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I have reviewed all of the documentation and technical articles online, about this.  But, I thought that I would try here.

An end user on Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 cannot e-mail documents such as sales invoices.  When he tries to e-mail, he keeps being prompted for this e-mail address and Active Directory password.

He is the only one having this issue.

His company is on Office 365.

Any ideas?


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I have been asking Google to help me with this for 4 weeks but even though they say my set up is correct, data is not importing and we have spoken for hours at a time yet they say they need more time to fix the problem.

I have First Click attribution e-commerce sales showing up in my Google Analytics account, which is linked to my Google Ads account for automatic import.   The conversions I am importing I have specified as First Click attribution conversions.

Despite this, only 4 of the 30 transactions recorded in Analytics have imported and I can't seem to identify a pattern.   I thought it was ignoring the First Click setting and just using Last Click, but that didn't seem to add up, then I thought maybe it was only for non-mobiles that it worked but that's not conclusive either.

Any ideas would be hugely appreciated.

Kind regards,

I have a customer that asks me this:
He has a team of workers sending and receiving mail from a single mailbox (i.e.  The customer requests, however, that indiviudal empolyees be identifiable to the receiver by the sender name, which shoud appear like this:
Contoso Inc. Sales - Ralph Scharping <>
Contoso Inc. Services - John Doe <>

Is this feasable with on-board-tools of Exchange and Outlook or Office365?
I told him no, but he does not believe me.


I'm trying to figure out the best way to connect our current phone system to CRM.
Right now we are rocking with a block of DID’s on a PRI and our phones run through the internet on a dedicated PRI from Comcast.
We have an NEC PBX connected to the Comcast service with NEX UX5000 phones for the sales team.
I don't know where I would start to find a financially viable option that replaces our setup.
I want to keep our current phone numbers, Would I replace out PBX with a cloud PBX such as ring central which easily integrates with CRM's such as salesforce?
Would I replace everything including the Comcast PRI trunk service and go with an all in one package?
I have little phone system knowledge I just want a phone system that can integrate with CRM and has access to answer calls on a phone and see calls come up on the screen.
I am fumbling through trying to learn Access better.  I am trying to figure out how to use the charts on the forms but can't get it to start where I want.  

I took a table that has multiple years of sales data. I made a query where I summed the sales for all parent groups while grouping by date but I summed the data over specific date ranges that are dynamic. I created several fields like the example below.  I wanted to be able to compare sales from the last year to sales from the same point 1 yr ago and 2 yrs ago.

Last12M: Sum(IIf([orderDate] Between DateAdd("yyyy",-1,Date()) And Date(),[ZqryAmazonOrderHistory_ShipStationOrders].[quantity],0))
Last12M_1YrAgo: Sum(IIf([orderDate] Between DateAdd("yyyy",-2,Date()) And DateAdd("yyyy",-1,Date()),[ZqryAmazonOrderHistory_ShipStationOrders].[quantity],0))
Last12M_2YrAgo: Sum(IIf([orderDate] Between DateAdd("yyyy",-3,Date()) And DateAdd("yyyy",-2,Date()),[ZqryAmazonOrderHistory_ShipStationOrders].[quantity],0))

The query looks great.  I changed the date to be Date: Format([orderDate],"mmdd") so that I could chart the lines for 3 different years on top of one another.  

I am trying to create a form to display the graph of the sales among other things but I cannot get the chart in Access to start the data from the current month.  It always shows it as starting at 0101 and ending at 1231.  I have applied a sort order with the actual date to the query but the chart ignores that and even when I change it in the transpose …

I have recently put in a new Dell PowerEdge T340 running 2 Hyper V VM's. One DC & one RDP, both Server 2019.

Since installing the network has slowed down dramatically.  Before they were peer to peer with 1 PC having the sales program they use.

I have searched and done all the usual stuff, VMQ off, static IP's etc but its not getting any better.

