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Sales is the act of selling something; the exchange of goods, services, or property for money. Use this topic to talk about sales cycles & funnels and sales strategy. Please do not use this topic for Marketing.

We have finally configured our general sales accounting in Ms Access VBA with the serial port gadget by ensuring that the data received from the gadget confirming the signing of sales invoices is  saved in a note pad text file. Then use that saved to update the invoice table manually with the help of an update form on the screen shoot below:


Initially we wanted that data that is saved in the note pad attached below to be saved into the invoice table automatically , now because of the hex characters which I have failed to remove at response time so that only the Json format remain has rendered the Json parsing impossible:

The original VBA code that does the job is below, the problem comes with the actual POS , the current method can make the people wait in ques for too ,if we are to implement the current system of imputing the five mandatory parameters manually:

(1) ESD Time
(2) TerminalID
(3) InvoiceCode
(4) InvoiceNumber
(5) Fiscal Code

Private Sub CmdPosJsons_Click()
    Dim db As DAO.Database
    Dim rs As DAO.Recordset
    Dim fld As DAO.Field
    Dim qdf As DAO.QueryDef
    Dim prm As DAO.Parameter
    Dim root As Dictionary
    Dim transaction As Dictionary
    Dim transactions As Collection
    Dim item As Dictionary
    Dim items As Collection
    Dim Tax As Collection
    Dim i As Long
    Dim Z As Integer
    Dim j As Long
    Dim t As Long
    Dim itemCount As Long
    Dim taxCount As Long
    Dim strTaxes As 

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I need help to parse the Json data received from the serial gadget into my Ms Access data base table called ("tblEfdReceiptsPOS") so that, that data can be used for further sales invoices processing that will finally meet tax specification.
At first, I was getting error 1046 from the gadget which I have finally fixed it by editing the highlighted data by the gadget to the correct data.
Now when processing the received data in both the Json & hex format like below I’m not able to put that data into the table mentioned above by using an update query. That is where you help is required.
I have also attached the sample data base so that you can see how the data is being processed and make an informed decision.
Please note the following:
(1)      All double entry systems, financial statements & other essential report have been delinked to avoid confusion.
Example of the correct format for the sent data to the gadget see below, the data received from gadget is in the same format as below:

0000 =  1A 5D 02 00 00 03 5B 7B 0D 0A 20 20 20 22 50 6F | ..]........[{....   "Po
0010 =  73 56 65 6E 64 6F 72 22 3A 20 22 4E 65 63 74 6F | sVendor": "Necto
0020 =  72 20 50 72 69 6D 65 20 41 63 63 6F 75 6E 74 69 | r Prime Accounti
0030 =  6E 67 20 53 6F 6C 75 74 69 6F 6E 73 22 2C 0D 0A | ng Solutions",....
0040 =  20 20 20 22 50 6F 73 53 6F 66 74 56 65 72 73 69 |    "PosSoftVersi
0050 =  6F 6E 22 3A 20 22 32 2E 30 2E 30 2E 31 22 2C 0D | on": "",..
0060 =  0A 20 20 20 22 50 6F 

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Hello Experts,
Finally getting around to splitting our company's Access dBase that functions as our ERP system (customers, products, orders, etc.).  The process seems pretty straightforward but I have a few questions.

It's my understanding that I will be able to create different front ends with this split database.  I will need to create a front end for sales (2 computers), one front end for production operators (2 computers), one front end for engineers (6 computers), and a front end for me (everything).  Some of the forms/queries will be needed at all stations, for example,  (f-WorkHours).  Other forms will be group specific (Sales: f-Customers, Engineering: f-PartSpecifications, or Production Operators: f-Throughput).  

We have ~ 45 current forms, 30 reports, and 80 queries in our current database.   What's the best way to manage this undertaking so that I support:
1) group changes (the ability to deliver timely and consistent f.e. changes to an entire group of users), and
2) revision flexibility (the ability to rev a single query or a form, say, f-customers) that might be used by one or all groups?

Thanks in advance.
I am setting up a Google Forms questionnaire to collect menu choices for a group evening meal. We are expecting 100 to 120 guests so menu choices have to be pre-selected.

I currently have it setup that you have to submit a separate form for each person attending the meal and am using a party organiser name to group the results together.

As it will be mostly families that are completing the form it would be great if one person could complete the form with a list of names and then each individual's menu choices. I would expect each family group to be less than 10 but wouldn't want to apply a restriction just in case.

