Security is the protection of information systems from theft or damage to the hardware, the software, and to the information on them, as well as from disruption or misdirection of the services they provide. Computer systems now include a very wide variety of "smart" devices, including smartphones, televisions and tiny devices as part of the Internet of Things -– and networks include not only the Internet and private data networks, but also Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other wireless networks.

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Hi experts - I have a client with a deliverable due on Monday.. so I'm under the gun...

Basically we need users from the AD Global Security Group, "company rdpusers" to receive a limited desktop with just the one icon and prevent them from creating any additional shortcuts, using shortcut keys etc...

I've been working on this for a couple of days and have found out how to lock this down for all users, but I just want this for the specific user group...

Any thoughts or advise would be most welcome!
Fundamentals of JavaScript
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Fundamentals of JavaScript

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I want to ask if you can help me to find out the owner (the identity of a person ) by the given Gmail or mobile.
I suspect that I used spam/fake website.

Hello.  We have an Access 2010 Database using a workgroup security file in our existing XenApp 6.5 Environment.  The parameters are set using a custom app and the credentials are passed on the Launch line.  For example on the XenApp 6.5 Command Line I have the following:

"\\NetworkLocation.domain.local\APPLIC\Launcher\Launcher.exe" app97-ST12010 encrypted password

Path to custom app, looks for the app97-ST2010 in an ini file and the passes the encrypted password to the app.

So I'd like to create a batch script or other type of script to open an access 2010 database using security workgroup file and passing credential information to work in XenApp 7.15.  I've tried a few different variations but no success within Citrix Studio.


Thanks in advance.

i need a tools or powershell GUI to my help desk team to create \ modify on our file server :

-Shared folder
-apply NTFS PERMISSON to specific security group

thanks for help
We have 2 x Remote App Collections (1 x remoteapp published app collection and 1 x Session Host) which have security filtering on the collection set to a user group.  

Server 1 is the RDS session host, Server 2 is the Remoteapp collection host and Server 3 is the gateway, connection broker and web access server.

We have pushed out the web feed URL in GPO to machines and these are received fine.  However the remoteapps do not seem to update to the user via the webfeed however if we log in to the Web Access site, the apps are there and work fine.

Its like the webfeed is not updating server side?

My business has recently expanded to servicing clients in the US Financial Sector.  Many of these business include Hedge Funds, Brokers, Traders, etc.  

During the initial phase of our relationship I am presented with data security questionnaires of which I have passed them all.  However, as part of my corporate strategic planning i would like to build a road map of IT improvements focused on Financial Sector Compliance.  

Does anyone know where I can find a book, or some other documentation, that details the IT Data Security requirements that members of the US Financial Sector must conform to?  I suspect they are governed by the SEC, FINRA, etc. but i am not positive.

Can anyone recommended any security services that are either managed or subscription based?

I have come across App Check and Dark Trace, of which both were expensive.  I've noted Cisco Stealth Watch and had a call from eSentire.

Any suggestions?

Can distribution groups be managed with security groups in exchange server 2016 and Windows server 2016. I know this works but wanted documentation and confirmation.

Updating user password on windows server 2008 r2 does not change on Win 10 Pro workstation. I have been trying to update password to increase security for rdp access to a Win 10 PC. Win 10 PC can be accessed remotely on old password, but not new. Any advice greatly received.

refer to attached codes that we do input validation for
a reflected XSS:

we've increased the validations but each time a rescan
is done, there's new set of "pattern" that's not caught
& the same pentester conveys we just have to follow
Owasp recommendations:

can anyone help review the attached & enhance to
make it fully compliant?

pentester says they can't possibly provide all the
possible patterns, so what does this mean?  No
closure possible or we can reduce to a minimum?
Our apps team is getting tired & claims the pentester
fails to provide the full patterns while pentester says
we just need to adhere to Owasp, so which is which
as I'm confused who is right & what's best practice?
Announcing the Winners!
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Announcing the Winners!

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Anyone has a sample table (which I need to submit in monthly
ppt slide) for covering patching metrics?

I plan to have a column for virtual patches (as we use NIDS &
endpoint IPS) included, so columns like the following:

a) date vulnerability published by product principal
b) date virtual patch is released, tested in our UAT &
    implemented in Prod  (which I'll indicate as 'NA'
    if not available
c) date actual principal product (ie Oracle, , RHEL, Fwall
    vendor) release their patches & date scheduled to
    test in UAT & date to deploy in Prod

Any other information/columns that I miss?

