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Remote access may refer to the connection to a data-processing system from a remote location, for example through a virtual private network remote desktop software, terminal emulation, or the activation of features of a business telephone system from outside the business's premises.

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I'm looking for some guidance on how to allow Remote Users to access system applications. We currently are running a phase 1 setup where users are sent home with company equipment and use Sonicwall Global VPN software and Remote Desktop to remote into their own computers, located on site.

This is not, however, ideal, as it requires equipment on both ends.

Ideally what I'm looking for is to have a way for a user to have equipment at home, use a secure VPN connection with the Sonicwall Global Client, and then have the user access a desktop that is not in use. One way, obviously, is to have a bank of PC's with one dedicated to each person, but this seems cost prohibitive. So my thought is a virtual desktop.

I currently have two Windows 2016 Servers running my main system, including DNS and Active Directory, among other, core services. Is there a way I can build virtual desktops within that server? Should I have a separate server dedicated just to this task? What would be my starting point? Would I use Microsoft's built in Hyper-V? Would I use VMWare in some way?

The first group will probably be only 5-10 users, though this number may go up. I know there are options like Citrix which would provide a web interface but the way our applications are setup they would require a direct connection and so I don't know if Citrix and the like would work, though I am looking into this as well.

We have hundreds of available DHCP over VPN connections through our …
Free Tool: Port Scanner
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Free Tool: Port Scanner

Check which ports are open to the outside world. Helps make sure that your firewall rules are working as intended.

One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

Attempting to setup Microsoft Direct access, but it does not see my wildcard SSL cert from godaddy. It will allow me to use a self signed cert, but we would rather use our wildcard cert that matches our domain. I've read setup guides that say a wildcard can be used. Any ideas as to why its not showing up?
For a long time now, we have a setup with all of our desktops where users log into a desktop and group policy connects them to a terminal server running 2008 r2.  The desktop clients are all running Windows 7.  All other computers and users work just fine in the company.  No changes have been made.

The desktop computers we will call Comp1 and Comp2.  When a user logs into the desktop, after a minute or so they get the following error:

"the remote session was disconnected because there are no remote desktop client access licenses available for this computer"

I did some research which all pointed to deleting from the registry the HKLM\software\microsoft\mslicensing so I did that and rebooted.  After doing so and logging back in (as a non admin) I now get the following error:

"The remote session was disconnected because license store creation failed"

Next I tried to restore the MSLicensing entry, and delete only "Store" inside of MSLicensing.  Rebooted still no luck.  I also tried adding and removing the desktop from the domainn and re-adding it.  Still no luck.  I then tried removing the users local profile from the desktop.  Still no luck.

However if I skip the problematic desktops and for example rdp straight to the terminal server using a users credentials, I am able to log in just fine.  This tells me it is not a TS issue.

As I mentioned the issue is only with these two desktops.  All other desktops in the domain connect to the terminal servers with no …
Is there any way to prevent users copying files from a mapped drive, when they're not domain joined?

Server 2012 R2 - Active Directory & File Share
Local devices - connect to shared folders from the server, using their AD accounts for authentication only. Local devices are NOT domain joined.
our two ADSL connections has download 12 mbps and upload 600-700 kbps . one of our application vendor is connecting via webex and informing us connection is very slow. but when we check with the  auto desk /ammi or teamviwer  working fine . what is the minimum recommended  bandwidth for this activity .
RDP stopped working suddenly on June 9th/10th. Windows 10, Win Updates shows something installed on the 9th. User then unable to RDP on the 10th.

We've tried everything we could think of. We checked firewall settings, we checked that the port designated for RDP sessions is using the correct service, we checked that user was in the Remote Access group in AD, even made sure RDP was still enabled. Tried turning off/on Network level access.

Weird part is that we can RDP from computer #1 to computer #2 but not from #2 to #1 or from any computer to #1.

Anyone else have this issue post update? Any other suggestions we can try?
When connecting to a windows 2012 r2 session based RDS the check box for "let me choose one scaling level for all my displays" when using windows 10 for  RDP is greyed out. If windows 7 OS is used for RDP   I can check box it.

under display2018-06-12_10-20-32.jpg
Hi Guys,

Microsoft changed their licensing model and I will appreciate some clarity on the following:
(I've been searching online, but I am unable get a straight-forward answer)

Our supplier quoted us on:

MS Windows Server Standard Core 2016 Single OLP
16 licenses no level
Core licenses

We use our server mainly as a file server, with mapped drives from each user workstation.

