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Hi Experts,
I need to change one of my Sybase databases to be "Inactive", I need to know the value to be updated in "status" column in "sysdatabases" system table.

Daniel Mina
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One of my SQL queries is picking up the index sometimes and sometime it does the table scan. I can see in the show plan , sometimes it picks up the index but other times does the table can.
I have run the update stats on the table many times and even done reorg rebuild but still the issue persists.
Can you please advise what all to check or make changes so that optimizer picks up the right index always. ( i dont want to force the index on the table)
Please advise.
I need to add an additional criteria to the following formula and I tried but it is not working??
This one works:

{="Unique Numbers in SAP = "&SUM(--(FREQUENCY(IF(Sheet2!C2:C50000<>"",MATCH(Sheet2!C2:C50000,Sheet2!C2:C50000,0)),ROW(Sheet2!C2:C50000)-ROW(Sheet2!C2)+1)>0))}

This one does not work:

{="Unique Numbers in SAP = "&SUM(--(FREQUENCY(IF(,Sheet2!H2:H50000"<>SESA"),IF(Sheet2!C2:C50000<>"",MATCH(Sheet2!C2:C50000,Sheet2!C2:C50000,0))),ROW(Sheet2!C2:C50000)-ROW(Sheet2!C2)+1)>0))}
http request to receive a login token from BusinessObjects worked a week ago, but no longer works, but https works.

The custom application to call BusinessObjects cannot process https call to BusinessObjects, so it's just using http.  The Windows Server 2012 had some recent updates and that seems to be the point the http call stopped working. However, the https call also doesn't work on the test server, also a recent occurance, previously http call worked, but that server hasn't changed.

We are calling BusinessObjects to get the login token, using custom.jsp, The call is this:, returning a token such as [my.server]

The http call results in http error 404.

An http call to an outside link works -

So Windows Server 2012 now cannot (all of a sudden) call SAP BusinessObjects with http

I realize this is an environment issue that you won't be able to troubleshoot. Also it's Business Objects so we are pursuing assistance in other places.

But just thought I would see what anyone might say as far as how to further troubleshoot this.

Business Objects BI Suite 4.2 SP-05
Windows Server 2012

We are running ASE 15.0 (with character set latin-1 on Solaris 10).  We want to convert the charset of database server from latin-1 to UTF-8 to support  Chinese characters.
can anybody help us to list the steps involved in this charset conversion?  We understand we may have to bcp out/in all the tables unless the data stored in tables are only ASCII-7.  Is there any easy method to convert to UTF-8 without bcp in/out?

We have setup Warm standby using Sybase Replication Server. Do we need to change the charset of Replication server too to support UTF-8 along with dataserver? Kindly advise.

Hi Exchange experts

i dont know how this has to be done so i need help here

we have our ERP system SAP and we need to make a changes about meetings or date and we need an automatic configuration between SAP and exchange calendars

that when the user in SAP change the data about meeting this changes will take effects in the email calendar

someone talk about something called exchange web services

which will use the web mail of exchange to do this changes

i don't know about this

plus if you have any other idea to meet such aim
I am trying to use a quantified expression to check every line item in a purchase order to see if the confirmed date and quantity (E2EDP20_EDATU, E2EDP20_WMENG) match the order date and quantity (E2EDP03_DATUM, E2EDP01_MENGE) within each G03 node..  

This is an SAP ORDERS IDOC.  If the E2EDP01 ordering data matches the E2EDP02 and E2EDP20 order confirmation the order is accepted unchanged.  If the E2EDP20_WMENG quanity is different than E2EDP01_MENGE we detect a change.  If the EDP20_EDATU  is different than E2EDP01_DATUM we also detect a change.

There  may be many G03 groups each with a new line item within to be checked.

When I enter this code below I get "Xpath is Invalid".  Am I not supposed to be able to use pos$ as a variable for each //G03 and use it as part of the Xpath to the E2EDP03 and E2EDP01?

<xsl:value-of select=" if (every $pos in //G03 satisfies (pos$/E2EDP20/E2EDP20_EDATU=pos$/E2EDP03[E2EDP03_IDDAT='002']/E2EDP03_DATUM and pos$/E2EDP20/E2EDP20_WMENG=pos$/E2EDP01/E2EDP01_MENGE)) then 'NOCHANGE' else 'CHANGE' "/>

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!-- Based on format description: ordrsp_sr3_ord04 --><ACTIS>

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HI Experts

just a question

some vendors dose not let you get the certificate even if you pass the exam without attend their training

for example  Vmware  so even you pass VCP exam you are not VCP certified till you attend the training

my question

what about

Citrix  -- Veeam  - Microsoft  - SAP

if anyone knows kindly update me

Dear Experts,

Could you please have a look this short code part, briefly its target is assigning a button text (from SAP application) to a variable, but if there is no such button then going further:

