Sales is the act of selling something; the exchange of goods, services, or property for money. Use this topic to talk about sales cycles & funnels and sales strategy. Please do not use this topic for Marketing.

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Need a ticket management system for a speaking tour

I need an easy to configure ticket sales service with some basic features:

- At first I will give tickets for free
- I want to switch to charging money per ticket, with the flip of a switch
- I'd like eventually offer the first X tickets for free, then charge a fee after that the free tickets have been taken

I need to support multiple speaking dates with multiple locations

I have no merchant credit card service and need a service which combines payment processing.

I need to accept many payment methods and not require a person to have a PayPal account in order to use a Visa card.

What are some choices?

I do have a WordPress site with a WooCommerce plug-in. But I suspect I would get up and running faster if a choose a full-service website for this.

Hi Experts

I have four controls on a form as below:
1.      Total sales
2.      Cash Received
3.      Change
4.      Shortage
The shortage control will only filled in if the cash received is less than total sales , quite okay I have this VBA Code below , but I want the message part to be showing numbers or amount showing as shortage in the string as well.
If (Me.TotalSales > Me.CashReceived) Then
MsgBox “Please note that you received not enough cash for this transaction”
Cancel = True
Exit Sub
End If

Now suppose the shortage amount is $20, our business rule require that in the message the $20 should appear as well, example:
MsgBox “Please note that you have received not enough cash for this transaction, and so you have a shortage of $20, please check again”
I wanna buy a tablets for sales staff at the company to use Citrix Apps and also to track their track.

1- What are the best brands with best price.
2- These tablets must be easy to monitoring by auditing account staff.
3- Is there a mobile printer that can be connected to the tablets and what are the best types?

The user feels that the apartments they rent out have been unfairly reviewed on Google reviews.  Some of the reviews are over 5 years old. They have lots of maintenance records to support that they took care of any repair needs that the renters had, and a long history of good service.  

Is there anything they can do to remediate the old reviews? Any insight into the process of Google Reviews?

My weeks start on a Saturday and end on a Friday. In TSQL how can I return the correct quarter?

For instance if I have a weekly sum of sales that is from week '12/30/2017' is there a way to convert that value to Qtr1?
I have two tables. One Table has Weekly Sales by Store and by Week. Our week starts on a Saturday and ends on a Friday. The second table defines the week and all the dates within it.

Is there a way to use both tables so I can come up with average sales across all the different days. Sales differ by week and so the daily average would be different if spread across the days.

The use case of this dataset would be to upload it to another system that only accepts sales by day instead of week.

I have uploaded an example. Columns A-C represent the first table. Columns E-F represent the second table. Columns H-J represent the results I am looking to achieve.
I was once told that ending a sale on Sunday at 6PM PST was best for maximum prices on auctions. That meant it was 9PM EST and Sunday, the most people were browsing Ebay.

Is this true?

I find myself holding back a sale until that time each week, so I can end at the time, but this slows me down.

I have a laptop to sell, and wanted to hit the sweet spot on that.

So, I wanted to ask.

1-In the reports tab, under the monthly sales, how can I add a profit and loss for the month?
2-How to delete a completed related customer?
I'm almost finishing the point of sales application in ms access , now I have three issues:

(1) While on the form I have developed a code using Dsum that calculate the current stock balance immediately when a user select the stock code,this code give an error before the stock code selection is made , I feel like it will scare the users. The error is caused by the fact that at that point the product ID is not yet select and the code is evaluating a null value. How do I suppress this ? Otherwise the code works well.

(2) I have also tried to include a control called Quantity Sold within Dsum so that when a user punches more stock than on file it should not accept saving

((DSum("QuantityReceived","QryPurchases","[ProductID]=" &[ProductID]) - DSum("QuantitySold","QrySold","[ProductID]=" &[ProductID])) - ([Quantity Sold])) (This is housed in a control called [stock control])

Now I'm trying to attach a code to control called [Quantity Sold] which will not accepted if stock is more than what is on file.

Private Sub Before update_ Quantity Sold( Cancel as integer)
If (Stock Control < = 0) Then
MsgBox " Please check your inventory you do not have sufficient stock"
Cancel = True
Me.Quantity Sold.Setfocus
Exit Sub
End If
End Sub

The above code is giving an error it does not want to exit, where have I gone wrong????

