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Remote access may refer to the connection to a data-processing system from a remote location, for example through a virtual private network remote desktop software, terminal emulation, or the activation of features of a business telephone system from outside the business's premises.

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Hi All,

Is there any website where we can find the msi files for common applications eg. Chrome / team viewer etc.

Free Tool: Port Scanner
Free Tool: Port Scanner

Check which ports are open to the outside world. Helps make sure that your firewall rules are working as intended.

One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

I have just visited a small company running Windows Server 2012 Essentials and Windows 10 Workstations.

The workstations have joined the Domain but it has not being done by using the connector software. There is therefore no information on the Server Dashboard regarding these computers such as updates or the ability to access them remotely.

I can access the Server remotely so would like the facility available to keep an eye on the workstations and, especially, the remote access.

What I don't know is if it is OK to run the connector software after the the workstation has joined the Domain? Can it cause any problems?

For Example: The users have Folder Redirection to the Server and some have a lot of data so I would prefer it if, by using the connector software, that the users don't have to start again with their log-in and draw down their data to sync with offline Files.

Or maybe there is any other way of doing it? Remote access is the most important but the other "perks" of the connector software would be useful.

Thanks in advance for any advice.
I have a data network on 192.168.0.x and a Voice network on 192.168.1.x
The man from BT has installed a remote access box (Fijowave) which he wants to use to allow BT support to connect to Mitel hardware.
If the Fijowave box is connected to the data switch it is on the 0 subnet and can see the Internet but not the Mitel network on the 1 subnet.
If the Fijowave box is connected to the Mitel network on the 1 subnet it can't see the Internet.

How can the Fijowave box be configured to see both the Internet and the Mitel subnet?
I'm looking at using thin clients outside of my network to connect via VPN.  All of my conventional clients use NetExtender and I'm wondering if it's possible to install and use it from a thin client running on an embedded version of Windows, ie, WES7.  Does anyone know if this is even possible?
how do I install rds on a 2012 r2 server correctly so that I can publish an app?
what features do I need to install
not sure on the different roles such as
do I need
remote desktop connection broker
remote desktop gateway
remote desktop licensing etc
I just need to publish a sage app that users will access via a vpn connection
i had ASA 5510 and i copied the configs to new ASA 5512 but some changes on the nat. everything works as in the ASA 5510 however my LAN is very unstable. user connection time-out to my LAN SERVERS and even remote users on the remote access vpn also experienced network time out.

please below the changes on the nat. can anyone check if there is a problem on this statement that might cause my network instability
.................................................. .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. ...........
arp timeout 14400
no arp permit-nonconnected
nat (inside,outside) source static any any destination static NETWORK_OBJ_192.16 8.17.0_25 NETWORK_OBJ_192.168.17.0_25 no-proxy-arp route-lookup
object network asy_server
nat (outside,dmz) static
object network HRIS
nat (outside,inside) static
object network ASY
nat (outside,dmz) static
object network BANKSRM
nat (outside,dmz) static
object network Hris
nat (outside,inside) static service tcp 3040 https
object network Mails
nat (outside,inside) static service tcp 3000 https
object network mails
nat (inside,outside) static service tcp 3000 https
object network ob32-
nat (dmz,vpns) static
object network obj-…
I have a vanguard calamp cellular modem with serivce from verizon and a static WAN address. Attached to it is a controller board running Busy Box v1.22.1.  I am having issues configuring port forwarding of the modem to connect to the busy box device over ssh so i can run diagnostics. does anyone have any experience with something like this?
Good Morning Experts,

I have a user in AU who works for us here in Maryland.
She has a laptop that she set up there with windows 10 home.
Is it possible to upgrade her laptop (using logmein) to Windows 10 Pro and join our domain through VPN to properly manage her system?

Myself and my team want to configure a laptop here on our domain and send it over like we have done in the past and never had issues and that is our recommendation but management is not supportive of our recommendation so before I go further, I wanted to just check with others to see if setting it up properly on our domain from Australia is even possible.

Thank you,

Hi guys,

We have a simple RDS infrastructure with 2 connection brokers and 2 session hosts.  This is in a test environment.

Intermittently we see issues with logging into the web page where the username and password is not recognised.

If we close IE and open it again then most times you will be able to login.

Sometimes we can enter password many times and it will maybe eventually log in.

Any ideas anyone?  Not sure if this is an IE or RDS issue.