1.  Previous Windows server versions included 5 x user CALS.  Are any user CALS included in 2016 Standard Core?
2.  Does Server 2016 include a trial period with unlimited  user CALS?  (as for example the 120 days grace period for remote access licenses)

I d need to grant 10 users rdp acces to a W2K16 server. So I d like to make an rds server from this W2K16 server.

How can this done?
Note: we got an RDS 2012 farm, can I just add it there?

Does Access Anywhere in Server 2016 with Essentials Experience role enabled provide the same functionality as Remote Web Workplace in SBS 2008? I'm not talking about full RDS server access to a Terminal Server that requires CALs but only RDGateway so users can securely login over RDP/HTTPS to their own physical workstation without a paid CAL.
Free Tool: Subnet Calculator
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Free Tool: Subnet Calculator

The subnet calculator helps you design networks by taking an IP address and network mask and returning information such as network, broadcast address, and host range.

One of a set of tools we're offering as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

Receiving the following errors on Server 2016 Standard when attempting to configure Routing and Remote Access Server for LAN routing:

As soon as I select Configure the Routing and Remote Access Server I receive, "There was an error in determining whether DirectAccess is enabled on this server. If DirectAccess is enabled on this machine, please make sure to select the interfaces in the following pages as used by DirectAccess" - I click OK and the setup continues

I select a Custom Configuration and LAN Routing as the only service I want to enable, when I go to Finish I receive, "Installation of the Routing and Remote Access service failed because: Class not registered (80040154)

I have installed the Remote Access Role 3 times (along with the Routing and DirectAccess and VPN (RAS) role services. I have restarted the server each time.

If I go back through the installation wizard, the boxes for these Roles and Services are not checked.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Thank you.
Hello every one,

I need your suggestion.

I am working with IT solutions Company and we have small datacenter. We have hosted VMs for 50 plus clients. Different forest and different subnets.

I need your suggestion which centralized patching management solutions is best for us. We want to manage it through one server. Means to say we want to install one patching server and install the patches by this server to all vms.

I cannot find the delete a question "report a question"  function.  It used to be obvious, but now its gone
I have one public IP on my broadband router and three servers with private IPs. I have configured port forwarding (3389) for one server. It is working fine and accessable via remote desktop connection.
Now I want to access all servers remotly (via remote desktop). How I can configur the port forwarding (3389) for all servers.
Server 2012 R2 Standard.
Several users sometimes remote to server locally, have on user on the outside that remotes in and is limited to only quickbooks via RemoteApp,

Server experienced an unexpected shutdown now RDP to server is not working.
Upon rebooting, 3 RDP services consistently refuse to start automatically:
Remote Desktop Connection Broker (Tssdis)
Remote Desktop Management (RDMS)
RemoteApp and Desktop Connection Management (TScPubRPC)
I can start these services just fine after booting and RDP is restored, but wont stay started after reboot.
If you start the services and go to Server Manager > Remote Desktop Services > Servers there is an error reporting in the log.

"The remote Desktop Connection Broker server could not Enumerate the targets for the provider named NULL from the database."
Pooled virtual desktop collection name: NULL.
Error: Logon to the database failed.

I have removed and re-added the remote desktop features in server manager.
Have added "server" to Windows Authorization Access Group.

I read somewhere that I may need to download SQL server manager, somehow logon to the broker database and remove a couple NULL database entries?
I have setup RRAS on Server 2012 R2 specifically using L2TP as the primary connection in for remote access.
I also enabled port forwarding on the router to be directed to the server hosting RRAS.  We were initially using an old outdated router and found out it didn't support L2TP so it was replaced, however, we still cannot get this to work.

RRAS Setup:
Enabled for IPv4 using a static DHCP Address Pool
Authentication provider is windows authentication
Accounting provider is windows accounting
Preshared key has been setup

The ports I forwarded are:
L2TP port 1701 UDP
Port 500 UDP
Port 4500 UDP

I also tried TCP/UDP on these ports and still unable to connect.

