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Small Business Server (SBS) is a line of server operating systems targeted at small businesses by bundling the operating system with a number of other Microsoft products that would normally need to be purchased or licensed separately. The most notable inclusions are Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint and ISA/TMG (Microsoft's firewall and proxy server).

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Hi, we have a situation where 2 disks are failing at once on an SBS 2008 server, as a result we can't rebuild the array and the server is randomly shutting down. It's 7 years old and needs to be replaced.  There is a newer 2012 server installed on the domain but we are struggling to make that a domain controller, when we try to make it a domain controller in Server Manager we end up with an error at the last stage referring to a disk error which we believe is related to the failing SBS server. Because it's failing we're unable to complete the steps required to promote this box to a DC and then port DNS/DHCP etc to it.  Can anyone suggest any ways we can force the 2012 box to become a DC without it having full co-operation from the SBS server?

Many thanks

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Free Tool: Site Down Detector

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One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

I have 1 machine that was affected by this issue.  I followed the steps in:


and am uninstalling the packages (step 10).  Once I connect to the internet, what's to stop the machine from getting those same patches again?

It's on a workgroup and we're using solarwinds RMM tool to push patches.  I don't see the delta patches in the RMM tool. So it got the patches some other way?  this machine is in a workgroup of 4 machines so there's no WSUS server on the network.

On a simple office desktop - not worried about high quality graphics / redraw refresh, etc...

The new dell optiplex 3050 has DisplayPort & HDMI connectors.

The monitor has VGA (the 15 pin 3 row blue connector) and DVI (the white connector).

Thoughts on which connector to use at each end?  I would think either at each end is fine for typing word docs, speadsheets,  the occassional funny video on youtube.

I guess it comes down to the ease / cost of the cable to convert from 1 end (DisplayPort or HDMI) to (VGA or DVI).

Hey All. Got a fun one here. We had an employee leave a client, before they left we setup a forward of email to the boss, making sure to check the deliver to deliver to both forwarding address and mailbox. One thing we noticed after we set this up was that any email that was sent to the both the boss and this user, the boss would only receive one. Also on the bosses Outlook we setup a rule that moved emails sent to the user to move to a specific folder. That is how we found out that any email sent to both would only end up in that folder and not the bosses inbox. After the guy left, we removed his account. Well fast forward 1 year, they hired this guy back. We entered him back in AD (SBS Server) and all seemed good. Until the boss called us stating he did not receive an email. After looking at logs we found it did get to him. It went into that folder that we had setup for that user. Seems that forward rule was still active. We looked at the setting in Exchange and it is not active. We are at a loss as to why it is still active. We tried to add it back and let it be for 30 mins and then removed it, tested and still no go.

Any ideas how we can remove this rule?
I don't know much of macs. I have 1 user on an SBS 2011 standard domain running a mac. he uses macmail. Things have been going fine for years now. In the last week or 2 he noticed that when he sends an email from the macmail (in rich text format) then someone on a windows PC (anyone else in the office) running outlook, replies, the font gets really small.

Any ideas?  I don't know all the details yet of if other windows users are cc'd, do they see the small font or is it just the mac.

what other questions come to mind?
Helping a friend a couple hours away add encryption to their wireless network using an apple airport as the wifi source.

They have some wireless cameras (and some wired... I am hoping these are the same model cameras both with wifi and RJ45?)

using the foscam camera's web interface, I set the wireless encryption key on each of the wireless cameras - a 7 character password that they accepted.

Then tried adding the encryption key in his airport. But it wanted at least 8 characters.  We changed the password to one that has 8 characters but are now unable to access those wireless cameras.

Any ideas on how to get into the web admin / set them to the new 8 character wifi password?  And again, they are 2 hours away and not tech savvy. I really don't want to have to drive out there.

I’m thinking get him a 100' cat 5 cable and he'd run it from the airport to each camera’s RJ45 port then they’d get on the network, maybe with a different IP address and I can remotely get into the web interface and change the wifi password??

Or because they are set up for wireless now, they ignore activity on the RJ45?

Other ideas?

I have a SBS2011 server and a laptop user (Windows 10 Pro). I would like to set the user's documents etc. to be stored on the server so they get picked up on the backup. I would also like the files to be available to the user when away from the office.
I have used the SBS Console to set the user's folders to be redirected but how do I set them to be available offline too?
Hello Everyone
I have an SBS2011 box which has performance issues due to SQLSERVR.EXE.  If I kill the process hard drive activity is close to 0%.
Current view from task manager.
Task Manager View
I have adjusted the memory usage in SQLServMngt, reset, deleted, installed, uninstalled and a bunch of other things.  I was able to recover hard disk space, lowered CPU and Memory usage.  If it were not for this one issue the server would be working great.

