Small Business Server (SBS) is a line of server operating systems targeted at small businesses by bundling the operating system with a number of other Microsoft products that would normally need to be purchased or licensed separately. The most notable inclusions are Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint and ISA/TMG (Microsoft's firewall and proxy server).

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Exchange ServicesHi,
 I have a SBS2011( with embedded Exchange 2010)  network that comes with. Recently I migrated their email to online exchange and disabled all exchange related services in Services.msc and dismounted exchange mailbox databases in Exchange Mgmt Console.
 But when I tried to add a new user in SBS Console, it generated an error. Apparently it needs to create a new user mailbox in Exchange server and failed because services were down.
 I guess that I need to start certain (or all) exchange related services in and mount exchange databases before adding a new user in SBS Console.
 Which services do I need to enable? Do I need to mount exchange databases as well?

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Hello, I hope someone can help me out of this fire..

Our exchange 2010 server (SBS2011) crashed last tuesday maybe caused by a defective harddrive which was used for backups. Unfortunately we cannot fall back on a backup because of that.
After our server restarted Exchange services won't start anymore. Everything else is looking fine (I can open AD, clients can logon and get their user profiles) but they cannot use outlook because allmost all exchange services aren't started mostly with reason: access denied and service stucked. If I open EMC I get an Kerberos error: access denied.

I tried some things like: check ipv6 is checked (correct), sfc /scannow (no problems found), DNS was the server itself but I've change that now to but that didn't help.

dcdiag gave some errors so i tried some online solutions like:
- a register change to disable FSMO sync (
- creating a new domain GPO
- mailbox had dirty shutdown status so I've run the eseutil repair
- run dcgpofix /ignoreschema uitgevoerd (but I'm scared that this command removed all default SBS GPO configuration? but I created a windows backup of systemstate and also exported the GPO)

What I noticed today, and MAYBE that is the reason of our problem, is that if I try to open DNS, I get an Access denied error (Cannot contact server <servername>. The Error is: access denied. Do you still want to add this server? j/n.). Which shows an empty …
Helping a friend.  He has 5 nest cameras.  we added the 5th yesterday. Now he says watching the 5 camera view on google chrome on a win 8 PC is choppy (video refreshes every couple / few seconds).  Same issue in IE.

On his iphone in the app, video is smooth (so it seems it's machine specific issue).

I tried on my win 10 machine in chrome and IE on a different network. and same choppy / slow refresh issue.

If he or I click on a single video, get that in a single screen, then the video is fine.

both machines are basic machines, but i5 with 8GB of ram, fully patched

with the slow refresh web page running, task manager doesn't go more than 30% for memory, cpu, disk network...

Interesting, network is 0 for a few seconds then spikes to 5 - 10% for part of a second (with that next to web page, it's when the screen refreshes.... so ithere's not much iof any network going on till it refreshes.


I called Nest and they didn't have any recommendations other than check the machine... but that was before I saw it was 2 different machines on 2 different networks..
We are using sbs 2011. previous exchange server was working fine. but from 30/07/18 Our internal email are get stuck in exchange server and user are not able to receive email from out site.

request you to provide solution.

Exchange SMTP Connectors are invalid
After restoring SBS2011 from old image, other computers can't connect. What is the best way to fix the secure channel problem without removing and rejoining computers?
After I installed several updates on my SBS 2008 R2 server the companyweb started to stop working once a day for like 20 minutes not everyday but most of the days and then it just started to work again, this what I have tried:

-checked and cancel tasks that I saw ran by that time: antivirus scan, backup

-Recreated the sbs Monitoring database as it was getting full and I thought this may some how create this issue:

-Recreated the access to the companyweb deleting from the IIS and adding it again:

-I checked the event viewer and I cannot see any error directly related with this: apart from:



*MSSQL$MICROSOFT##SSEE 2803 I can see few of this error

and a WAS 5186 error

also on top of this when I go to the Web Sites on the Windows SBS console the internal website shows status as "Unknown", description  as "The Web site dues not exist" and it doesn't give any option to run or stop it; and funny enough now when I go to the IIS Manager console and check if the website is running now it only works when it shows as stopped in here.

Any ideas of what could be causing the issue or what else I could try?

I started receiving TCPIP Event ID 4227 on two servers.  One server is an SBS 2011 domain controller and the other one is a Server 2016 Standard virtual machine on completely different hardware that only hosts a reporting software program.  These errors will occur at completely different times on each server so they don't seem to be related to one another at all.  The SBS 2011 server is running on it's own physical hardware, and the Server 2016 server is a virtual machine on a Hyper-V host which also has 6 other server virtual machines that are not experiencing this problem.

