Sales is the act of selling something; the exchange of goods, services, or property for money. Use this topic to talk about sales cycles & funnels and sales strategy. Please do not use this topic for Marketing.

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I have a tbl w  rep name, sale date, sale amt and annual goal amt.  The goal amt is determined by mgmt.

I want to create a subreport for a Weekly Report (already designed) where by entering the rep name and week ending date pulls up detailed weekly stats for given rep.  The qry will be the basis for a subreport placed in the rep header.  I THOUGHT I could add bound text boxes, labels in the header portion of the report (not sure if describing accurately), but can't figure that one out, or if it's possible, or if it's even the best way.

I just learned how to place a subreport into a report in my last visit here.

Thank you for any assistance.
I would like some help to search for codes ("strings"), represented by columns in a table, returning a number found in this table corresponding to the correct month (rows) for the given code(s). In my example I have given two columns of codes but it could be three or even four columns of codes I am looking to sum based on the correct monthly value contained in the table.

See attached file.

Thanks for your help!
i have YTD  sales figures  month wise which is accumulating in every month  with  incremental ., i just want to calculate monthly sales figures . please advise any formula or method to calculate.

Jan             Feb             Mar              Apr
0.379      1.126      2.65      3.394

IT Sales person asked me to explain 32 and 64 bit (I was buying Win 10 Pro)

Is this a good explanation  ....

Win 64 versus 32.

64 bit can read memory greater than 4 gig.

Beware - But not all hardware is geared up 64 bit and you cant install 64 SW on it  (usually a lot of consumer kit is 32 bit but some is 64)

Tell customer to refer to the Spec of the hardware and let them decide.  

Thanks ...
I have created a report which runs from a query in our ERP system.
This is driven by sales order numbers, part numbers and sales order line numbers.
I have created a Group Header that displays all the operations used for a given part number.
This can be variable depending on the number of operations required.
Whichever 'size' this data is, I need to copy this to display on a separate page and have created a group footer for this.
However the group footer only displays the 'headings' and the last operation details only.

I am new to CR and we are using CR2012
Can anyone help/point me in the right direction please?

Thanks in advance of any assistance,

I use QuickBooks for my business. I have a report in QB for my P&L that I can download into excel. In one column (Col A) I have the individual line items. These line items have a QB reference number (eg 4201) followed by a user field describing the line item. Col B is the value associated with the line item.
             Col A                         Col B
Row 1  4200 Food                0
Row 2  4201 Credit card     $10,000
Row 3  4202 Cash sales      $20,000
Row 4  Total 4200 Food      =B2+B3

Cell B4 has a formula in it.

I want to construct a spreadsheet where in the column A I can put the QB ref and in column B I can "lookup" the value associated with that line item eg:
             Col A       Col B
Row 1  4200       0
Row 2  4201      $10,000
Row 3  4202      $20,000

Where in B1 I pickup any number under "4200" but not the "Total 4200 ..." cell.

What formula do I need to put in Col B to extract the "correct" values pls?

Now imagine columns B, C, D, E ... all have different numbers in them corresponding to different dates. So in Col B I need a formula for line item "4200" that is NOT "4200 Total" and corresponds to the correct month.
So we have a website and we have several products. The layout of the product descirotions, overall looks do not seem to be very professional looking and can be revamped.

The question is, who is best suited to come up with the right looks?  Is this a web designer, markerter, UI, or is there a special field?  we are trying to see whom we need to hire that would give us the best possible candidate.
I am looking for a query that will do the following:-

I have a Customer John and a Salesman Mike in my sales table such that John buys 6 different items (laptop, tablet, shredder, stapler) from salesman Mike..   The query result will look like this:

Customer                        Salesman                    Products
------------                         --------------                   -------------
John                                Mike                            Laptop
John                                Mike                            Tablet
John                                Mike                             Shredder
John                                Mike                             Stapler

I want to be able to have the results as follows (only showing the occurrence of John and Mike once only as follows

Customer                        Salesman                    Products
------------                         --------------                   -------------
John                                Mike                            Laptop

Is this do-able ?
Crystal Reports Version 8.5
Backend is SQL Server
First, I'm using this old version of Crystal to modify a document bundled in a application that uses the older version.  Modifying the document with a newer version is not viable.

