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Small Business Server (SBS) is a line of server operating systems targeted at small businesses by bundling the operating system with a number of other Microsoft products that would normally need to be purchased or licensed separately. The most notable inclusions are Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint and ISA/TMG (Microsoft's firewall and proxy server).

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In trying to repair some problems with remote email in SBS 2003, I changed a bunch of settings in IIS and now I do not have either email through RPC or ActiveSync. Thanks to an earlier article posted by Alan Hardisty, I have set the ActiveSync settings to his recommendation. I have also loaded RPC ping but need some guidance on using it/where to start. When I search I get a 404 error. Is there a tutorial that I can follow to put the settings back correctly? Much of the reference materials posted online are gone now that we are so far from SBS 2003 use. Did not change registry/firewall or any other settings.
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Please help!

I have been tasked with renewing and then installing a SSL certificate on a SBS 2011 server. I have already renewed the cert and imported into the MMC console and I have ran the Certutil CMD command as per my normal steps. The next step that I usually follow is to launch the SBS Console and then via the certificate wizard 'add a new certificate' choosing the option 'use a certificate already on this computer' however the server in question has an issue whereby the SBS console crashes immediately (not when switching to the network tab but literally immediately). I have confirmed WMI is up and also ran the repair console option using the original CD media and then rebooted but still the error remains. I cannot see anything obvious in Event Viewer.

I have to install this certificate asap (within the next 24 hours) so just wondering is there a way of replicating the 'install a certificate already on this computer' method without using the SBS Console (powershell etc). Going forward clearly the SBS issue needs to be fixed but this is a secondary issue and the most important bit is getting this newly renewed cert installed and in use so the clients email is secured.

Please help! Also bear in mind I am not particularly familiar with SBS (or IT in general) so simple instructions ideally!

Note when it crashes the error reported is CLR20o3 if that helps.

Thanks in advance

I can not not ping server from workstation but from server to workstation no problem!!

Firewall on server is off and no antivirus.

When the Server starts, I can ping it after the Microsoft Corporation logo until the screen with "Aplying Computer Setings" appears. Then I get time out!

Server SBS2008
WS Win7
I need to retire SBS 2008, and move the data from it to new server.

Current situation:
I have SBS2008 and several other servers (2008R2, 2012) running off two HYPERV hosts.
Users use Local Workstations, Terminal Server and remote users with Notebooks.

At the moment I want to move Folder redirection (and some SHARED DATA FOLDERS) to new server.

Since this is HYPERV environment I can easily move VHDs to new server without the need to copy massive amount of data.

My plan is as follows:

1. Create two VHDs one for "FolderRedirection" and one for "SharedData". Attach them to existing SBS2008 and using some utility like ROBOCOPY or similar copy files from C drive of the SBS2008 to the two attached VHDs.

2. When above is completed - I will move/attach the VHDs to newly created server (adjust sharing and security - disable sharing on SBS2008 etc) and modify the GPO to redirect the users folders to new location.

My Question:

How do I deal with following GPO settings:

- Move the contents of the "folder" to the new location
- Redirect the folder back to the local userprofile when policy removed.

I have users which use Offline folders for the "redirected folders" and I have users that do not use offline folders (terminal server users)
What is the best way of setting up a central contact list in SBS for all users to see. I was thinking the best way would be
to use the Global Address List? if so would you establish this using the exchange management console and then
mail contact?

thanks in advance
HI I have sbs 2011 standard server , where i was running exchange 2010 , how could I know how many calls I have installed in this .
To whom it may concern

My client has a Windows 2008 SBS server.  A VOIP device from 3rd party got plugged in on the network and shortly after a bunch of services on the server stopped and did not want to start.  The device has been removed but the services still wouldn't start.  The clients are not able to access the server although they can ping and still have the lease that the server handed them before the event occurred.  

When I logged onto the server I realized that the following services do not want to start:
DFS Namespace
DHCP Server

I have attached the error that I receive when trying to start the services manually.  Also I get constant Event Viewer ID 's of 7031 and 1000.  Also the Microsoft Server Infrastructure License Service keeps on stopping.  I have attached a screenshot as well.

