Salesforce is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) for cloud-based customer resource management that includes components for case and task management, data management and a help desk system. It also includes systems for add-on applications written in Apex, a proprietary Java-like language, and systems for human resources management, employee training and performance management.

I have a Visualforce page with a custom controller in which I use a script tag shown below. This should result in red text in my table to indicate errors, but instead I am getting red boxes around the text. Somehow this must be something that Salesforce is doing and I would like to know how to make it work the way I want it, which is just the way it would work if this were plain HTML with an embedded Style tag.

Here is the style tag from my Visualforce code:

            .right {text-align: right}
            .error {color: #800000}
            table {border-collapse: collapse}

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Here is the table from my Visualforce code:

I am actually getting one table for record, so it is wrapped in a repeat tag:

            <apex:pageBlockSection id="TaxAccountPaymentApplication" rendered="{!ShowDist}" columns="1"
                                   title="Distribute payment amounts">
                <apex:outputPanel >
                    <apex:repeat value="{!TaxAccountPaymentInfoMap}" var="tapikey">
                        <B>Pay ${!TaxAccountPaymentInfoMap[tapiKey].AmountToPay} on {!TaxAccountPaymentInfoMap[tapiKey].Selector}</B><BR />
                        <table border="1">
                            <th class="right">Tax</th>
                            <th class="right">Penalty</th>
                            <th class="right">Interest</th>

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I am trying to connect APIGEE to a connected APP. NEEDS some config info for TOKENS, client SECRET etc these are in a xml CONFIG file CALLED service call outs.

I need the XML config entries. I am seeing multiple videos and multiple posts but of no help...

I am able to call SALESFORCE.COM from a JAVA program with the same TOKEN, client id.

Now I need to make this work with APIGEE.

HAS ANBODY DONE this. THIS VIDEO explains some but it not very clear...

I need step by step instructions..not some general google searches that I can do..

To connect to salesforce you need this info that I have this info
1. client secret
2. my instance
3. This call that works with

Watch this video and help me out....
I am struggling with connecting with our salesforce sandbox.

For example, in Postman, what would a valid request look like using oauth token?

Should there be a callback URL (does there need to be?)
I'm attempting to deploy SalesForce Apex classes from a sandbox environment into a production environment.
I've created and executed test classes in the Test environment to make sure that the code coverage requirements are met.  When I try to deploy the classes in Production, I receive code coverage failure messages.

Do I need to also deploy the and execute the test classes in the Production environment?  Or should the code coverage and test results be automatically migrated with the classes that I'm importing?

The Test classes work in the TEST environment - after I execute the test classes from the Developer console, the code coverage goes to 100% or close to it.  I can see this in the Developer console - all or almost all of the red hi-lights have changed to blue, and the code coverage indicator at the top shows 100%.  When I attempt to deploy the changes into the Production environment, I receive errors about not having code coverage.  

I've tried deploying the test classes and validating them in Production, but I receive errors such as "Methods defined as TestMethod do not support web service callouts" (I don't receive those errors in the Sandbox).  

Can anyone help to point me in the right direction?

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

Is there a way to access information from the currently displayed record in a flow?

I have a custom object Taxpayer and that taxpayer has a lookup to the Town object. A Town has multiple Taxpayers and a Taxpayer can have multiple Tax Accounts. I have a flow that creates a Tax Account that would have a lookup to Taxpayer and a lookup to Town. Currently, my flow asks me to select a Town, then select a Taxpayer in that Town and then it can populate those fields on a newly created Tax Account. But if I am already on a Taxpayer record page, these fields already exist, and when I start my flow I would like to be able to skip these two prompts for Town and Taxpayer. If this were possible, I could use a decision element to decide whether I can skip over the screen elements where I capture the Town and Taxpayer from the user. But I haven't found a way to access the Town and Taxpayer fields on the currently open record when I start the flow.
SalesForce.  I someone has already created a Lead Form in SalesForce, where do I go to retrieve the HTML for the form?  Can anyone tell me the Menu Choices to click to get to the info?
Some thing for a department using VoIP....  
From what I’m gathering here it’s basically just https? And the ephemeral ports are not something you open on the firewall that seems kinda crazy doesn’t it?    
XY prob: they’re having delay settings with things like phone status updates.  My theory is it’s an IP relaxation setting for the app installed in their Salesforce.
1. I am trying to connect my SERVICENOW APP to a WEBSERVICE that is running on SALESFORCE.
2. I have tested the WEBSERVICE with SALESFORCE and it works.
3. I need to perform the same test with APP to SALESFOCE.
4. SERVICENOW has a REST config that needs your HELP
5.  I have created SALESFORCE tokens, I have my own instance of SALESFORCE.

