Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of web content in search engines using an understanding of search engines' processes and algorithms. Also known as "natural" or "organic" search, it is distinct from paid web advertising. Performance is typically measured by testing the appearance of a website for targeted search terms, and more specifically, ranked positions in search for important keywords. Techniques focus on content optimization, technical optimization and link building.

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Good day experts
Can anyone assist me on marketing a website im skilled at fixing computers an building computers i can operate microsoft to the fullest extend i also can build up a whole new theme on windows 7  from scratch including the start menu.....I created a website have a domain an email setup also i started this cause i believe the sky is the limit i work a 24/7 job with mobile networking but want to start something for the sake of my sons future i need guidance and need to know where is a good place to start thank you
Dear Experts

please help in understanding how the google adwords bidding happens, how does search engines takes it into consideration is it like whoever pays more for the keyword then will search will take it to that website, please  explain, thanks in advance.
Hi, Quite often over the years, on, I've linked to a product on our site, When I go through crawl errors on webmaster tools, I see 374 not found links. Most of those, probably something like 2500-3000 links, come from our blog. The products they referred to have been discontinued.

Here's an example.      
Linked from:

In this list, is no longer even live. The last three are incorrect, they no longer are listed there, so I can fix those. But 4 of them are from our blog. I don't want to sound lazy, but it will take hours and days to go through each blog post and fix or remove those links.

The developer on our site doesn't want me to use 301s for all of them, which is fair enough, as it would be some 426 redirects.

I did read this:!topic/webmasters/Hak1KbPUSrI

And it seems to say that I should go through and …
Hi, I'm on Google webmaster, looking at crawl errors for a website that's been up for years. I have a lot of crawl errors like this, where people on other websites, or my blog, have mentioned and linked to a product that has since been taken off the menu.
crawl errors
Question is, are those a problem in Google's eyes? Should I be attempting to remove these old links? Will it hurt our SEO?

We overlooked simply renewing our SSL. Being hosted by GoDaddy using their Managed Wordpress.  They had to issue a new SSL, was done 6 days ago.  Now finding Google's Search Console saying it can not fetch robots.Txt file.  Also  when running Search Console Sitemap test returns a "Temporarily Unavailable" error message.  GoDaddy people say to wait, new SSL certificate changes DSN which must be found again by Google bots.  Makes me very unsettled to await.  Tracking numbers off anyway due to Down time from expired SSL.  Need to get traffic back up.  So continue to wait?  Or is there something else I should be doing (or having GoDaddy look into)?
Site can be found with direct entry (, but very worried about finding it in a search engine.

I’m trying to find proper information about huffington post no index no follow issues. I sent an article to the Huffington Post 2 weeks before and it was accepted: The UN Sustainable Development Goals: 5 Tips for Engaging Youth on Digital Platforms. My post appears to be on the Huffington Post site but instead of being on their blog it is on their “Contributors” platform. Contribution to Huffington Post become practically useless, as the only way people can know about your post is through you. The whole concept of publishing work on huff post is get your opinion heard by others. By not indexing article in search engine ,Huff post not helping the writers. Question is when articles will be indexed in search engine.?

Please check the source code of this post and let me know why news is not indexing in google:
Hello,  I am searching for help/documentation on how to call the google search engine from a workstation browser which is configured with a non-google search engine.  An example might be firefox browser with a non google search engine such as bing.
We have a customer who purchased another company and they are wanting to forward that companies website to their own website.  I'm wondering if that is the best thing to do since there is link juice with the other website?
I am building a guitar instructional website. It will have lessons, and quizzes to make sure you understand the lesson. I won't let someone move onto the next lesson until they have demonstrated that they understand the concepts that will be important later on, as music theory is cumulative.

How do I restrict their access to future lessons they haven't achieved access to yet while still allowing Google to index the page?
I am going to build a comprehensive web site that will teach guitarists music theory. It will be free, and it will always be free, and it will be better than most of the content that is out there.

My dad is an attorney and I'm thinking about having him register me as a nonprofit, I think this may help with some of the fair use exemptions to copyright law.

I registered the name but I was thinking about registering instead.

