Salesforce is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) for cloud-based customer resource management that includes components for case and task management, data management and a help desk system. It also includes systems for add-on applications written in Apex, a proprietary Java-like language, and systems for human resources management, employee training and performance management.

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how to split the map from sql result by filtering the value.

Map<string, AccountList> AccountListMap = new Map<String, [Select Id, Name, AccountType  from Accoount where AccountType in ('A','B','C')]>;

How can I get AccountListMap for only AccoountType = 'A'     or AccoountType = 'B'   ?
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I d like to handle a ticketing System Remedy Force Powershell based: (to automate stuff) query tickets, tasks assigned to a group, user, create tickets, close etc. There is an api to use

But dont get result out of it. Sales force Online is used. Also dual factor: cert and use/pw
Could you help me, step by step please.

When it comes to cloud based applications like salesforce, office 365, what are the biggest security concerns when storing and managing sensitive data?   Does data need to be backed up outside of these systems in case of a failure?  Is it more secure to manage data in house rather than in the cloud?  What are the security risks of going to the cloud vs. staying on premise?  Is one better than the other for remote clients?

Thanks for your insights on these questions.
I'd be interested in connecting with sales force contractors who can do work on an as needed basis, in the United States, telework.

There used to be a job thing on here, but either it's gone or I can't find it any longer.

Got into a database and wanted to do some analytics on it with countries and noticed in several US based companies the contacts & accounts had a lovely variety of names for countries. So many US based companies either had US, USA, U.S. U.S.A. United get the point.
Does Salesforce have the capability to take a field and replace all records with a naming convention that is consistent?
I need to change them all to "USA". It would take forever to open each contact or account to correct this. 9k
Can Salesforce do this internally on its own or would I have to go to a third party tool to get that fixed?
What is happening is my data analysis is not consistent with what it needs to be as summary data and totals are all off.
I found the Salesforce Data Loader and it has 3 features I am investigating. Is this the tool that can do it? If not, does Salesforce do it another way?
Data Loader ToolAny help appreciated. Thank you.

We are to deploy Sales force Cloud to users.  From initial testing 2FA looks to work well using the authenticator app, however we are now proposing to block access by corporate IP ranges i.e. our firewall WAN IPs, rather than 2FA.  This will mean VPN for remote users will be required not only for SF but other current and future apps.  
Unfortunately the subscription/evaluation has expired and SF wont extend the trial, i have to pay a years fee to continue.

We are also looking at SF inbox, marketing cloud, SF inbox and other 3rd party tools to help integrate SF with exchange.

So, if w ego the route of IP blocking can anyone confirm if this can be setup in Sales Cloud globally for Inbox, marketing and sales cloud?  I only see option to white-list SF IPs.

Can Salesforce allow me to create a list of accounts that will quickly allow me to open and append a field value? In other words. I would like to create a list of 500 accounts and input the actual total revenues of that particular company into the field called Total Revenue. We need to do that so we can identify if the representative who handles that account big or small really is QUALIFIED/SKILLED enough to handle them by themselves? Is there an efficient way to go into Salesforce and quickly do that? If not Salesforce needs a way to allow Managers a quick edit tool for salesmen, sales teams and representatives so that corrections can be made quickly and efficiently in the even a new salesman or representative missed some entries or new policy calls for the updating of all or some accounts with new variables for analysis purposes. Opening individually could take forever to do. It would be great to have a list with a column like excel and just go down the list entering the correct value....?
Does Salesforce do anything like that?
I need to add an import code to a developmental DB. Salesforce Enterprise is the application but this relates to databases in general. So since Salesforce has so many tables. Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Tasks, Accounts & others. What would be the practical process to setup the tables so that when imported the data (all data) can be controlled by the import code. Eventually the data we test with may need to be completely and cleanly removed without destroying other imports.
How is it possible to build private file upload system ?
 I want to collect private data from colleagues without being seen by anybody except sender and me.

