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I have a working SQL Command.  I want to create a universe using the SAP Information Design Tool 4.2 and import my SQL Command.  Is that doable?  If so, please tell/show me how.

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i have table with millions o records , it contain card data , i want to mask this card data value , check below example :

Original Data : asd1234 4078932167883902 7392137198

New value: Original Data : asd1234 4078930000003902 7392137198

whats the best way to do that ?

Getting ready to upgrade to SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence 4.  What built-in tools (add-ons) are available that are an absolute must-have?
: Client Connectivity  Failing  with CT-LIBRARY error:
        ct_connect(): network packet layer: internal net library error: Net-Lib protocol driver call to connect two endpoints failed

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 Sybase instance in setup to run on port 5000 . netstat -a confirms that 5000 is listening .  Am able to connect to the server locally using isql  i.e from the server itself.  However, from any other outside client source the port looks closed. I have enabled the trace and have checked for the connectivity errors.

“Failed to connect to the server - Error is 10060 A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond

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Listener Status

1> sp_listener 'status'
2> go
         port                       …
Hi Experts,
I have a problem restoring Sybase database from Sybase 15.7 to SAP 16, on the same instance I did restore another database from the same Sybase server with no issues.
The problem happens in the online database step, load command complete successfully. Both Sybase servers are running on Windows OS.

Below is the output for online database command:

Started estimating recovery log boundaries for database 'XX'.
Database 'XX', checkpoint=(4834613, 16), first=(4834613, 16), last=(4834613, 16).
Completed estimating recovery log boundaries for database 'XX'.
Started ANALYSIS pass for database 'XX'.
Completed ANALYSIS pass for database 'XX'.
Recovery of database 'XX' will undo incomplete nested top actions.
Database 'XX' appears to be at an older version '15.7' than the present installation at version '16.0 SP01 PL02'; ASE will assess it, and upgrade it as required.
Database 'XX': beginning upgrade step [ID     2]: validate basic system type data 
Database 'XX': beginning upgrade step [ID    75]: executing SQL statement ("update syscolumns set type=66, user...")
0 row(s) affected.
Database 'XX': beginning upgrade step [ID     9]: executing SQL statement ("if exists (select 1 from syscolumns...")
Database 'XX': beginning upgrade step [ID    10]: alter table (table sysobjects)
Database 'XX': beginning upgrade step [ID    69]: executing SQL statement ("if 2 = (select count(name) from sys...")
0 row(s) affected.
Database 'XX': beginning upgrade step [ID    

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Hello Team

we are currently trying to install SQL Anywhere 17 unattended in system context. Regarding the documentation we use the following installation string (unfortunately the two msi can not be executed directly - they have to be executed via setup.exe)

MSIEXEC Processes during installation
Setup.exe /l:1031 /s "/v: /qn REGKEY=ABCDE-FGHIJ-KLMNO-12345-67890 samples=0 sa32=1 sa64=1 sm32=0 sm64=0 sr32=0 sr64=0 ml32=0 ml64=0 at32=0 at64=0 reboot=reallysuppress"

During installation 3 MSIEXEC processes are starting but only two of them are terminating. Because of this further unattended MSI Installation will fail because an access to C:\Windows\Installer\inprogressinstallinfo.ipi is still active

Remaining MSIEXEC Process
Error for further MSI installations
List of installationfiles
First i thought killing the remaining msiexec process will solve the problem (it is working with logged on system account (psexec -i) Unfortunately killing the remaining process in unattended mode is not possible (access denied) I also tried to restart "windows installer" service but no success

Maybe anyone has the same issue with a working solution

Regarding this issue occurs with older installations aswell...
After migration of webI reports from SAP BO 3.1 to SAP BO 4.2 Refresh on Open does not work
If a parameter in Crystal Reports can be set to dynamic and the value is "editable" (which apparently means you can't type in the value when it is dynamic only pick the value from the list)  then what way if there is one can a user manually type in a value and have the value posted directly and pass it to the report.

If Filtering with the filter button is one way or if using STATIC Parameter the other way is there a third way to manually enter in a value to pass through to the report?

In past versions Crystal Reports had more flexible options....and it seems by now you would think that they could code a way to users to generate a manually entered value that would instantly query a list similar to the first 3-4 characters entered. SO as you type a value say "CLA" for CLARKE anything that starts with"CLA" would show up in a picklist. I am not a programmer so what do I know but  when running a report it really helps.

If anyone knows of the best way I can simplify a report for users so they can see the least amount of records. How would I stage the report or set up the SQL in an order that can hand off records in the least bulky amounts for them to access.

Ideally it would be perfect to set up a dynamic parameter with a custom entry window that pulls records immediately upon keystroke. If SAP is not thinking of this someone needs to get them on the phone. I have customers leaving the product because they found another tool that could....frustrating. When was the last…
Records Returned when Browsing Fields or Parameters Lookups:
In crystal reports there used to be a location (I think in the registry keys and possibly under the file options or report options section) where you could set the number of records returned when showing a parameter list or browsing window? Is that still used or available? If so where is it? I have CR 2016. I have tried searching Google and I must be putting in the wrong search terms again.

