Security is the protection of information systems from theft or damage to the hardware, the software, and to the information on them, as well as from disruption or misdirection of the services they provide. Computer systems now include a very wide variety of "smart" devices, including smartphones, televisions and tiny devices as part of the Internet of Things -– and networks include not only the Internet and private data networks, but also Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other wireless networks.

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I'm taking on a few clients in 2018 and by 2019 I hope to have enough of a portfolio to pay rent by taking on new clients full time.

I am going to offer hosting to my clients, renting out VPS servers and providing security updates, SSL certificates for maybe $25 a month.

I was thinking it would be best to pool money and rent a 8 core 16GB server and host sites on it. I figure the sites can handle more fluctuations of traffic.

I don't know how to monitor this.

I was going to use or a similar service to make sure the sites are always up and that I'm notified if they go down.

What would be the best way to monitor the server resources that the sites take up. Is it as primitive as just keeping stats or can we do better than that?

Also is $25 a good price to charge?
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Can someone tell me what would need to be included in the (I believe) file? Or if I should be working with another file name to instantiate the rule please let me know. I'm new to both AWS and Terraform.
I need to produce daily summary reports of all errors happening on Domain Controllers - security and replication.
Occurrence number, the times of the first and last encounters.
Does Orion have such capability?
are any of you guys using Dyn Internet Guide for DNS filtering? i am trying to set it up but some forums mentioned i need to pay for a service before i can use the Dyn Internet Guide service
Hi All,

My company Scenario:

I have connected the branch office to main office using VPN.

Main office is running under domain environment and using a Watch guard as a firewall.
Branch office is running in a work group environment and using a Billion VPN Wi Fi router.

VPN has been set up between Watchguard Firewall (XTM26) and Billion Wifi Router (Bi Pac 8920nz)

VPN is working fine. I am able to take remote of all the computers located in to the branch office using "Microsoft Remote Desktop" from the main office.  


I am not able to ping any of the branch office computers. I can ping branch office wifi router and network printer only. What could be the reason?
I had this question after viewing Problem with a function that MS Access can't find in Windows 10 Office 16..

I have an application in Access 2010 that I deploy with SageKey.  I have successfully deployed it many times on Windows 10.

In the last few days, I have had 2 users report that they can't run the application due the error "Problem with a function that MS Access can't find."  The difference between these installations may be that they had MS ACCESS (Office365) already installed.

When I run the accdb I get a security warning and I have to enable active content.

How can I avoid this?

Thanks in advance.
With more and more companies allowing their employees to work remotely, it begs the question: What are some of the security risks involved with remote employees and what actions should we take to secure them?
Hi Friends.
I need some advice, but please do if you have any experience.
I need to install Driver E-Log on 10 tablets and handle it to my company drivers.
My boss request is to lock any other apps, preventing drivers to use internet
I went to Google PlayStore and I've found a lot of apps and I've tested 10
The problem is that any of this apps not locking itself (except Perfect Applock) so anyone can go to settings, or if settings are locked too, they can put finger on this applock app and uninstall will shows up. So bottom line anyone can uninstall app, so they can go to internet finally.

Perfect Applock has option to self lock to prevent shot down but this setting can be disable in Settings and settings is not protected, so bottom line useless.

So maybe someone of you using some AppLock app on Android and can suggest me one, that is going to lock apps I select and is going to lock itself and without password no one will be able to uninstall it.

Thank You in Advance.
Intel has come out with a critical update - Intel-SA-00086

How serious is this?
Is this required for users who are using wired connections or
users who are connecting wirelessly need be concerned
what is the best way to find out the type of processors in an organization and the best way to implement this.

Thank you.
I am trying to submit a form on nyc (New York City) website I get a error

You are coming from an invalid URL. Your request will not be processed. Please go to policy does not allow you to test online forms from remote servers or hard drives.

I tried IE Chrome and  Mozilla all the same results, except that in Mozilla when clicking submit I get a msg

The information you have entered on this page will be sent over an insecure connection and could be read by a third party and provides the following link

It is not related to a antivirus  program since I uninstalled all and had the same result. also tried from different locations and OS
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Hi ,

I have a client whose mailbox is hosted with GoDaddy (Via Office365).
When i setup the account in Outlook 2016 it accepts the password the first time but then asks for it again and again as soon as you close Outlook and it wont accept the correct password. There are no security options to configure in advanced settings , its all greyed out. I dread having to contact Go Daddy as i am not the account holder , this is being managed by another IT consultant whose hard to reach.
Any suggestions would be great
Can anyone recommend some good cloud/hosted web filtering software?
We use CWS, now EoL and replaced by Cisco umbrella, which i believe is expensive.
All we need is web filtering, nothing else.
Preferably a client/agent installed communicating directly with the cloud, where rules, polices are managed.

