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Remote access may refer to the connection to a data-processing system from a remote location, for example through a virtual private network remote desktop software, terminal emulation, or the activation of features of a business telephone system from outside the business's premises.

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I have a 2008 R2 Terminal Server which generally runs without any problems.  Recently I began to decommission another server on my network.  This server is an old Database server which is only being used presently as a fax server.  The fax server holds no network roles.  When I shut down the fax server anyone attempting to log on to the Terminal server gets stuck at "preparing your desktop".  After several minutes "preparing your desktop" disappears and is replaced with a blue screen, not a bsod, but the same blue background which accompanies the "preparing your desktop" message.

When I powered the old fax server back on the ability of the users to log onto the Terminal server returns to normal.  Further, if instead of powering the Fax server down I simply unplug the LAN cable the same thing occurs.  If, while at "preparing your desktop" I plug the fax server back in then the desktop loads within a few seconds.

Clearly there is something which the Terminal Server login/ desktop is looking for which the Fax server provides, but as yet I am unable to determine what it is.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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I have a small business up and running on the below config:
WSE - Windows Server Essentials 2016
RDP/RDS - Remote Desktop Services Server - Windows Server 2008 R2 (client software is not compatible with a newer RDP OS)

We have this working with the built-in WSE VPN and RDP to the Remote Desktop server, though company wished to use the Access Anywhere (formerly RWW) web page.

Issue we have is "connecting" the 2008 R2 server to WSE, so it will appear in the WSE Dashboard and therefore Access Anywhere web page.  When trying to run the WSE Connector (from either http://server/connect - or download from MS) we get he attached error: "Windows Server Essentials Connector is not supported to be installed on this version of Windows." "The connector supports computers running Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1"  

Server has been joined to the domain with no issues, though the Connector won't work to setup the server in WSE dashboard.

Everything I have found online appears to be for WSE 2012 and 2012 (R2), and that this should work on 2012.... what about 2016?

Is there some way to manually add a server to the Dashboard?  Or how can I add this server to 2016 WSE?

Hi Experts,

I am having terminal server running on Windows server 2012R2, it started to kick out a couple of users randomly (and it happened to different users, non-admin accounts), and the affected users can no longer get their desktops back (they could log in but nothing shows on desktop, still can see Windows button but not clickable, right click and Ctrl-Alt-End works), log off and log back in wont help, only reboot the server would solve the issue, but it will come again.

I did check event viewer found some Explorer.EXE errors (see attachments) not sure if that's the culprit, I also ran sfc /scannow but it said some files cant be fixed.

can someone help please!


Anytime anywhere stopped working via vpn, it was working fine before teaming both nic’s Up.

I have un coupled nics and it still doesn’t work.

When I’m onsite and connect via vpn I can access shared files.

When I go offsite I can connect via vpn and not connect to my shared files.

Please advice server essentials 2016
Can i use Server 2008r2 Connection Broker for Server2012r2 Session Hosts??

Hi, we currently have many rds farms all running server 2008r2.  We have a clustered Connection Broker running server 2008r2.

I have just finished deploying a single server 2012r2 session host server.  Interestingly, it authenticated itself with my current Server 2008r2 RDS License server....hmmm  

anyway i would like to add a second server 2012r2 session host server to make it into a farm, but i dont know if my server 2008r2 connection broker cluster will handle sever 2012r2 session host.

Ive searched on google and i cant seem to get a clear answer yes or no.

please help
Should be a simple one but google isn't my friend on this one...

How do I limit a user to connect only to published apps on an RDS 202R2 server (in effet disallowing access to the full virtual desktop) ?
I need to change the FQDN of my 2012R2 RDS server.  I have found numerous articles referencing the command Set-RDPublishedName however when I run it in my environment I get the message that the command is not recognized.  Any suggestions?
Hello Experts. on a windows 2012 server, the server is not able to load the roles and features installed on the server, in server manger it states, this is because the server requires a reboot. after multiple reboots, still same issue. in the CBS logs, i see the error log file attached. the folder that it is searching under is empty. how can i resolve this issue. also when i try to rdp into the server, it causes a reboot of the server, with error showing 'your pc ran into a problem' KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED. Please advise. thanks in advance.
I have a Remote Desktop Services "RemoteApp" setup that has been working for months, that is now, apparently, not able to resolve the Host Session server and connect to it.  I'm getting the "Your computer can't connect to the remote computer using the specified forward proxy configuration" error message.  So, it appears to me that the RemoteApp is getting thru the Remote Gateway Server, but is then having a problem completing the connection thru to the Host Session Server.  Nothing on the server has been touched (other than a loss of power at one point!?), and everything was working fine as recently as 4PM EST on 2/15/2018?  If anyone has had a similar experience with RDS, any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
Hi I am using with vb, I want functionality so I can first my remote drive mapped first then access file and then unmap that drive, How I can do that in
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Have a Windows 7 Pro machine with 4 monitors.   This machine connects to Terminal server via remote desktop connection.   User wants to have 2 local applications opened on two monitors and 2 other applications through terminal server on the other two monitors.       Any recommendations on how this can be done.  RDC can be spanned across multiple monitors but that will give me the same view on all monitors.
Thanks for you help
We have a strange issue that I can't get to the bottom of, some times the screen does not fully refresh eg if a user clicks a button and opens a new screen some times the top cm of the screen sort of just overlaps and does not actually properly refresh.

