Robotics is the branch of technology that deals with the design, construction, operation, and application of automated machines known as robots. It also involves the computers systems for their control, sensory feedback, and information processing.

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I am designing the game Othello or Reversegram as it is known in some places. I'm almost done coding the game save for tallying up the final score and tweaking the AI to make more intelligent moves (currently only doing random moves). However, I am encountering certain bugs that appear. While the CPU and I keep flipping the pieces, there will come some point where I either cannot make a move even though it is certainly legal to do so. As well as the fact that when I play certain moves usually around the edges, it sometimes won't flip the opposing pieces even though I just made a legal move. If I can get some help understanding where I should be making my edits--I think the error might be in the "findLegal" function. Thank you for your help!

Note: I recreated the board with W on 6b, and B on 7b and 8a and could make the legal move of W on 8b so vertical moves are generally accepted and work up until a certain point which I'm confused about. In addition, I originally set up the board in the picture with random pieces throughout to accelerate the game and also to test out the various issues I had (so please ignore the random W on 4h).
Starting with Angular 5
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Starting with Angular 5

Learn the essential features and functions of the popular JavaScript framework for building mobile, desktop and web applications.

Any suggestion for certification for AI & ML .
I am a VB.Net desktop ddeveloper.
Any suggestions ae appreciated.
Desktop machine
Windows 7 Ultimate (x64)
Service Pack 1 (build 7601)
24 GB RAM (memory)

VMware Workstation 10
Order Date: December 4, 2013

2.80 gigahertz Intel Core i7 930
64-bit ready
Motherboard: EVGA 141-BL-E757 Tylersburg
Bus Clock: 133 megahertz
BIOS: Phoenix Technologies, LTD 6.00 PG 08/25/2011

I want to install a virtual machine that will run Ubuntu Linux efficiently on top of Windows 7.
I will then install ROS on top of Linux in order to use Gazebo to simulate robots.
I may need to run two virtual machines in order to simulate two robots, but I'm not sure if that is required.
I may be able to simulate the two robots, including inter-robot communications, using only one VM.

Please recommend what Virtual Machine would be best for my purposes.
Hopefully, there is a free version.
I already own a VMware workstation paid license, but it is several years old, 2013, version 10. Maybe I should use that. Please let me know.
Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing tech and business. Today, AI is commonplace. This article discusses AI and a few of the different aspects of AI that we should all be aware of.

I have a problem to send an email from Fax USB modem U.S Robotics V.92. It connected to Windows Server 2012.
* All the configurations set properly such as  SMTP Enabled , email address, server address  and port 25, Authentication set to "Anonymous access".
* The incoming Methods also configured enabled for "Route through e-mail" and "Store in a folder"

When send a fax , it received on the folder but not sending to email, getting a following error :

The Fax Service failed to execute a specific routing method. The service will retry to route the fax according to the retries configuration. If the retries fail, verify routing method configuration.
 Job ID: 0x0401d46f99764ec4.
 Received on Device: 'U.S. Robotics V.92 USB Voice Modem'
 Sent from: ''
 Received file name: 'C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows NT\MSFax\Queue\1D46F99764EC4.tif'.
 Routing extension name: 'Microsoft Routing Extension'
 Routing method name: 'Route through e-mail'

* Tried to reinstall the FAX modem but after i installed it back ,have the same issue.

Please help to resolve this issue.

We need to convert the text on an  invoice which can be in the form of image/PDF into XML.

Any third party service which uses artificial intelligence to process different kind of invoice template, is needed.

Please let me know about any tool/service(free/paid) is available for same.
In net I can see many companies providing same but when we actually contact them, they deny.
Please help.

Have too many poorly organized bookmarks.

Don't want to upload them to any platforms to organize.

Was wondering if there's any software that's sort of AI-ish which could comb through them and attempt to apply tags to them.  Detecting some pattern or patterns among them.
In my 23-year career as a software developer, I've noticed an imbalance of diversity in the world of technology - especially when it comes to hiring women in tech. Here's a look at ways I try to make a difference in my community and the industry as a whole.
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Expert Comment

by:Andrew Leniart
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as the father of a young mixed race girl, here in the US I am fairly passionate about diversity
I'm not Australian born myself (was barely more than a toddler when my parents migrated here) and copped a fair bit of flack for that at school.

