Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of web content in search engines using an understanding of search engines' processes and algorithms. Also known as "natural" or "organic" search, it is distinct from paid web advertising. Performance is typically measured by testing the appearance of a website for targeted search terms, and more specifically, ranked positions in search for important keywords. Techniques focus on content optimization, technical optimization and link building.

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Hi Friends,

I have a very simple query ....i.e.  

how can I generate inbound traffic to my website,

pls suggest the best possible & simple ways to ad my company's website, we are into forex/finance online trading.

many thanks to all in advance..
I want my site presented in a google search as a site with subitems.
Like if you simply search for microsoft or another company.
I am looking for some similar websites like to sell quality and affordable SEO micro gigs. I tried fiverr and gigbux before, but they are charging to much (20%) in their commissions. Anyone had a good experience with any other micro-jobs websites?
In Google Analytics Site Content | Landing Pages lists several internal pages of my site.  But there's no normal way, that I can  think of,  for people to land on those pages.  The Thank You page is listed, for example, but it's only reached after finishing a payment transaction.  How can it be listed as a landing page?  Someone would have to specifically enter into their browser ""

Thanks for any ideas.

I just received some advice from an seo site that this should be removed?  While I know it probably doesn't help, I did not know it was advisable to remove.  Comments?
Hi all - I want to change Hosting companies for my Server. It is a Dedicated Server (real not Virtual)  running Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP, with a couple hundred small business Web Sites on it.  

Does anyone know the effect on SEO & Goole Rankings if I move to a different Hosting company, and/or switch from Dedicated to  Virtual Host or any other type of Hosting?

The IP Address would change ...
The Name Servers would NOT change (they ultimately will be set to the new IP address) ...

Generally I would think that there is NO effect on SEO to switch or change Hosting Plans ... however I a small bit of evidence to the contrary after switching 1 website ... could have been coincidence.

Any advise out there from experience?

- B
Can somebody recommend me  few books for seo and why according his opinion are the best must be from 2011 and later
Thank you
I am having canonical/dupe issues with BING for a few of my sites. I need help with my htacess file! I am using the two examples below. For whatever reason, neither is working properly since BING is not listening that I don't want https or non-www versions of my site recognized.

Options +FollowSymLinks
RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^ [NC]
RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [L,R=301]

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^
RewriteRule (.*)$1 [R=301,L]
We have a strange quirk with Google search on our network.  This is only happening to a few of our users.

Our clients have Windows 7 with Internet Explorer 8 installed, with the Search Box in the top corner set to Google.

If the user uses this search box the page fails to load and eventually times out.  If they go directly to and perform the search it works fine.  The problem only occurs when using the search box.

I thought this problem was IE related, but I have noticed that this problem also occurs on my computer with Google Chrome.  If I search by typing in the Chrome address bar the page fails to load and times out.  Oddly if I have "Instant for faster searching" enabled the "live" search seems to work, but if I press enter, the search fails to complete.

I have no idea what might be causing this, but I suspect maybe its a DNS problem with validating the re-routing? (we use OpenDNS).

Any ideas appreciated

Since Yahoo Site Explorer is no longer working, I would like to ask for a good alternative. We need a backlinks checking tool which could be integrated into another tool. We have an automated service which audits a certain website automatically, providing page rank, backlinks, code validity etc., however now we are experiencing some issues, because we cannot find a good alternative for the backlinks. We tried the seomoz one, however it appears to be too expensive at this stage. It would be great to hear your suggestions for a backlink checking tool suitable for integration with other tools. Thanks very much!
We look forward to receiving your answers!

All the best,

I'm just wondering if it's okay if I use css layout to put the content in order like
1) main content (article)
2) left navigation
3) main navigation (the horizontal menu bar)
4) right navigation
5) footer section

Is this okay from an SEO perspective or is it considered over optimization? I don't think it violates any known Google webmaster seo best practices (that I know of). But just wanted feedback and if anyone has any real experience with using css to place the important content in order like the above.
I notice that Google Analytics shows the search term entered for an organic search.  That is, when you go to Traffic Sources | Sources | Search | Organic and select Keyword as the primary dimension you can see the search  term entered by the visitor. This tells me that Google probably stuck the keyword into the query string, and so I could pull it out of the query string also with, say, PHP, if I knew were it was.   It doesn't seem to be in the normal Link tags: utm_source, utm_medium, utm_campaign, or utm_content. Does anyone know how I can get the keyword entered for a Google search that comes to me?

Thanks for any information.

I have an affiliate site which compare prices and then has a click to view merchant button next to each price.

Google obeys robots txt and does not index the redirect urls.

However in google webmaster tools, under labs, site performance. My redirect page is taking on average  9 seconds to load.

Now this is nonsense cos is loads in under a second, but when I used the google online speed checker, it says it followed the 301 redirect and gave results of the merchants landing page :(

So is there a way to get around this, currently I used a straight forward addheader 301 redirect.

I tried setting up a subdomain and linked to that 1st, but google followed the hops of the 301 until the final page :(

I have some questions after the Panda update.

1) What is the number of internal/external links to text ratio should I have on a page for SEO (since the Panda update)? Is this ratio number different for internal and external links over text?
2) Are there some good tools to allow me to find out the percentage of links to text on a page?
3) If I wish to keep those links but not get "penalized" for having too many internal/external links then do I simply use rel="noindex nofollow" for the links or just rel="noindex" or just rel="nofollow"?
4) One of my clients has a lot of original content (that was published on other article directories from a long time ago) but the content is also on their site. I want the search engines to recognize the content is original from their site only. How can I do this? The content is distributed already so I don't think I can find all the content out there.
5) I'm wondering if there is a tool that will allow one to see any duplicate content that I would have on my client's site from other pages and from within (internally)?

