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Small Business Server (SBS) is a line of server operating systems targeted at small businesses by bundling the operating system with a number of ot...

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Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery -

Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery – Most Recommended Software by MVPs

Encountering issues like sudden system shutdown, damage in one or more files, or accidental deletion, is common in the Exchange environment. And while manual techniques like PowerShell commands and Exchange Management Shell are easily available, they often don’t prove to be accurate and effective.
Exchange Database Failed -

Exchange Database failed due to Exchange 2013 Logs Drive Full

Check the reasons why Exchange Database failed due to Exchange 2013 Logs Drive Full?
Exchange Toolkit

How to Extract Exchange Mailbox from Exchange Backup File

It is a known fact that if an organization stresses on following a strict backup regime, it always has sufficient material to bounce back from even severe Exchange disasters.

Exchange Server injected with ransomware? What to do now?

This is a very interesting topic. Ransomware has been around for a while but has increased drastically over the last year or so.

Exchange 2013 Database Dismounted: How to Mount

Are you working to mount the dismounted Exchange 2013 database? Then the best course of action is to analyze the causes of Database issue, their probable solutions and decide for the appropriate course of action.

Exchange Mailbox Database Offline due to disk errors - How to repair?

Disk errors can be the source of sundry problems for the Exchange server, the most common one being that the database fails to mount.

Migrate mailboxes from a dismounted Exchange Database

Let us take a look at the scenario, you have a database that is corrupt and you run the ESEUTIL command only to find you are unable to repair it. How do you now get the data back?

How to prepare for Exchange Server Downtime?

Organisation is organized in a pattern to flow the day to day business, every application and system is interdepended on each other and when very important “Exchange Server downtime” happened.

Deal with Exchange Server Failure: Stellar Exchange Toolkit

There’s hardly a doubt that Business Communication is indispensable for both enterprises and small businesses, and if there is an email system outage owing to Exchange server failure, it definitely results in loss of productivity.

How to mount an Exchange EDB when it displays internal processing error?

The Exchange database may sometimes fail to mount owing to various technical reasons. A dismounted EDB file can be the source of many Exchange errors including mailbox inaccessibility for users. Resolving the root cause of mounting problems becomes imperative to bring the server back online.

Why choose Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery Software?

There are literally thousands of Exchange recovery applications out there. So how do you end up picking one that’s ideal for your business & purpose? By carefully scouting the product’s features, the benefits it offers you, & reading ample reviews from people who are sailing in the same boat as you.

How to Fix Error: Unable to mount database (HR=0x80004005, EC=-543)

Exchange database can often fail to mount thereby halting the work of all users connected to it. Finding out why database isn’t mounting is crucial and getting the server back online. Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery is a champion product that can be used to fix all Exchange mounting errors

Error Solved: Exchange Server Jet Error Code 1601 & 1605

Microsoft Jet database engine errors can crop up out of nowhere to disrupt the working of the Exchange server. Decoding why a particular error occurs goes a long way in determining the right solution for it.

New-MailboxRepairRequest failed with Event ID 10049

Mailbox Corruption is a nightmare every Exchange DBA wishes he never has. Recovering from it can be super-hectic if not entirely futile. And though techniques like the New-MailboxRepairRequest cmdlet have been designed to help with fixing minor corruptions within Exchange mailboxes.

A one-stop solution for all MS Exchange Server issues from Stellar Data Recovery

One-stop solution for Exchange Administrators to address all MS Exchange Server issues, which is known by the name of Stellar Exchange Toolkit.

How to install and configure Carbonite Server Backup

A quick step-by-step overview of installing and configuring Carbonite Server Backup.

Using the 'Connect to a Computer' section of the Remote Web Workplace site on a Windows 10 Client

You may have discovered the 'Compatibility View Settings' workaround for making your SBS 2008 Remote Web Workplace 'connect to a computer' section stops 'working around' after a Windows 10 client upgrade.  That can be fixed so it 'works around' again!

Microsoft Office Accounting 2008 on WIndows 8.1

If you are a user of the discontinued Microsoft Office Accounting 2008 (MSOA) and have to move to a …

uVerse and the Small Business Server

I work for a company that primarily works with small businesses as their outsourced IT vendor. As …

A Fast Resolution and Understanding for Windows Server Backup Error 2155348010

I’m often asked about newer and larger USB drives connected to SBS2008 and 2011 failing Windows …

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