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Troubleshooting Solution

SAMBA sharing from RHEL 8.5 Server to windows- cannot get it working


RHEL 8.5 Server need to get SAMBA shares working so can access from Windows Servers and workstations


Building portable Data Science Home Lab under an Hour.

In my work in the IT industry, which spans over 20 years, data has always fascinated me. How we …
Troubleshooting Solution

How do I trace email to configure postfix?

I am trying to set up an email server and I am having some issues. Postfix seems to be configured …
Troubleshooting Solution

Tenable Agent /nessus agent


I need some assistance in understanding how Tenable works with Red Hat 7 and 8. I have attempted

Troubleshooting Solution

user Permission denied


we are currently encountering pertains to the Nessus user's restricted privileges. Despite

Troubleshooting Solution

vmware/redhat vm : how to fix  IP of Redhat Linux  guest VM connected to internet

I am doing personal, student lab setup in my laptop, to practice some softwares.

env details : vmware …
Troubleshooting Solution

RHEL IdM - database?


I am doing hardening of databases. I have RHEL 8 IdM environment. I would like to know the database

Troubleshooting Solution

OpenSSL library not found

Hi, I need your help to fix this issue. I have installed OpenSSL-1.1.0g which is required by
Research Solution

When  installing Oracle 19c on redhate 8.6



We have an project that need to install Oracle 19c on redhate 8.6 and migrate from 12c on AIX.

Advice Solution

redhat enterprise linux


Dear Experts:

in HPC cluster setup of 4 nodes where one node will be as master/login and other 3 will

Troubleshooting Solution

Redhat EL 8.2 to use new IP address for accessing website


DNS is not pointing to new location of website on Redhat EL 8.2

A website moved to the cloud and has

Troubleshooting Solution

RHEL 8.8 mount ISO


Hello, I'm using RHEL 8.8, I've mounted the .ISO to /mnt/ISO.  How can i make this mount persistent

Advice Solution

High availability setup using redhat enterprise linux


Dear Experts:

 For CFD task infra setup ,  if we go non blade servers at the same time to achieve

Troubleshooting Solution

Removing DES and 3DES ciphers in linux RedHat 6.8

Hi, I need help removing block cipher algorithms with block size of 64 bits like (DES and 3DES) …
Troubleshooting Solution

Issue to Ubuntu

What should be corrected, due to attached screenshot after having started Ubuntu Version 20.04?

Troubleshooting Solution

linux - how to configure the bash session timeout

Red Hat Linux version 8.3 - In a bash terminal session, it's annoying after every few minutes when I …
Advice Solution

Bash Script to execute sql store procedure/output to file


Hello experts, 

I am tasked with creating a bash script that needs to  execute a sql stored procedure

Advice Solution

SSH session served on port 443


How can I configure a Linux Red Hat 71. to listen for SSH sessions on port 443?

Troubleshooting Solution

Installing CUCM on ESXI Linux

I am trying to install CUCM 10.5 on ESXI 7. I am getting an error saying that incompatible hardware …
Troubleshooting Solution

is there tools or command to analyzig redhat sos report


hello expert 

is there a tools or command to analyzing sos report

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