Sales is the act of selling something; the exchange of goods, services, or property for money. Use this topic to talk about sales cycles & funnels and sales strategy. Please do not use this topic for Marketing.

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I am concerned; I close to buy a Power 9 (IBM SYSTEM) to replace our AS400 (ISERIES).

This sales is through a business partner. We only need the equipment with the last OS and releases and also the last PTF for the that OS, we will transfer the information from the AS400 TO POWER 9.

My business partner says


This system will ship with the IBMi OS installed with the latest RS (re-spin this is a re-spin of the OS with PTF’s) level that is available at order time. This is not the latest PTF levels but it does have PTF’s already installed on the OS. The system will also ship with the latest RS level of the Program Products.  If SFNH(ME) wants to install the latest level PTF’s this also would be SFNH's(ME) responsibility, but the OS will come with some already installed.

Is this true? the equipment doesn't comes with the last PTF? so I have to pay to somebody else to apply the rest PTF's? and what about the OS release now is 7.3 have to come with that right?

Please if somebody knows about this could you please guide?

Thank you for your help
Help me to refine the code below , what is required here is that an item must be selected only ONCE from the combo account ANY second selection must be reject . The reasons for that is that the people who will be capturing a sales invoice should not be involved in double entry.

The combo Account ID is populated with only four accounts , that is revenue, discounts, VAT and Excise duty linked as ( 69,73,76 and 92 as Primary Keys), since auto selection appear to be not working ( What I mean if the invoice number is generated then the four accounts in the sub form must be populated 69,73,76 and 92) the only way is to use manual selection  such that we need to prevent several selection of one item in the combo Account ID:

Private Sub AccountID_AfterUpdate()
Dim Cancel As Integer
If (Me.AccountID = "69") Then
MsgBox "Duplicate are not allowed", vbOKOnly + vbExclamation, "Internal Audit Manager"
Cancel = True
Exit Sub
ElseIf (Me.AccountID = "73") Then
MsgBox "Duplicate are not allowed", vbOKOnly + vbExclamation, "Internal Audit Manager"
Cancel = True
Exit Sub
ElseIf (Me.AccountID = "75") Then
MsgBox "Duplicate are not allowed", vbOKOnly + vbExclamation, "Internal Audit Manager"
Cancel = True
Exit Sub
ElseIf (Me.AccountID = "76") Then
MsgBox "Duplicate are not allowed", vbOKOnly + vbExclamation, "Internal Audit Manager"
Cancel = True
Exit Sub
ElseIf (Me.AccountID = "92") Then
MsgBox "Duplicate are not allowed", vbOKOnly + …


The management want special general ledger accounts to be attached to the sales invoice automatically so that no manual selection of GL accounts can be allowed to account for the following:

(1) Sales
(2) VAT
(3) Discounts
(4) Excise Duty

Now on the main form I have created un bound controls to summaries the content of ( Sales , VAT, Discounts & Excise Duty) as you can see above , and below are the controls created on the main form to do the required summaries:

(1) txtInvoicesSales
(2) txtInvoicesVat
(3) txtSalesDuties
(4) txtsalesInviiceDiscounts

The mentioned controls above does a good job as you can see from the picture below.

Now I want help to assign both general ledger codes and the value content in the controls above , I have tried the code below it does not work , any help here will be highly appreciated

Private Sub Form_BeforeInsert(Cancel As Integer)
If (Me.Parent!txtInvoiceSales <> "") Then
Me.AccountID = 120 - 15 - 6660 And (Me.Credit = Me.Parent!txtInvoiceSales)
ElseIf (Me.Parent!txtsalesinvoiceDiscounts <> "") Then
Me.AccountID = 110 - 16 - 1004 And (Me.Debit = Me.Parent!txtsalesinvoiceDiscounts)
End If
End Sub

How do I do it?



Outlook Office 365 (2106)default holidays in calendar, Our sales staff is looking to add  (as Outlook meeting notifications do) the entire company, or the Sales team at minimum, of healthcare months and holidays such as “Heart Month”, “Doctor’s Day”, “Nurse’s Week”, etc.
How can we make these part of the Holiday used on the Outlook calendars?
I have the following two queries below. What I am attempting to do is compare my results from current production to archived data from the week prior. My goal is to compare sales by season OTSWIP and SUM of the std_cost. However when I attempt to join the two queries together my results get exaggerated. I'm not certain what I am doing wrong?