There would be some basic questions, party organiser name, email etc and then would be great if it could flow as:
Guest 1, add menu choices
Add another Guest or Submit
Guest 2, add menu choices
Add another Guest or submit
etc etc

I have looked at the various templates and I notice in Google forms there are various Add-Ons that can be enabled but haven't found one that does this. Does anyone know of one that does?

Current setup generates a spreadsheet with a list of the choices which I can easily summarise for submitting to the venue.

I could set it up with pre-determined number of guests but I don't believe that would generate the summary sheet like I currently have and I have to make a decision on how many guests per submission, too few and the person completing still has to complete multiple submissions, too many and the person completing …
which you recommend best and free online web domain name inernational sales web site?
I would like to reference the Primary key on the continuous long summary report on my VBA code see below so that I get the correct results per total. The report was combined using domain functions, there is no ISSUE here in terms of performance all is perfect even if there are huge queries to do the actual calculations

The report has grouped sales data for each salesman coming from un related tables & queries, thanks the domain functions has helped to construct this report accurately and with quality performance.

I want now to have the final total for all salesmen, but if I reference the subtotal per each salesman, it only picks the value for the first salesman throughout, that is why I want to reference the primary which is based from the salesmen table and visible on the report. On the report I’m using this code below onload event:
VBA Code
Me.txtsalestotal = Me.finalTotal

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I'm putting the code above behind the report , but it keeps on picking the same value for one salesman to all salesmen, that i why a primary key referencing is required here.

I think if I can be helped to know how to reference the primary key ( which is Visible on the report) on the above code, then it will sort out this problem for good.

I have a customer that asks me this:
He has a team of workers sending and receiving mail from a single mailbox (i.e. info@contoso.com).  The customer requests, however, that indiviudal empolyees be identifiable to the receiver by the sender name, which shoud appear like this:
Contoso Inc. Sales - Ralph Scharping <info@contoso.com>
Contoso Inc. Services - John Doe <info@contoso.com>

Is this feasable with on-board-tools of Exchange and Outlook or Office365?
I told him no, but he does not believe me.

I'll receive a sales call in 40 minutes from godaddy, concerning 'godaddy web services.'
It was unexpected, but I set it up, cause I knew I could ask EE if there's any chance it's worth getting?
I know Amazon web Services is recommendable, and Godaddy is for light-wight stuff.
I had a blog 8 years ago that seemed capable/ adequate - broke Adsense payment barrier.

Can Godaddy do what I'll need for an online phone game, EVEN an un-intense traffic eg like wordscapes.io or Drag 'n merge or words w friends or Candy Crush? are they un-intense? But, how about slither.io? Could I start off small? Is godaddy mainly for websites?

On receiving data from a Json format from the RS 232 COM, I seem to have some a bit of a challenge, I have no problem in sending
(1)      I’m not sure at what point the received data (In Json string) from the gadget will  looped into  or iterated until passed through the table , I cannot see the actual connection here, my maths does not seem to balance. Kindly see if you can spot something here.
Below is the code requiring checking , currently there no errors whatsoever , but the connection on how that data which will be received will looped into the database that is where I’m behind.

Code requiring your attention

Private Sub CmdEmp_Click()
    Dim json As Object
    Dim i As Integer
    Dim db As DAO.Database
    Dim rs As DAO.Recordset
    Dim item As Object
    Dim intPortID As Integer ' Ex. 1, 2, 3, 4 for COM1 - COM4
    Dim lngStatus As Long
    Dim strError  As String
    Dim strData   As String
    Dim lngSize As Integer
    ' Read maximum of 64 bytes from serial port.
    lngStatus = CommRead(intPortID, strData, 64)
    If lngStatus > 0 Then
        ' Process data.
    ElseIf lngStatus < 0 Then
        ' Handle error.
    End If

    ' Reset modem control lines.
    lngStatus = CommSetLine(intPortID, LINE_RTS, False)
    lngStatus = CommSetLine(intPortID, LINE_DTR, False)

    Set db = CurrentDb
    Set rs = db.OpenRecordset("Contact")
    i = 2
    For Each item In json
        With rs
            ![id] = 

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We have a 700+ line excel sheet with our targeted sales locations by city and state. Is there a product that can import our excel data (sales person, city and state) and create an interactive US map of all of the excel data sales locations which can then be interactively used during presentations?

