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RAID stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disks. RAID is data storage technology that allows multiple drives to be used together as a singl...

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Troubleshooting Solution

can't boot ML370 G5 server after one RAID 5 drives failed, and second predicted fail.


HP Proliant ML370 G5 server, RAID 5 degrade volume, one drive dead, second predicted fail. Need to


How to Backup VMware Infrastructure with Nakivo Backup & Replication

In this article we will learn how to backup a VMware farm using Nakivo Backup & Replication. In this tutorial we will install the software on a Windows 2012 R2 Server.

Hello experts can you guys please advise me I have scenario …

Hello experts can you guys please advise me I have scenario I need to add more disk space to File …

Recently, a client was discarding an old Lenovo RS 160 …

Recently, a client was discarding an old Lenovo RS 160 server.  This system seemed like a nice …
Troubleshooting Solution

Want to move a paging file from a depleted system drive on Windows Server 2012 r2


I have an active 2012 Standard r2 server that has lost it's system drive capacity (0 % KB). There is

Troubleshooting Solution

One RAID array or two RAID arrays

When setting up a server, I think about whether to set up OS and user data in one RAID or create two…
Troubleshooting Solution

Non-DELL branded SSD on DELL Poweredge T330.


  I have DELL Poweredge T330 tower server with eight hot-swap 3.5" SATA/SAS hard bays on PERC …
Troubleshooting Solution

HP DL380 RAID Migration (G8 -> G9)


Want to move the RAIDed disks (2 mirrored, 6 RAID 10) from a HP DL380 Gen 8 server to a Gen9 without

Troubleshooting Solution

Looking for hardware RAID 5 controller


   Looking for a recommendation on an entry level RAID controller. I want to run hardware RAID 5

Troubleshooting Solution

Cloning from traditional HDD to SSD fails to boot

byAdam D

Dell T320 server, H310 controller, Windows Server Standard 2012R2

RAID 1 - SATA HDD's (old spinning

Troubleshooting Solution

Not sure if drive in RAID needs to be replaced, or if it's just false positive warnings.


Intel RAID controller:  RS3DC080

RAID5, 4 drives and a spare.

One of the drives keeps reporting the

Troubleshooting Solution

RAID 10, losing TWO drives, did I actually LOSE DATA?


With RAID 10 (4 drives), if I lose these two drives, did I actually lose data or just the RAID 10

Troubleshooting Solution

Resizing software Raid1 array in Linux


Hello, I'm in over my head with a Linux software Raid1 (which I never tackled before today). I need

Troubleshooting Solution

Upgrade of ESXi 6.5 - no longer can see internal server RAID drives

byStan J
We have an incident where after upgrading our Supermciro to the latest 6.5 ESXi release where ESXi …
Troubleshooting Solution

Why Won't Dell Virtual Disk Add Newly Replaced Drive to Restore RAID6 Non-Degraded State


We have a Dell MD1420 connected to a Dell R730.  This morning, we received an idrac email that one

Troubleshooting Solution

SAN freezes with Server Disk Management.  Worked before rebuilding Server.

Hello, I have an old EMD Astra ES 12 SAN which has been working for the last 2 years no issues. My …
Troubleshooting Solution

Dual boot Linux and WS2019 installed in RAID 1


Hello. I have an HP Microserver Gen8 with 4 HDDs: HDDa, HDDb, HDDc, HDDd. I have installed Windows

Troubleshooting Solution

SBS2008 c:\ drive toosmall

HP Proliant ML330 G6 server running SBS2008
The C:\ drive on my server is running out of space, I …
Troubleshooting Solution

HELP!! - Windows Advanced Server 2000 Boot Up Frozen

Window Advanced Server 2000 won't load up.  It is frozen and I rebooted the server many times and it…
Troubleshooting Solution

Expanding a Storage Pool on Synology DS412+ NAS with Larger HDDs


I have a DS412+ configured with two different storage pools. The first has two 8TB WD Red hard

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