(3) How do we format our ms application to print on pos printer? example receipt not those A4 pages????????


Trying to build a report but I am running into several issues. The first should be simple: I need to label the total field for a group of items. The group name is in the database, as an entry of 0 for a section. I have attached an example of how the database table is laid out. Basically, in the group footer with the subtotals I want to pull a record for the description where the section entry is a 0.

The second issue is more complex: I want to show previous years sales data and compare it with current year. the date selection in the report has a start date and an end date. This field is set up YYMM, like 1711 for November 2017. The record is stored as a character type though, which makes subtracting a digit difficult. I already have the report built to show current year data for whatever date range is entered, an example is attached
For Ms Access 2016 the size is 2GB, if we have 100 tables in BE how do we create 20GB space? Its just a suggestion what if we do the following:

(1) Put all related tables with referential integrity in one backed for example a sales accounting will have the following tables :
 - customers
 - Price details
 - Invoice
 - Invoice line datails
 - Products
 - Receipts/Line details
 - Credit notes/Memos
As long as the RI remain intact in blocks of 10 (Total BEs required 10)why can't an application work well, even I have not tried it , I still think that is the other way to get around  2GB limit

Any suggestion?

My current BE has 110 tables but is seating at 2.56MB while my FE is at 11.15MB which quite okay, I'm simply looking at the future, I have seen the challenges on migration , its very involving see below:


Configure SQL Server
Use the data diagram that is part of your development plan to implement the first
version of SQL Server objects, such as tables, views, and stored procedures.
Implement users, groups, and roles as needed. It is important to have these
objects in place before development starts—developers can’t work against a SQL
Server backend that isn’t there. Don’t worry about performance optimization yet,
that happens later.


Based on your development plan, staff your development team and provide the
resources necessary. Make the existing Access application available to the team
for use a benchmark or …
Are there any websites available where I can enter the VIN number for a vehicle I am interested in purchasing to determine if there are any active loans or liens against that vehicle?

I am in the market to buy a used car and would like to be able to have the piece of mind of knowing that a vehicle has been completely paid off and has no loans before I purchase it from an individual.
I live in the San Francisco, CA Bay Area and am in the process of shopping around for a recent model used vehicle.

What are some other good websites for conducting such a search besides eBay Motors and Craigslist?

I am interested in services for both local purchases and also out of state services where I might need to travel to or have the vehicle delivered to my area.
Hi I'm trying to summarize the aging of debtors , now below are important fields which i'm using:

- CDate  ( Represent the invoice post date)
- Date () ( Represent the cut off date)
- Debit ( Invoice value or receipts reversal)
- Credit (Receipts & sales returns)

Below is the code I'm using in the Expression builder of the report, by the way I have controls on the page footer as follow:

- 30 Days  60 days  90 days 120 days

Code:    IIF(DateDiff( Cdate,Date()) Between 1 and 30,Sum(([Debit]-[Credit])),Null)

but it is giving me an error ,where I'm going wrong ? this is a sure way of ageing a customer statement without disturbing the detailed report.


Someone has offered to sell me a used vehicle using eBbay motors.

This person is out of state and says that the car will be shipped at no cost to me in California and that I will them have 5 days to evaluate the vehicle and return if it I so choose.

I am going to be getting an invoice emailed to me within the next few days and the vehicle will then be shipped to me.

However, in the meantime I would like to do further research.

This vehicle will be shipped 1500 miles to me. In order for me to purchase it it will need to pass the California smog check so it can be registered to me.

I will also be taking this car to my mechanic to have it checked out to make sure everything is OK with it.

If there are any problems like it can't pass smog, needs to have repairs done so it will pass smog, or if my mechanic finds any issues with it I need to be sure I will be getting most of my money back from eBay motors if I choose to return this vehicle.