Many thanks
Dear Team,

I have created a RDP server for mapping Drives to couple of my users.
I have mapped the drive through Group Policy.
It was working fine.
But now when i create new drives and map using group policy its not showing.
So when i logged in to my AD server i can see all the old and new  map drives
But when i login to RDP server (same server where the shared folder is available) i cannot see the new mapped drives (as administrator and or as RDP user).

Please help me in sortung this issue.
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We are trying to add an Entry Point for our Microsoft DirectAccess setup (currently in MultiSite) but we are getting stuck adding an additional entry point.  We tried to look in the event viewer without much success (or description of what this error is).  Any ideas or suggestions on where to look?

We are utilizing IP-HTTPS.

Thanks in advance.  

I have a RRA server (2008 r2) and it's handling my VPN connections.  My users are on Win10 and when they set up a VPN connection, they connect just fine and they get a correct IP address, BUT, they can't resolve DNS.  They can't map drives using \\mapping and they can't ping anything.

I'm not sure where to look to resolve this.

Can someone assist?



PS:  The machines connecting DO get an IP address from the internal DHCP server and when I do an ifconfig /all, I see the DNS servers listed in the VPN NIC properties.

Also, I just saw that I can ping the domain controller, at least one of them, but not the other one.
I hope that someone can shed some light on my situation;

We have many RDP farms with terminal users using RDP with roaming profiles...

As users get exited from the company it seems that the user profiles on the actual rdp servers are just taking up space...

To try and help the person in our staff clean up these profiles when they process an exit for an employee I wanted to have a powershell script they can run, (this part works great) that will check all of our RDP servers and list the users with profiles on the servers, and then from the list you can highlight the user profiles you wish to remove & then hit delete & it will remove all of those profiles stored on all the RDP servers.. All of that works great with the script I have so far..

Here is the part I am trying to tweak.. to help ensure an active user profile is not accidentally deleted, or to run as a quarterly maintenance it would be nice to check each user with a profile on the RDP servers to see if the user is still in AD, now that part is easy... however in our org there are many users that do NOT have their roaming profile path (what the user profile is named on the RDP server) matching up to the actual user name in AD...

Here is an example

a user named tmizi has a roaming profile of \\some-nas\user-profiles\tmizimakoski  
So on the RDP servers my script says there is a user named "tmizimakoski" and in AD the user name is actually "tmizi"

There are others as well where the user's …
I established a remote connection via Remote Desktop in my Windows 7 to a Windows Server 2010, but the connection was "Poor" all the time, although the playback of streamed videos from worked fairly well sometimes, but for most of the time it did not work properly because of the poor connection.

My connection where I am located is fast (Taipei in Taiwan), and so it the connection where the remote server is located. The provider of this remote server told me that the poor connection can be due to several reasons, among them how the traffic is routed between my computer and the remote server. He advised me to run a tracert command to have a look at.

However, after I run a tracert command, is there any chance to correct this so the connection gets stronger? Or is there nothing I can do about this remote connection because I can not affect how the traffic is routed?

If so, is there any other solution to connect to this remote server and always have  strong connection, such as a dedicted ftp?

I had to uninstall LogMeIn from a server which is located off-site.

I now find I cannot reach it via RDP, despite the fact that I have checked the registry remotely and the necessary dword values indicate it is enabled.

Can you please advise on how to reach this server so that I can get LogMeIn installed again.

Many thanks
Hello experts

I might have the wrong way of thinking but generally ive been lucky enough to have had rd gateway, rd session host and everything on the same box and only needed one of them client sites. For a new site I have an RdGateway / RdWA on one vm and one vm that is our main terminal server connection broker / session host / licensing and the like (Have had it for years and just added the gateway to an existing vm that's web connected where the . When I try to connect through either RdWA or the app with a resource feed it always tries to connect to the gateway box instead of the main terminal server. I though the session host role meant gateway would send everything through to it so im guessing I missed something configuration wise somewhere, or have the wrong way of thinking ? Running 2012 r2 for both vms
Hello experts