I have a check box option on the user sales order screen that is null when the sales order is created.  If there is a credit concern the user can click a check box on a field labeled "Check Balance" and save.  I need this action to result in the "Check Balance" string to print on the order form.  If the check box value has never been checked it remains null.  If the check box is checked, saved, and later unchecked, and saved the value is updated to False.  If the check box value is Null or False I need the conditional print of values from a list of settable values.  I don't have a problem getting the "Check Balance" to print and have had the formula working properly when the Check Balance field is null.  My problem shows up when the field is checked/unchecked causing the field value to update to False.  No doubt its simple for the experts here but I've made a number of passes and need direction.

This formula works as long as {SalesOrderAcknowledgment.ORDERS.O.USER_4}  is True or Null.  When {SalesOrderAcknowledgment.ORDERS.O.USER_4} = False I get no print.

Is there a free, online service that shows what keywords a company is using and an estimation how much the word is PPC?
I'm working on an SSRS report which I'm extracting sales data for different item classes. I have the body of the report complete. I need to create a parameter drop down to either report on sales by week to date, month to date or year to date.  I would rather provide a drop down instead of a start and end parameter where the user has to select specific dates. I"m not sure where to begin to develop the query and where to insert it on the SSRS report (maybe a 2nd dataset?) If so how do I link the 2nd dataset of the date calculation to the drop down parameter list?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks..

Dear All,

Please tell us the company where can provide the WiFi Router device including GPON and this device supports OpenWRT, that means, we can put the OpenWRT into this device.

Please give us the information for this issue.

Thanks in advance,
I want to display scrolling text on the video, but so far, using QuickTime, the text seems jumpy.

Is QuickTime the wrong tool?

I will have a speaker reading that text, as it scrolls, and will scroll the text at the speed of a reading.

What options do I have to display this text? I only can think of scrolling the text upwards so the words being spoken are roughly in the center of the screen.

Any other ideas?

I am considering a fund raiser landing page. I have heard that a video drives higher conversions than a text web page that requires users to read the text.

What kinds of data supports this argument that a video is a better choice?
I have a WP site and need a quick to code landing page. This is for a fund raiser and needs:

First part to show what I am raising money for.
1) At the moment, it appears I needs a descriprtion about 3 pages of text (in Word 12 point font).
2) I need a place for them to select the donation amount
I imagine something with radio buttons like:

(*) $5.00
(  ) $10.00
(  ) $25.00
(  ) $50.00
(  ) $100.00
(  ) Other amount [               ]


with a button. I will connect this to PayPal so the amount selected goes right into the PayPal window.

I need to have this coded by a guy who does WordPress, OR the better choice is to get a Wordpress Plug-In, OR some outside service that I use to create this landing page.


What are the critical functional elements to making a landing page drive visitors to make a donation?

I have used Ebay to sell items but create the listing by hand. What capabilities does Ebay have for me to insert a large number of items to auction, but do so from a database of items?

I assume this means using their API, if they have one.

Please let me know.

I need to display my portfolio of retail products which I have made over my entire career and display it via the web. Many products will have one or more pictures, while some will not.

What is the easiest was to do this?

I wold surely rather not create the site for this and strongly prefer using LinkedIn, Facebook or other tool that insulates me from coming anything.


I had this question after viewing Have issues with Query MySQL.

I have the query working but now we have a new problem to solve.  

" I have to select Customers for example location 1953, that went to other locations and never came back to the originating (home location)"

The tables that I have to work are Sales, Locations, Customers.  
TableSales Contains: LocationID, CustomerID, and all the sales dates(ClosedOrderDate) for the CustomerID
Table Locations: Contains Locations ID and Location Name
Table Customers contains CustomersID, Location ID, for the customers

To facilitate the search for the last date the customer came to the "Home Location" I created a table called Sales2, where I keep the following
LastVisitDate (this is the last Visit to the Home Location)

The result Im expecting is: The # of Distinct Customers that go from Home Location (1953) to each of the other 80 Locations

HomeLocation        NotHomeLocation     # of Customers
1953                             3272-NewYork2          4
1953                             3922-NewYork3          6
1953                             28900-NewJersey1     10
The results Im getting are:
HomeLocation        NotHomeLocation     # of Customers
1953                             3272-NewYork2          1
1953                             3272-NewYork2          1
1953           …
I have 3 tables:
first is a dates table which contains years,months, dates etc.. (eg; contains date info from year 2000 to year 2020)
second is a Historical sales table which contains sales data from yearmonth of first product sale to the current yearmonth
third is a Forecast sales table, which contains future/forecasted sales data.