I did find this but cannot see 2016 nor hardly understand the format of the content or where the setting is. Link to Website.
As you can see from my image I am trying to simply update crystal reports I currently have service pack 5 version The current service pack is 7 and I need to get this license updated. The purchase was made last year August 2018 so I assume I should be able to get the Patch or service pack etc. without any kind of issue or need have purchase.
Crystal VersionWhen I went to the Check Updates in the Crystal Reports Startup Tab I was surprised to see all the updates packages and patches.
Check Updates areaI was surprised to go to the SAP portal and see how to do an update if that is the only way or correct way? Years ago it was very simple to click check updates and crystal just handled it for you now it looks like I'm faced with over 40 updates and service packs…..or am I?

From what I can tell this link shows me some things I can do.
Looks like a Modify or Repair might work?

Do I need to just download the latest version and install it so I will have two side by side copies or do I have to go through 40 patches updates SP's etc?
Problem 1 is I just want updates not upgrades. Purchase was made Aug 2018 so I assume updates are possible not upgrades.
Problem 2 hard to get hold of the license Product key …
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This has one data source - a derived Universe for CA Service Desk Manager.

I am trying to add a variable to a report.  This is to check if a field is null.  If it is, return one value; if not, return another.
NOTE:  This issue occurs with ALL functions which have parenthesis - NOT just "isNull()".

Steps to Reproduce:

1.  Open WEBI.
2.  Open an existing report or create a new one where results return at least two fields, one of which may have NULL values.
3.  Create a new variable.(example)
-- Name:  vFirstGroup
-- Qualification:  Dimension
-- Formula:  
      =If isNull([First_Field]) Then [Second_Field] Else [First_Field]
a.  Validate the formula.  Results:  The formula is correct.
b.  Select OK to save the variable.  Results:  Error
Web Intelligence
There is no opening parenthesis after function "isNull" at position 11 (IES 10060)

The on-line documentation for "IES 10060" says to add the missing parenthesis.  That is not the case here.

This does not occur if creating a variable which does not include functions with parentheses.  For example, this works:
  = If [First_Field] = 0 Then [First_Field] Else [Second_Field]

Thanks in advance.

In one my tables (not very big, just 700 MB) , the performance for some of the queries goes bad in few days. I did some analysis and found that one of the index on that table , its large i/o efficiency value keeps going down and becomes 0.4.  when we do full reorg rebuild it becomes 1 and performance improves.
I want to know why the large io efficiency values goes down. there are around 1million DML operations on that table on daily basis.

sybase experts please throw some light as always you do.
I am working with Sybase Replication 12.6 using MSA.  There are reports that run against about 60 tables in the replicated database.
The application team wants to suspend updates to those tables while the reports  are  running.  The report takes approximately one hour.
There are about 100 other critical tables in this database and they prefer not to suspend the connection for the entire database.

It seems I can create a 2nd database and define a subscription but there are a few tables that are extremely large that are not part of the report.
If  I define a subscription for a 2nd replicated database, I need to perform a dump/load- so this replicated database will need to be as large
as the source database and unfortunately with Sybase 12.6, I can't shrink the database - totally wasted space.

Basically, what I need in addition to my MSA replicated database is a snapshot of the database or a subset of the database.
Is there a way to suspend updates for only the tables in the report for my current replicated database?

I thought about creating a database at primary with only views for the tables in the report then trying to replicate that database.
Then I can suspend connections to that database.  Any reason this will not work?

Any other ideas on how to accomplish this?

Need to have a pie chart in a Crystal Report reflect the FMV %. In other words, as the example attached, I need to show 21% of the pie chart out of 100%. I have already added the same field that FMV % is using but cannot figure out how to make it display in percentage within the Pie chart.

Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.
what is the name of the 'management console' which is used to manage security/permissions/users in sap business objects? And where does all the configuration data reside relating to the security configuration, e.g. does business objects come with a standard database for storing configuration information, and out of interest is that typically oracle/mysql/MSSQL.
How to do large set of data movement from SAP ASE/ ASE IQ server to other RDBMS say SQL server.??
The data is need to move is around 2-3 TB , could you please provide a complete step to step approach.
My Sybase IQ tables are too big. A detailed explanation will be highly appreciated.

Hi Experts,
I need to change one of my Sybase databases to be "Inactive", I need to know the value to be updated in "status" column in "sysdatabases" system table.

Daniel Mina
Hi Experts,
I need installation packages for Sybase ASE 12.5, 15.0.3 & 15.5 on Linux. Could anyone send to me a download link?

