SecurityHow to Prepare for and Navigate a Ransomware Attack

It’s often said there are two type of computers in the world—those that have been hit by ransomware and those that will. Ransomware attacks ar...

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36 lessons
Operating SystemsCompTIA A+ (801/802)

This training course provides the knowledge necessary to support basic computer hardware and operating systems in today's business world. In this ...

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SecurityWorking with SSH

The Working with SSH show aims to remove the intimidation of using the Secure Shell protocol on your network. SSH allows for encrypting network com...

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SecurityEmail Encryption

This video series examines using encrypted email communications. Many email servers store and transmit emails in a non-secure manner. This series c...

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These episodes are designed to demystify the world of cryptography. One will hear about the different aspects of cryptography, associated terminolo...

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SecurityWindows 10 Security

There are a lot of different technologies that can be used to keep data more secure in Windows 10 including NTFS permissions, which controls the le...

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SecurityPentesting Tools

Virtualization plays a big role in putting pen testing tools into practice. One will hear from this course how a professional pen tester sets up a ...

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SecuritySecurity Fundamentals

These episodes will provide the foundational knowledge needed get you started in the world of IT security, which covers a wide range of topics from...

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SecurityMTA - Security Fundamentals

The Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) validates building-block technology concepts and helps students explore, discover and pursue successful ca...

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Metasploit is a popular penetration testing software, which is represented as a suite of tools, which can go through the whole penetration testing ...

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