Has anyone else here got an idea what this could be?

It seems just one or two users.

Everyone is logged into a terminal server (2012r2)
A remote Desktop .RDP file on the Windows 10 desktop connects to the host without me having to click connect or providing credentials.  When I pin THAT file to the taskbar, I have to click the connect button before it will connect.  Not a big deal, but annoying.

I open Remote Desktop Connection, provide the address for the host, click options, provide the user name, click Allow me to save credentials, and connect.  Then click "Use another account", provide the appropriate username and password, and click Remember my credentials.  Click OK (check don't ask again) and it connects.  Disconnect.  Start Remote Desktop again, Make sure Always ask for credentials is NOT checked, then Save As...  Navigate to desktop, name the connection and save.  Close Remote Desktop Connection.  Double click the saved .RPD file on the desktop.  It connects and logs in ~with no other interaction~.   Close that session.  Click and drag the .RDP file to the taskbar.  It says "Pin to Remote Desktop Connection".  Now click on the taskbar "icon" and I have to click "connect" before it will connect.  

*I DID find that if i RIGHT-click the taskbar icon and choose the host, it connects without my having to click "connect".  This tells me that the taskbar icon only starts RDP, not the actual RDP file that I dragged to the taskbar.   I think I need to find a way to pin the actual FILE to the taskbar...
RDP Question!

we have a setup for a customer with following servers:

2 DC Controllers
1 File Server
1 RDS Server
2 Terminal Servers

we installed TS Licensing on the 2 DC Controllers.
Installed Connectop Broker en Web Gateway on the RDS server
and installed the 2 Terminal Servers as Host Servers

All servers are on premesis.

When we use the browser to connect to http://rdsserver/rdweb and logon we can connect to the Host servers. he uses the load balance.
When we use our public IP http://publicip/rdweb this also works.

but we do not want to login using the rdweb function.
we want to use the RD Client in Windows to connect to the RDS Server and pass trough the correct Host server.

for that we use the following registry edit:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server\ClusterSettings

Create new stringValue: DefaultTsvUrl
enter the loadbalancing info in Value data: tsv://MS Terminal Services Plugin.1.CollectionName

when we test this and connect to the RDS server inside our lan then this works perfect!

when we do this from a wan side then it takes a while to connect and i receive the error that a connection cannot be made.
when i try a second time i got the error: the connection is broken because an unexpected certificate for servercertification from the remote computer is received.

any idea's?
Hello Experts

We have a Remote Desktop 2016 and have issues with - some - dialog boxes

* On a single monitor terminal ,
* print a PDF from Adobe Acrobat and
* try to change the printer properties (for example to change the paper size).
* The dialog windows does not seem to appear and Adobe stops responding.
* Go to a computer with 2 monitors to reconnect to the RDS session and the dialog is shown on the 2nd screen
* Conclusion: the dialog box was always there, but wasn't visible on a single monitor terminal. It is as if the dialog box popped up on a 2nd (non present) monitor
* This happened with 2 different users, using 2 different applications
* It seems to be specific to pop up windows

Pressing <Alt><Tab> or <Windows><Left> repeatedly (to move the dialog box around) does not fix the issue

Any suggestions on how we can prevent from this happening in the future???
What is the best way to give a user rights to RDP to a server with the least privileges? They would like to view directories and view the registry.  I have read several articles depicting using GPO or placing the user in the Remote Desktop Users group.

I want a way to remote in to a PC even if its locked up or get to bios settings.  I have seen some devices for this, but they seem like older hardware.  Nothing has HDMI on it which makes me thing people are doing this other ways...