Production Query is as follows. I Receive 23 rows. Results are attached.

SELECT  cs.season ,
        cs.season_name ,
	    SUM(cs.Ext_std_cost) AS Ext_std_cost
                    c.STYLE ,
                    c.COLOR_CODE ,
                    c.LBL_CODE ,
                    c.std_cost ,
                    c.season ,
                    CASE WHEN c.season IN ( '20121', '20122', '20123', '20124',
                                            '20125', '20131', '20132', '20133',
                                            '20134', '20135', '20141', '20142',
                                            '20143', '20144', '20145', '20151',
                                            '20152', '20153', '20154', '20155',
                                            '20161', '20162', '20163', '20164',
                                            '20165', '20171', '20172', '20173',
                                            '20174', '20175', '20181', '20182',
                                            '20183', '20184', '20185', '20191',

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Hi people There!

I having problems assigning a bound control within a sub form called sfrmCostofSales subform] see the photo below . I want a control called stdcost to be updated by un bound control called txtperformance which carries special calculation for cost of sales , I tried the VBA code below , but nothing is working:

Private Sub Form_BeforeInsert(Cancel As Integer)
Me.StdCost = Forms![frmCustomerInvoice]![sfrmCostofSales subform].Form![txtPerformance]
End Sub

The parent form is called frmCustomerInvoice , could it be I'm using a wrong event.

Instead of entering calculation of cost of sales per unit manually I want this control called stdCost which is bound to the table to be update by this unbound control within the datasheete subform called sfrmCostofSales subform] which calculate the correct cost of sales

Kindly help!




I have a list of part numbers that I need to search through and compare the first two characters of the part number to another cell.  Then I have to use a multiplier in another cell in order to give a final sales price.  In the attached image I have three possible markups and a default markup.  So for Mark up 1 I want to search through column E for and part #s beginning with "45" for all those part #s I want to multiply the Costs X 1.5 and place the value in the Sale Price column G.  For Mark up 2  I want to search through column E for and part #s beginning with "S7" and for all those part #s I want to multiply the Costs X 2 and place the value in the Sale Price column G.  There is no field for Mark up 3 (for future use).  All other part numbers use a default mark up of 1.75.

I tried using VLOOKUP, but it's too limited.  I have tried to use INDEX, but can't get that to work either.

I'd appreciate any suggestions.


Need Key Word search tools

I need free tools which let me search for words that are used very often. This is for SEO, since I want a high hit rate.

What can you suggest? And what other advice can you offer on SEO? I am starting with my YouTube channel...and will use these key words in the meta-data.


I have a point of sales module within the main accounting application , now when printing it is accepting only to print on A4 Paper which is a waste of paper, I have no problem when printing ledgers but a pos receipt must come on a thermal receipt printer and paper size is about 80mm. While discusing about this yesterday someone passed the below code to me to study it and see may be it can sort out the problem. To be honest I did not understand it how it works and where to put either in the report module or a function,kindly can someone help me on this, some may have come up with this before.

(1) It appears like it first opens the report in design mode and that is where I do not understand it!

Sub sSwitchPaperSizeToLegal(rptName As String)
'The purpose of this sub is to set the page size
'for a report to legal
Const SUB_NAME$ = "sSwitchPaperSizeToLegal"
Dim DevString As str_DEVMODE
Dim DM As type_DEVMODE
Dim strDevModeExtra As String
Dim rpt As Report

'Open report in design view.
DoCmd.OpenReport rptName, acDesign 'Open report in Design view.
Set rpt = Reports(rptName)
If Not IsNull(rpt.PrtDevMode) Then
strDevModeExtra = rpt.PrtDevMode ' Get current DEVMODE structure.
DevString.RGB = strDevModeExtra
LSet DM = DevString
DM.lngFields = DM.lngFields Or DM.intPaperSize Or DM.intPaperLength Or DM.intPaperWidth
'DM.intPaperSize = 5 'legal
DM.intPaperWidth = 800 '80mm
DM.intPaperLength = 32760 '3276mm
LSet DevString = DM 'Update property.
Hi Experts out there!

