;

Write a function, which removes all repetitions of characters from a string, the string should be entered by the user.

ex: "week"
output: "wek"

(Use IN OUT option)

It's so annoying if I have to drive to W.Fargo to ask for my checking balance, or send money to people.

I'm concerned that hackers can enter online banking and wreak havoc.

Is this a valid concern?

Is online banking solid?

I'm building a news application. Each article can be tagged with words like "Politics", "Food", "San Jose, CA". I'd like users to be able to select a tag, and see all related articles. What would be the recommended way of storing this data?

My instinct is to use S3 for each news article and tag, and then to use DynamoDB to store the relationship of tag to article (edges). So, when a user wants to view articles for a tag, I'd retrieve the S3 object for that tag, do a DynamoDB query for the ID's of articles associated with that tag, and then retrieve the S3 objects for each article.

Does this sound like a good plan, or is there a better way?
I have a client who has created a system of Excel workbooks (Windows 10, I believe Excel is 2013) that are critical to his company.  There is a master workbook with material costs and there are individual workbooks for each client that specify the custom details of their product.  The customer sheet pulls pricing information from the master workbook.

The client has these files located on his local computer (in a folder from the root, not through \users).  I strongly suggested that we move the files to the server so that it gets backed up regularly and that others can access them.  I tried to do this and ran into a couple of issues.

The first issue is that when I opened a customer workbook, it indicated that the link to the source had failed.  That made sense as it was no longer on C:. I did a few clicks and was able to link it to the new location on the server.  That wasn't too difficult.

The second customer workbook had an additional problem because some of the worksheets within it were protected.  I had to manually un-protect each one, then re-establish the link, then re-protect the worksheets.  Fairly straightforward and it worked well.

The problem is that the client has about 600 of the customer workbooks and isn't very excited about having to make these one-time changes to every one.  I'm looking for suggestions here as to how I can simplify the process.

My first thought was to write VBA code that would identify which sheets are protected, un-protect them,…
I'm looking for an experienced Mac OS X kernel programmer. If are one, or if you know of one, please drop me a message.

Here are the basic details of the project:
- Build a driver to detect if the machine is connected to my proxy.
- If not, block all access to the Internet (disable the network adapter?).
- It should be tamper proof

Currently, a gross estimate will suffice.

p.s. We currently employ a Widows solution for the above, now we're looking to expand to Mac OS X too.
I have been using VBA for some years and have many, increasingly complex applications. I am at a point now where I am spending large amounts of time trying to debug my applications. Procedures which have worked successfully in the past are not working now. I suspect it is to do with the use of events and turning events on and off. But I also use a lot of code tracking procedures and I protect my worksheets. I think that my solution requires me to choose a method of showing my programme flow more visually and to use a diagramming methodology for doing this. I wonder whether I should invest my time in converting my applications to object-based methodologies using classes, and move to UML diagramming. I would greatly value advice on this matter. I attach an application that is confounding me at present. Many thanks for any assistance you can provide.

Is there a way to hide the file extensions in Notepad++ tabs?


I am reading about Pub/Sub but trying to understand where it would be used.


The article talks about messaging but i'm trying to understand in what context. Could this be for, like a database feed, for example? That is, instead of sending database data to a specific location we provide a view to whoever wants to see?
Hey All,

Would you recommend the best IDE for Python code development? I like to have a dark background with multiple colored code lines... Further, I would be using pandas later on, for advanced coding.

Please recommend a list of best IDEs you think, is best for python.

Thank you
Hello all,

Is there an up-to-date Linux distribution that is pre-configured and geared towards Children (age 9).

What I mean is that ideally, I would like a distribution that includes:
- Simplified menu of kids apps (locked)
- Built-in Web restrictions filter
- Kid friendly email app
- Some kid friendly programming tools.
- Ideally suited to young girls.
- etc.

My options so far...
  • Older distribution (last update about 2 years ago) - Like http://www.edubuntu.org/ - I've already installed this but it loads up like a regular Ubuntu interface... no simplified menu.
  • Chrome OS Linux distribution. At least, this is a simplified UI and there are plenty of Chrome apps such as WebFilter Pro.

Thank you
In Git I saw this lambda expression used in this object, which I assume sets the value to false.

The file type is:

+    public class GetDocument : IHttpHandler
+    {
+        public bool IsReusable => false;

I am a .NET developer and have Visual Studio 2015 Professional.

I have access to the Git repo to clone the WordPress site which has a bug in it.

Or, am I better off not trying to host WP locally and simply logging into the QA version of the site as an Admin and seeing if the problem is a scripting error or a database error...

If I wanted to host this locally, is that even possible on a Windows machine?


I refer to the above url & I've got python 2.7 installed successfully on my Win XP.