One of my SQL queries is picking up the index sometimes and sometime it does the table scan. I can see in the show plan , sometimes it picks up the index but other times does the table can.
I have run the update stats on the table many times and even done reorg rebuild but still the issue persists.
Can you please advise what all to check or make changes so that optimizer picks up the right index always. ( i dont want to force the index on the table)
Please advise.
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Dear Experts
At present we are using CRM application which is hosted on premise and it is mainly used for handling the support cases, automated email alerts and to store all the case related data, repair and maintenance data ( all data are imported  only , ie, operational users will not use instead all these to be imported  ) and tool is only used for reporting and analytics purpose only . Now that for other business process where the operational users will use in every stage  hence the need for technology solution in additional to above mainly on following business process and solution to be deployed on premises only.
1.       complete material movement tracking and capture the activities involved and automated email notifications and if the delay escalation rules .  
2.      Service, repair and maintenance  
3.      Warehouse/logistics management
4.      Inventory management
5.      Invoice management/HRMS/Vendor bills/salary # this is optional mainly 1 to 4 is important
We cannot go for cloud solutions the solution to hosted on premise.  Please suggest the ERP application that can be best suited for above should we have to evaluate Microsoft dynamics ERP AX , SAP  or any other where it to be used for operational and also for reporting and analytics . please suggest the best suited ERP or other solutions. Thanks in advance.
I need to add an additional criteria to the following formula and I tried but it is not working??
This one works:

{="Unique Numbers in SAP = "&SUM(--(FREQUENCY(IF(Sheet2!C2:C50000<>"",MATCH(Sheet2!C2:C50000,Sheet2!C2:C50000,0)),ROW(Sheet2!C2:C50000)-ROW(Sheet2!C2)+1)>0))}

This one does not work:

{="Unique Numbers in SAP = "&SUM(--(FREQUENCY(IF(,Sheet2!H2:H50000"<>SESA"),IF(Sheet2!C2:C50000<>"",MATCH(Sheet2!C2:C50000,Sheet2!C2:C50000,0))),ROW(Sheet2!C2:C50000)-ROW(Sheet2!C2)+1)>0))}
http request to receive a login token from BusinessObjects worked a week ago, but no longer works, but https works.

The custom application to call BusinessObjects cannot process https call to BusinessObjects, so it's just using http.  The Windows Server 2012 had some recent updates and that seems to be the point the http call stopped working. However, the https call also doesn't work on the test server, also a recent occurance, previously http call worked, but that server hasn't changed.

We are calling BusinessObjects to get the login token, using custom.jsp, The call is this:, returning a token such as [my.server]

The http call results in http error 404.

An http call to an outside link works -

So Windows Server 2012 now cannot (all of a sudden) call SAP BusinessObjects with http

I realize this is an environment issue that you won't be able to troubleshoot. Also it's Business Objects so we are pursuing assistance in other places.

But just thought I would see what anyone might say as far as how to further troubleshoot this.

Business Objects BI Suite 4.2 SP-05
Windows Server 2012

We are running ASE 15.0 (with character set latin-1 on Solaris 10).  We want to convert the charset of database server from latin-1 to UTF-8 to support  Chinese characters.
can anybody help us to list the steps involved in this charset conversion?  We understand we may have to bcp out/in all the tables unless the data stored in tables are only ASCII-7.  Is there any easy method to convert to UTF-8 without bcp in/out?

We have setup Warm standby using Sybase Replication Server. Do we need to change the charset of Replication server too to support UTF-8 along with dataserver? Kindly advise.

Hi Exchange experts

i dont know how this has to be done so i need help here

we have our ERP system SAP and we need to make a changes about meetings or date and we need an automatic configuration between SAP and exchange calendars

that when the user in SAP change the data about meeting this changes will take effects in the email calendar

someone talk about something called exchange web services

which will use the web mail of exchange to do this changes

i don't know about this

plus if you have any other idea to meet such aim
I am trying to use a quantified expression to check every line item in a purchase order to see if the confirmed date and quantity (E2EDP20_EDATU, E2EDP20_WMENG) match the order date and quantity (E2EDP03_DATUM, E2EDP01_MENGE) within each G03 node..  

This is an SAP ORDERS IDOC.  If the E2EDP01 ordering data matches the E2EDP02 and E2EDP20 order confirmation the order is accepted unchanged.  If the E2EDP20_WMENG quanity is different than E2EDP01_MENGE we detect a change.  If the EDP20_EDATU  is different than E2EDP01_DATUM we also detect a change.

There  may be many G03 groups each with a new line item within to be checked.

When I enter this code below I get "Xpath is Invalid".  Am I not supposed to be able to use pos$ as a variable for each //G03 and use it as part of the Xpath to the E2EDP03 and E2EDP01?

<xsl:value-of select=" if (every $pos in //G03 satisfies (pos$/E2EDP20/E2EDP20_EDATU=pos$/E2EDP03[E2EDP03_IDDAT='002']/E2EDP03_DATUM and pos$/E2EDP20/E2EDP20_WMENG=pos$/E2EDP01/E2EDP01_MENGE)) then 'NOCHANGE' else 'CHANGE' "/>

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!-- Based on format description: ordrsp_sr3_ord04 --><ACTIS>

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SAP makes enterprise software products, including Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) titles, the database product Sybase, along with numerous other products specific to various industries, using a variety of platforms and frameworks.

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