I want to populate the three controls on the point of sales form automatically immediately the productID is scanned;below are the required controls:
(1) Product name
(2) QtySold
(2) Selling price

The above controls (Product Name & Selling Price) are combos,While QtySold is a number control but I want it to be assigned a number called 1 (QtySold = 1 but can be editted in case a customer is buying more than one item) here my understand is that a combo box is simply a small query from the underlying table/tables , I still think they can still be looped on the basis of the change on the productID. The business logic here is that there shall be no manual intervention here.

ProductID combo :
SELECT tblProducts.ProductID, tblProducts.ProductName
FROM tblProducts;

Slling Price Combo:
SELECT tblProducts.ProductID, tblPricing.Prices, tblProducts.ProductName, tblPricing.Changedate, tblPricing.Status
FROM tblProducts INNER JOIN tblPricing ON tblProducts.ProductID = tblPricing.ProductID
WHERE (((tblPricing.Status) Is Null Or (tblPricing.Status)<>"2"));

Kindly see how can help here


I know we have a good number of experts here and very experienced, now I need guidance on the VBA function that can retrieve the data from Json format like below:
"code": "500",
"Naration": "OK",
"declared-info": {
"Receipt-code": "3333333",
"Receipt-number": "111111",
"Customer-ID": "1025360",
"Customer-vat ": "78963102",

I hope you can see the parameters above, the VBA function when run need to grab the data from those parameters from the point of sales machine (POS). The accomplishment here is to ensure that the receipts that are created from the POS machines are not recaptured into Ms Access Application , instead they must be automated to avoid errors, this is the requirement by our client of which we do agree the concept.


Combo propertiesHi

(1) I'm almost done with the point of sales , now I want some help on the visibility of the form combo content , when I select the price in the combo it does not show on the form but it is applied to the invoice and stored very well on the invoice table , there a way to force it show also on the form . Just look at the picture below.

(2) I want also to be printing the invoice after saving on the save form below, do I have to create a second query for the current form to supply the parameters to the underlying query so that  the report invoice go to the printer immediately  after pressing print button?

Below is the actual form:

Pos form

Also combo properties
I need some help with a CASE statement.

I am looking at sales order lines and linking out to a reference table. I want the case to output 'MY STRING' If at least 1 line on the order has the value 'WILLIAMS'. Nothing output if no lines contain this value.

So far I wrote a query to return the reference, then added a count where the reference equals Williams.

Select count(ITEM) from (
    from E_ORD_D5 D5
    where D5.comp_code = 'W1' and D5.ord_num = 935373 

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Not sure how to make this part of a CASE. (of if CASE is even the best approach)
Hello :-)

I have an excel spreadsheet where there is a product code and the sales amount of that product per day. I need to take the average sales per day range for a given product. How many sales for product 01 between 10/11 and 02/12 for example.

Some idea?

The spreadsheet:
(1) I'm required to deliver the access application system in a supermaket envirnoment, now the number of cashiers will be 20 (Users) accessing the same sales accounting or tables. My application is split into backend & front end of which per user will have their own front end linked to the backend on the server.My fear here is the locking system even if all my forms show the record locks property  - No Locks, any idea how go about this?

(2) I have also experienced some issues of power failure in some clients work place, now because of the same you find in the FE folder sometime their is an extra file generated after power failure any idea how to sort out this? Though my current advice to the clients is to invest in UPSs


Example.xlsxExample.xlsxI have a spreadsheet, attached, of my prior year monthly sales, and my current YTD monthly sales.

How do I write a formula (not an array or VBS please) to compare YTD totals through this month last year, compared to this month this year?

Thank you.
I need traffic to my website. I have started with Social Media, Submitting my sites to Search Engines.

Several years ago, I studied SEO but, I have found that things have changed so much as it pertains to traffic such as Meta Tag's submissions and PPC.

I am looking to building up my traffic up to my E-commerce Websites / Aliexpress Affiliate websites.

Can you help me to build my traffic to my websites and to build my SEO?  My sites are very new in the development stages. If possible I would like free or low costing options.