Please assist in sorting out the issue as the clients on the network are not able to access the server.

Please let me know if you require further details.

Kind Regards


I have an issue with my internal SBS2011 Server.

Everything has been working fine until a new member started and i wanted to setup outlook on his laptop. Previously it's been fine, stick the sever ( in the thing with the username and hey presto. But, alas it hasn't been so easy.

It keeps failing. Test Exchange Connectivity shows this:  The RPC_S_SERVER_UNAVAILABLE error (0x6ba) was thrown by the RPC Runtime process.
Elapsed Time: 3454 ms.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling RPC over HTTP and disabling/reenabling OWA access but none of this has helped.

Hosts file seems to have no issues - just that

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Guys,

We are receiving emails inbound from one user, is it possible to change the display name once it is received by our Exchange 2010 Server.

For example --> emails us --> can we have it show up as ?

We have this SBS 2011 server sends Daily Summary reports from the account SBSMonAcct@ which uses localhost as the SMTP transport and I believe it ties to the Exchange server that's installed.  Is there any where I can change the setting so that I can configure to use external SMTP server instead?
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Friday, 15/9, the network worked.
After the weekend it is not possible to connect with the server!

There appears to be a problem with the network connection. On the network icon in the process line there is a red cross. But the server can communicate with the Internet.

I have updated driver for network adapter, etc.

Any suggestions?

It's an SBS 2008 with Win7 workstations.
Hi all

I need tio restore a server for our school but the media disk has vanished.  We are school with a legitimate license key so I would appreciate if someone could send me a download link for Windows small Business Server Standard 2011.  With grateful thanks
I have a Windows SBS 2011 version installed with Kaspersky endpoint 10 anti-virus which is blocking local access of users to the server. I have folder redirection configured but could neither redirect any folders nor ping or open the server shared folder.

After pausing Kaspersky Endpoint, i can access all server resources. I have tried to add the local network on Kaspersky allow trusted networks but could not manage.

Please assist.
Hey Guys -

We have a user who just needs to view a calendar in Exchange 2010. How can i prevent them from and sending and receiving ALL email? Internal AND external.
Hey guys,

We have are migrating from SBS2011 to (2) 2012 R2 servers with DFS for file sharing.

To replicate the files, we added all 3 members (2011, R2-FS, R2-FS2) and they are replicating the files as needed. I mapped the new DFS drives on a users folder today to test, and had them edit the file. When they edited the Excel file on the SBS2011 and saved it, on the DFS share,the file name went away and i just saw a random TMP file.

What is causing this?
Hey Guys

I have a SBS 2011 server - from all workstations and even on the server itself - if i clicked a shared folder - it takes a like a minute for it to open. I see the progress bar moving, just really slow.

I checked task manager - memory and cpu usage are fine, on the server itself, opening regular folders and apps open fine, its just the shared folders, any thoughts??
Hey Guys,

I want to share a calendar for READ ONLY to a user outside of our organization. We use Exchange 2010 in house.

How can i accomplish?
Hi, can someone elaborate on what these messages are please? our client was having email problems yesterday so they decided to go on the server and make changes themselves in order to remedy it.  they then emailed us today saying they are receiving these messages now (see below for an example), seems to be when the client receives mail.  is someone able to tell us how to turn off these alerts.  attached are also two examples

Microsoft Outlook <>
Subject: RE: Pallet
Message-Id: <e9001a5184e1489a9b77749efc034fa7@SERVER00.IDENTITYPRINT.LOCAL>
Recipient: [/b]
We are managing an exchange server and a few external senders have recently complained that they are recieving "530 5.7.1 client was not authenticated".

We are using a spam filtering service which all mail routes to, and I checked the message delivery logs and I can see multiple emails per day that where undelivered and bounced back as "530 5.7.1 client was not authenticated", no other information I could get from the logs. I have searched through them and there seems to be no noticeable patterns or reasons why this is happen, just randomly 10-15 emails per day, throughout the day to all different users are getting bounced back.