I run a query from the  Historical sales table and it shows me sales records eg; from 201501 to 201611 (yearmonth)
I run a query from the  Forecast sales table and it shows me sales records eg; for 201702

My question is, what kind of query will I need to "fill-in-the-gaps" in the overall date range?
ie; the query should provide a combined Historical and Forecast sales range which starts at 201501 and ends at 201702 (and includes blank or zero values for the "missing" months of 201612, 201701)

Hi There!

I am trying to find  a bit of software we can load on-prem, which will serve 5-10 people, which is basically a little intranet.
1) Must work on-premise
2) Be able to create pages where links to suppliers sites etc, ideally simply controlling who can see which pages inside the intranet so admin team can see different sites to sales for example
3) Link to documents

Ideally might have wiki functionality
Ideally might integrate with AD

Something simple, easy to use and cheap/free if possible.
I am considering making a set of training videos, but only if I can profit from the effort.

I have heard the website Udemy allows me to post a video and charge money for it. Are there others?

My topic is political and would probably be removed due to not being politically correct, UNLESS they use the YouTube model of very little (or not) censorship.

I would love if a video could be "pay as you go". The longer you watch, the more you pay.

Have you heard of that?
Systems such as groupme and wiggio allow people to broadcast text and/or email notifications to people that join or are added to conversations.

The above systems work great as long as I take on the responsibility of adding the users to the group notifications individually. However, I want to put the "subscribe to notification" responsibility in the hands of the potential attendee.

Assistance in finding a notification system that would allow this is greatly appreciated.
Your help is needed to build a function to recalculate the percentages so that it adds up to 100%.
For example if I have a list of records like:
SalesId Sales($) Percentage
1            1252        33.33
2            1248        33.33
3            1250        33.33

List size 3 to 20 items, sales could have any value > 0. The records are stored in a List<SaleDetails> object.
Because of normal rounding the percentage  total does not add up to 100%. Sample above is 99.99%.
Your answer should look like below:
SalesId Sales($) Percentage
1            1252        33.34
2            1248        33.33
3            1250        33.33
P.S.  Example above shows fix on highest value, but the adjustment(s) could be done to any or all of them.
Disclaimer: Ideally we need to create the "Illusion" that  percentage total adds up to 100%. User request.

Hi Team,

Need help on the below query . I attached the excel sheet which contains the data and the expected output.  For the requirement in the excel sheet , I have written the below query , I need help on other best alternatives of writing the below query , since the fact  table contains millions of rows.

Requirement for the data in the excel sheet:
Write a parameterized SQL query to find which store made highest sales of ‘Iphone-6’ till end of Oct-2016 as per the given format in ‘Expected Result’.FACT_SALES’ has millions of records, hence expecting the SQL query is fine-tuned and shouldn’t be give any performance issues.

below is the query i have written for the above requirement, any help in this regard is really appreciated.

With sales_data as (
fs.store_id, fs.prod_id , fs.zone_id,sum(qty_sold) qty_sold,
dense_rank() over (order by max(qty_sold) desc ) rk
from fact_sales fs  INNER JOIN DIM_PROD dp on (dp.prod_id=fs.prod_id)
where to_Char(fs.sale_date,'MON-YYYY') <=  to_char(to_date('&1','YYYYMMDD'),'MON-YYYY')
and dp.prod_name='&2'
group by fs.store_id, fs.prod_id , fs.zone_id
Select dp.prod_name, ds.store_name , dz.zone_code , sd.qty_sold * dp.Unit_Price_Rs HIGHEST_SALE ,(dp.Unit_Price_Rs * (sd.qty_sold * dp.Unit_Price_Rs)) Total_Unit_Price_Rs
from sales_data sd
JOIN DIM_STORES ds on (ds.store_id=sd.store_id and ds.zone_id=sd.zone_id)
JOIN DIM_ZONE dz on (dz.zone_id=ds.zone_id)
JOIN DIM_PROD dp on (dp.prod_id=sd.prod_id)
where rk=1;

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Like if you could print on a NCR thermal printer from a word document?






Sales is the act of selling something; the exchange of goods, services, or property for money. Use this topic to talk about sales cycles & funnels and sales strategy. Please do not use this topic for Marketing.