VPN End User setup:
Setup for L2TP
Requires encryption
Setup to use CHAP and MS-CHAP v2
Also tried using EAP-MSCHAP but no change
Ensured I entered the correct Preshared key for L2TP

Confirmed RRAS is OK as I have been able to get PPTP working without issue.

When we try to connect to L2TP it hangs on connecting......

We've exhausted our resources on solving this issue at this point.

I've been trying to add UltraVNC to the imaging process so I can see the process during installation.
I'm using SCCM 2012 CB 1710 and I am having a hard getting this to work. I followed instructions provided by SCCM team, but so far it doesn't work. I wan to throw all that out the window ans start fresh with some possible suggestions so I can get this going. So this is what I need: A functional task that can image a device with Windows 7/10 and while doing it, it displays the target machine in UltraVNC viewer. Can anyone help? Thanks, JR
A users computer will not log on today. Worked fine yesterday. OS is WinPro7 . We use a VPN logon.  When she tries to log on, it says user or password is incorrect. When I log on with my credentials, it starts logging on, then says "Logging off" and returns to the log in screen.  What should I do?  I tried restarting in Safe Mode with networking and it did let my logon in, but there is not Remote Access Control (something like that) when I try to launch the Network>VPN.  Next thing I tried was restart using F8 and then ran Repair Computer, but System Restore had an error 0x800700b7.

Any idea what I should try?
I have multiple Server 2016 Remote Desktop Servers that as I shadow the users session every 10-30 seconds the mouse is constantly forced to the right of the screen even if I am not touching my mouse. It is distracting and causing frustration for the users. Has anyone seen this behavior and is there a fix? I have seen this on previous server builds as well. 2016 seems to be more frequent.
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I want to start a RDP session from command, but "nothing happens".
However, starting the GUI from command prompt is fine..

windows version

Does not work:
mstsc.exe /v:

Does not work - "nothing":
not a working
I am unable RDP to Domain Controller from any of the client computer. Server is on and available in the network, remote access is enabled. I can Ping the server. Firewall is turned off and antivirus is disabled. Any suggestions.
We currently have RD gateway services configured on our 2012 server.     All is working fine except for the client machines can still login without using the gateway services.  I want to lock down the server so only RD Gateway server can accept authentication.       We will be having users from multiple different locations accessing this server so restricting access through IP address is not an option.  
Thanks in advance
My friend's 90 year old mother (Jane) needs computer help about once a month.  In the past, I used Gotomypc for this support, but it has become way too expensive (mainly because I have 3 old timers I support.)

So, now I use Microsoft Quick Assist which is free and suits most of my needs. There is one frustrating problem: QA can restart her computer, but it NEVER reestablishes the QA session after the restart.

As a result, Jane needs to sit by her computer for long periods of time when she could be resting comfortably in front of the TV.

QA documentation warns that it might not always be able to reestablish the connection, but I have NEVER had it work. Instead, Jane sees a password screen.  When she enters the password the session is still not reestablish, we have to start over with a new 6 digit code.

The problem seems to be that the her credentials are not being saved and reestablished properly.

Has anybody ever had success with this Quick Assist function?    I run windows 10 Pro and Jane runs Windows 10 home.  Jane's computer does not run in administrator mode, so maybe that would help?
Hello All,

How does one go about purchasing MS RDS CALs?

I've called several numbers and all I ever get is on hold.

Is there a website where I can purchase or start a support ticket to get this monumental feat accomplished?

I have setup  RemoteDesktop Services on a Windows 2012r2 server to allow remote users to run Microsoft Access Databases.   It was working pretty good with the occasional "Your network access was interrupted.  To continue close the database, and then open it again"  error.

Lately I have been getting lots of locked files mostly Microsoft Access and one unrelated application.  

I am tied into the corporate licensing so I have enough licenses but is there a limit to the number of users on the server who can have the same application open.  (Microsoft Access being the most common issue).

I have monitoring setup and there is no network connection issue, I am not close to maxing out bandwidth, CPU or Memory.

This is quickly becoming an important issue.    

I know the recommended solution is to split the Databases so that there is a front and back end but there are to many databases and I only need to keep this going for another 3-4 weeks.   Does anyone have any suggestions

Remote Access





Remote access may refer to the connection to a data-processing system from a remote location, for example through a virtual private network remote desktop software, terminal emulation, or the activation of features of a business telephone system from outside the business's premises.