Please provide me with the URL address that explains eBay motors' policy for these things.
It seams like again , there is no way out here for adding the macro that run the forms & reports , what I'm trying to say is like below:

If I create a macro that open the sales order form and I call it " RunMyMacro" , then in XML it will look like below:

<button id="RunMyMacro" label="Run My Macro" onAction="MyMacro"/>

Now my question is suppose I have 100 forms in my application , then it means again that all those form must have macros like above if they are to be opened, for example:

(1) We use forms to open parameter queries  and
(2) Data capturing

Unless I'm missing the point here , is there way out to simply use one line command to open forms???????????


I am working with a small group of sales people and we'd like to divide commissions in thirds for each of us. But I see this would mean we'd need some corporate entity to manage this. But that is not the reason for my question on EE.

What systems exist for dividing commissions? I see this as a potentially complex process to manage.

Are there systems that can be licensed or used online to manage this for me?

I use a Mac, so any non-web app would require Mac support.

Account receivable statement

I have the three tables below as part of sales invoicing:
TblCustomer invoice
Cbo Customer ID (FK)
Cbo Receipts ID (FK) (Used for referencing advance payments)
Salesman (FK) (Used for commission accounting)
Ship Date
Tbl (Line details (Sub table to tbl customer)

Cbo Customer ID (FK)
Cbo Invoice Number
Receipts Dates

To match the payments I will pull the correct invoice through the Cbo Invoice Number in receipt table
Now before using the cross tab query to create the aged analysis I want the invoices to netted off with payments at either union query level or at select query or is there a better way to create an aged analysis, for sure four tables are required.
(a)      Customer table
(b)      Customer invoice/Line details tables
(c)      Receipts table

Any idea here will be highly appreciated.

(1)      One invoice can be paid by 4 receipts or more (How do we allocate to the invoice concerned????)


I am trying to organize a direct selling team, and hope to track down some tried and true selling techniques. But, in today's world, these must involve a discussion of cold calling, texting, using warm-leads, emailing, using Desktop Sharing, etc. (The CRM we use may be Pipeline)

I presume this is a space (Sales Training) that's cluttered with experts, so I hope to learn which ones should be used first and foremost on our list.


Hi there! I'm trying to work on a pricing project and how much a product will lift in sales based off a certain % off. Right now, as you'll see attached, I have an item, and a price, plus an ideal % off. I need to round that % down and look to an uplift table what the lift to sales would be. Does anyone know how to do this?

Let me know if you have any questions! Thank you!!!!
We want to disable some standard components from Dynamics 365 for Sales including Leads, Quotes and Products.

How should we remove these buttons from the ribbon menu to stop users from accessing them?

Best Regards

What is the best way for emailing to large group of people and also free (if possible).
For control purpose I was thinking that, if  a sales tax invoice is approved in the application then it should never be reprinted again the same way we do not allow the approved sales invoice not to be deleted. I know we can still delete unapproved invoice but once approved it is locked , now I want to do the same with reprinting:

(1) I'm thinking of designing a VBA code like below:

Dim Cancel as Interger
IF " approved" = Dlookup(" Status", " tblCustomerInvoices"," [InvoiceID] = " &Me.CboInvoiceID) Then
MsgBox " Please note that approved invoices cannot be reprinted"
Cancel = True
Exit Sub
End If

Can the above code stop the printing  or are there better ways of doing it , any suggestion is very welcome

I have not yet tried the code, I can clearly state here that the code is my own thinking in term of financial internal controls

By the way assuming it is okay which event should I place it on a form used to print the invoices



i want to put in a variable th sum of sales.

var myvariable =
SUMMARIZE('Internet Sales'
,"Internet Sales",'Internet Sales'[Internet Total Sales])

i am just getting error from SQL server management studio.
Thanks for your help
Hello - we have a handful of new excel spreadsheets that were created for our company by another consultant company to be used by our sales force to use for running pricing scenarios and finding sales volume figures.  the spreadsheets are very large - about 10MB.  When a user is local to the domain network here and they open one of these spreadsheets, they work fine.  But when a user who is remote to the network opens one of these spreadsheets on their laptop, everything becomes very slow, until they close the spreadsheet.  Is this an AD / VPN thing?  or what?







Sales is the act of selling something; the exchange of goods, services, or property for money. Use this topic to talk about sales cycles & funnels and sales strategy. Please do not use this topic for Marketing.