Have a few questions:

1) I'm just wondering if it's better from a SEO perspective whether to disallow the crawl of folders using htaccess or the robots.txt file?

2) How do I disallow folders/files using htaccess?

3) Sorry, another question. I have these subdomains but I'd like to create either an .htaccess file or create a command in the robots.txt file to block the index pages since there is nothing there.

4) I have these pages in the subdomain

Since I only have these pages how do I create an entry to only allow the search engine bots to crawl these two pages. There are other files that are created by the cPanel when creating a  subdomain like the 400.shtml files and I don't wish to include those in the crawl or have them indexed.

I have a site I just launched, but for some reason my home page isn't getting picked up by indexing correctly.

If you enter into Google you'll see it has indexed our home page like this...

Index of
Index of /. Apache/2.2.21 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.2.21 OpenSSL/0.9.8e-fips-rhel5 mod_auth_passthrough/2.1 mod_bwlimited/1.4 FrontPage/ Server at ...

Also, if I click the Facebook like button on my home page it ends up on Facebook as "Index of /" instead of using an actual page name.

What's strange, is I have the exact same versions of the site files on my local test server and it's working just fine.  When I was building it I forgot to disable crawlers on my test sever, so it got indexed in Google.  As of right now, if you enter into Google you'll see the home page was indexed just fine.  I did enter a removal request, though, so if it's gone by the time you see this that's why.

Also, if I hit the Facebook like button on it works just fine.  It's only my live site giving me issues, and it's only the home page.

My web hosting company can't give me any answers as to why this is happening.  I have lots of other sites hosted with them, too, and I don't seem to be having the issue on anything but this one site.  It's a dedicated virtual machine, and again, they can't seem to fix this for me.

Any information on why this might be happening would be greatly …
Is there a website, software, or open source solution for submitting blog posts to a large list of do follow back linking sites?
If a web site is built on the fly by reading content from a database, including the links & keywords, does that negate the use of the keywords & links vis a vis the search engines?

Since there is no "fixed" html, is it invisible to search engines?

we have a client website with about 200 pages. google analytics code snippet has been installed on each page but for some reason who ever put the code snippets in the pages has put 2 code snippets with different ID's will this effect it working ? we dont have access to the first snippet account. for the analytic account we do have access to we can see that its showing the graphs of how many users have came to the site.

also the code snippets have been put in the body and not the head for some reason !

with the site being 200 pages it will be a headache changing each page if this is a problem can any one give any feedback on if it is a problem or not?

not in head and 2 different ID's
Hi Guys,

Trying to learn SEO and all that!

If Website A has a link to my website and recieved 1,000 hits a month, and is not related to my website

And Website B has a link to my website 100 hits a month, and is related to my website.

Which Website has a more positive effect on my Google Rankings, if any??
I've received the following email to the account related to my blog

New user registration on your site Ask the Computer Doc Blog:

Username: AndrewMatt


What does this mean?
I have a very long URL. More thant 10 query strings:>=&hy=&ju=&ki=&lo=&cp=&za=&xs=&cd=&vf=

I want to redirect this page to: ...

Following .htaccess works only till the 9th parameter.
RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ^aq=([^&]*)&sw=([^&]*)   ... repeating the same here ...  [NC]
RewriteRule ^test\.php$ /makemyday/%1/%2/%3/%4/%5/%6/%7/%8/%9/%10/%11/%12/%13/%14? [R=301,L]
RewriteRule ^makemyday/(.*)/ ... repeating the same here ... (.*)/?$ test.php?search=do&aq=$1&sw=$2 ... repeating the same here ... [L,NC]

Open in new window

I get the following result:
I want to redirect the page with query strings to one with trailing slashes (in this example there are just 2 but will be more actually):

This one is not working:
RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ^id=(.*)&name=(.*)
RewriteRule ^/test.php$ [R=301,L]

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When I already have the SEF url I am able to get the query variables from the URL:

RewriteRule ^makemyday/([A-Za-z0-9-]+)/([A-Za-z0-9-]+)/?$ test.php?id=$1&name=$2 [NC,L]

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Hi experts!!!

So, I have recently created and like most I want to achieve a nice high ranking (pref indexed at number #1 lol !).  But here is the wierd thing.  When I clear by cache, memory history etc... then search for toastmaster surrey or surrey toastmaster, I don't get found.  But, if I search for toastmaster in surrey, then I am found at #1.  If i then click on the link and look at my site, and the go back and search for toastmaster surrey or surrey toastmaster I am found at positions #2 and #4 respectively.

Of course what concerns me as that potential clients won't put in "toastmaster in surrey" first as so therefore won't find me!!!  What can I do...

Additionally is there any else I can do to gain a higher ranking??????  And also to get Google to crawl your site more often because I making lots of changes all the time

Thanks in advance :)
I want to monitor a whole website for new web pages.  Any suggestions on how to do this?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of web content in search engines using an understanding of search engines' processes and algorithms. Also known as "natural" or "organic" search, it is distinct from paid web advertising. Performance is typically measured by testing the appearance of a website for targeted search terms, and more specifically, ranked positions in search for important keywords. Techniques focus on content optimization, technical optimization and link building.