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Small Business Server (SBS) is a line of server operating systems targeted at small businesses by bundling the operating system with a number of ot...

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Troubleshooting Solution

can't boot ML370 G5 server after one RAID 5 drives failed, and second predicted fail.


HP Proliant ML370 G5 server, RAID 5 degrade volume, one drive dead, second predicted fail. Need to


Migrate Small Business Server 2003 to Small Business Server 2011

This guide is intended to provide step by step instructions on how to migrate from Small Business …

Anyone familiar with Tyrone's issue for how to disable SMBv1…

Anyone familiar with Tyrone's issue for how to disable SMBv1 on SBS2011?

Advice Solution

can I move AD (FSMO etc) from SBS 2011 to server standard without triggering the SBS 30 minute shutdown process and of so how?


i am trying to migrate a small company from SBS 2011 to Windows Server Standard 2019 with Exchange

Troubleshooting Solution

Windows Server 2003 for Small Business Server SP2

Network Connectivity issue. I can ping the DC which is the SBS 2003 Server by Name and IP Address …
Troubleshooting Solution

After Acronis restore of Windows Server 2003 Domain Controller to new box, Exchange server cannot see Domain Controller

I performed an Acronis True Image Echo Enterprise Server with Universal Restore of my Windows Server…

Just a heads-up for you Sage Users who still have an SBS.  …

Just a heads-up for you Sage Users who still have an SBS.

The latest version of Sage (v24) will …
Troubleshooting Solution

Severe Server Issues

This is a new server built from the ground up and I am having several difficulties as you can see in…

I'll be spending my weekend migrating a customers SBS2003 …

I'll be spending my weekend migrating a customers SBS2003 server onto Server 2016 Essentials and …
Troubleshooting Solution

cannot add email account to smart phone

I am running a 2003 small business server. I cannot add my exchange account to my smart phone. web …
Troubleshooting Solution

The BlackBerry Controller service terminated with service-specific error 5003 (0x138B)

Our BES server running with Exchange 2003 stopped sending emails last night.
The event log shows …
Troubleshooting Solution

SBS2011 Exchange Public Folder mount error

After restoring a Public Database from Backup Exec on a new SBS2011 server, I tried to dismount and …
Troubleshooting Solution

separate networks and one internet connection

I have one internet connection via our cable modem.  I want to have two separate networks, both of …

Migrate Windows 2003 with Exchange to Small Business Server 2008

This guide is intended for migrating Windows 2003 Standard with Exchange 2003 to Windows Small …
Troubleshooting Solution

VPN User Unable to Access Shares via Server Name, But Can Via IP Address

Hello everyone, new user here :)

I'm an admin for a small business and lately have been …
Troubleshooting Solution

Security Alert When Opening Outlook 2007+


I have an SBS 2008 server which has been running great. I have a SSL Cert form DigiCert …
Troubleshooting Solution

SBS 2008 Blue Screen overnight

I have a new SBS2008 Install that is functioning great, except that it is restarting itself every …
Troubleshooting Solution

Joining Windows 2012 Server as a member server in an SBS domain

I need to add a Windows 2012 server into an existing SBS domain as a member server. What is best …
Troubleshooting Solution

SBS2011 - renewed Certificate  has wrong "issuer" called out

ok so I renew the certificate via the command line method. I get this notice.  The cert will not be …

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