Here is some docs on I have read but they are not very clear.....


I will give you all logins to SERVICENOW and SALESFORCE when you RESPOND.
we can work on this together...

This is a BIG deal.

Please help - I'm trying to write a query inside a trigger - the trigger executes on update of a child record; I  need to get data from the master record.

The record that is executing the trigger is called "Price_Approval__c".  I'm trying to get a custom field in the Account table, but can't get the link to work.

Price_Approval_c is linked to account with a field       Account_Name__c, of type Master/Detail(Account).  A screenshot with details about the relationship is pasted below.

Link between child and parent
I've tried the different examples found on Google, but can't seem to get it to work.  The code pasted below returns an error saying "ERROR at Row:1:Column:34
Didn't understand relationship 'Price_Approval__c.Price_Approvals__r' in FROM part of query call. If you are attempting to use a custom relationship, be sure to append the '__r' after the custom relationship name. Please reference your WSDL or the describe call for the appropriate names."

trigger trg_updateQadPrice on Price_Approval__c (After Update) {

  set<id> samp = new set<id>();
    for (Price_Approval__c r:trigger.old) {
  List<Price_Approval__c> defg= new List<Price_Approval__c>([select Id, Name, (select id from Price_Approval__c.Price_Approvals__r) from Price_Approval__c where Id IN:samp]);

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I'm trying to connect SalesForce to a published webservice.  The way the appserver is configured, I need to generate a connect request, which returns a uuid, then generate the actual request to get / update information, then generate a logout request.

I've been able to create the Apex class from the WSDL, but I'm mystified on how to even generate the login request to get the UUID - the online examples I have seen don't seem to match this particular WSDL.

I've attached a simple example WSDL - any help or suggestions on how to write an Apex class to login, retrieve data, and logout would be GREATLY appreciated.


When analyzing contributing performance factors (e.g. visits vs closed won business), do you prefer using dashboards or joined reports? Justify the reason behind your preference and respond as if you were explaining your answer to the Commercial Director who has no technical knowledge.

I'm trying to figure out the best way to connect our current phone system to CRM.
Right now we are rocking with a block of DID’s on a PRI and our phones run through the internet on a dedicated PRI from Comcast.
We have an NEC PBX connected to the Comcast service with NEX UX5000 phones for the sales team.
I don't know where I would start to find a financially viable option that replaces our setup.
I want to keep our current phone numbers, Would I replace out PBX with a cloud PBX such as ring central which easily integrates with CRM's such as salesforce?
Would I replace everything including the Comcast PRI trunk service and go with an all in one package?
I have little phone system knowledge I just want a phone system that can integrate with CRM and has access to answer calls on a phone and see calls come up on the screen.
I have a pick list with 5 different values. When a user picks a value on want that passed to a hidden field inside of a different object. Can someone guide me in the right direction on this?

Thank you,

I need to build a report and get the total number of notes for all users each month. For some reason I can only pull notes that I created. Anyways of setting up permissions or any work around on this.

Thank you,

List<Account> accts_Acme = new List<Account>();

List<Account> accts = [SELECT CreatedById, CreatedDate, LastModifiedById,
                       LastModifiedDate, BillingCity
                       FROM Account
                       WHERE Name='Acme' OR Name='Salesforce'];

how can I filter accts with only Acme and assigned it to accts_Acme list object
Hello Experts,

I would appreciate any help.
I am using the Propertybase (salesforce) Weblisting e.g. WebserviceListingsQuery.
I am looping on an items to display each item data on the page... yet I am trying to understand how is it possible to populate a picklist filed values.
For example on the webpage I wish to create a select (dropdown) filter with all the values in a picklist field. Anyone know how this can be achieved?
I am trying to get a Salesforce report into a application so I can save as a datatable,  then saving as a CSV file, i am able to connect and get what seems to be the report data but cant figure out how to use the data.