Do you have to solve those sociological issues in order to get more young girls of color interested in STEM or to get more women feeling inclusiveness within the industry, today? No.
Point taken. Thanks for sharing your insights Lucas.

Author Comment

by:Kesha Williams
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As you note, women aren't well represented in the tech field. However, skin color is relevant in that women of color are marginalized even further. While women as a group potentially experience sexism --  women of color are simultaneously exposed to both sexism and racism. The theory of intersectionality discusses this experience, but the easiest way to explain is that women of color are facing more bias and a more complex social dynamic.

I couldn't have said it better, Lucas. Thank you for your insight. Women of color face both sexism and racism in the US. I'm actually speaking at Amazon re:Invent on intersectionality in tech. I hope to see you there!
I have a number of robots which are actually computers running xp sp3 which are connected to a windows 2003 server domain.,

I would like these computers to auto-log in when the power is first applied, using a domain account, instead of stopping at the log in screen.

I've gone to the users section of the control panel and the message You can not change this users password appears.  I suspect that's because the user is a domain account.

Can anyone help?
Hello experts,

I have the following flat file attached (Input Sheet).
I am trying to build a vba procedure that covers the following requirements:
1-Check if Output sheet if so delete and create a new blank
2-Transfer the various unique values in column H, J and AI
3-Consolidate the sum values for the various month from AJ to BV split by column AI

I attached dummy file with expected Output sheet.

I think that we can proceed steps by steps, such as copy unique values related to H & J.
For this we can use the following procedure:

Sub CopyRangeUniqueValues(FromWSheet As String, FromRange As String, ToWSheet As String, ToRange As String)
'Sub treats first cell in FromRange as a header label, and will copy it to ToRange even if it is duplicated in the list
Dim celHome As Range, rgDest As Range, rgSource As Range
Dim n As Long
Set celHome = ActiveCell
Set rgDest = Worksheets(ToWSheet).Range(ToRange)
Range(rgDest, rgDest.End(xlDown)).ClearContents

With Worksheets(FromWSheet)
    n = .UsedRange.Row + .UsedRange.Rows.Count - 1
    Set rgSource = .Range(FromRange & n)
End With

rgSource.AdvancedFilter Action:=xlFilterCopy, CopyToRange:=rgDest, Unique:=True
Application.GoTo celHome

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Concerning the consolidated sum we can also go ahead with a formula reported in macro:

Sub LoopFormula2(strwsName, strColflag, strCol As String, strColName As String, formula As String)

'Call LoopFormula2("ImportCC", "1", "D", "Test", "=clean(sheet1!G2*sheet1!I2)") 'example of formula
    Dim ws As Worksheet
    Set ws = Worksheets(strwsName)
     '==>Clear Destination Column
    Range(strCol & ":" & strCol).Clear
    UsedRows = ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Rows.count + ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Rows(1).Row - 1
    If strColflag = 1 Then
        Range(strCol & 1).Value = strColName
    End If
    '==>Clear Destination Column
    RightFormula = Replace(formula, "1048576", UsedRows)
    Range(Cells(2, strCol), Cells(UsedRows, strCol)).formula = RightFormula
    Range(Cells(2, strCol), Cells(UsedRows, strCol)).Value = Range(Cells(2, strCol), Cells(UsedRows, strCol)).Value
End Sub

Open in new window

Thank you in advance for your help.
Exploring ASP.NET Core: Fundamentals
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Exploring ASP.NET Core: Fundamentals

Learn to build web apps and services, IoT apps, and mobile backends by covering the fundamentals of ASP.NET Core and  exploring the core foundations for app libraries.

An MIT student is creating a 3d printed wearable device that can listen to your volitional thoughts and give you feedback through bone conduction:

Can't wait till they have the "home" version of this so I can read my wife's thoughts. Jk.

Expert Comment

by:Craig Kehler
That is really cool. This has applications for those with physical disabilities as well.

I may be a little weary of a machine, especially one that may be collecting my data, to be recording everything I think aloud. :)
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Author Comment

by:Lucas Bishop
Yeah Craig, the ability for a device like this to aid people with disabilities is really one of the best applications I could imagine. At the same time, you could swing the complete opposite direction and end up with Skynet.
My Python chess project new approach is tripping up.
I think it might be to do with Thread entanglement.
My engine instantiates a white and a black player, which are each abc's for their AI, random movers for now.

