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Remote Access





Remote access may refer to the connection to a data-processing system from a remote location, for example through a virtual private network remote desktop software, terminal emulation, or the activation of features of a business telephone system from outside the business's premises.

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I've installed the latest TightVNC (32bit) on my Dell Win 7 32bit as well as on
another laptop Win 7 64bit.   TightVNC service is started

In both cases, when I tried to launch them, nothing happens.  Windows
Firewall was permitted during installation.

'netstat -ano | find "pid_of_tightvn" '
shows TightVNC processes are listening on Tcp 5800 & 5900
& telnet localhost   5800  or  5900     connects

what did I miss

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I've got a 5545x that I'm configuring for remote access VPN.  I've done a few 5506's but this is my first 5545.

I initially started with AnyConnect. I could get the client connected, but I couldn't get a ping response.  The client statistics showed control data was being exchanged.  Client data was being sent, but not received.

I wiped and reconfigured and got the exact same results.   Then I tried configuring IPSec for the legacy VPN Client because I can always get that to work. :-)

Exact same results.  Client connects fine but no data.  "show cry ipsec sa" shows pkts decap are increasing but pkts encaps are not.  

I figure that I'm just missing something and I've been looking at it for so long that I'm just not seeing it. Hoping someone can look at this and see a typo or a missing statement that I'm missing.

I've stripped out all the non-essentials and sanitized the output.  If I got overzealous with the stripping and cleaning, let me know and I'll repost.



P.S.  I've added a bunch of... junk that I don't usually have while throwing things at this to see if something sticks.

ip local pool RA_VPN_POOL mask
ip local pool AnyConnect_VPN_Pool mask
object network VPN-Nets
object-group network Inside-Networks

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In the past I used this product visionapp and loved it.  It seems its not updated since 2011.
Anyone can recommend another similar product or win10 can do it natively?
Have issues connecting remotely to a computer IU see in the event log  Error event id 10010
The server {This if different in each log} did not register with DCOM within the required timeout.
Seams like this user experienced the same issue, but cannot follow the solution

Windows 10
What training sources are available so I can better learn how to use  Dell Remote Access Controller (DRAC) & OpenManage to manage and monitor Dell servers?

Are there any videos or CBT's available?
My RDS 2016 is configured and working with 3 session hosts. Users are directed to the session hosts in a load balanced way and the experience is rich with no errors.

Once there's a user on each session host the next connection comes in and a user on an existing session is asked to allow user DOMAIN\USER to connect. If the user clicks ok they are disconnected to allow the next user to connect.

This limits each session host to 1 user each. Each host has the user limit set to 10,000 in the local GP. The servers have been rebooted for this to take effect.

I have 110 user cals and all are registering fine without issues.

Event Viewer is clear of errors. The disconnections are showing at code 5 which is a manual disconnection. This is correct as users are accepting to disconnect to allow another connection.

This is a real problem and I'm at a loss. Has anyone seen this on 2012 or 2016 server?
I've been using Remote Desktop for years to access Windows computers remotely, but I've always been able to connect to the remote IP. Now I need to connect to a workstation behind a firewall, so I can't connect directly via IP, neither can I port forward.

I know there are programs out there to do this -- I've had tech-support people connect to my computer before.

What are recommendations on such programs? I'm looking for "free" solutions as I don't anticipate having to do this often.
Is there a tool I can install for our desktop techs to remote from their desktop to a client that is on a RDS Host?  I don't wan them to have access to ServerManager with in the RDS Farm but would like for them to be able to remote to a user that is connected to a RDS host server.
Hi Guys,

My client needs a program to collect data and generate some reports, I will use MySQL and VB.Net 2013.

The program will be used from different locations, so I was thinking to setup the data base on the server and install the program on the server too, then they can connect to the server thru Remote Desktop ( I now, this depends of the number of licenses on the server)

On the other hand, install the program on each computer and setup the data base on a cloud, but I've never used this option before and I'm not sure if is a good idea.

That's what I need you advice guys, is there a better option?

Thank you in advance!!!
I have dtSearch installed and it works on a local machine.  I can not access dtSearch via internet.  I often get 500 error.

I would like to hire someone that can set up the dtSearch Web with Spider.  Use of LogMeIn or other remote access is acceptable.

Thank you!
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I have configured RDS 2016. I have a Gateway Server which also runs the Web Access, Broker and Licensing Roles. I have 3 x Session hosts.

My clients work internal and external to the business. I have configured NAT and DNS so that the address used for web access or RDP apps is Internal clients can access and external clients can access using this single address.

Now to the tricky part... I wish to setup certificates so that clients aren't warned about name mismatches etc.

I setup the gateway and as it asked for the external FQDN I used the name rather than the internal name of the gateway which is The broker service will not accept any certificate but I have managed to create self signed certs for the other services. I wish to use trusted CA signed certs for the services.

In an ideal would I would use a SAN cert and list all the internal names of the servers and use the external name as the common name of the cert. However this is no longer an option due to the new legislation.

Has anyone out there accomplished this? I'm sure this is a common task which crops up

Much appreciated as always
What would be the easiest way to change display setting  using remote desktop in windows 2012 server
I need to draft sort of guideline to govern Remote Access by external vendors/parties.
Anyone has any documents or links to share?

Off hand, I can think of:

a) for access to UAT/development servers, remote access with encryption (eg: ssh
    or RDP) needs to be video-recorded / screen logged for long-term vendors who has
    signed Non-Disclosure Agreement with us.  UAT/Developmt may contain actual data

b) for access to Production, an authorized staff needs to initiate/trigger the connection
     (eg: WebEx or Remote Assistance) & watch what's being done with screen logging/
     video recording of the session

c) do we need access through a jump host (I've heard of RDP jump host)

d) the external parties/vendors PCs need to be updated with latest patches & AV

e) every single staff of the vendor needs to have indiv account (ie no account sharing)

f) under what circumstances do we need 2FA ?
Hi experts

Client has vCenter Appliance (6.0) setup internally and all working fine. Now need to be able to access the same from outside the LAN.

