Security is the protection of information systems from theft or damage to the hardware, the software, and to the information on them, as well as from disruption or misdirection of the services they provide. Computer systems now include a very wide variety of "smart" devices, including smartphones, televisions and tiny devices as part of the Internet of Things -– and networks include not only the Internet and private data networks, but also Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other wireless networks.

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This issue just happened recently. I have several users' desktops having issue getting a DHCP IP address. The strange thing is it only happens on the desktops. I have no problem with a laptop plugged into the switch port. I did a Wireshark captured and it did not show anything interesting. The only thing it showed was the DHCP discovery from the desktop. Any ideas what could cause this?


PS. I have port security configured on my Catalyst 4503. But even with port security disabled, the desktops still could not get a DHCP IP address.


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We have noticed with some of our Windows 10 computers lately that Security updates get downloaded automatically and then the users say that their computer does a  reboot  without any warning message. We do not see this or hear of this from all of our users and these users are all using laptops.
Is this the new way of Microsoft getting these updates applied or is this just some users ignoring the reboot message of the computer when a Security update gets applied?
Hello all,

I am seeking advice for a home surveillance DVR system but I cannot find a system that meets my requirements.

The main disappointment is that I can't find a system that supports both WiFi and wired cameras. It is either one or the other. :(

The other issue is finding a system that also supports a peephole camera. Yes, there are plenty of peephole cameras available but they are all stand-alone.

Any suggestions?

Both Norton security and McAfee security product support are unable to access via logme in - been fighting malware on this all green both products even Malwarebytes
ran npe  see attached: c:\windows\drivers\iqvw64e.sys
ran malware bytes with everything  ok.
Iknow its not ok the report shown attached keeps showing up - PLEASE HELP THIS IS URGENT. Howe can I gather more data on this to stop it and ultimately eliminate it?
I'm trying to connect a Watchguard T30 to an AP320 through a Cisco Catalyst 2960.

I'm able to set up trunking on the Cisco so that I can see the AP320 through the controller, however when I connect to the WLAN I get no DHCP address, and I can't get online even when I hard code the IP. Based on some logging information I've seen on the Watchguard, it almost looks as though the Cisco switch is sending packets to the wrong gateway address.

It looks like when a device was requesting an IP on the VLAN subnet that request was sent to the lan gateway.

I'm extremely new to Cisco so it's entirely possible I'm missing something obvious, but when the VLAN's are set up on the router and then trunking is configured for those VLAN's on the Cisco, is there a place where you need to specify what Gateway to use for each trunk?
We have a Linux server and after it was scanned for any security vulnerabilities, we got one about "SSH Weak Algorithms Supported".  I tried to make a change to the ssh_config file under /etc/ssh/ to remove the support for any "arcfour" algorithm, but after another scan, it is still showing that this vulnerability exists.  Can anyone tell me exactly what I need to change?  This is my line in the ssh_config file:

 Ciphers aes128-ctr,aes192-ctr,aes256-ctr,aes128-cbc,3des-cbc

Thanks in advance!
- Christian
we have taken a review of a file server in relation to permissions. In most cases, access to a specific directory is based on an AD security group, full of members. But on a few directories, users have been added individually, e.g. their AD account as opposed to adding them to a group and the group to the ACL. I am aware this isnt particularly good practice, but need some feedback from those who admin file server permissions and AD as to why its such a bad idea. It is not an enormous AD or environment, approx 500 user accounts.
Is anyway to protect the code of the webpages?  PHP, angular ?
After (2 of us) electing to approve ONLY security updates in WSUS and being extremely careful not to include any updates with Windows 10 in the subject we are left with Windows 10 update 1803 being deployed throughout the company. The deployment is an issue in itself, but the greater concern is how these updates became approved.

Once we discovered 1803 being deployed I went back into WSUS and saw a host of Win10 related updates as being approved, none of which were seen the day previous when the approvals to security patches were made.

Has anyone seen this before of have a logical explanation? Other than the possibility of two of us overlooking the slew of Win10 updates the only related thought I can offer is that the WSUS server was restarted between approval and deployment (to install its own updates).

BTW - no-one has access to WSUS other than the 2 admins that worked together on approving the updates.

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Subject: RE: SGH CDLD Annual Review Letter.
Thread-Topic: SGH CDLD Annual Review Letter.
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Would like to find out a few things before joining ISACA:

a) attached is the payment page: is the membership fee of $40 for the country's
    local chapter mandatory (ie we must pay for it)?  I can't uncheck any of the boxes

b) which of the items are annually payable?

c) without joining or signing up for the exam yet, is there any way to check the
    scheduled dates for CISM?  Any non-member site to check or anyone who is
    a member could share this?  I don't want to purchase the exam too early if
    I'm not ready yet to take the exam

d) If I purchase the exam, what's the validity period to take the purchased exam?
    6 months, 1 year?

e) Lastly, any idea if CISM or CISA certifications are more in demand in the industry?
I had this question after viewing windows security.

I am trying to remove one of the security group which has inherit permission on one of my OU in Active Directory.
When i click on remove i get the message " You cant remove xxx group (Domian\xxxgroup) because this object if inheriting permissions from its parent. To remove "xxx group" you must prevent this object from inheriting permissions.
Turn off the option for inheriting permissions, and then try to remove the xxxgroup again.

