Sales is the act of selling something; the exchange of goods, services, or property for money. Use this topic to talk about sales cycles & funnels and sales strategy. Please do not use this topic for Marketing.

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I am considering making a set of training videos, but only if I can profit from the effort.

I have heard the website Udemy allows me to post a video and charge money for it. Are there others?

My topic is political and would probably be removed due to not being politically correct, UNLESS they use the YouTube model of very little (or not) censorship.

I would love if a video could be "pay as you go". The longer you watch, the more you pay.

Have you heard of that?
Systems such as groupme and wiggio allow people to broadcast text and/or email notifications to people that join or are added to conversations.

The above systems work great as long as I take on the responsibility of adding the users to the group notifications individually. However, I want to put the "subscribe to notification" responsibility in the hands of the potential attendee.

Assistance in finding a notification system that would allow this is greatly appreciated.
Your help is needed to build a function to recalculate the percentages so that it adds up to 100%.
For example if I have a list of records like:
SalesId Sales($) Percentage
1            1252        33.33
2            1248        33.33
3            1250        33.33

List size 3 to 20 items, sales could have any value > 0. The records are stored in a List<SaleDetails> object.
Because of normal rounding the percentage  total does not add up to 100%. Sample above is 99.99%.
Your answer should look like below:
SalesId Sales($) Percentage
1            1252        33.34
2            1248        33.33
3            1250        33.33
P.S.  Example above shows fix on highest value, but the adjustment(s) could be done to any or all of them.
Disclaimer: Ideally we need to create the "Illusion" that  percentage total adds up to 100%. User request.

Hi Team,

Need help on the below query . I attached the excel sheet which contains the data and the expected output.  For the requirement in the excel sheet , I have written the below query , I need help on other best alternatives of writing the below query , since the fact  table contains millions of rows.

Requirement for the data in the excel sheet:
Write a parameterized SQL query to find which store made highest sales of ‘Iphone-6’ till end of Oct-2016 as per the given format in ‘Expected Result’.FACT_SALES’ has millions of records, hence expecting the SQL query is fine-tuned and shouldn’t be give any performance issues.

below is the query i have written for the above requirement, any help in this regard is really appreciated.

With sales_data as (
fs.store_id, fs.prod_id , fs.zone_id,sum(qty_sold) qty_sold,
dense_rank() over (order by max(qty_sold) desc ) rk
from fact_sales fs  INNER JOIN DIM_PROD dp on (dp.prod_id=fs.prod_id)
where to_Char(fs.sale_date,'MON-YYYY') <=  to_char(to_date('&1','YYYYMMDD'),'MON-YYYY')
and dp.prod_name='&2'
group by fs.store_id, fs.prod_id , fs.zone_id
Select dp.prod_name, ds.store_name , dz.zone_code , sd.qty_sold * dp.Unit_Price_Rs HIGHEST_SALE ,(dp.Unit_Price_Rs * (sd.qty_sold * dp.Unit_Price_Rs)) Total_Unit_Price_Rs
from sales_data sd
JOIN DIM_STORES ds on (ds.store_id=sd.store_id and ds.zone_id=sd.zone_id)
JOIN DIM_ZONE dz on (dz.zone_id=ds.zone_id)
JOIN DIM_PROD dp on (dp.prod_id=sd.prod_id)
where rk=1;

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Like if you could print on a NCR thermal printer from a word document?
Dear ,

I hope you are doing great

I have a small problem I hope to find a solution for the purpose of facilitating the work, I have two product A&B and there quantities available  for sales in the store , the quantities categorized according batch no .

As well,  I have information about what are the expected quantities of sales on monthly basis  of each product.

Now I need a formula to help in the distribution of the quantities  by months according  forecast sales and  When the quantities of  batch  ends  jumping  to the quantities from the next batch  to make up the shortfall.

For more clarification i have enclosed my exercise , Please see the attached

Your  cooperation is highly appreciated

I am actually trying to tackle three related problems related to reporting of sales figures.