ErrMes = session.findById("wnd[2]/usr/txtMESSTXT1").Text
Debug.Print ErrMes
If ErrMes Is Nothing Then
    GoTo NoChangeMessage
    ErrMes = session.findById("wnd[2]/usr/txtMESSTXT1").Text
    If InStr(1, ErrMes, "change", vbTextCompare) > 0 Then
    End If
End If

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Actually it has the issue that the ErrMes variable got a value (as Debug.Print shows 'No changes were made' text assigned to it from the button), but then the VBA script stops at line

If ErrMes Is Nothing Then

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with error message:

Run-time error '424'
Object required

Could you please advise what is the nature of the issue there and eventually how to eliminate?

Thanks in advance,
I'm trying to get SAP to send a report to Excel 2013 but keep getting the error Missing activeX component  Business Explorer Global Services.

Someone mentioned that this will only work with Excel 2010 , which I find odd, but then again this IS Microsoft!

What can I do other than downgrade excel to get it working?

Excel Version:       Excel  (15.0.5059)       2013
Windows Version:       Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (7601)      
Default Browser:       Internet Explorer (11.0.9600.19101)      
SAP GUI:       720 Patch 15      


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Dear Experts,

Could you please advise in Python how to get all the attributes/methods of an object?

Actually I need to write a Python code which works together with SAP application and it took almost a week to find in separate Python codes through Google, that there are 'Info' and 'SystemName' attributes for the "SAPGui" object.

This code so works already with showing the system name of that connection in SysName variable:

import win32com.client

SapGui = win32com.client.GetObject("SAPGUI")
Appl = SapGui.GetScriptingEngine
Connection = Appl.Children(0)
Session = Connection.Children(0)
CollCon = SapGui.GetScriptingEngine.Children(0)

SysName = Connection.Children(0).Info.SystemName

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Now it can be even in one line:

FullAttr = win32com.client.GetObject("SAPGUI").GetScriptingEngine.Children(0).Children(0).Info.SystemName

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And here comes my question concretely - what is the way to find these attributes like Info and SystemName in Python for such outside application? I am using Spyder for writing Python code and the default tool which brings a list after pressing '.' for the object, it does not work for such outside application
Attribute finder in Spyder
Thanks in advance,
I have several fields i wish to concatenate and display as a single string within a detail section.  

a. Is there a limit on the number of fields that can be concatenated?
b. Is there a limit on the length of the resulting string?

When I run the report in SAP BusinessObjects XI 3.1 I get the following cryptic error when I try to go to the next page.
message: Syntax error
description: Syntax error
number: -2146827286
name: SyntaxError

However; when the report is ran in Crystal Reports 2008 it works fine.

How to call windows exe file in ASP.NET Application which has been hosted in IIS.?

The exe does, fetching records from SAP and keep it in local folder.

I have been facing the below issues.

1) I am not able to call the exe file in ASP.NET file.
2) I am not able to connect SAP through ASP.NET which is hosted in IIS.

Can any one give idea/suggestion, how to proceed above scenario...?
Dear EE,

We have licensed EAServer 6.3.1 software available.

Now we want to relocate our EAServer machine from one location to another. (Geographic relocation).

Please help us to confirm whether same EAServer license will work or we have to request SAP for another license.

As per our understanding EAServer license is bind with Server MAC Address.

Do we need to maintain same server name and ip address etc ?

Is there any software that can record desktop screen. I am working on a SAP project which requires picking data 1 by 1 from the excel file and then  going to SAP field and thus saving it.
Running SAP Business One 9.2 on Windows 2012 R2 attached with HANA DB. Is there a global setting or parameter we can adjust so that the SAP system can force log out the user who is idle for certain period of time? The administration or license utility menu don't have such setting.

I need to create an SQL query that is performed by my application on SAP tables.  

The tables are:    
LTBP - Transfer order Item
LTBK - Transfer order header

Here's the existing code:

The following code is the driver for bringing back the open TR’s for the specified material. The is the LTBP (item table):

                sMaterialClause & sBatchClause & " AND " & _
                "LGNUM = '" & mobjUser.Warehouse & "' AND ELIKZ <> 'X'"

New pseudo code:

Add a join to the header table to include the movement types:  101 and 103.
The movement type is in the header table.

                sMaterialClause & sBatchClause & " AND " & _
                "LGNUM = '" & mobjUser.Warehouse & "' AND ELIKZ <> 'X'"    
JOIN TO THE HEADER TABLE (LTBK) field BWLVS (movement type is 101 OR 103)
I have a table in Sybase with 500k rows with three columns and I would like write to a csv file using PowerShell IO write steamer using ODBC. Any help is appreciated.
Hello. I use SAP to extract various information from the screen manually. I would like a help with a script (VBA / SAPGUI) that searches the entries in a worksheet and copies the SAP information and saves it in an excel spreadsheet. can you help me?