It seemed to start about 2 weeks ago > Beyond that there was no emails that ever got bounced back, and no changes where made to the server on that day it began happening.

The recieve connector is set to allow anonymous auth from all the Spam filtering IP's and I have double checked and all the correct IP's are there. The firewall is just forwarding any and all traffic on port 25 to the exchange server.

We use the same spam filtering for a number of other customers and none of them have this problem.

I have rebooted the server 2 times now and its still happening. Any idea's?
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Hey Guys, we have an SBS 2011 server, and i added a new File Server (2012 R2).

I am making some new shares on the 2012 R2 server, and i cannot add the domain\administrators groups on the 2012 R2 server, it like does not even show up. Is there a reason for that?
when we try to use Remote Web Access it allows us to log in just fine. But when we try to get to one of the computers we are getting the following error:

Remote Desktop Connection
"Your computer can't connect to the remote computer because a security package error occurred in the transport layer. Retry the connection or contact your network administrator for assistance"

Please advice thanks
Dear All,

Just a quick question regarding the Administrator account on SBS2008.

We have a client laptop here in the office but not the password as the employee is no longer working with the company. We'd like access the emails and we use Exchange 2007 that is bundled with SBS.

If we log on to the Server, can we access the emails via exchange for the particular client and, can we just reset the password for that person so that we can create a new one on the laptop by enforcement? In other words, does it matter whether we have the client's current password or not to get access?

Regards and thanks,

I have a new SBS 2011 install. Exchange has no service packs installed. Do I have to install Exchange SP1 > SP2 > SP3, or can I just install SP3 without installing previous service packs?
Hello, so this firm has a Windows Server SBS 2011 which is mainly used for Exchange and for sharing purposes.

Lately one strange problem has emerged: you open a file from a client (the file is on the server and shared) and you get the usual warning about someone else using the file right now, the file is read-only and so on.

Mind you, I'm not talking about a particular file, this can happen with any file actually.

Problem is, the file is not being used by anyone else, we have verified this many times.
After a while, it will just "unlock" and became fully available.

So, does anyone know how to address this problem or try to diagnose it? It never happened to me in many a year. Thanks.
I know very little about watchguards (or really most complex firewalls).  I have 2 watchguards in location A and location B.  looking at the policies on the main office's watchguard, I have 16 rules.  wonder which are needed?  

This is an XTM21 (old unit, right?)

it takes a few seconds to go from screen to screen / get the list of firewall policies, etc. 'retrieving data' on screen for 9 seconds... there's 16 policies in the list.  Is that a long time for pages to load?

a) do you just replace watchguards after x years because they are old?
b) do you reboot them on a schedule? How often? every week? month? year?

This watchguard is set up for:Exchange on the SBS server on the LAN, General surfing from inside the office, VPN to the other location and phones being able to connect to the exchange server from outside.

How many rules should those take?

Looking at the policies, I think this is what are set up. I inherited this network so may be unneeded / defaults that came with the box?
FTP OUTboundSMTP ( to Any external)
GeneralProxy (From HTTP-proxy to ANY  Trusted)
SMTPtoMailSrv (From ANY to 75.127.x.x->
HTTPtoMAILSrv (From ANY to 75.127.x.x->
POP3toMailsrv (From ANY to 75.127.x.x->
IMAPtoMailsrv (From ANY to 75.127.x.x->
HTTPStoMailsrv (From ANY to 75.127.x.x->
RDPtoMAILsrv (From ANY to 75.127.x.x->
Voicecom mail system (From ANY to 75.127.x.x->
Watchguard …






Small Business Server (SBS) is a line of server operating systems targeted at small businesses by bundling the operating system with a number of other Microsoft products that would normally need to be purchased or licensed separately. The most notable inclusions are Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint and ISA/TMG (Microsoft's firewall and proxy server).