Then I start a game_loop() to handle the game play.

Does Thread "entanglement" ever happen? I cant see any reason for my Threads to unravel
I suspect this, because I have a thread counting the seconds going by on the console
( will help with clock)
But, when I instantiate my board window, the board window appears, but the counting thread disappears. (take away the # comment in to reinstate the board creation
Have they become entangled?

My has the call to init the board commented out, so you can see the seconds being counted out.
as soon as the # is taken away and the board instantiates, the first Thread ceases to count.
It only counts the seconds when there is no board

Are Python Threads delicate and tough to combine?
Something in the board class is locking it all up
Code attached
What could it be?


Backup job Error code E00084C7 and E00084C8.

Client has HP MSL2024

Library partition left one tape until 26 Jun can be overwritten.

Any suggestions on how I can do further checking to analyze the issue?
Chatbot for elearning
ardunio on board memory manipulation have a arduino mega now what is the best way to do the following, i want to have the program running and then update the array on board the arduino with out reloading the program, so lest say i have an array with 10 numbers and depending on the feed back from the card i am going to change location #4 of the in the 10 mem locations that i have set up how is the best way to do this please from the code running on the pc , would i access the arduino then the mem location and go from there, any ideas in this correct direction would be helpful
Google’s “duplex” AI system for voice recognition and natural language responses is pretty amazing. The phone call snippets here don’t even sound like you’re talking to a bot:

What is the component/application for Oracle to do big data analysis?

What is the Oracle product for AI and data scientist research ?

when I look at this:

it said:

Additional libraries and tools include: Jupyter, pandas, scikit-learn, Pillow, OpenCV, and NumPy.
Deep learning frameworks include: TensorFlow, Keras and Caffe.
Elastic AI and Machine Learning Infrastructures include NVIDIA, Flash Storage, and Ethernet.

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which component is free and no issue with Oracle DB. ?
Gartner predicts that by 2020, the average person will have more conversations with bots than with their spouse:

Hopefully this is more due to AI being used in common interfaces, and not because we start migrating towards making "friends" with our mobile devices.
I want to buy a speaker to connect it to the Arduino and play some music. I've done some research and noticed that all speakers operate at least 2 W.

The Arduino offers a 5V voltage differential and 0.25 milliAmperes so machines work between 1,5*10^-4 W.

Which speakers do I have to use?
OWASP: Forgery and Phishing
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OWASP: Forgery and Phishing

Learn the techniques to avoid forgery and phishing attacks and the types of attacks an application or network may face.

I have connected 2 cables (->one from port 9 to vid cable with a 1000 Ω resistor between and second for port 7 to vid cable with a 400 Ω resistor between) and the ground pin with my rca connector's ground and I have connected my vid cable to my rca connector.

Here's the code:
#include <TVout.h>

TVout TV;

void setup() {
  // put your setup code here, to run once:


void loop() {
  // put your main code here, to run repeatedly:

TV.print_str(30,30,"Hello world");


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my screen doesn't show the message "Hello World". Am I missing something?
Well my dad has recently bought our Arduino. Yesterday I was exploring the environment I found how to save , open and open the serial monitor.

My problem is that every time I try to upload a project, an exception occurs "programmer didn't respond the command"
I've tried this for about 100-150 times but it doesn't get any better. What should I do?
Bots will shape on-demand services of tomorrow

AI chatbots for small and mid-size enterprises that require a team of 4–6 team members. Projects like that take at least 2–3 months to implement and a chatbot always just a part of a bigger system, with custom dashboards, webviews, etc. 
windows 10 laptop
I have a quick wifi connection. I do not want to plug into the router.

Sometimes google hangouts / google voice has low call quality.
instead of hearing a word. I can not understand one word in every sentence because there is a robot noise

I looked up downloading hangouts for windows 10 but can not find

Is there any way to increase call quality or is that server side (google)?
AI and machine learning humanize app development and marketing

Machine learning is being used as a marketing tool as it can access user data and gather additional insights on the users’ behavior and engagement preferences.
While artificial intelligence (AI) has been around for a while, scientists have recently made massive breakthroughs in the field of machine learning, a subfield of AI, as noted by NPR.






Robotics is the branch of technology that deals with the design, construction, operation, and application of automated machines known as robots. It also involves the computers systems for their control, sensory feedback, and information processing.

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