Can anyone suggest anything else to try?
this is my filtered sentence and dictionary:

dictionary={'name':'vijay sales interprize','laxmi infotech','sky technology'
i tried this code and it returns the key and value but i am unable to search 'vijay sales interprize' because they are separated,how can i combine this entity and search for key and value.

for i in filtered_Sentence:
    for key, value in output.items():
        if i in value:
i tried NLP to get the entity using POS but it doesn't work with all the values is there any other method which can help me

import nltk.tokenize as nt
    import nltk

    tokenized_sent=[nt.word_tokenize(sent) for sent in ss]

    pos_sentences=[nltk.pos_tag(sent) for sent in tokenized_sent]
#    pos_sentences        

    grammar = r"""
        # Nouns and Adjectives, terminated with Nouns

        # Above, connected with in/of/etc...
    chunker = nltk.RegexpParser(grammar)

    ne = set()

    chunk = chunker.parse(nltk.pos_tag(nltk.word_tokenize(text)))
    for tree in chunk.subtrees(filter=lambda t: t.label() == 'NP'):
        ne.add(' '.join([child[0] for child in tree.leaves()]))

In the attached example, in the computer sales tab, I'd like a cleaner version of cell K10 (highlighted in yellow). I'd like it to have an output of E10 (highlighted in green) - is there a way to update the formulas in K10, K5 - K7, or E51 - E58?
I have a customer that is experiencing SQL database table record deletions that cannot be explained in that the programs used have no specific user action for deletion of the records.
To give a specific example the application provides for posting of sales invoices to a sales ledger account,
They reported yesterday that they posted an invoice in April and provided evidence of the audit trail confirming the posting but on viewing the sales account details yesterday this record no longer exists. I examined the table records directly via SQLSMS and the record in question does not exist

Is there a utility available that can identify when and by who a specific record was deleted from a table?
We have some subscriptions given to customers (e.g  Certificates, Email hosting, O365, AMCs)
What is the software used to manage these with email integration?  To notify the salesmen and customers about the upcoming expiry .
Exampe 1st email should go to customer before 60 days , then before 30 days , 15 etc.
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I am using TeraWallet for woocommerce on my site. I want to customize this wallet in such a way that if a customer adds money here via their credit card then he can use upto 100% of his wallet balance on their purchase on my store but when he gets money via cashback or promo offer then he can use only 10% of that money in their next purchase. I think I have to make two categories here for this feature where in 1st category customer will have money loaded from their cards or refunds and in the 2nd category customer will have money earned from cashbacks and the 10% spending limit will apply on 2nd category. How to do that?
this is a follow-on to this question

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I need to have a multiple layer sort.  I now have it sorting on Parent ID but then I need within the the Parent ID for it to be alphabetical.  For example, I have a $2 Off, Buy 4 and a Buy 9.  They need to be in that order but now they are Buy 9, Buy 4 and $2.  I know I can do menu order but that is another tedious task.

If someone can show me how in the code below to do a sort on Alphabetical within Parent ID that would be great.

[code]unction jk_add_custom_sku() {
$args = array(
'label' => __( 'Parent ID', 'woocommerce' ),
'placeholder' => __( 'Enter custom SKU here', 'woocommerce' ),
'id' => 'jk_sku',
'desc_tip' => true,
'description' => __( 'This SKU is for internal use only.', 'woocommerce' ),
woocommerce_wp_text_input( $args );
add_action( "woocommerce_product_options_sku", "jk_add_custom_sku" );

function jk_save_custom_sku( $post_id ) {
// grab the custom SKU from $_POST
$custom_sku = isset( $_POST[ 'jk_sku' ] ) ? sanitize_text_field( $_POST[ 'jk_sku' ] ) : '';

// grab the product
$product = wc_get_product( $post_id );

// save the custom SKU using WooCommerce built-in functions
$product->update_meta_data( 'jk_sku', $custom_sku );

add_action( "woocommerce_process_product_meta", "jk_save_custom_sku" );
//add_action( "save_post_product", "jk_save_custom_sku" );

####### Custom Sort Option

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SonicWall SOHO security question...  I was speaking to a SonicWall rep on the phone and she stated, the basic SOHO firewall did not have any type of security unless, I purchased an intrusion security package.  While I know she is a sales agent for SonicWall, how safe is the SOHO SonicWall if I want to use it right out of the box without purchasing the Intrusion and gateway software package?
what is the best sales and marketing management tool/crm I can get out there.

