Representational state transfer (REST) is an architectural style that gives a coordinated set of constraints to the design of components in a distributed hypermedia system used to design networked applications. RESTful systems typically communicate over Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) with the same HTTP verbs (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, etc.) that web browsers use to retrieve web pages and to send data to remote servers. REST interfaces with external systems using resources identified by Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) that can be operated upon using standard verbs.

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Hi Experts!

Thank you so much for helping me here for too long , I have now done 97%  of REST API and all appear to be working accurately.

Now instead of inserting the ID =  1 or 8 manually in the code, I want to use a  text control otherwise how are the people going to accessing the VBA code in Ms Access runtime?

http.Open "GET", " 1", False

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The above works very well in the VBA code , its just that  it will be difficult to be changing the ID in the code , I want something like below:

http.Open "GET", " = &Me.txtUserID", False

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How can it be done to work also like the one below?

http.Open "GET", " 1", False

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I thought this was the easiest, but has proved me wrong again , any idea will be very much appreciated.


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I have vba code that opens multiple workbooks, generates an index/match lookup, and then sends it to a range. I need to do it this way because I want the results to show, with the workbooks closed, and Indirect does not work that way (I checked). Everything works well when all the lookup sheets are as expected. But when they are not (like the example, sheet name doesn't exist) I would just like the formula pasted and show a bad result, whatever it is. But instead Excel/VBA won't even continue with the rest of the paste and errors out. On Error Resume Next hides the error, but the problem still exists where the code doesn't finish with the rest of the formula paste. I know I can meticulously check for every case where the error might come up and tweak the formula I generate to avoid it, but I would like it to work as intended, if possible....

Sub WriteFormula()
    Dim sForm As String, sTick As String, sFile As String, sFileName As String, sSheetSummary As String, sSheetName As String
    Dim rTick As Range, rForm As Range, avTick As Variant, avForm As Variant, i As Long, lRowEnd As Long, bAskToUpdateLinks As Boolean
    With Application
        .ScreenUpdating = False
        .DisplayAlerts = False
        bAskToUpdateLinks = .AskToUpdateLinks
        .AskToUpdateLinks = False
    End With
    sSheetSummary = "Sheet1"
    sFileName = ".xlsx"
    sSheetName = " Data"

    With ThisWorkbook.Worksheets(sSheetSummary)

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Printing an article from the web in Chrome, the last line of text on a page may get cut-off horizontally and the rest of the line shows up on the next page.

- Using a different printer from the same workstation makes no difference (same problem).
- Using Chrome on a different workstation: works fine (problem is gone).
- Using Firefox on the original workstation: works fine (problem is gone).

So if it was a system or printer driver setting, wouldn't Firefox exhibit the same issue?
But if it is a Chrome setting, which one? I couldn't find any difference between the two workstations.
Could anyone help?

I got a data object like below. This is a part of RestAPI method return. But when i call REST API using Jquery AJAX , I am getting Name, Address correct but the List of ProductName is coming is empty.

Is there any reason whey List is empty. I checked the method it is having the values but at the side of Jquery Ajax response i am getting it as empty.

public class TotalRectificationOverTime
        public string Name;
        public int Address;

        public List<string> ProductName;


I’m looking to use PowerApps as a front end to a SharePoint list, I have a drop-down option for selecting City, I would like the rest of the address fields completing automatically to make the input quicker, how would I do this?

I have an old 2003 exchange server with 2 mailboxes and a newer exchange 2010 server with all the rest of our mailboxes. Intermittently we see our internet slow to a crawl. I have found that when I connect the WAN card in the 2010 server to the switch rather than to the Cable Modem, our speed jumps immediately back up. Our Outlook continues to work, but ActiveSync stops for all our phones. So is there a way to configure this so ActiveSync works when the static IP card is connected to the switch? And is there any idea why the modem's upload speed drops to less than 1Mbps at times when the 2010 server is connected to the modem?
I have an oracle 11g table TB_Paths  with a field pathname
I need to replace the path name as
replace all the \\KWI_Proj\ to  \\\proj\

keeping in mind that there can be following

in all the different cases of \\KWI_Pro it need to convert to  \\\proj\    ( without changing cases of the rest of the path
Need help with attached SQL table. I need SQL query to select class students grouped by Facility and then by location and then show the rest of the detail data. once the location changes,  then need unique count of each student (a unique student only counted once). I hope that makes sense. thanks for your help.