Any advice would be very appreciated.
  In Salesforce Marketing cloud we have four system tables. 1. Job , 2.Sent  , 3.Open  and 4.Cllick. Now we have one html file where user receive by email. user open the link and click the button (Click to Buy or Click to Call). Now we have to make three query.

1. No Open , No Click
2. Open , No Click
3. Open and Click

Data Views Links:
Job Data view
Sent Data View
Open Data view
CLick Data view
Subscriber Data View

Can you please help me to write quesry?
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Hi Experts

Could you point a good material to have a start point on using Salesforce, mainly on Business parts?

Thanks in advance.
Our team is trying Salesforce and we have a sandbox and a production Salesforce.
To use SSO (Okta) are we able to use same SSO login to both environments? Or can we only use say our email attribute in one or the other (Sandbox or Production)? My understanding is Sandbox only allows you a login that is unique across both environments. And if that’s the case, what’s the usual workaround ? Don’t want to reinvent the wheel.
I'm trying to find more info on the SPF record for  It is in a format I'm not familiar with:

PS C:\Users\jason.crawford> Resolve-DnsName -Name -Server -Type txt

Name                                     Type   TTL   Section    Strings
----                                     ----   ---   -------    -------                      TXT    2982  Answer     {v=spf1
                                                                 exists:%{i} -all}

Open in new window

I have a client asking about their VFP app with a SQL backend database being able to import/export data from SalesForce (  I am wondering if anyone has suggestions on how to best go about making these tasks work, using 3rd party tools or otherwise?
My friend's work has 20 sales reps using, each processing 250 signed contracts per year, for a total of 5,000 contracts

When he asked DocuSign how much the above electronic signature cost would be DocuSign said it would cost about $3 per contract, for a total of $15k/year

What other " electronic signature" options do you recommend for the above volume that would cost a lot less since the only thing he wants is eSignatures, no other features ?
Salesforce use 15 character unique IDs, but also have a 18 character version of the ID.
There is an algorithm to convert from the 15 chars to the 19 chars, as explained here.

I am looking for a Google Sheets or a Javascript function that accepts a 15 character ID and converts it to a 19 character ID using that algorithm.
I am coding on the Salesforce platform using apex and I'm trying to create a class that will sort a list by two fields using the Comparable interface.

I'm trying to determine how I can sort by two fields so that each product grouping can be sorted by size. The products are clothing items. Each product has a series of sizes. For simplicity, the sizes are S, M, L, XL. What I am trying to achieve is sorting by the size field as well as the product name.

For example, if I have the following products:

Product Name            Size
black.v-neck.s               S
black.v-neck.m             M
black.v-neck.l                L
black.v-neck.xl             XL

I would want them sorted by smallest to largest:


There is a size__c field for each product that holds the size value.

I started by creating a generic sorting utility using the comparable interface to test sorting by product name:
public class GenericSortingUtil {

    public class ObjWrapper implements Comparable {
        public sObject obj;
        public ObjWrapper() {}

        public ObjWrapper(Sobject obj) {
            this.obj = obj;


        public Integer compareTo(Object compareTo) {
            ObjWrapper compareToObj = (ObjWrapper)compareTo;

            if((String)obj.get('Name') > (String)compareToObj.obj.get('Name')) {
                return 1;


Open in new window

I have a text field and want to implement regular expression to validate mm/dd format. I have a regex currently which works for this format but not able to validate against months like 29th February, 30th April etc.. How to modify the regex to include this month validation?

Currently regex I'm using is - (0[1-9]|1[012])[- /.](0[1-9]|[12][0-9]|3[01])
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Exploring ASP.NET Core: Fundamentals

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I have several Crystal Reports that run off of a Salesforce connection. These have been in place for over a year and have just stopped working. I'm linked via and I've just started getting the error Logon failed.
We're looking to integrate third-party CRMs with our desktop .NET in-house practice management software.  The CRMs are:
  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft Dynamics

The data to be integrated includes:
  • Contact information (name, address, phone number)
  • Billing information

At the moment, the data needs to be manually entered in both systems which is time consuming and error prone.  We're looking at two options at the moment:
  1. Develop our own system using the APIs to integrate the data
  2. Purchase an integrator to assist us in what can often be a messy job

We haven't made a decision around syncing, push, pull, source of truth etc so we're not limited in options at this stage.