Can someone point me in the right direction on how to use the data from the report - thanks

Code I am using

        static void Main(string[] args)

            System.Net.ServicePointManager.Expect100Continue = true;
            System.Net.ServicePointManager.SecurityProtocol = System.Net.SecurityProtocolType.Tls12;

            var task = ExecuteReport();


        public static async Task<string> ExecuteReport()
            var sf_client = new Salesforce.Common.AuthenticationClient();
            sf_client.ApiVersion = "v39.0";
            await sf_client.UsernamePasswordAsync(consumerKey, consumerSecret, username, password + usertoken, url);

            string reportUrl = "/services/data/" + sf_client.ApiVersion + "/analytics/reports/" + reportId;

            var client = new RestSharp.RestClient(sf_client.InstanceUrl);
            var request = new RestSharp.RestRequest(reportUrl, RestSharp.Method.GET);
            request.AddHeader("Authorization", "Bearer " + sf_client.AccessToken);
            var restResponse = client.Execute(request);
            var reportData = restResponse.Content;

             return reportData;

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what is the best sales and marketing management tool/crm I can get out there.

I have field employees that need better management. THey are assigned based on a geographical region. Take for example a street, and I need to be able to measure all of the most important metrics to better understand our market.
A new startup mainly for tech b2b and want to simply focus on sale. Marketing etc...

Considering bitrix24 and or suitecrm on premise to work with asterisk

Kindly advise.
Dear Experts
We have to do the customer feedback survey on the monthly basis for the customer email accounts.  We have CRM application sugarcrm and also sales please let us know the best way, the customer list is not more than 200 email contacts.
Please suggest the best way to do is it sending out normal email t OR integrate with survey plugin like survey monkey etc.
 would like to understand the difference between sending normal email plain/html of attached content expecting the contact to reply OR going for survey form integration with CRM. we would like to have reports on the rating of each customer reply and other expected analytics. please suggest the solution also help me understand best practice in handling this, it is normal email or survey form third party integration.  thanks in
SELECT id, True as "Active"  FROM Name LIMIT 1
I want to do this in sales force. How we do that.
Hi Experts,
My getting following Error Message

"ie.Message      "Object reference not set to an instance of an object."      string"

Any help appriciated.
See my code below

public class SalesRecords

        public List<salesProp> data { get; set; }


  public class salesProp
        public string Name { get; set; }  

    var  restunVal1=response.Content.ReadAsStringAsync().Result;

   SalesRecords  sr = new System.Web.Script.Serialization.JavaScriptSerializer().Deserialize<SalesRecords>(restunVal1);

                     foreach (var item in
                         Console.WriteLine("id: {0}",item.Name);

JSON output like this
"{\n  \"totalSize\" : 1,\n  \"done\" : true,\n  \"records\" : [ {\n    \"attributes\" : {\n      \"type\" : \"Account\",\n      \"url\" : \"/services/data/v40.0/sobjects/Account/0011q000007ZPL3AAO\"\n    },\n    \"Name\" : \"Test\"\n  } ]\n}"
Xls file opens extremely slowly.  This started about two weeks ago.  Staff have Office 2013 and Xlsx files open quickly as they usually do. However since about two weeks ago, the Xls file exported from Salesforce (they don't support xlsx) now takes several minutes to open and does not contain a large number of rows.  Running a repair does not resolve the issue. However, if we wait for the xls file to open and then save it as an xlsx it will open quickly as it should.

Windows updates were deployed two weeks prior to this behavior and the same types of files have been opened without issues since that time until recently. This issue occurs on any PC with Excel 2010/2013.  Does anyone have a solution to this?
Experts, Hi

I need step by step setup instructions on HOWTO filter on systemmodstamp column on a Salesforce object initiated by Informatica.
An informatica parameter file will supply values for systemmodstamp.
An alternate method to param file is also okay; so long I am pulling new/modified sfdc records.

Thanks in advance.
Salesforce Lightning Action - email action not showing up

Tried the option in the link still its not showing up -






Salesforce is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) for cloud-based customer resource management that includes components for case and task management, data management and a help desk system. It also includes systems for add-on applications written in Apex, a proprietary Java-like language, and systems for human resources management, employee training and performance management.

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