Have had firewall team setup port forwarding on 443, 902 & 903 to vCenter IP address. From outside I can get to the vCenter landing page but when I click on the 'Log in to vSphere Web Client' it takes me to this url:
and fails. '' is the url that client uses internally.

Any ideas?

I have just visited a small company running Windows Server 2012 Essentials and Windows 10 Workstations.

The workstations have joined the Domain but it has not being done by using the connector software. There is therefore no information on the Server Dashboard regarding these computers such as updates or the ability to access them remotely.

I can access the Server remotely so would like the facility available to keep an eye on the workstations and, especially, the remote access.

What I don't know is if it is OK to run the connector software after the the workstation has joined the Domain? Can it cause any problems?

For Example: The users have Folder Redirection to the Server and some have a lot of data so I would prefer it if, by using the connector software, that the users don't have to start again with their log-in and draw down their data to sync with offline Files.

Or maybe there is any other way of doing it? Remote access is the most important but the other "perks" of the connector software would be useful.

Thanks in advance for any advice.
how do I install rds on a 2012 r2 server correctly so that I can publish an app?
what features do I need to install
not sure on the different roles such as
do I need
remote desktop connection broker
remote desktop gateway
remote desktop licensing etc
I just need to publish a sage app that users will access via a vpn connection

I have a 2012 R2 virtual server. I ran some updates and restarted, after that I am unable to remote into the server. What can I do to fix this important issue?

I have a vanguard calamp cellular modem with serivce from verizon and a static WAN address. Attached to it is a controller board running Busy Box v1.22.1.  I am having issues configuring port forwarding of the modem to connect to the busy box device over ssh so i can run diagnostics. does anyone have any experience with something like this?
This organization doesn't have an Active directory in-house presence.  Azure AD in the cloud.
They want to implement Radius.  Is there an option having Radius without an AD and having data synchronized?  What are the other options?
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I noticed there were 2 entries called LogMeIn Rescue RC followed by a string of letters and numbers in my my c drive program files x86. I do not know what that is? is it necessary to keep or can I delete that?
I have a RRA server (2008 r2) and it's handling my VPN connections.  My users are on Win10 and when they set up a VPN connection, they connect just fine and they get a correct IP address, BUT, they can't resolve DNS.  They can't map drives using \\mapping and they can't ping anything.

I'm not sure where to look to resolve this.

Can someone assist?



PS:  The machines connecting DO get an IP address from the internal DHCP server and when I do an ifconfig /all, I see the DNS servers listed in the VPN NIC properties.

Also, I just saw that I can ping the domain controller, at least one of them, but not the other one.
I hope that someone can shed some light on my situation;

We have many RDP farms with terminal users using RDP with roaming profiles...

As users get exited from the company it seems that the user profiles on the actual rdp servers are just taking up space...

To try and help the person in our staff clean up these profiles when they process an exit for an employee I wanted to have a powershell script they can run, (this part works great) that will check all of our RDP servers and list the users with profiles on the servers, and then from the list you can highlight the user profiles you wish to remove & then hit delete & it will remove all of those profiles stored on all the RDP servers.. All of that works great with the script I have so far..

Here is the part I am trying to tweak.. to help ensure an active user profile is not accidentally deleted, or to run as a quarterly maintenance it would be nice to check each user with a profile on the RDP servers to see if the user is still in AD, now that part is easy... however in our org there are many users that do NOT have their roaming profile path (what the user profile is named on the RDP server) matching up to the actual user name in AD...

Here is an example

a user named tmizi has a roaming profile of \\some-nas\user-profiles\tmizimakoski  
So on the RDP servers my script says there is a user named "tmizimakoski" and in AD the user name is actually "tmizi"

There are others as well where the user's …
I have a very odd situation for which I'm looking for assistance.

I have a client with a server running Server 2012 R2 Essentials.  They use WSE RemoteApp to allow remote users to access QuickBooks Enterprise 16.  This works fine for several users, except for one who just recently started having problems.  He can connect to the server and log into QuickBooks, but QB will abort moments later with an Unrecoverable Error.  The Code is 19758  66888.  I'm not finding anything online about that error.

What is particularly odd about this is that it only occurs with this one computer.  I try the same thing on another computer running the same version 1703 (and build) of Windows 10 Home, from the same location (have tried 2 different locations), using the same login and QuickBooks credentials with no problems.

I have installed a new hard drive in the laptop and reinstalled Windows 10 from scratch and the same symptom occurs.  The BIOS and drivers are up to date with no errors.

When I reinstalled Windows, I did copy user data (Documents, etc.) from the old drive.  I thought that might somehow be the issue, so I created a new user on the computer.  It shows the same error.  Both users are local admins.

The only common element with the failures is this specific computer.  The error is coming from QuickBooks.  I'm not seeing how something in this computer can cause the application error in the host computer.

I added a new Windows user on the server as well as a new QB …
How do I deploy TeamViewer Quick Support to a client?

Thanks in advance.
Hi Guys
Can I prevent a support person with Team-Viewer  from using my keyboard and mouse while accessing my Win10 or Win7 computers...

Remote Access





Remote access may refer to the connection to a data-processing system from a remote location, for example through a virtual private network remote desktop software, terminal emulation, or the activation of features of a business telephone system from outside the business's premises.