What are your thoughts on these domains and how would they affect search engine optimization.
A little while ago I was having troubles applying this code
<link rel="image_src" href="" />
<meta property="og:image" content="" />

To show the image as a thumbail nail.
I was having problem though, as there were some settings in YOAST  that were overriding the image code.
In the homepage tab in Yoast (below) there were these settings (and in particluar in Meta there was something about Facebook so that was showing up as the site thumbnail.  So I removed the details about Facebook in the meta description.
Below is all that is in the settings now, so I can't see anything that would stop my image in the <head> above from showing from the setting in Yoast below?

snippet preview:Bizgro Marketing Website - Toowoomba Marketing, Branding, Logo Design
Meta description preview: Your hand up starts here! Our Toowoomba based marketing team is here for you. Logo & web design, photography, video & TV. SEO, CRO, SMM, email, IT & coding.
Edit snippet
SEO title Bizgro Marketing Website - Toowoomba Marketing, Branding, Logo Design
Bizgro Marketing Website - Toowoomba Marketing, Branding, Logo Design
Focus Keyword
Show information about the focus keyword
Enter a focus keyword
Marketing, Logo, Web Design, Photography, Video, TV, SEO, CRO, SMM, …
Having trouble with one of our Joomla sites.

Google search for "spooner memorial library" says "This site may be hacked" below the main link.
One of the quick links below it has a URL of

Neither the folder /89-articles or the article 112-library-director-position-opening-soon exist on our server ( library-director-position-opening-soon, without the 112 did exist at one time but was deleted).

But clicking the link brings up the old page. So it must really exist on some server somewhere, right?

I registered the site with google search console.
Under "Security Issues" they show more non-existent URLs with a different folder -

And I have searched through the files on my server and not found anything unusual.

Any suggestions on where I should start to clean things up so I can safely request the "This site may be hacked" message be removed from the Google search results?

What causes a site's competitors' web url to appear when you click on the url address bar with the site open?  And how can someone position their site to appear in a similar fashion on their competitors sites?  See image for example:dropdown
Best SEO company in Hyderabad

When I used Google to locate documents on my client's website with the word (e.g.) "Vendor":

Unless I'm missing something, the returned results included a doc where "Vendor" is included in the screenshot of a menu (an image), but not the actual text...unless I'm missing something, not in the actual text. Unless you include the page tree on the sidebar. (This doc is in Confluence).

Is Google search now smart enough to extract (simple) text from images?

Hi, When I search Google with a new site I put up,, I get this message: A description for this result is not available because of this site's robots.txt

But on Friday I added a robots.txt file to the root.

What can I do? Is it just that Google hasn't re-browsed me? Thanks for any advice.

I want to get keyword search volume for free, is there any PHP tool / script that provide me google keyword search volume for any keyword for free?

The map shows briefly but then disappears
Is there any reason for this at all that someone can help me with?

I have a RewriteRule that currently modifies a URL to be more SEO friendly

RewriteRule ^(.*)-c-(.*).html$ index.php?cPath=$2&%{QUERY_STRING}

rule above will take this url and modify it


which would result in something like this:


I need it to look like this:


what Is for the above Rewrite rule to also replace the underscore with a dash.  I have attempted several changes, but I'm failing at regex syntax.  Is there a way to do this within the one rule above?
Hello dear experts,

I have a website here with about ~100 pages and we try to optimize it for google.
We are facing the interesting concept of link juice right now, wonder a lot and try to find an effective way to manage it.

The idea we have is to place links in a way that link juice can be "assigned" from overranked pages that are not so important to pages in need of more attention.

To reach that goal we'd like to generate an overview of all pages in our website like that:                                  4728                    1234                    2315                   9

Now the questions:

- A lot of people have written about link juice, but they seem to reference each other all the time. And everyone seems to be just some blogger guy who references another blogger guy. Is there a document, a single source of truth, so to say, about how it is really calculated? So we can use this as basis for our calculation?

- Does someone know of a tool that can calculate and create an overview like mentioned above? We know there are some web tools out there, that scan a single page of the website. Since the pages create a network and the "link-depth" seems to play a role in the calculation that is not very helpful.

Thank you very much and best regards!
Hi you guys, i prove all search console tags and no results for my page whit search "Desarrollo de sistemas para PYMES."
what can i do ?
How do I know if my site is using Google AMP, Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages? Does anyone know how significant the improvement on page load could be?  Will it improve my SEO?
Hi all
I need to find in where position my page is according this search "Desarrollo de sistemas para PYMES"

is any way to find it, i search above all results and no find my page
I need to track emails we are going to send to a specific group of customers. I want to use our Google Analytics account and create a campaign that will use a tracking pixel inserted into an email that will register the open or view by the customer. I' hope to collect the email address of the customer so we can determine who is reading the email, is this possible?

I've created the link, the analytics campaign, inserted it into a Pixel and then into the body of an email and sent it.

It doesn't register in GA, what am I doing wrong?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of web content in search engines using an understanding of search engines' processes and algorithms. Also known as "natural" or "organic" search, it is distinct from paid web advertising. Performance is typically measured by testing the appearance of a website for targeted search terms, and more specifically, ranked positions in search for important keywords. Techniques focus on content optimization, technical optimization and link building.