For example, should we present the west coast sales region, we can zoom into that map area and then click on any of the cities that we are targeting.

A client has sales people out in the field throughout North America and needs to get signatures on electronic contracts.
They are presently using WACOM signature pads and software.
We are looking for a cost effective solution to replace the WACOM pads.
My understanding is that they need to have internet access for the pads to work?
The pads cost over $350 each.
It is one more thing for them to carry
It is one more thing for them to break or lose or forget in their hotel rooms
A lot of the places that they go do not have internet access even with a Verizon JetPack
The reps are presently using HP Elitebook 840 G5 laptops
We have gotten suggestions to use DocuSign, but there are monthly fees associated with those types of services
We are looking for alternatives.
Thanks in advance.
Dear ,

I have a sales chart from the beginning of the year until July, I put the label which reflects the value of the sales each month, I want to put down the graph icon working auto for total sales in all months (all period )
 for more details see the attached

Hello Mate ,

The attached report shows how much inventory is enough based on average sales,
I need a pillar chart similar to the attached chart as an example, with the number of months covered
Dear Friends ,

I have information on the monthly sales of the products, I need a chart for each product separately.

But I want all to be in one worksheet , to have a button for each product when pressed showing its chart

I would need an idea to set up a vacation calendar for our company.

So, we have 3 branches in 3 different cities and 5 different LoBs (marketing, Sales, finance, business, technology)

I am looking for a solution where I can create a calendar for say people in "Technology" visible for everyone in "Technology".

I know I can create an office 365 group and send an invite to it that will show the blocked dates for my vacation. But I don't want that every member should receive every invite or changes notification in his Inbox. But the members should be able to view their vacation in their calendar as well as in "Technology" calendar as well

Any thoughts or ideas?

Thanks in Advance
I want the messages on the main form to appear on a much bigger form so that I can easily make them bigger than on the current VBA which has small messages which makes difficult for those old people who are using a point of sales software to read. See a sample pop up form.

I will be opening the pop up form by this method DoCmd.OpenForm “frmMessage” through the save button

Any idea I want to put may a label on the pop up form call lblMessage

Below is my code which should supply the action message

Private Sub CashReceived_BeforeUpdate(Cancel As Integer)
If Me.CashChange > 0 Then
MsgBox "Please check you have not received enough cash for the quantities you have sold", vbOKOnly, "Internal Audit Manager"
Cancel = True
Exit Sub
ElseIf Me.txtAuditedCash < 0 Then
Eval ("MsgBox ('Please note too much collected," & _
"give back the change of " & Format (Me.txtAuditedCash, "Currency") & "." & "Do not forget.@Check again.@@',0,' Internal Audit Manager')")
End If
End Sub

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I'm looking for an API that can supply some certain sales detail from Ms Access built accounting software to an electronic device which uses Json format to request, send , and receive data through the internet. We want something already made either available for sale as long as it meets our demand, we do want trial and error setuation.


How to get live data for a point of sales machine with data in Json format into Ms Access tables ,like below:

(1) tblCustomerInvoice (Primary table)
(2) SalesDetailline (Child table)

Parameters and data type are as below:

Json:  char *TaxCode, char *Productcode, char *number, char *date, char *CustomerID, char * amount, char *SpecialCode, char* intKey

Access: text  TaxCode, Text Productcode, number Number,date Date, Int CustomerId , double Double , text spcialcode , autonumber Primary key

The only sure way is to use VBA , any idea on how to do the following:

(1) VBA function to get the data and insert into the tblcustomerinvoice and tblsaledetailsline

What we want to archive here is when a person is punching data on a POS machine , then simultaneously the same data must be entered in the above two (  tblcustomerinvoice and tblsaledetailsline) this means that we won't need to recapture the same data again.


This may be more a matter of taste rather than a technical question:

I have a web app that I'm going to be selling Membership access to. I'd like to use Shopify as the Merchant Account/Gateway in which I will need to purchase and configure two plugins:

1. A Recurring Subscription plug-in that will allow me to charge Customer's 30 days out from when they subscribed and keep that payment recurring for a given duration
2. An "Affiliate" plug-in as I will be paying a Sales Team a portion of the initial cost from the Customers.

I realize this is a big ask and I'm fairly new to Shopify, so please use laymen's terms with your suggestions. The app is written in Node.JS/React so I suspect that integration won't be too difficult for the Devs.