Microsoft Patch Tuesday December 2017 updates

Microsoft Patch Tuesday December 2017 is here, with a list of 34 critical security updates & 2 key fixes, for 7 products. Since the vacation isn't two far, make sure all the patches are updated in your network and have a happy vacation. Adobe also has released its security update

Key fixes:

  1. CVE-2017-11940
  2. CVE-2017-11937



Potential impact for 34 security updates:

  • Remote code execution
  • Elevation of privilege
  • Information disclosure
  • Spoofing
  • Security feature bypass


  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • ChakraCore
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Malware Protection Engine
  • Microsoft Office Services and Web Apps
  • Microsoft Office

You can read a complete report on

Were looking at this in detail.  Would like to audit and monitor data that is being driven by users, so services and apps they are using, and what they are sending via email in particular.
Tried exchange online DLP - pants.
Mimecast DLP - pants
Sophos DLP - seems ok, but not great.

Anything else out there?

are there any standards which can be used to help establish a corporate risk register specific to IT? I know most projects have risk logs but I am more talking about the organisation on the whole, and risks specific to IT. I am keen to learn what standards/frameworks are out there, and how the risks are identified and fed into the register. And what the overall benefit of having such is. Most individual teams I presume know their risks, e.g. loss of service, security compromise, disgruntled customers, reputation, non-compliance etc etc. I just unsure how organisations pull this altogether for a corporate risk register.
have any one help me the hardening checklist for juniper firewall

I have to implement in a web service header the oasis usernametoken security.

I have seen some documentation that implement it using Microsoft.Web.Services3, but in VB 2005.

What is the Equivalent of Microsoft.Web.Services3 in VB 2015?, are there any example on how to implemented this type of security in VB 2015?
Alph@TaV - 3 Vaults Levels
This article aims to present and detail the operating steps of this new data protection system It as been being formalized in the form of proof-of-concept software named Alph@TaV
can anyone recommend any sort of physical door lock which would allow the office manager to change the combination/PIN at set intervals.

We currently have a very basic simplex/combination lock protecting an office which has some spare equipment, but putting in a high tech card-key/proximity/biometric lock is perhaps overkill and out of our budget. But I am unsure if other more traditional physical locks could be sought which may allow the office manager to change the locks PIN once every few months. This helps minimise risks whereby someone has guessed the current simplex locks PIN, or an employee changes role and therefore would know the PIN from either previous job etc etc.

I am unsure of the class of lock which may provide this facility to run some searches on cost etc. any pointers most welcome.
Threat Trends for MSPs to Watch
Threat Trends for MSPs to Watch

See the findings.
Despite its humble beginnings, phishing has come a long way since those first crudely constructed emails. Today, phishing sites can appear and disappear in the length of a coffee break, and it takes more than a little know-how to keep your clients secure.

Hello Experts,

Please Guide me how to Protect My Excel VBA Project that Nobody can steal my codes and Working.

Excel Builtin Project Protection is Useless that can easily hack with Hex Editor.

Please input your Expert Opinion and Expertise.

Malwarebytes has quarantined the PUP spigot.generic google chrome on my husband's computer (and a few clients) on three separate occasions. One client got a pop up requesting to not turn off her computer and to call a phone number which seems to be related.
  • Why does PUP spigot.generic google chrome keep coming back - I have run MBAM (premium), SAS, Adwcleaner and CCleaner, I didn't go further since it appeared to be a simple PUP
  • How and why do people get popups on their desktop to contact a company to "fix" their computer

On MBAM's site a suggestion ( was to run ZOEK by Smeenk, I've never heard of it.

I appreciate your assistance! I have attached the most recent report from MBAM.
Hi All,

We are using default domain policy for the password & below are the settings

Max Password Age --180 days
Min Password Age --0 days
Min Length --10 Characters

Our company security decided to change the password age from 180 days to 90 days, I would like to understand the impact of this change, the password will expire for users having password age 90+ days ? when we change the policy
usually at the time conversion of fonts came subjected question please help me in this regard
5 tips for seamless endpoint security

Hey there,

Are you worried about your endpoints being hacked or breached?

Here is a simple tips to build the best endpoint security in your enterprise.

Building an effective endpoint security has become all time priority for enterprises. With the amount of cyber attacks evolving day by day, enterprises have to practice certain simple best practices tosimple tips to build the best endpoint security keep them vigilant against any unforeseen vulnerability breaches.

Read more:
dear sir,
please send me document/link to created checklist for primitive compliance for IT.






Security is the protection of information systems from theft or damage to the hardware, the software, and to the information on them, as well as from disruption or misdirection of the services they provide. Computer systems now include a very wide variety of "smart" devices, including smartphones, televisions and tiny devices as part of the Internet of Things -– and networks include not only the Internet and private data networks, but also Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other wireless networks.