I have field employees that need better management. THey are assigned based on a geographical region. Take for example a street, and I need to be able to measure all of the most important metrics to better understand our market.
A new startup mainly for tech b2b and want to simply focus on sale. Marketing etc...

Considering bitrix24 and or suitecrm on premise to work with asterisk

Kindly advise.
We are looking to develop landing  pages like:, however, have problems getting it to show on google. We have written that page almost 5years ago.

We understand, we might need to now: chooses relevant keywords and proper analysis. But don't know how to go about it. Kindly recommend training videos, or professional support to be able to do this. so that our team of content writers will be able to learn and adapt it as a necessary skill
I use a feature in Sage500 called Doc Transmittal, which allows my users to email a copy of a Sales Order to remote customers. The Doc Transmittal feature is configured using SMTP, via the IP address of the Exchange server. Basically when the Sage500 users enters a sales order for a customer, they are asked if they want to send a notification email to the customer, and the Sage500 users says OK. A email is sent to the customer and to the group email.

There are five people in the Sage500 group. They all have "Send AS" permission to the mailbox.  We can call the mailbox "SageMailbox".

A relay has been setup for SageMailbox.

Out of the five people that have access to SageMailbox, only three people can successfully use the Doc Transmittal successfully. The other two get the error attached.

Please help!!!
I have DAILY sales data for 3 products in this form: TABLE1
Product1|SaleAmount|UnitsSold|TimeStamp (there are multiple records for each day)
Product2|SaleAmount|UnitsSold|TimeStamp (there are multiple records for each day)
Product2|SaleAmount|UnitsSold|TimeStamp (there are multiple records for each day)

I have DAILY expense data for 3 products in this form: TABLE2
Product1|ExpenseAmount|ExpenseType|TimeStamp (there are multiple records for each day)
Product2|ExpenseAmount|ExpenseType|TimeStamp (there are multiple records for each day)
Product2|ExpenseAmount|ExpenseType|TimeStamp (there are multiple records for each day)

I need a few SQL statements:
1. I want to show the following columns on a MONTH BY MONTH basis for each product:
Thus, the rows will contain the name of each product; there will be ONE row for each product for each month.
The Month will show as Jan-2018, Feb-2018

2. I also want to show the following columns on a MONTH BY MONTH basis for each product:
Thus, the rows will contain the name of each product; there will be MULTIPLE ROWS for each product for each month, i.e. the number of rows for each month will …
Hi, I need help in coding sales ration in sql, plsql. I have a file attached with details
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Database7.accdbHi Guys,

I am trying to create some meaningful CRM style reports and forms based on our accounts transaction file.
I need to create this kind of output:-

                          TOTAL SALES       FRESH          SAUSAGE            HAM             PIES          OFFAL           OTHER                  
customer          LYTD   YTD        LYTD  YTD      LYTD YTD    etc
                          TOTAL TOTAL   TOTAL TOTAL    etc

I think I am fast approaching my current query/crosstab/union etc  ability.
btw  LYTD is last year to date, I have achieved most things with a selection of select queries, crosstab queries, left/right and union queries and i think
I am making this more complicated than is necessary.

1. The reason i need left and right join query is because some customers have no data for LYTD or YTD so in order to get everything I need to do the whole left/right/union thing
but if i injected 0 where there is NULL can i dispense with the l/r/union.
2. I cant seem to work out how to get totals for all sales and categorys.

many thanks in advance.
Your humble servant
I had this question after viewing PayPal IPN, PHP, & MySQL.