The service mssql$microsoft##ssee service high disk usage
SQLserver.exe High Disk as shown in the image
susdb.mdf high disk usage
tempdb.mdf high disk usage

If I stop the SBSMONITORING service DISK USAGE the server goes normal.

Below are some the resources I have used to attempt to resolve issue.

To whom it may concern

I have a Client with a Windows 2011 SBS.  When trying to open Exchange 2010 EMC and expanding MS Exchange On-premises, I receive the following error:

Initialization failed
(Will attach the screenshot with the details)

I have already tried to stop and start the IIS at the defaut first site and also run the command iisreset, but to no avail.

Please assist in getting the EMC console up and running.

Please let me know if you require further details:
Server Specs:  Xeon E5620 @ 2.4GHz, 16GB ram, 1TB HDD

Kind Regards

I have  a several year old WD my book Live that is having problems - I can't connect to it  (it's a nas / ethernet device)

It's out of warranty. I took it apart and ran crystal disk info on the hard drive. it's failing / got smart errors.

It seems I can't just put in a new hard drive, huh?  The unit's OS is on the hard drive, right?

So with a failed hard drive, is there any relatively simple way to get it going again with a new hard drive?
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I bought a netgear CM 400 cable modem a couple months ago. It has 1.1.13 firmware on it.  It was working fine for a couple months and now I am getting a bunch of errors / internet drops out.

I see from this page


 that the latest firmware is 1.1.17 - 19 depending on the ISP (I am using optimum / cablevision in New york which isn't on the list).

I called netgear and cablevision >>executive<< office and got the same answers - the firmware has to be updated from the other.  Neither offers updates for this modem.  And yes, I tried the Cablevision tech department then called the executive offices and they supposedly took a day to do checking with the topmost people to get the answer 'you have to go back to the manufacturer - we don't update modems other than the ones we supply).

I put a cablevision rented modem in place (a different brand - arris) and the errors / lost internet went away. Not sure if the modem has a hardware problem or newer firmware would help.  I really don't want to pay $10 / month to rent a modem.

Any idea how to get it to the newer firmware?  Anyone know where to get the changelog for the firmware to see if the newer versions might improve the situation?  Or if I buy another CM400, how to tell from the label what firmware is on it?
I have an older( by 6 months)  SBS 2003 that is a clone of a same newer SBS 2003 (which has a corrupted AD).

Can a backup the system state on the older non corrupted one and restore it to the corrupted one?

All the data on the two is pretty static ,I just need to get the AD functioning again.

If so ,anybody got a command line way of doing it?

I'm migrating from SBS 2011 to standalone Windows 2016 servers.  I have migrated mailboxes to O365, added 2 additional DCs, file and print servers etc and moved across file shares etc.

I have also added a DHCP role on DC1 and disabled the service on the SBS. It has remained this way for over 7 weeks.

The other day, I uninstalled Exchange 2010 from the SBS as part of the migration process and left it like that for 2 days.  I got a call to say all stations were unable to connect to the network with 'unidentified network' errors.  I discovered that DHCP was unauthorised on DC1 and reactivated on the SBS.

I checked the DHCP log on the SBS and the last entry was on the day that I disabled the service,

How could this have happened?  I've done loads of these migrations from SBS and never seen this happen before.

A client is concerned about sending confidential info to the wrong people (friendly competitors, etc.)

They asked about being able to get a warning pop up in outlook when an email they are working on has an external email address in the to, cc or bcc lines. They are thinking that will urge the user to doublecheck the names selected.

This is what they sent me:

I would want a temporary notice on Outlook to pop up on the top of the mail screen that notifies our employee sender during the DRAFT stage of an email that they have included an external sender in the address lines. I would like the external sender function to only show up during the draft stage of sending an email, not in the final version sent to the recipient.

a) is this notice possible? Either in outlook or some other method to catch emails elsewhere on the network - The SBS 2011 server they have? in the UTM?  On phones maybe not using outlook? If we insist on outlook on phones would that help? On OWA?

b) does anyone have a client with this?

I personally think that it's pointless. People will still click through the warning - they will get this on almost every email they send and will quickly tune it out. I'd envision they'd want to be able to clear the message once they check that email and it would re-occur if they added someone else to the list?

And they do have friendly competitors that they email. So then it becomes a question that each employee has to answer: I am writing to a …

We have an SBS2011 server running as our exchange server and our domain controller.  We are migrating off our SBS2011 exchange to O365 and plan to use either 2012 or 2016 for the new domain controller.  

Should we migrate Exchange first then AD?  What is the best practice when migrating off SBS2011?

Please help!