I have a 2012 r2 rdp server thats working great but we would like to be able to minimise the amount of steps our end users need to do when using our services from their devices. So we tell them to grab the microsoft remote desktop app which most get right the first time and then they need to add the remote resource url and username and password. We are hoping to somehow supply the remote resource url bit automatically, it seems with the previous versions you could export configuration files but with the new version I haven't been able to locate anything. How are others streamlining this process ? The powers that be have asked if there is a way we can host some sort of file on the web the users click on that makes it easier to setup their devices because we are an educational institute and have users connecting from remote locations and cant see us face to face for us to configure their devices. We have rdweb services installed but it has its limitations but we thought maybe there was some way to leverage it for the configuration side (Our clients are all byod so the app is the medium that works on all devices)
If I configre MySql for remote access (using the server ip)  will it still work as localhost?
I used to be able to use remopte desktop to get from our school server to the individual PCs. Because of PC lab reconfiguration I reinstalled Windows 7 Pro 32 bit on most of the computers and now I cannot access them. I turned on Remote desktop like I did in the past and changed the power setting to never go to sleep. I also checked the firewall setting and compared them to the settings of PCs that did not get a reinstallation of Windows. They are identical. I checked the services and they are also the same as the PCs I can remote to. What might I be missing? What should I be looking for? Remote access is critical to managing this network and these PCs.

The server is Windows Server 2008 R2.
Thank you!

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I tried to start the Routing & Remote Access service on the Windows Server 2012 Standard but it getting failed error code: 8007042a.

"The Routing and Remote Access service on Local Computer started and then stopped. Some services stop automatically if they are not in use by other services or programs"

Below mentioned troubleshooting taken by me to resolve this issue but no success.

1. I have verified the dependency services of role routing & remote access but found all dependency services in running stage.

2. I have re-installed role Remote Access but still facing the same error. (error code: 8007042a).

3. I Took backup of "HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\RemoteAccess" and copied the same registry from working server.

4. Merged the copied registry and tried to start the service but it failed to start.

5. Reset the TCP/IP setting on the server.

6. I deleted the below mentioned registry key from the server. (Exported it before, to keep a backup)

7. Rebooted the server multiple times for changes to take effect but no success.

Any suggestion on this?

Vikrant Wakchaure...
This is a New sbs 2011 Install.
I have two separate networks at my home Business. Im testing remote login to the Business Network that the server is on so my wife can connect to the server from the internet.
  Im trying to get Remote Login to SBS2011 working . I ran the wizard to setup server for remote access.
 I can not ping the server name or IP. I can Ping other devices Router and workstations from the other network and that is fine. I disabled windows firewall and enabled firewall on the router I Enabled upnp set up fowarding port 443
 I can access the Internet from the server.
when I ping the Server I get  Destination Host IS Unreachable
I dont know what to try next
Hi guys,

I have got a very problematic Windows 7 Ultimate computer which no computers in the network is able to connect to. Please look at the following diagram.
When I try to connect from a different computer to it, it asks for a set of credential which i then entered. Next, the remote desktop screen appears (Screen that would normally show its trying to display the login screen), but almost immediately, the screen disappears and nothing happened after.

What is happening here is that:
- All computers are not in a domain but in identical workgroup names.
- Usernames and passwords are identical for all the computers and are stored locally.
- I had created a separate rdpUser account to test that when I try to connect, it uses the credential that is stored in the problematic 7 Ultimate box.
- The Windows 8 computer is configured to allow remote assistance, but is restricted to any remote connection to it.
- Any computer is able to remotely connect to the XP box.
- No computer is able to remotely connect into the 7 Ultimate box.
- The firewall on the 7 Ultimate box has inbound firewall rule configured to allow TCP 3389 remote desktop and remote desktop (RemoteFX - TCP) permitted.
- I had tried to configure a UDP rule and it plays no part in solving the problem. (Inbound and Outbound too)
- The local user account has administrative privilege for rdp, so is the rdp test account.
- I did look at event viewer and it shows that a network…
I'm running a small shop for IT support. I'm currently using Logmein rescue to send a link to my clients and have them click on it. But its costing me $150/month. Do you guys know of any free tools that do the same or that are maybe cheaper like $30 or $50 month? Just trying to keep my overhead down.
I am getting this error when I try to deploy RDS or manually install the individual roles.  Im not getting much from the errors though. Nothing in the event log either. See attached
Looking for remote access for a client.

They sometimes will travel without their laptop and want to be able to use their clients machine to access their office machine.

I was using Remote desktop with ports forwarded, but do not feel that is secure enough.
I would do a VPN, but that requires a vpn client on the remote machine.

What options do I have that require minimal installation of software on the Remote machine?

They have Windows 2012 (not R2) so I cannot add Essentials experience to remote to their network PCs

Remote Access





Remote access may refer to the connection to a data-processing system from a remote location, for example through a virtual private network remote desktop software, terminal emulation, or the activation of features of a business telephone system from outside the business's premises.