I found a raspberry pi build called the RASKY which looks perfect however the project appears to be dead.  

I have also seen stuff about VNC on the intel motherboards, but it doesn't seem like that is popular either.
When launching a connection with VMware View client v4.4 or higher I get the error message "The connection to the remote computer ended."  It has randomly to multiple users of one floating pool in Horizon 6.  All connections are local - I saw other Questions about this but they were all connecting from home or somewhere outside their office.
We have a network of Windows 10 Pro desktops.  We want to allow users to connect to their desktops from home using Remote Desktop Web (RDWEB).  We have a 2016 server ready to go.  

I seem to recall back in the good old days of Small Business Server having this really nice set up where users could access computers they were allowed access to via Remote Web Workplace.  Can the same thing be accomplished via 2016 RDWEB?

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In a small environment of servers 30-35, when RDP'ing in, user is prompted with the self issued certificate warning. My question is, how can you replace the self issued cert for each server for RDP without having to manually change each server?  Can this be done via a GPO or can ADCA handle this.  Also can you use an issued Certificate from a CA rather than generating one.  There is no Remote Desktop Gateway feature that i am used to seeing in server 2008.  All servers are 2012
Server 2012 R2 RDS, only domain users who are not also domain admins can log in using Remote Desktop.
Just happened days ago after a year of no issues.
Server manager can't find any RDS servers, but all RDS services are started, and RDS is working fine for non admins.
Local remote desktop users group has domain users, and domain admins in it.
GPO enabled adds domain users and domain admins to the right to log on using remote desktop on this server.
Run out of ideas, about to reinstall RDS first then whole server if no result.
Any assistance appreciated.
Need a little guidance with NPS, NAP, PEAP MS-CHAP...

My remote web access is causing heartache... and won't allow clients in from the outside.

If anyone can break the relationship of these with Remote Gateway.. I might get some sleep!

New to Server 2012 R2, came from 2011 where I had all of this whistling... but now, it's incredibly convoluted, and I fear I have made a mess of the components and created more damage than good.  I used to be able to give clients 'RDP shortcuts' and they could log in to their office workstation from home without issue... now it's like trying to find a peppercorn in a bucket of spaghetti!

Is this where I should be looking?!  Clients can only get access from inside the LAN at the moment.

Hello X's

I've got a 2012 R2 RDweb config on a single DC file server.   My attempt to have a few Windows 10 laptop clients connect from the outside to the corresponding employees workstation internally on Windows 10 Desktop PCs has failed miserably.

I can get the Windows 10 laptops to connect to the corresponding desktops (whilst) on the LAN, but as soon as the laptops are outside, I am hit with...

"Your computer can't connect to the remote computer because the Remote Desktop Gateway server and this computer are incompatible. Contact your network administrator for assistance."

Another time it also presented me with...

"Your computer can't connect to the remote computer because your computer or device did not pass the Network Access Protection requirements set by your network administrator."

From the laptop I am accessing RDweb via "" via Internet Explorer (internally the server hostname is "servername.local", I have a forward zone of resolving to the IP address of the DC file server.

the SSL is issued in the name of

Any insight as to where this may be failing?!
I have a Windows 7 laptop that has remote access to a workstation on the SBS2008 domain via "Workplace"
- However, I have to disable the Malwarebytes Premium to allow the Workplace remote connection to the user's office PC. If Malwarebytes is enabled, it fails to connect. I tried several exceptions to no avail.
- we prefer not to leave the Malwarebytes disabled
- I'm sure its an exception I have to add but have had no luck
Environment is Windows Server 2012 R2 with Essentials Role.
We use both RWA and straight RDP to a specific port to specific computers for remote access.
On the ones using straight RDP (MSTSC) and Windows 10 home on the client and Windows 10 Pro on the host, we can get multiple monitor support by checking "Use all my monitors for the remote session" in the display tab. Works great!

I can't get multi-monitor support when going from Win 10 Pro to another Win 10 Pro host using RWA. I know It will work on Windows 7 using Ultimate or Enterprise editions (so I have read). Should it work for Windows 10 or did I miss something?
Again the question is accessing Windows 10 Pro host from any Win 10 client.
Thanks in advance!

Remote Access





Remote access may refer to the connection to a data-processing system from a remote location, for example through a virtual private network remote desktop software, terminal emulation, or the activation of features of a business telephone system from outside the business's premises.