New  to java. I am trying to convert java code to C#. I am going to start with this simple code. Can you please help me or provide me some tips to convert this small java class to C#. Advance thanks!

package token;
import java.util.ArrayList;
import java.util.List;

import org.apache.http.HttpResponse;
import org.apache.http.NameValuePair;
import org.apache.http.auth.UsernamePasswordCredentials;
import org.apache.http.client.HttpClient;
import org.apache.http.client.config.CookieSpecs;
import org.apache.http.client.config.RequestConfig;
import org.apache.http.client.entity.UrlEncodedFormEntity;
import org.apache.http.client.methods.HttpPost;
import org.apache.http.client.utils.URIBuilder;
import org.apache.http.impl.auth.BasicScheme;
import org.apache.http.impl.client.HttpClientBuilder;
import org.apache.http.message.BasicNameValuePair;
import org.apache.http.util.EntityUtils;
import org.json.JSONObject;

public class MatchTokens
	private String response = null;;
	private String SSOUrl = null;;
	private static String grant_type = "password";
	private String SystemID = null;
	private String SystemPassword = null;
	private String ClientID = null;
	private String ClientSecret = null;
	private String AccessToken = null;
	private String RefreshToken = null;
	private static String access_token_key = "match-access";
	private static String refresh_token_key = "match-refresh ";
	public MatchTokens(String SSOUrl, String ClientID,

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I try to understand how to use the filter in this API:

The filter is supposed to be an array of objects.
The filter I try to test is: [{"user_id":1},{"user_name":"WikiSysop"}]
Is this an array of objects?

I expect to get user_id for id 1in return. However, it looks like all users are in the response.

(anyone can test
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My boss wants to be able to download all email addresses, and supporting data, from Mailman (mailing lists).
He is an admin on the site, but does not have access to log in directly and use the "dumpdb" command.
He also doesn't want to use any sort of script to scrape the website.

So, basically, is there some manner (through either the REST API, or the web address bar) to request and receive all the email address of a mailing list for which you have administrative rights?
we had recently password spray attack on our COMPANY.

We have on premise ADFS AND AD server. I was researching and found below
2.      In Unified Audit logs, searchable via:
a.      These logs are only maintained for 90 days and would have rolled prior to the escalation below.
b.      The customer can archive these logs via REST to a SIEM or other log storage solution for longer if required.

regarding point no. b is there any method where I can archive logs via REST or SIEM  method

we don't have on premise exchange all mailboxes are in 365.
Hi all,

I am building an InfoPath 2013 Form in SharePoint 2013. The first 1/3 of the Form is for end users to submit ideas and suggestions, but the remaining two sections of the Form will be for managers and approvers.

Is there a way I can design the Form so the person making the submission can only see that 1st section of the form and not the rest?
I have an older machine running Wind Vista for Biz and wanted to upgrade it to  Windows 7 Pro since I wanted to keep at least one machine back in the dark ages and the rest Win 10 Pro. So I purchased a disk for the machine COA same place I have been buying off of EBAY no problems yet till today. Got this error See image .
Trouble Installing a disk.
What does this mean and what kind of disk would I need to purchase if this particular kind does not like to update even though I have verified without a doubt that this Intel Motherboard will support Win 7 Pro.? This disk was installed on another machine and then updated to Windows 10. I installed incrementally on another machine from Vist for BIz to Win 7 Pro to Win 10 Pro just fine but not now.
Trying to get in the right direction.
What knowledge and tools are needed in building and implementing new web services?
What knowledge and tools are needed in developing and supporting Web APIs using REST?
I would like to learn Web API. Why is it so a popular skill and in demand? Where is it use by businesses online.
Where would I start? Please send links/resources

I have a system in Ms access which controls the monthly subscription for some of our small clients, now this system uses the system date and expires the activation codes after each past month and year. The problem here is that every after one year you have to be sending the FE to all the clients so that the system can start all over again from Month ( 1,2,3,4 etc) of course with new codes.
What is now required is to use a function that will generate or convert Months into numbers like below:
Jan 2019 = 1
Feb 2019 = 2
Dec 2019 = 12
Jan 2020 = 13
Feb 2020 = 14
Dec 2020 = 24
The function must be able to convert for example Dec 2020 to integer = 24 or if the current  month is Jan 2020 the integer = 13
Any idea here will be highly appreciated.

I have tried this but it does not work

Function ConvertMonthToNum(month As String) As Integer
Select Case month
Case #1/1/2019# >= #1/31/2019#
    ConvertMonthToNum = 1
Case #2/1/2019# >= #2/28/2019#
    ConvertMonthToNum = 2
Case #3/1/2019# >= #3/31/2019#
    ConvertMonthToNum = 3
Case #4/1/2019# >= #4/30/2019#
    ConvertMonthToNum = 4
'you can fill in the rest of the months here - just follow the pattern

Case Else
    ConvertMonthToNum = 0

End Select
End Function

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In the control source I’m calling it like this = ConvertMonthToNum(Date())


Hi All,

Ok I have a Function that needs to run in the background from the Same UI as the rest of the Program. I am using Visual Studio 2017 and

I have been able to get most of the Function working in the background using the Backgroundworker control. This is a Very large function and it DOES need to periodically output some data to a TEXTBOX during its operation.

I know that I need to setup DELEGATES to workaround this Cross-Thread problem but I am only partially successful in my endeavors.  With the Delegate that I created I can only write to one TEXTBOX but not another..