For troubleshooting, I have set the 'TcpTimedWaitDelay' to 30 in the registry on both servers and that did not fix the error.  I have also set up a script to run a netstat and get-process capture exactly when the error is logged in Event Viewer and I have collected the logs which are attached.  When looking through those logs I cannot determine what the issue really is since it doesn't seem to be related to the 'TcpTimedWaitDelay' setting.

At this time the error doesn't seem to be affecting any functionality on either server so I'm not sure how concerning this really is.

Any information is appreciated and if you need any further clarification on anything please let me know.

Thank you
Hi all,

I'm about to demote an old SBS 2011 server. Hopefully the below will outline the environment:

1) We're on Office 365 and Exchange on SBS servers no purpose, the services are disabled
2) I've transferred the FSMO roles form SBS to another DC successfully
3) I've unticked Global Catalog for SBS in ADS&S so it's not a GC anymore.
4) I want to dcpromo it so I can turn it off

My question is:

A) Can I dcpromo SBS with Exchange still on there or would it not let me anyway?
B) If I have to uninstall Exchange first, am I safe to restart the services? I suspect they wont effect anything as it doesnt do anything anymore.

Many thanks,
I have a client who is experiencing network slowness. We have checked everything & nothing much is showing as an issue.

The only thing we are getting is an Error in Event Viewer every minute -

The following fatal alert was received: 70
Log Name: System
Source: SChannel
Event ID: 36887

Any ideas if this could be causing the issues & how to solve it?

This is a DC running SBS 2011.
I have two servers, one SBS 2003 with 2 nics and one Windows 2008 with 2 nics. Internet traffic seems to be going through the Windows 2008 server. So if I have to restart that server for any reason I lose access to the internet. Both servers are on the same subnet. Is there a way for internet traffic to roll over to the other server if the 2008 server is down for any reason? Both servers have a static IP address for the 2nd nic as well as an internal IP for the first nic.
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Hello, we just recently moved to Exchange 2016 from SBS Exchange 2010, now we a send limit of 30mb on our emails. Through OWA, i can send this fine, but through mobile devices (we use mostly ipad's and iphones) it fails, even if i send internally or even myself. Is there something i am missing on Exchange that is blocking this?

FYI i talked to Apple and they said there is no limit on their devices.
I need to transfer the FSMO roles from an old SBS server we have to one of two DCs - just to give you a heads up - we have a single forest single domain infrastructure so its pretty simple. There are currenyly 3 DCS - one is the SBS the other who are Windows Servers.

As far as I remember from my MCSE days and some online research I need to do the following:

1) Transfer all the roles via the consoles to the new DC - I should be able to do this during working hours.
2) When the PDC Emulator roles is xferred sync the time on the new DC so it uses an internet source and not SBS as it does currently
3) Once the above two are done dcpromo the SBS server and demote it, after which I believe it will want to shut down after 21 days or so
4) Turn off the SBS vm

If you could let me know whether I've missed anything or for anything I should watch out for I'd be grateful.

I had this question after viewing SBS 2011 UPS Wizard.

The Eminent EM 3984 with UPSilon sotware will not work on a SBS2011 server. Eminet does not have any working software for this….
MS Exchange Transport will not start after removing MS Forefront from SBS 2011 server

Hi I am running MS SBS 2011 Standard SP 1 server which Exchange will not send or receive emails.  

I recently noted that I still had installed MS Forefront software trail version and as was not being used, I tried to uninstall it via control panel / program / add- remove software etc.  Since then Exchange has not worked.  
At first this looked like an IPv6 issue  but soon realised that Forefront had not be properly uninstalled. I have the article  which I have followed and managed to correct some of the EVENT errors, but I still can't get the MS Exchange Transport to run and their seems to be a number of errors also happening with sharepoint (this might not have anything to do with Exchange not working.

I am not technical so need as much help as possible
Since installing multiple windows updates on an SBS 20008 server  the default company web is unavailable as users are presented with the page HTTP 404 page not found, i have gone through various troubleshooting steps including IIS reset but still unable to resolve.

Any ideas?
I'm having issues connecting a client windows 10 pro computer to a Windows Server Essentials 2016.

When I run the ComputerConnector.exe It connects to the server fine but when I put in the login details the process takes forever and delivers and error message saying:

"The server is not available. Try connecting this computer again."

I have run through microsoft's trouble shooting tips and none of them worked. Going through the log file I found this error

 ClientSetup: Failed to download from server: System.Net.WebException: The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel. ---> System.Security.Authentication.AuthenticationException: The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure.

Does anyone know how to fix this?
My client asks me to create a web application in PHP that will interact with the SAP Business One Database. They say that the database is on the cloud using the Hana database.