I am selling CDs (and other stuff) mainly via eBay but also in other outlets (BigCommerce shop) and I want to do that following to automate this:
1. Collect payment notifications via Paypal IPN message using an IPN Listener Script and verify the payment - this bit has been tested as ok
2. Add CD/DVD sales information to a MySQL Database - I've created the database and attempted to add some lines to index.php to create entries
3. Transpose (parse) the resulting table information so that this can then be sent to Kunaki to ship the discs - I have found and partially updated a php file for this that does connect with Kunaki
4. As Kunaki is somewhat slow to send to anywhere but the USA, I wish to provide a link to a download for the software contained on the discs, immediately, so the buyer has instant access (currently, I've been doing this bit manually as I have access to the files on my home Synology NAS drive and have been sharing the links via email - I am eager to automate this somehow)
5. If I could also update the sale by providing a USPS tracking number that Kunaki provide, to the customer somehow, that would be great
6. Also, if I could update eBay or Paypal to state that the item has been sent, that would also be ideal.

So far, I have 3 files:

ipnlistener.php - to interface with the Paypal IPN
I need to subscribe to office365 to access email, office suite online/offline and onedrive for 3 users. I see 10 - 15 month per user, but seems the sales person keeps trying to sale me implementation, deployment and other services. can anybody help me? this is for business and may expend to 9 users in future.
Using Access 2016:  I have a Query which groups agents by sales. Not every one will have data that month. I would like to email each individual agent his sales for that month. My questions are:
1. what's the best way to set this up, IE should I use a query, or a report based upon the query. I would need to create an agents table with email and name.
2. what are the steps involved?
3. what would be the code, we currently use go daddy for our email. We do not have a server in-house.
4, what event of the report or query would I use to add the code?
5. can you share code that works for 2016 access?

is this even possible? If the agent has no sales for that month, it should not create the email or should not create a report, if the report is based on a query?
If you can help, I would be gratefully appreciative, or if you can point me to a "dummies" link where I can try to create something.

The last question I had, I got some awesome answers from PatHartman and John . I am in hopes that one of the experts can help me with this as well as those two helped me with my query question. I know this is a lot to ask, but if you know, please help.

Are cloud phones better than an on premise solution?
We currently have a Siemens 4K phone system used with a PRI.
We have about 230 voice over IP phones and about 15 digital line phones.
Most of the ip phones have a basic setup with add on module to configure additional lines.

The 15 digital lines are for our sales department, the have a ACD routing setup(similar to a hunt group). Each sales person has their prime line and 2 secondary lines. We have it configured so that that each sales person is able to answered each others lines. Each sales person has about 50 lines configured on two phones at their desk that they can answer when any line rings. We it setup this way because our president wants sales to try and answer all calls and not have them go to voicemail.

We recently started to look at cloud phones and providers like ring central, 101voice and others. Our main concern is QOS and if our setup in sales will be supported.

We are not sure if cloud phones will be more reliable and if we will have the same quality of service?

Thank You

Let me know if you need any clarification.
I want to attract sales people to sell my affiliate product, but I don't want to go beyond the limit of a few hours a week of managing the website.

So, I posted my offer on Freelancer and one person applied to the position, and then suddenly the job offer was taken down from Freelancer. (I am not sure why).

The job offer was a good offer, it said that sales person would earn 80% of the commissions. That's a good offer for someone to earn from the website. But the statistics
reveal that only that one person applied for the position.

If I have to spend many hours soliciting the job offer in order to get a sales person, then instead, I should close the website(s) because there is no time to deal with that.

Can anyone tell me where I can find such a sales person who will work in that scenario so as to expedite the sales of the website? (but without exceeding three hours a week
of management).






Sales is the act of selling something; the exchange of goods, services, or property for money. Use this topic to talk about sales cycles & funnels and sales strategy. Please do not use this topic for Marketing.