When I ran the command below, got the error below:  need to help with the line 13 & importError :
 C:\rootc\strut>python struts-pwn.py --check --url 'http://www.google.com'
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "struts-pwn.py", line 13, in <module>
    import requests
ImportError: No module named requests

Attached is the python script I downloaded ie struts-pwn.py
I occaisionally receive emails to perform certain tasks

I would like to create a rule where if I receive email from a particular person or domain It will automatically go into Todoist as a task .

I setup IFTTT to send but it wont automate because I cannot add trigger@applet.ifttt.com as a forwarding address. Google require that the address receive a numerical code that i then enter into gmail to create a forwarding rule  
Has anyone done anything like this ?
What is the most comprehensive, and with highest quality, cheat sheets (infographics) source for programmers available?

I found the best source about ten years ago, but I can't find it now. It had cheat sheets in full-colour and laminated, just like on this page:


The best would be if they are available in digital format also. Price doesn't matter. They should encompass any scripting and programming language, both on client side and server side.
hello experts

can I know the best and simple way to learn any program language such as C, C++ or even java ?
I graduate as IT but until now I could not catch these types of programming because too many codes too many difficult things and I hope one day become like you solve and help other problems,
I searched and read your answers to the people who are like me and I found you guys have a good knowledge in programming specially java and C++.
how do you learn these programs I mean what way did you follow to make it easier for you to understand.
I hope you give me a simple way to start from as I'm human like you :)

Thank you experts,

I would like to learn more about API's.

I understand there are REST API's, SOAP, web services, GRAPH API's etc.


1. What is the difference between an API and a web service

2. What is the difference between REST and SOAP

3. Where would one use REST and one use SOAP and one use Web Services

4. Anything else useful ;-)

Can someone explain in layman's terms or point me in the right direction?

We currently run an application that uses a standard 3-tier architecture.

Web - App - Database

All this on Windows Server.

We have pulled in the logs from the web and app server to a Splunk database.

We would like some monitoring of said application and there are multiple vendors that can so this. Of course, these vendors also want to charge us a lot of money!

I was thinking of developing a front end to Splunk that can parse the logs and display exactly what we need in graphical form.

1. Errors pertaining to users

2. Bottlenecks

3. Systems down

... you get it.

Is this possible? What sort of API's does Splunk expose?
EE experts: I have inherited maintenance responsibility for a MS-Access 2003 application written by a boy wonder mathematics genius who has written some pretty exotic code from which I have learned some useful lessons. But . . . . Some of his code has some very serious amateur programming errors in technique. Like hard coding the connect string to a back-end database in every occurrence where it is needed. I have been maintaining this application for 8 years. I haven't worked on it in 4 years and seemed to have forgotten everything I knew about it and MS-Access 2003.

When I double click the Front-end.mdb file in Windows Explorer the application runs and presents the RUN-TIME_ERROR-3044 screen shown below. When I click the "Debug" button on the Run-Time dialog box window DOCMD.OPENFORM opens with a yellow arrow showing the line of code that threw the exception. This tells me that the exception occurred somewhere in the "Orders" form. But I can not find anywhere in the "Orders" form where the back-end database is being connected to using the connect string in RUN-TIME_ERROR-3044.

If I start the application with alt-F11, I can set a break point where the application is throwing the exception. When I single step using F-8 it doesn't tell me anything. Is there somewhere that I don't know of where this connect string parameter is being set that I don't know about?

I have a previous version of the same application in another MDB file that works just fine but I can't find …
I want to get report for individual user like when they are logged in,What they are doing,Ideal time,list of commands they have executed in Linux through shell script??

Like I have three user called A,B,C
I want to prepare status report for each user through shell scripting
If i am to choose between Visual Studio Pro of Microsoft and KOMODO IDE of ActiveState.  which is one would be a better IDE based on your experience. price should not be a factor.
Hello Folks,

Does anybody know a good compiler for BATCH files (cmd, or bat) to EXE? or a powershell(.PS1) to EXE?

Thanks for looking
have a new polycom vvx410 with the latest firmware and need to simply set a parameter to 1.


cant find the setting in the web interface, so i exported the SIP settings and its basically blank with no parameters set.  guessing i need to add that code and reimport settings?  if so how would the code go into the cfg file?

new to these phones and basically teaching myself as i go.  TIA

I created a macro for an ERP application that open a couple of windows and runs their processes.  In addition, I have configured Windows Task Scheduler to run this macro, automatically.

The only issue is that the ERP windows have dates in them.  So, in order to have the macro's .mac file "know" to run those two routines on a certain date, the .mac file has to be edited in Notepad.

Is there any sort of tool that will, somehow, automatically edit a .mac file to change the dates to be the last day of the month?