I have been tasked with renewing and then installing a SSL certificate on a SBS 2011 server. I have already renewed the cert and imported into the MMC console and I have ran the Certutil CMD command as per my normal steps. The next step that I usually follow is to launch the SBS Console and then via the certificate wizard 'add a new certificate' choosing the option 'use a certificate already on this computer' however the server in question has an issue whereby the SBS console crashes immediately (not when switching to the network tab but literally immediately). I have confirmed WMI is up and also ran the repair console option using the original CD media and then rebooted but still the error remains. I cannot see anything obvious in Event Viewer.

I have to install this certificate asap (within the next 24 hours) so just wondering is there a way of replicating the 'install a certificate already on this computer' method without using the SBS Console (powershell etc). Going forward clearly the SBS issue needs to be fixed but this is a secondary issue and the most important bit is getting this newly renewed cert installed and in use so the clients email is secured.

Please help! Also bear in mind I am not particularly familiar with SBS (or IT in general) so simple instructions ideally!

Note when it crashes the error reported is CLR20o3 if that helps.

Thanks in advance

I can not not ping server from workstation but from server to workstation no problem!!

Firewall on server is off and no antivirus.

When the Server starts, I can ping it after the Microsoft Corporation logo until the screen with "Aplying Computer Setings" appears. Then I get time out!

Server SBS2008
WS Win7
I need to retire SBS 2008, and move the data from it to new server.

Current situation:
I have SBS2008 and several other servers (2008R2, 2012) running off two HYPERV hosts.
Users use Local Workstations, Terminal Server and remote users with Notebooks.

At the moment I want to move Folder redirection (and some SHARED DATA FOLDERS) to new server.

Since this is HYPERV environment I can easily move VHDs to new server without the need to copy massive amount of data.

My plan is as follows:

1. Create two VHDs one for "FolderRedirection" and one for "SharedData". Attach them to existing SBS2008 and using some utility like ROBOCOPY or similar copy files from C drive of the SBS2008 to the two attached VHDs.

2. When above is completed - I will move/attach the VHDs to newly created server (adjust sharing and security - disable sharing on SBS2008 etc) and modify the GPO to redirect the users folders to new location.

My Question:

How do I deal with following GPO settings:

- Move the contents of the "folder" to the new location
- Redirect the folder back to the local userprofile when policy removed.

I have users which use Offline folders for the "redirected folders" and I have users that do not use offline folders (terminal server users)
HI I have sbs 2011 standard server , where i was running exchange 2010 , how could I know how many calls I have installed in this .
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Important Lessons on Recovering from Petya

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To whom it may concern

My client has a Windows 2008 SBS server.  A VOIP device from 3rd party got plugged in on the network and shortly after a bunch of services on the server stopped and did not want to start.  The device has been removed but the services still wouldn't start.  The clients are not able to access the server although they can ping and still have the lease that the server handed them before the event occurred.  

When I logged onto the server I realized that the following services do not want to start:
DFS Namespace
DHCP Server

I have attached the error that I receive when trying to start the services manually.  Also I get constant Event Viewer ID 's of 7031 and 1000.  Also the Microsoft Server Infrastructure License Service keeps on stopping.  I have attached a screenshot as well.

Please assist in sorting out the issue as the clients on the network are not able to access the server.

Please let me know if you require further details.

Kind Regards

Hi Guys,

We are receiving emails inbound from one user, is it possible to change the display name once it is received by our Exchange 2010 Server.

For example --> guy@person.com emails us --> can we have it show up as joeblow@company.com ?

We have this SBS 2011 server sends Daily Summary reports from the account SBSMonAcct@ which uses localhost as the SMTP transport and I believe it ties to the Exchange server that's installed.  Is there any where I can change the setting so that I can configure to use external SMTP server instead?
Friday, 15/9, the network worked.
After the weekend it is not possible to connect with the server!

There appears to be a problem with the network connection. On the network icon in the process line there is a red cross. But the server can communicate with the Internet.

I have updated driver for network adapter, etc.

Any suggestions?

It's an SBS 2008 with Win7 workstations.
Hi all

I need tio restore a server for our school but the media disk has vanished.  We are school with a legitimate license key so I would appreciate if someone could send me a download link for Windows small Business Server Standard 2011.  With grateful thanks
Hey Guys -

We have a user who just needs to view a calendar in Exchange 2010. How can i prevent them from and sending and receiving ALL email? Internal AND external.






Small Business Server (SBS) is a line of server operating systems targeted at small businesses by bundling the operating system with a number of other Microsoft products that would normally need to be purchased or licensed separately. The most notable inclusions are Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint and ISA/TMG (Microsoft's firewall and proxy server).