Also, I am trying to download the sap Hana client software package trial version but they ask for a password, I enter correct password but the software package did not download and password prompt again appear.

Please guide me how can I create a connection and start web application in PHP that can interact with SAP Business One database. Are the database queries will be the same for the Hana database while writing code in PHP. I am the beginner I am totally confused. I read a number of articles but still confused.

Expert guidance will be appreciated.
Have a SBS2011Server scheduled to be decommissioned by the end of the year. In the meantime looking to free up space on the partition that data is housed on. Current partitions are C:\ operating system; D:\ data and exchange database; and E:\ pagefile.

Because of other factors it makes sense to move the exchange database to the E:\ drive which will free up plenty of space on the D:\ drive where data is located.

Any concerns running the page file on the same partition as the exchange database?
I have a Windows 2011 SBS domain with multiple DC's -- fully updated, replicating properly, no other issues EXCEPT: implementing Group Policy to map network drives based on security groups (Item Level Targeting) using the REPLACE option; when using the REPLACE option (in order to overwrite existing maps) I get all 7 drives mapped even if the test is not true.  For example, mapping x: only if the user is a member of the security group ABC.  I get the drive mapping regardless of whether the user is or is not a member of ABC.  So in my situation, the test user ends up with 7 drives mapped but only should have 4.  

Does not affect user access rights, but provides confusion (what is drive x: ?, why do I have drive x: ?)  

I presume this behavior is because of using the REPLACE option but the others don't seem to do the job I need.  Domain is at 2008 functional level; Security Filtering is "authenticated users".  Other GPO's applying properly.  Any insights would be appreciated.
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what dictate the default theme or splash login page for Windows 10 in AD domain environment?  Anyone have some helpful GPO links for removing all the crap from the start button, Switching the default browser, and the default desktop theme?

Installed a new Windows Server 2016 at an existing SBS 2011 site.  Email was Migrated to Office 365 several months ago and all clients were connected and working fine.

New server and domain are connected to Office 365 and Azure AD for management and password replication is working perfectly.

All Outlook 2010 clients connect to Office 365 fine.

None of the Outlook 2016 clients will connect to Office 365 for the previous user of the pc.  


"something went wrong we weren't able to register your device and add it to windows"

and it continually asks for password.

Machine User Profiles were migrated from old domain to new domain.

 Can add outlook profile for new users and, can add an outlook profile for the user on a different machine.

The problem seems to be only present when the following are present.

Windows 10 Pro
Outlook 2016
Outlook profile existed on machine before the domain migration.

I have tried removing all Outlook profiles from the mail control panel and the registry.  No Joy.
surface pro4 cant use fingerprint or facial recognition on sbs 2011 domain  keeps saying some settings are hidden or managed by my organization, security policies on this PC are preventing some options from being shown. so cant configure it to login.    dont know which security policy setting is stopping me from using them.  i already added the user to the local administrators group on the local pc but that didnt help
SBS 2008 server is having trouble starting DHCP, DNS services.
The power went out for longer than battery life, and the server shutdown properly.

When I try to manually start DHCP or DNS services, I get 'The service could not start due to timeout' error.

  • No MS updates since Jan 2018
  • Latest HP ML350 BIOS and ILO firmware updates are complete
  • Rebooted many times
  • BMR restored from May 2018
  • DHCP Client, TCPIP NET BIOS and Windows Event Log services are stuck on 'starting'
  • I can't get any errors from Event Log, because Event Log service won't start.

Can someone please help? I need to get this running ASAP.
I am getting a black screen with a blinking cursor after rebuilding BCD on SBS2011. The original issue was that the system drive was too small. This server belongs to a new client who purchased the server as it sits. It has 4 drives, split into two (OS and Data) and they have SBS2011 doing a mirror to the other two respective drives.

I booted with Hiren's, installed and ran EasUS to resize the partition. moved the partitions like I needed and rebooted. I got an error stating that winload.exe was missing.

I booted again with Hirens and used diskpart to make my system drive active, ran bcdedit /fixmbr, bootsect /nt60 c: /force and bootrec /rebuildbcd. I also found that my system drive is at the end of the volume, and that my system drive was E: I changed this back to C and rebooted with no luck.

Now after I reboot, I have a black screen with a cursor. What should I do?

Partition layout
I have a Exchange 2007 server that i need to set an exchange rule to permanently delete all mail in the inbox for a specific mailbox, any tips on the best way to achieve this?






Small Business Server (SBS) is a line of server operating systems targeted at small businesses by bundling the operating system with a number of other Microsoft products that would normally need to be purchased or licensed separately. The most notable inclusions are Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint and ISA/TMG (Microsoft's firewall and proxy server).