1. Individual users need to post their individual numbers, so how can I have a form that relates just to their numbers?  
2. These daily numbers need to be summed into a total.
3. The daily totals need to be summed into monthly, quarterly and annual totals.  Want to display all of those in Power BI.

Would a separate list for each user solve #1?  How would I create the totals for both #2 and #3?

BTW, this is all for SP online.
I need some free (or cheap) Mac or Web tool that lets me manage contacts, and then creates a todo list each day, for days when I have follow-up.

I guess in the same genre as a sales tool like SaleForce. But much much simpler and preferably free.


I have a product launch tonight, and just bought glass 32 pound paper and have a fast color laser waiting to start printing.

I have product described on my website, but need some pointers on the format people typically respond to on a one page color flyers.

- Bullet points save time, for sure
- a big title
- a sub-title
- a color image of the product
- some detailed text
- a summary

- price and how to buy

Any suggests formats?

a sample PDF would be great

I have a WordPress site with WooCommerce with a working connection to my merchant PayPal account. But I have an online service I am selling through PayPal and hosting on my WordPress site, and my Indian developer can not debug the PayPal portion since he does not have a PayPal account.

He says PayPal is not available in India. Is this true?

I was shocked!

He has a company with 50 developers, so there is not question he could qualify.

Is there PP in India? If so, please give me a link whee ha can get one.

What other options do I have?

I do have the username and passwords for my PayPal Sandbox for both the facilitator and buyer sandbox accounts, so that could help.


I had a WordPress/WooCommerce site set up for me and have done some of the blog and page preparation. So I feel okay working with the Dashboard. But I need to create a new product with a new outbound confirmation email, and can not find where to start.

I am okay adding a new product (I think) and there are a few variants of emails that go out, based on what they purchase. I can not find them on the dashboard. And I do not know how to link them in with the product purchased.

Please give me some pointers.

I have an online game I will charge $9.99 for an unlimited license. I have a WordPress site that uses WooCommerce as the store front.

It's easy for me to add a new product to my list of products, and to embed the online game into WordPress. How do I authenticate the user before enabling them to play the game?

If they pass a URL to a friend, that URL NEEDS to fail. It they pass their username and password to a friend, then play, I WOULD LIKE that also to fail.


I say Free, but wold pay $29. I need to tele-market to the media and need a program that can have list of follow-ups calls I need to make, once I have filled it with calls I will have made.

What tools are there for this?

I am a Mac user so this must work on a Mac OS, or via browser.

I have an urgent press announcement I need to get out by Wednesday and need to find a database of email addresses of radio stations, television stations and other media.

Where can I find this database? Any free ones?

I would spend a small amount if the data were more current.

I see there are very low cost CRM solution using Open Source. How about with Multi-Level-Marketing?

The cost threshold for MLM seems steep. But it cold be interesting if there were another low cost entry point, like there seems to be with CRM.

Survey Monkey is affordable enough and feature rich enough to enable me to make the kinds of surveys I will be needing. I plan on starting with NO CRM on day 1 since I need to quickly empower thousands of sales people to start knocking on doors. I want to charge a subscription fee of $10 / month to have continued access to these surveys.

Is this possible with Survey Monkey?

Must the surveys be hosted on Survey Monkey?

Can I host them myself and thereby restrict access?

Is there a way to configure Survey Monkey to block/unblock access to the surveys for a given user?


The $10/month is a key part of how I will create and update these surveys to make them better, and to offer support to those in need of help.

I need a super low cost CRM that seriously costs me about $1/month/user. The lowest I have seen is $8/month/user. So, I thought I'd use open source.

I was sent to and there see plenty of open source downloads but really would not put the time into testing any demo until I understood the total cost.

I hope to have thousands and maybe tens of thousands of salesmen. How does this impact the cost?

I still do not have my arms around this problem to even see if a CRM exists for me.

I can't figure out my cost if I have two users who create surveys, perhaps thousands of salesmen walking around with smart phones serving up my surveys to hundreds to thousands of users.

I have no idea how the pricing works, so can someone help?