So the question is:
Which option would you choose for a manual one way sync, which option for a robust two-way sync and why?

What integration software would you recommend and why?
I'm relaying inbound mail from to onprem exchange 2010 server internal recipients.  on Feb 18, 2018, we renewed a self-signed cert with service IIS assigned to it, and that's it.  the validity date pushed forward, I was good to go.

However, the email log from salesforce began generating an error, indicates this error began the morning of Feb 16 sometime after it was renewed on 02/15.
451 4.7.6 [internal] STARTTLS required but not advertised

this is a SHA1 cert, so I thought perhaps ciphers were the problem.  I inserted a SHA2 cert generated using command line and bound it to the * 443 interface in IIS and found no change.

TLS is offered on all receive connectors.  a godaddy cert is bound to SMTP/POP/IMAP.    the error causes the mail to not be received.   changing to TLS "preferred" instead of "Required" on the salesforce side results in flowing mail but unencrypted messages are not an option.  

any ideas?  I've checked the cert and the connector, and salesforce tech support seems stumped.  I still think there is something to the cert..
I have looked all over and wondered if there was a page either on the Salesforce community or other that had the following questions answered above. I have the following problem. I have a TASK table created from another program where the data was exported cleanly to Excel and saved as CSV. I am trying desperately to import it into salesforce from the CSV attached. I am aware I can use the ACTIVITY table and I can use it I assume if this is not possible. I would think that the TASK table which is so close to what I need would accomodate this without having to create all new fields and having to go with the Table Name Change (from TASK to ACTIVITY Table)

I can see that there are DATA TYPES that designate the width of the field and others that do not. Is there a default width for a:
1. Picklist
2. Email
3. Lookup (User)       "What is the difference between number 3 & 4 ?"Is there a place I can find all of the answers. I have looked and must not be using the right search terms?4. Lookup (User,Calendar)
5. Phone
6. Reference

If there is a default width. Where do I find it.

I am desperate to find out if I can do the following:
1. Identify default widths of all DATA TYPES?
2. Can the widths be changed?
3. Can all DATA TYPES be imported to or is it just some of them?

My biggest problem is getting the right search terms in place to search so maybe the answers are out there. I have not been successful finding them. I have spent days exaggerations here either. Your help is appreciated.
I am confused. When I export from Excel into CSV and I open the format of any of the records in a column (see attached) all it says is the format is GENERAL. Okay that is fine but what is it. A string, a number or what. I am having a terrible time importing into as I get errors on import. Not knowing or understanding what is being sent out and what needs to be pulled in it is confusing to know just what General is. I have searched for a solution as I would think there would be an answer to that. What is the GENERAL format and how do most programs accept that. I would think it would be a generic older format that is acceptable by most programs easily. Not knowing whether a column with only numbers in it or another column with alpha numeric is handed off so that other applications can determine what value is assigned string or number is a mystery. Can someone solve this for me. Is the data type determined coming from an Excel CSV in GENERAL format or is the application doing the import determining the data type....? Any help is greatly appreciated.
NOT a FIELD LABEL. Can an existing default field name be renamed or do I have to create a custom field only...?

I ask because I need to change the TASK Table in Salesforce but there is no way to add a new Custom Field in the TASK Table in the Object Manager. See image.

Note the NEW custom field button is not available
If there is a way to do this please tell me how? Thank you.

Here in another table you can see a NEW custom field button is available. My problem is it looks like I am going to need to change the types and or names of some of the fields in the TAST Table in order for it to work.

New Button is available under CONTACT Table....Why not the TASK






Salesforce is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) for cloud-based customer resource management that includes components for case and task management, data management and a help desk system. It also includes systems for add-on applications written in Apex, a proprietary Java-like language, and systems for human resources management, employee training and performance management.

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