I am using a Windows 2012 AD, when i click on disable inheritance by selecting this security group called "xxxgroup" it removes the inherit poermission onot only for that but all the other ACE that are defined fro the group, which does not solve the problem.

Any help is much appreciated.i am stuck int his for hours now finding a solution
Encountered this outlook connecting message (hang for while) when opening this email user with signature logo of website link. see attachment.

Performed the following troubleshooting.

1. Uncheck all security trusted settings in outlook
2. add in * with 2 or 3 value to allow internet site
Hello ALL,

I want to upgrade a 2010 .mdb to .Accdb.
i see it doesnt support the .mdw for security setup.
how is it done in the accdb.
Please let me know.
Our customer has a hotel with wifi access points all converging towards a Zyxel n4100 hotspot
Since the beginning of the month, they are receiving the following error when they try to browse: "Can't connect securely to this page" or “Your connection is not private”
They also obtain a message indicating the the certificate used by server is invalid.
This only happens with Google Chrome version 67 onwords. Something regarding the HSTS security.
Any ideas on how to bypass this situation?
We have a Watchguard M200 firewall that we would like to limit inbound/outbound bandwidth to 20Mbps on our External (WAN) interface. Our ISP allows for 40Mbps total bandwidth. I've gone into Traffic Management and changed the interface to limit bandwidth to 20Mbps but this only seems to apply to upstream outbound traffic. Inbound traffic is still coming in at the fulll 40Mbps. Is it possible to also limit inbound traffic to 20Mbps?

Thank you
I work for a small company with roughly 50 users and have been asked to have an outside vendor perform security/vulnerability testing.  We have several servers, ranging from SQL, to Exchange, to Remote Desktop with a hosted firewall through Windstream.  I thought I would appeal to the Experts in the Experts-Exchange community for advice and/or recommendations for a good vendor that specializes in such things.
I've set a Group Policy to have the Windows Updates Download Updates and Install at 3:00 AM for all users.

While no users is typically logged on at 3:00 am.  When the users shut down their PC's the Window Updates will Install and then Shut Down.

I used to have the users set as local admin's on there pc's.  However, for security reasons, I've reduced their logon privilege's  down to the User's Group.

With the users being reduced to the local User's Group, will the Windows Updates still download the updates to their PC's and install on Shut Down?
I´m trying to use programm by James-Gourley to decrypt a version of Cryakl  . Some files are decrypted correctly, and other files are not decrypted with  "encryption signature mismatch" message. Help me please. Sample files   More examples of unencrypted files
Cloud Class® Course: MCSA MCSE Windows Server 2012
LVL 12
Cloud Class® Course: MCSA MCSE Windows Server 2012

This course teaches how to install and configure Windows Server 2012 R2.  It is the first step on your path to becoming a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE).

I'm looking for CISM (Cert Info Security Mgt) exam dumps :
anyone can point me to where to get.

Used to have VMWare & Cisco dumps but can't locate them.
I'm working with a customer who has a camera system and it's configured for remote viewing. Unfortunately, this is causing the customer (a retail store) to fail their PCI compliance scan due to open ports.

My suggestion was to purchase a second static IP from their WAN vendor (Verizon FiOS) and use 2 routers: one for their POS system (an existing SonicWall) and a new router for their WiFi and camera access. So the system would look like this:

Verizon FiOS ONT Box
HP 1810-8g Switch
SonicWall Netgear

The problem is that when I connect the SonicWall through the HP switch, the WAN port won't connect. When I set a laptop to the same static IP and plug in it to the same switch port on the HP, it connects fine and is able to pass data. As soon as I connect the SonicWall directly to the FiOS ONT, it works fine.

Here are a few more specifics:

SonicWall MTU: 1492
HP MTU: Default (1500?)
HP Switch: No VLANs set; LLDP disabled; jumbo frames off; port mirroring off; flow control off; green features off; loop protection off; advanced security off; no trunks configured; management port set to Port 8 on an unused subnet

Any help would be great. Thanks.
How to be a SOC service provider ?

       ...  we  are beside performing  the  required  feasibility study  to  invest  in   providing  SOC as  a managed and monitor services  ?

......  what  are  the  requirements for  a   company  to  be able to provide  SOC  services  either as  manged or monitor  services  ?    

>>>  what  are  the main components of  a SOC
I'm having trouble with connecting to several sites and apps, there's something missing all the time and every time I go through guides to solve these problems, there's no improvement.

Doesn't seem like a malware's causing the problem since I scan my computer periodically using Malwarebytes.

Good day-
I have an Ntfs volume from a failed server 2003 (not a typo). The volume was RAID1 and a member file server.

Ntfs permissions are keeping me from accessing previous versions - although I can see the previous versions thru explorer.

Any tools you can think of or am I dreaming?
How can I show a custom error page for a security error. For example, if a user enters forbidden text into an input box such as: <script>alert(123)</script>, the user is redirected to errorforbidden.aspx.  I have ValidateRequest="true".

Code is






Security is the protection of information systems from theft or damage to the hardware, the software, and to the information on them, as well as from disruption or misdirection of the services they provide. Computer systems now include a very wide variety of "smart" devices, including smartphones, televisions and tiny devices as part of the Internet of Things -– and networks include not only the Internet and private data networks, but also Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other wireless networks.