I enter a transaction (ZPDIS_MM_BMD), with the contract number (4600xxxxxx), which shows a list of projects, then I choose one in the second column of these processes and I click for more information, then it has the information I need, it is not editable . There are several contracts and each contract has a list of projects.
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Dear Experts

installing SAP ERP on-premise or on cloud recommended, if we go for on-premise what would be best way for business continuity  and recovery, is it recommended interbranch for DR and recovery or cloud please suggest the best recommended.
I am trying to identify where SAP business objects stores its users and credentials for accessing both the  central management console and the user console. From what I gather the 'universe' pulls data from a SQL Server, but the accounts listed in the central management console are not shown within the actual SQL Server, so I am unsure what the central management console communicates with for authentication. i cant see a specific sap Bi forum so hoping some of the SQL experts also use Bi in their environment.
capture1.PNGsap gui scripting , how do you get the value of a read only field that doesn't show up in the script!

The code from the script I can extract is as follows!

session.findById("wnd[0]").resizeWorkingPane 175,31,false
session.findById("wnd[1]/usr/ssubCUSTSCR1:SAPLXCN1:0900/ctxtCOCI_AUFK-ZZ_VBELN").text = ""
session.findById("wnd[1]/usr/ssubCUSTSCR1:SAPLXCN1:0900/ctxtCOCI_AUFK-ZZ_SCHEDMGR").text = "111"
session.findById("wnd[1]/usr/ssubCUSTSCR1:SAPLXCN1:0900/ctxtCOCI_AUFK-ZZ_SCHEDULER").text = "111"
session.findById("wnd[1]/usr/ssubCUSTSCR1:SAPLXCN1:0900/ctxtCOCI_AUFK-ZZ_DSGNMGR").text = "111"
session.findById("wnd[1]/usr/ssubCUSTSCR1:SAPLXCN1:0900/ctxtCOCI_AUFK-ZZ_DSGNTECH").text = "111"
session.findById("wnd[1]/usr/ssubCUSTSCR1:SAPLXCN1:0900/cmbCOCI_AUFK-ZZBAM_FUNCA").key = "DATA"
session.findById("wnd[1]/usr/ssubCUSTSCR1:SAPLXCN1:0900/ctxtCOCI_AUFK-ZZBAM_ID").text = "www"
session.findById("wnd[1]/usr/ssubCUSTSCR1:SAPLXCN1:0900/txtCOCI_AUFK-ZZBAM_VOL").text = "11121"
session.findById("wnd[1]/usr/ssubCUSTSCR1:SAPLXCN1:0900/txtCOCI_AUFK-ZZBAM_VOL").caretPosition = 5

The field I need to capture in the uploaded screen capture1 where it says work for others third party!  

I …
I have a Sybase Anywhere 16 database. I was wondering if there was anyway of see who or when a row or column was last changed. I am thinking there is not but I am not that familiar with Sybase.
Dear Experts

Our organisation has decided to implement ERP -   our management is convinced with SAP to be chosen however not yet finalized, our objective is to have one unified solution across the organisation at present we are using sales for marketing and sales function,
1. would like to understand does SAP has capability for sales force automation and does it support the integrations like CTI, web, face book, mainly does it allow web API integrations
2, if not SAP please suggest other ERP product which can handle sales force automation and other process, we are in real estate vertical (we do not construct we only sell the flats).
3. what all the measures to be taken to implement ERP,  is CIO needed as the technology is one part, do we require Consultant who has implemented in our vertical and project manager who leads the implementation,
4. please help me with the list for the need of technology and IT head role in detail for this project similary consultants and Project Manager and what are various types of roles to be put in place to choose and start ERP implemtetion who can drive and implement successfully.
5. Please let me know the approach or methodology for implementing the  ERP what top management should do and what all the roles to be created to implement the ERP, thanks
I'm trying to find the lib reference for access 2013 for SAPGUI.  
In tool-reference I need the SAP scripting API and it says to look for the Sapfewse.ocx file
in the program/sap folder , but its not there and I can't find a download link anywhere.
I'm wondering if it was replaced by another api !  
I tried on the SAP site and can't find it there either.

Any suggestions as to where to get it .








SAP makes enterprise software products, including Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) titles, the database product Sybase, along with numerous other products specific to various industries, using a variety of platforms and frameworks.

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