Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of web content in search engines using an understanding of search engines' processes and algorithms. Also known as "natural" or "organic" search, it is distinct from paid web advertising. Performance is typically measured by testing the appearance of a website for targeted search terms, and more specifically, ranked positions in search for important keywords. Techniques focus on content optimization, technical optimization and link building.

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If I just build a web page and publish it won't the Google bot see it and come index it?  Is there any need to set up a Google Search Console account?
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I have a small wordpress blog for our company.  I have an idea for some articles that would be purely for generating traffic (free advice content) and I'm wondering if it'd be best to optimize for a category of my blog that exists, or create an entirely new wordpress blog with all those articles having backlinks to our company page.

I bought the domain: that I was going to use on a new site.

Oh men,
Im wondering if you guys can give me some advice and examples of how i can position my web page in the proper manner,
some tricks or best practices for positioning my page locally
Hi All -
When we run Pay-per-Click campaigns for Customers, I want to be able to show a Customer the results, Cost per Click, etc ... HOWEVER I need to include our markup in the cost numbers ...
For example,  a Click costs us $1.00. I want to be able to show $1.25. Everything else is the same.
Can anyone suggest any options? Either using Google/Bing or Open Source SW :) :)  or 3rd party SW.

Thanks all in advance!
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The company I work for are considering becoming affiliated with another company in the same sector, principally to drive extra traffic to our site. However, in recent weeks we have noticed that the other site has been dropping in the search rankings for our main keyword. They have gone from being firmly established on page 1 to page 4 and page 5.

For the same keyword our site is on page 2. If the planned affiliation goes ahead then customers visiting the other site will start to be re-directed to our site to complete a transaction and so my question is, will becoming affiliated with a site that has recently taken a hit in the SERPs have a negative effect on our ranking? Would Google see a relationship between the 2 companies and penalise us by association?
I searched using these search terms:  front-runners back-runners "harnes racing"

Then, I found an interesting website (number 3 on the first page of as one of the search hits:

On the search hits page, there is this text for this number 3 website:

the possible front runners racing style

So I want to read more about that, but when opening the number 3 website this text is not there. Why, and how should I get to it?

There is a massive demand for content on the web right now, and it doesn't look like it's going to stop any time soon. But, if you are running a business blog, it's not just enough to offer your audience lots of content. It needs to be high-quality content if you plan on making an impact and boosting your business. So, in short, you need to be able to write awesome content, and be consistent at it, which is easier said than done.

But, the following 7 simple rules may be able to make your job a lot easier. Keep on reading.

1. Always Provide Answers

It's just common sense. Put yourself in your audience's shoes. If you are performing a search on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, or any other search engine, you are doing it because you are looking for answers or useful information. Once they click on your article, they will expect to find answers that correspond with their question. If they’re not there, they will go somewhere else, because the sheer volume of content out there is enormous. 

2. Make Your Content Original

We all know that Google doesn't like duplicate content. In fact, it penalizes it. But, it's not enough to make your content unique in a sense that you're using your own words to describe something that is already out there. The goal is to make your content original, too. Try and tackle the issue from a different point of view and come up with some new solutions that haven't been shared anywhere else. Google's algorithm is pretty smart right now, and it will be able to sense if your content is original.

3. Come up With Strong Headlines
Because there is so much content out there that is easily available, people are extremely picky and impatient in their search for it. About 80% of the people will check out your headline, which sound like a good number. But, only 20% of those people will decide to read the article that is behind the headline. This means your headline should be catchy, but most of all, specific, so that the reader knows what's in it for them right from the get-go, before they even click on the link. 

4. Make Sure Your Content Is Concise

This doesn't mean that there is no room for longer, more detailed pillar posts. But, the majority of your audience members are used to scanning and skimming the content first. In order to convince them to stick around and read the entire article, break it down into short paragraphs, each with its own subheading. Also, try and introduce only one idea per paragraph. You can also create a series of post that tie into one another, so that they keep coming back for more. 

5. Present the Most Important Ideas and Information First

This is a logical continuation of the previous paragraph. Instead of waiting for the conclusion to provide your readers with an important insight, deliver it right away. Remember that they like to skim the content. If you provide them with your key ideas right away, you will spark their curiosity, and then elaborate your point within the article. This is also known as the inverted pyramid method.

6. Use Visual Content

People enjoy eye-catching visuals, so regardless of how good your written content is, spicing it up with some cool images, videos, diagrams, screenshots, or infographics is a must for every serious business blog nowadays. But, make sure that each of those is relevant to your content. Simply stuffing your article with generic stock photography should be your last resort. 

7. Proofread Your Content

If your content is free of any grammar, spelling, and stylistic errors, nobody is going to notice, because that is something that should be a given. But, if your articles are full of mistakes, the readers will have a tough time taking your blog, and your business, seriously. It's a drag, but proofreading is something that needs to be done.


As you can see, coming with amazing written content for your business blog does take some effort, but if you decide to follow the tips shared in this article, you will be able to improve your results in no time. 

I added a site to the Search Result Removal under the SharePoint 2013 Search Administration page that I did not mean to remove is there a way to undo this change?
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Google just got a hefty fine from the European Antitrust Monitor: $2.72 biiiillion (€2.42 billion)
I've never relied on Google's shopping results as I'm an Amazon fan, but apparently they tanked their competitor's traffic in the EU.

Of course, they plan on appealing but I wonder what this means for their strategy moving forward.
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by:Kyle Santos

Expert Comment

by:Brian Matis
Very reminiscent of the Microsoft antitrust case back in 2001 re: Internet Explorer.
I am attempting to find a place to pay for advertising for technical  courses we are giving , it has to do with Linux in general . Where do you think a good place it to PAY for an ad for this kind of training ??/

I'm writing structured data code for my breadcrumb and ran into a question about the position number of the item.

