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RAID stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disks. RAID is data storage technology that allows multiple drives to be used together as a singl...

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Senior Technical Architect - HA/Compute/Storage

Philip is a Technical Architect specializing in high availability solutions for SMB/SME businesses and hosting companies.

Troubleshooting Solution

Installing a server OS on a server with a PCI raid controller card


I have a PowerEdge server T300 that was given to me a couple years ago to play around with at home


How to Backup VMware Infrastructure with Nakivo Backup & Replication

In this article we will learn how to backup a VMware farm using Nakivo Backup & Replication. In this tutorial we will install the software on a Windows 2012 R2 Server.

Recently, a client was discarding an old Lenovo RS 160 …

Recently, a client was discarding an old Lenovo RS 160 server.  This system seemed like a nice …
Advice Solution

Advice on best practices for Synology NAS server


We have just received a Synology NAS RS1221+.  It has a quad core processor with 16GB of ram, and 4

Troubleshooting Solution

Hard drive Predictive failure questions


I have an HP Proliant DL380 with a drive that is indicating predictive failure (RAID 6). I'm fairly

Troubleshooting Solution

RAID 1 replace drive missing partition.


I removed a failed 100gb hard disk with 2 partitions from a Windows7 dell workstation RAID 1. I

Troubleshooting Solution

Three "Dead Drives" appear in a Promise RAID after removal and spraying off dust


Promise Pegasus 2 RAID with four 3TB drives

Connected to new Intel iMac - Mac OS 11.5.2   via a

Troubleshooting Solution

VMware 5.5 datastore missing


VMWare 5.5 on HP DL380P - lost it's datastore following a reboot.
We have a simple setup of ESXI on

Troubleshooting Solution

How to Secure erase VMware VMs on Local R530 RAID 10


How do we secure erase VMs on VMware datastsore.

The datastore is a Perc H730 Virtual disk made up of

Advice Solution

Current RAID Controllers


   What RAID controllers and drives are people using today for an entry level server? 15-users.

Troubleshooting Solution

Upgrade of ESXi 6.5 - no longer can see internal server RAID drives

byStan J
We have an incident where after upgrading our Supermciro to the latest 6.5 ESXi release where ESXi …
Advice Solution

Can we replace SAS HHD with SAS SSD in a Raid 10 one drive at a time?


We have a Dell PowerEdge R730 Server. It has a PERC H330 Integrated RAID Controller and we are using

Advice Solution

Which slots to use for PCIe-NVMe storage devices?


I'm considering setting up two PCIe-card NVMe drives (RAID 1 through Windows Server) on a Dell T430


Hello experts can you guys please advise me I have scenario …

Hello experts can you guys please advise me I have scenario I need to add more disk space to File …
Troubleshooting Solution

Need help adding hot swap drive to Dell Power Edge T320 Server

I have added two 600GB drives to my server but do not see any additional storage space.  Can anyone …
Troubleshooting Solution

Add 2 drives to Synology DS418 NAS


I have a Synology DS418.  It has 4 drive bays.  Currently 2 of the drive bays are occupied by 2 each

Troubleshooting Solution

unable to boot Dell T5500, PERC problem

Hi folks,

I've got a workstation that I'd prefer not to lose at this time.
When I try to boot it, i …
Troubleshooting Solution



I have a Synology DS418 NAS.   It's working well.  I have 2 RAID volumes configured on it. 


Troubleshooting Solution

Do I need to have a Raid 5 to have two Virtual Machines on my 2019 Server?

I have a Server running 2019 Server.  I have the drives broken up into a Raid 1 with the 2019 on two …
Research Solution

the RAID card configuration for read and write


I have a cached hardware RAID card from (LSI, name changed now!) and I have define 2 x RAID 1 and …

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