I look at this list and see what I thought were low prices, but I thought "users" were admins. I expect to have thousands of sales people, maybe 10,000 even, paying perhaps a $10/month fee. And most of that fee needs to go to cover my management costs, not the costs of my CRM service.

I guess I just don't get the pricing. Are salesmen users? If so, only this one works:

Even Really Simple Systems costs $8 per user.

I seriously think I need that open source option where all I need to do is host it. Sugar, the predecessor to SugarCRM. Please tell me about that one. And is it difficult to support it?

Can any of these help me?

I need to send people out into the field to talk to people, collect information and I do not want to code anything on the website my (if possible) and find a few big obstacles are solved with:

1) Survey Monkey
2) Google Maps

But I need some tool where sale people can:

1) Register
2) Log in / Log out
3) Get provided addresses to visit
4) Add new accounts
5) Have a way to provide feedback and information on certain accounts

What web tools can do this without an programming?

I included Saleforce, but do not expect to be spending any money on this. I am sure Salesforce is to much money and to much complexity.


Open Source alternatives to Salesforce?
I launched my site and product today, and need to find affiliates to promote my URL and my product. I have a WordPress site, and can get whatever plug-in I need.

How do I go about making my site ready for affiliate marketing? What exactly is that?

Do I create a URL for them with a discount code embedded? And then pay them a commission on sales?

If so, what are the usual commissions?

I want this service but do not have $300 as an annual fee.

My media guy has trouble with MailChimp, finding a way to do the automation and integration of the emails for sign-ups, using only free tools.

Any goo alternatives? Once I get a rate, I would consider the $300, but want to get the first few mailing out.

In the recent past, I had a Node enveloper create me a website and customize the javascript to enable site visitors to purchase monthly subscriptions for a service I offered. This "handshake" with PayPal required me to configure the service on PayPal. But now I have a WordPress site using WooCommerce, and my products are more conventional.

I sell a:
1) book
2) book as PDF
3) a deck of cards

Do I need to configure PayPal for these products? I suspect that regarding the Node site, since the user could select to make the service repeat monthly, I needed to manage this service through PayPal. And I right?

My WordPress developer says the sandbox sales worked, but I never shared the root password for PayPal. This makes sense to me if selling a book does not require that book to be listed in PayPal.

Please tell me your thoughts.

We have a digital product that we are marketing to unemployed workers.

The states don't like to give these out for the purpose of selling to those people which is understandable.

Where could I purchase such a list?
Hello Experts -

A previous expert was able to help me generate the below query that will look for all the stores in our company and display data that adds two separate years together.

I understand the logic, yet, I am having an issue trying to manipulate the query in such a way where I get the query to give me totals of items I need.

For instance, I want the query to be modified to pull a sum of all sales from 2015 and also 2016. Along with that I would like to do a average of sales.

I have included a picture of the data results along with the query itself below. I know that in the outer select query I am supposed to remove the store_Num, store_UIN, and store_Name so that it does not group by or display that data. I just want a sum of all sales, averages and % change, I can figure out the rest.

SET @begJan = '01/01/2016'
SET @endJan = '01/31/2016'
SET @begJanPrev = '01/01/2015'
SET @endJanPrev = '01/31/2015'

  st.store_Num AS [Store Num],
  st.store_UIN as [Store Code],
  st.store_Name as [Store Name],
  FORMAT((r1.Sales),'C','en-us') AS [Sales PY],
  FORMAT((r2.Sales),'C','en-us') AS [Sales CYTD],
  FORMAT(((r2.Sales - r1.Sales)/ (r1.Sales)), 'P', 'en-us') AS [y/y change in % Sales],
  FORMAT((ISNULL(r2.Sales,0) - ISNULL(r1.Sales,0)), 'C','en-us') AS [SalesTotalDifference],
  r1.CarCnt AS [Car Count PY],
  r2.CarCnt AS 

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Sales is the act of selling something; the exchange of goods, services, or property for money. Use this topic to talk about sales cycles & funnels and sales strategy. Please do not use this topic for Marketing.