For Seattle:
1. US-->2. WA--->3. King County--->4. Seattle    

This is my breadcrumb for Seattle, which is in position 4.  The numbers are not displayed to the users of course, but in the code behind for structured data, the numbers are required by Google.  
"itemListElement": [{
    "@type": "ListItem",
    "position": 1,

Open in new window

However Canada doesn't have counties for their cities.  So on my Calgary page, the breadcrumb naturally will not show a "county" level.  but when it comes to the structured data code behind, which is appropriate, is calgary in position 3 or position 4?  

1.  Canada-->2. AB-->4. Calgary  

1.  Canada -->2. AB -->3. Calgary

Since all the US cities have the city at the fourth position, I wondered if I should "skip" a level for my pages on Canadian cities, but I'm not sure what the best practice is.  Should I code my structured data to put canadian cities in position 4, or position 3?
This question is getting asked a lot from me lately and I am using my common sense to answer it, but need other opinions please.
Basically a company might have a large company name like:
They may also have registered

Now my question is more targeting to SEO.  Which domain should have their website hosted at?  Where should their emails be (as you don't want people to have to remember a really long email)

So my question is, if you have many domains for your company, which is the best one for hosting the website, and obviously the site with the smaller domain name would be best for email promoting so should you host the site at the best keyword, long domain, the have a web forwarder for all other domains, and then simply set up email hosting for the smaller domain.

I am asking from a SEO and marketing point of view.  

I think I know the answer, but I need a discussion to be sure.
i want
all the other tld results

I do not want


in a search

-".com" gives me .com results

is there a way to exclude a tld
i want
.org results

I do not want


in a search
This text below was found when I searched and had the setting "Pages written in Swedish":

Landing slot, takeoff slot eller airport slot (egentlig en «luke») er en rettighet flyplasseier selger til et flyselskap som gir dette en mulighet til å tilpasse sine


But when I opened that website,

then the above text is not there, I can't find it anymore. Why, and is there any way I can find the text and the rest of it on this website?

I use Google Chrome.
Hi Folks,

It seems some changes to my site have shocked the search engines:  Traffic today is down by probably 70%.

Last night a new Divi child theme was installed.  A few weeks ago I switched to a secure (https) server, and also added Clouldflare CDN as well as Ezoic, which is a CDN ad proxy server.

I have read that switching from http to https can affect SEO (and i suspect there could be an issue with internal linking), and I suspect the page HTML code has changed significantly as well.

I'm seeking some guidance to identify obvious problems, and/or possibly hiring someone for guidance or "fixing" whatever issues may be going on.

I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to increase as sites speed by adding some code into the .htaccess file.
Has anyone done this and able to share some of the code they use, tips etc.
Thanks for your help
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google custom
google advanced search keys
+ and - and many others

do you have a picture that is better than this with more keys

copy that search into a browser
Google with videos larger than 20 minutes

I am looking for mob (like tony sprano tv show "the spranos" on hbo television) documentary about taxi drivers
Please dont completely edit search to

tony sprano taxi cab

to find tony sprano riding a taxi cab because this is an algorithm question

Tony sprano riding a taxi cab is an example to a correct answer but isnt the only correct answer to the question but please dont edit the answer too much

All the results are video games playing
People filming themselves playing xbox or playstation or nintendo

Seems like all the specific searches are something else.
So this is more of a big data question.

I usually just watch because it is easier than something specific.
Most people just watch regular tv because tv is easy to turn on

this question is a puzzle and not looking for a link the meaning of + and - symbols
so if you have a better picture of google custom search terms that is not the answer.
Note: this question is not homework and is not a puzzle for a job interview -YET.…
I am using to check the website SEO and to crawl the site, but I get a few errors even though webmaster tools show no errors!

I am using Cloud Flare, on the site, but I have put this into development mode until the below is resolved. All pages should be HTTPS which all are, but I get te below errors on a few pages using this software.

Crawler Errors:

1.      Error 301 - This is redirecting to https, but it should show 200 code
2.      Error 301 - This is redirecting to https, but it should show 200 code
3.      I can still see the 500 error code from some of the blog pages as you will see if you run the above software, you might use a different software that might help you more, but the results are strange.

4.      I don’t know where this is coming from at all again showing in the software

Any advance would be welcome.
Dear Experts

in the internet marketing the digital agency campaign efforts push the leads with the tag of of UTM source , UTM campaign , UTM medium while pushing it to the sales force automation software.  why cannot they make use sfa forms and push it to the Source drop down or campaigns , can you please help me in understanding the actual necessity of UTM tagging. also think it is only used online side please suggest. thanks in advance.
if I have a website which targets its content for a specific country and that website is having atleast 5-6k traffic for that specific country from google , and now I want to change the target from a specific country to international targeting then how it will going to effect on SEO and what difference it will make on the organic traffic?  
Points to note:
1. website is having new content every day, means the website is updating daily.
2. Site is having 5-6k traffic daily only for specific country.
3. site can be a movie website or a news website.
4. site is having backlinks from 5-10 low-quality domain.
what is best tool to determine
many websites backlinks

website1: who links to me
website2: who links to me and what pages they link to

I am not just testing one website so I dont want to use google analytics

I also want to use one account to check many websites
for example I would like to know who links to even though I do not own

So I dont want a tool where it takes me many hours to authenticate my own website

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of web content in search engines using an understanding of search engines' processes and algorithms. Also known as "natural" or "organic" search, it is distinct from paid web advertising. Performance is typically measured by testing the appearance of a website for targeted search terms, and more specifically, ranked positions in search for important keywords. Techniques focus on content optimization, technical optimization and link building.