So in my research I find that there is a method of turning off  the Checking of this condition.. I see that the option that I must set is 'Control.CheckForIllegalCrossThreadCalls. I understand that this is not recommended  but my  problem is that I Can Not find this Option to set...

Also if I try to use the 'INVOKE' method I cannot find the 'InvokeRequired' method which I believe is the reason  why my DELEGATE is only partially successful.

I would be grateful for help in either finding these options or in getting my delegates to work properly.
Obviously I will provide as much of my code as you wish  to see upon request.

Thanks in advance

I have a question. I have a existing WCF type framework that has like 8 difference .svc's and in each one of those .svc's there are like 40 different web services (methods) that are called.  This is in ASP.NET and C#.

I am going to start implementing REST aspects as well with ASP.NET and C#.

Is it wise to maintain 2 separate frameworks? One for REST methods (could also be 10-20 different methods) and that over existing SOAP svc's? Or do I combine the REST calls/process into the existing WCF?

If the suggestion is 2 separate frameworks... does anybody have an example of how that would be done in REST?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Experts,

I am working on reactJs(redux and redux thunk) application on front-end and django and nodejs on the back end.  I have a question.  I would like to know, how to reset the state (redux) to the initial state in the middle of the application.  Can anyone provide me with an idea of how to do this?


I want to learn how to use REST to interact with wep application API in
Where do I start?

I am having trouble while sending the request to a rest service. The service works fine on my desktop, but getting the following error when i host on the IIS.

The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request.

After some analysis i noticed that the error i am getting is with the POST. All Get methods are working fine. I am trying to send a JSON string to create a record.

Here is my source code:


namespace WcfRestService
    // NOTE: You can use the "Rename" command on the "Refactor" menu to change the interface name "IOrderService" in both code and config file together.
    public interface IOrderService
        [WebInvoke(UriTemplate = "/PlaceOrder",
            RequestFormat = WebMessageFormat.Json,
            ResponseFormat = WebMessageFormat.Json, Method = "POST")]
        bool PlaceOrder(OrderContract order);

        [WebGet(UriTemplate = "/GetOrderDetails/{OrderID}",
            RequestFormat = WebMessageFormat.Json,
            ResponseFormat = WebMessageFormat.Json)]
        OrderContract GetOrderDetails(string OrderID);

        [WebGet(UriTemplate = "/GetOrderTotal/{OrderID}",
                ResponseFormat = WebMessageFormat.Json)]
        string GetOrderTotal(string OrderID);

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namespace WcfRestService
    // NOTE: You can use the "Rename" 

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Anyone please suggest , how to achieve this.

I am using Jquery-Ajax with URL below :

 url: "http://localhost/student/class/attendance?dateFrom=636869952000000000&dateTo=636912287999990000&categoryId=1",

I want to pass these 3 parameter information (dateFrom,dateTo,categoryId) into  REST WEB API controller method as below :

        public HttpResponseMessage GetStudentInfo(string dateFrom, string dateTo,string categoryId)


Can anyone suggest option to achieve this please?

I have the codes using js datatable.
When the pdf is exported, I want to add company logo on the header and align center.
How can I do that? only PDF export. The rest does not change.

                            "dom": 'Bfrtip',                             
                            "buttons": ['copyHtml5', 'excelHtml5', 'pdfHtml5', 'csvHtml5'],
                            "paging": true,
                            "ordering": true,
                            "info": true,
                            "bDeferRender": true,
                            "pageLength": 100,
                            "scrollY": 600,
                            "bSort": true,
                            "stateSave": true,
                            "fixedHeader": true,
                            "responsive": true, 
                            "bDestroy": true

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I am developing my first application with Apache Cordova and I need some assistanstance with the Open Street Map object. I am sending a request to the Open Street Map to get Lat/Lng of a location. I chose Manchester UK and I received the following JSON back:

In order to do this, I set to share a taxi (it's a taxi sharing app) first and then I click on Update Map.
This is the code for UpdateMap:

     function updateMap(address){
        var onSuccess = function(position) {
          var div = document.getElementById("map_canvas");
          div.width = window.innerWidth - 20;
          div.height = window.innerHeight * 0.8 - 40;
          // change the zoomin level
          if (address != undefined) {
            // TODO 2(a) FR2.2
            var endPoint = "" + address + "?format=json&countrycode=gb"
            $.get(endPoint,function(e) {[embed=file 1418190][embed=file 1418191][embed=file 1418192]
              var location = e;
                lng: location.lng,

          } else {
              lng: position.coords.longitude,
              lat: position.coords.latitude
        var onError = function(error) {
            "code: " + error.code + "\n" + "message:

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Representational state transfer (REST) is an architectural style that gives a coordinated set of constraints to the design of components in a distributed hypermedia system used to design networked applications. RESTful systems typically communicate over Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) with the same HTTP verbs (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, etc.) that web browsers use to retrieve web pages and to send data to remote servers. REST interfaces with external systems using resources identified by Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) that can be operated upon using standard verbs.

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