Thanks in advance Experts.
I have a website that I designed with the Aliplugin.  This is it:  My website visits are about 400 visits per day with any advertising other than links on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.  I have two problems. One is the traffic and the other is that fact that no one is buying any of the affiliate products.  I have close to 19000 products on the website and can add more. I was advised by the Alipartnership to add as much product to increase my chances of indexing quickly.  I am a complete newbie and want to stop spinning my wheels on these issues. Can I get a little help on getting possible free traffic or very cheap traffic? And, I want to know how I can possibly get some one to buy something on my website to start making affiliate income?  I have had the website up going on two months. I do not want to just jump ship now based on the advise of the Aliplugin people. i'm just sayin'
How to calculate Last 2 months average sales in sql server (excluding the current month)
I have been working as a consultant for a number of years,    I have a diverse and pretty extensive background, I basically do server\desktop\network\firewall\VPN\Exchange hosting\DR\Business continuity down to desktop preventive maintenance, builds etc.. Basically whatever is needed.

One of my larger clients has concerne if I were to die where that leave them.  From day one due to my background of managing IT, and staff for companies with multiple location and being a senior IT person prior to consulting. I always put in place what I could to minimize exposure.  I do the same with the current client base.  Admin passwords are on file, all prod servers always covered by contracts with an SLA of on site in 4 hours etc.

This is a difficult one to answer.  They are under the false impression they would be safer with a larger consulting company. They will never get this level of responsiveness/expertise/service/or price.   I would love to grow the business and bring on someone else, or possibly acquire another consulting business, do I try to find a commissioned sales rep?  Or even take over accounts of a small consulting business in the area where the owner was close to retiring, but for the life of me, I am not sure how to find consulting businesses that might be for sale, or someone in a similar situation that I can trust, and would not go after our clients etc.
Surely there are other consultants on this site that are in similar situations.    If you think about it, we…
Doing a pst migration in tandem with an email migration into O365. We are using native tools so far, but with the nature of pst imports into O365, the manual process of setting up batches has been a bear to deal with. All the users are storing psts on their personal network share, so not a centralized location. Many users have multiple psts of varying sizes.  They are willing to consider a 3rd party tool to help, but there are so many out there. I haven't used any yet. Can anyone suggest what tools they have used, what they liked and disliked? Trying to make an informed decision without all the sales hype. Thanks!
I'm planning to go for Amazon FBA business & was recommended to get
Helium 10 to do analysis of sales in Amazon.

Someone told me it's almost US$200/month subscription or is it
US$200 once off?

While waiting for promo (heard sometimes there's half price), anyone
can suggest a similar freewares (that once I key in an ASIN ie Amazon
Stock I...  Number), it will list competitive products with their $ sales
turnover, profit margins (for each product), sales in terms of qty
I have now hit a brick here full time,after creating a DSN Less file and code below this works well with the same network and as long
the computer/Servername remain the same:

Driver={SQL Server Native Client 11.0};Server=Sales\SQLEXPRESS;Database=MDCAccounting;Trusted_Connection=yes;

Now our client is using his own network which is different to the one we are using or where the DSN Less was compiled as result the connection has failed even after doing the following:
(1) Installing the same Express server on their server ( This server is now called FINANCE not SALES as above)
(2) Ms Access runtime & correct ODBC on their Four work stations were all properly installed
Is there something I'm not understanding here, could it be there is need for a table relinker code? If yes do we have a sample somewhere?
I strongly believe that the fact that I'm moving the data base from one network to a diffrent customer network and server has caused this

Kindly assist with a working code if possible.
I have a new client with a light speed web filter appliance. It's currently licensed for just web filtering. Does anyone know if they also offer licensing for virus/malware filtering and detection? I am waiting for a call back from sales but this is time sensitive.

I signed up for costco membership in person at the costco store giving my united states state id.
I thought costco stored information by recording my state id number.

But when I used my costco membership number to sign up for online I was asked questions about my credit report.  
Where were you living in 1990?
a b c d choices.

In this example I am the consumer.
But I would like to be the merchant using customer state id.
Do you have examples of websites offering this service?






Sales is the act of selling something; the exchange of goods, services, or property for money. Use this topic to talk about sales cycles & funnels and sales strategy. Please do not use this topic for Marketing.