Thanks for your assistance.
Dear Experts,

I am a part of a team that developed an iPhone/Android game.  We are in a unique position because the sponsor of the game is willing to pay a lot to get this app marketed by an experienced digital game marketing company.

My issue is, I am not familiar with the gaming industry at all, and not sure how to find such marketing company.  The 2 contacts I found through my professional networks did seem qualified, but as soon as we start talking budget, they stop responding.  (I was told to start from 20k, but my sponsor is willing go pay quite a bit.  He wants this game to be popular.)  
Perhaps they are not willing to work with such small team of developers?  I am thoroughly stumped to how I can proceed with this problem.
Please advise.
Here is some sample data from 3 SQL Server 2014 tables

 CREATE TABLE #Vendor ( 
     ID int NOT NULL,
	 LastName varchar(50),
	 FirstName varchar(50),
	 State1 varchar(50),
	 License1 varchar(50),
	 State2 varchar(50),
	 License2 varchar(50),
	 State3 varchar(50),
	 License3 varchar(50)


 (1, 'Doe','John','CA','45678','TX','178989','CA','99999'),
 (2, 'Smith','John','CA','12ABCD','CA','12ABCD','NY','45678'),
 (3, 'Doe','Jane','CA','09876',Null,Null,Null,Null),
 (3, 'Doe','Jane','CA','09877','CA','45678',Null,Null)


  CREATE TABLE #SalesPerson ( 
     ID int NOT NULL,
	 LastName varchar(50),
	 FirstName varchar(50),
	 State varchar(50),
	 License varchar(50),


 (1, 'Doe','John','CA','45678'),
 (2, 'Smith','John','CA','12ABCD'),
 (3, 'Doe','Jane','CA','09876')


 CREATE TABLE #Master ( 
     ID int NOT NULL,
	 LastName varchar(50),
	 FirstName varchar(50),
	 State1 varchar(50),
	 License1 varchar(50),
	 CALicense1 char(1),
	 NameMatch1 char(1),
	 State2 varchar(50),
	 License2 varchar(50),
	 CALicense2 char(1),
	 NameMatch2 char(1),
	 State3 varchar(50),
	 License3 varchar(50),
	 CALicense3 char(1),
	 NameMatch3 char(1),
	 UniqueCALicenseWithinID char(1),
	 UniqueCALicenseAcrossID char(1)


		 INSERT INTO #Master 

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On our point of sales receipts (Ms Access) form we are using on current event to capture the following automatically:

(1) Date
(2) "Cash receipt"

Now the problem is that when closing the form, its leaving a blank cash receipt which making the serial number having gaps because of the same blank receipts. Is there another event to use other than the current event to archive the same results:


We have some subscriptions given to customers (e.g  Certificates, Email hosting, O365, AMCs)
What is the software used to manage these with email integration?  To notify the salesmen and customers about the upcoming expiry .
Exampe 1st email should go to customer before 60 days , then before 30 days , 15 etc.

I am finishing building my custom Sales Order Report that I want to run with my ERP software automatically. The report will be scheduled every morning between 1a - 3a and needs to look at 'yesterday's' orders that was entered in and then e-mail it out to the correct folks.

I have literally spent over a week 'Googleing' around on the web different ways of explaining what I want like 'data parameters crystal report 2016', etc. and I have been A.) unable to find anything that is CR 2008, which has some what a different interface/options than the newer version (CR 2016 SP3) so I am having a hard time finding the information to at least point me in the right direction.

I know a Formula will need to be built then 'Parameter Field' I think but I am not achieving the result I am looking for.

Currently, I have a pop up box that appears and asks for a date, which is working if you manually enter in the dates. However as I previously mentioned I need the date to be set to 'yesterday's' date and not pop up a box so that my report can run automatically.

Thank you all!

We are to deploy Sales force Cloud to users.  From initial testing 2FA looks to work well using the authenticator app, however we are now proposing to block access by corporate IP ranges i.e. our firewall WAN IPs, rather than 2FA.  This will mean VPN for remote users will be required not only for SF but other current and future apps.  
Unfortunately the subscription/evaluation has expired and SF wont extend the trial, i have to pay a years fee to continue.

We are also looking at SF inbox, marketing cloud, SF inbox and other 3rd party tools to help integrate SF with exchange.

So, if w ego the route of IP blocking can anyone confirm if this can be setup in Sales Cloud globally for Inbox, marketing and sales cloud?  I only see option to white-list SF IPs.