In particular I have the following products to cover:
a) Solaris OS 10
b) Weblogic  middleware
c) Firewall
d) WAF
e) Oracle DB
f) RHEL 6
I have customized FreeBSD system and I want to protecting it by usb dongle or a flash disk to not running except the flash disk or the usb dongle is connected.
how I can do that !?
Dear Experts

As per the policy we must deploy on-premise email server and we are planning to go for exchange enterprise or standard.  However our user base is 20 users at present and we may maximum have 25 to 30 users in next 5 years. We are planning for barracuda email security appliance.  
1. Please suggest is it recommend going with exchange standard OR exchange enterprise
2. As security point of view we should have tight security hence will there be any difference between standard and exchange
3. Understood standard will provide 5 mail database will this be sufficient for 25 to 30 users
4. What all features that will not be available in exchange standard compared to exchange enterprise.
please help, thanks in advance
Old WIN7 computer running Office 2010 retired replaced with a new WIN10 running MS Office 2018. User is configured with a pop account from GoDaddy and gets the following cert error when first opening Outlook.
cert errorCert error is from GoDaddy saying a name mismatch. Their pop server is

Note the following screenshot cert error 2 is the same error message but I didn't have the opportunity to screenshot the original. Note the valid dates are incorrect because this was taken from the following website. Note, I tried what the article recommends and it did not resolve the issue.

Other option was turn off the security features in Outlook that I'm not going to do.

Any ideas how to go about resolving this?
Experts, during the Win10 migration, I found a hdd that I had forgotten about.  On it is 100's if not 1000's of irreplaceable pictures my dad had before being hit by the CryptoWall threat.  I put the hdd aside until I could come back to it (infected Aug 2, 2015) or found a key that could decrypt it.  Now that I found the drive, I see that a master-key was released for one of the encryption threats but for some reason, I'm unable to decrypt the pics so I must be doing something wrong.

File extension is .aaa.  I've tried this key
with the TeslaDecoder app but no decrypting is happening.  Can anyone provide some insight with decrypting files that were hit with CryptoWall or TeslaCrypt?  I would greatly appreciate any assistance in recovering these pictures.  Thanks Experts.
I'm thinking about using Companionlink to sync my Outlook to my Android phone.

Have used it in the past.

Looking at connecting via Bluetooth as it's the simplest option.

Concerned about security.  

Seems like the software sends data via Bluetooth encrypted.  So, checks one box.

Here's my question - after I get the phone and the PC paired I can turn off discoverability.  But...seems like, for my Win10 PC (and lots of others) turning off Bluetooth is not enough.  I've got to run services.msc to get discoverability  ACTUALLY turned off.

So, my question is: am I on the right track here: to ACTUALLY keep my PC undiscoverable I would have to run services.msc and disable it at that level?

Then, to the base of my question: somehow having my Outlook data transferred via Bluetooth is dismaying.  Should I have that concern?  

My other options used to date have been using MS Exchange locally via a program called Akruto.  Or, using Companionlink over Wifi.  Each of these are also locally broadcasting my Outlook data to my phone.  (At one point I was even super secure syncing with Companionlink via USB cable.  Safe, but not efficient.)

So, my thinking now is this - if I can get Bluetooth discoverability ACTUALLY disabled on my PC and my phone that would reduce the chance when I'm on the road for a malefactor …
A lot of security standards/best practice guides now often have a section on 'controlled usage of administrative privileges', I just wondered in a predominantly Microsoft/Active Directory based environment (Windows client OS and server OS, and database/web platforms of MSQL, IIS etc), where exactly to would someone start to assess how well we are doing in this area of cyber security. e.g .a break down of specific tests to run over our environment.
Hello Experts,

I am receiving "Your message wasn't delivered due to a permission or security issue. It may have been rejected by a moderator, the address may only accept email from certain senders, or another restriction may be preventing delivery."

" gave this error:
<>: Helo command rejected: Host not found "

How can I resolve this issue at my side? or  I need to talk this exchange admin to allow my server??
I am running SQL 2017 on my local server in our domain and also on a cloud server which is not setup as a domain.

I have linked the 2 servers via SSMS 18.4 and when I run Test Connection it states that the connection is successful.  I can also see both servers & databases in SSMS.

If I create a SP on one server to insert records into an identical db on the other server and run it, records are copied from one server to another.  However, if I add an insert Trigger to the table in one server and add a record to it, it eventually errors with this error: -

The operation could not be performed because OLE DB provider "SQLNCLI11" for server "" was unable to begin a distributed transaction.  OLE DB provider "SQLNCLI11" for the linked server "" returned message "No transaction is active."

I have Googled this and followed the usual advice to change the Security settings in Local DTC Properties, but am getting nowhere with it.

Can anyone assist?
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How to Generate Services Revenue the Easiest Way

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Are there any useful guides which break down into a set of best practices how to handle patching & vulnerability management. Every time we look into it there's just links to commercial tools which you can use to scan for out of date software but whereas it will point out where you aren't doing so well (e.g. outdated software, unsupported software etc), what I am more after is some detailed best practices on how to manage the patching/remediation process in general, considerations that are needed to help define & implement your policies and procedures around etc. If there is such a thing then that would be most helpful.  I was going to look through PCI DSS as that is a set of expected controls with some detail rather than just links to an expensive vulnerability scanner or scanning service to tell you how bad/well you are doing.
Dear Wizards, I have some PCs/laptops which joined our domain, but in those devices, the users already installed several applications before joining domain. (the app was installed manually by users, not GPO)

Now Can we delete those applications via GPO? or some way else ? Our purpose is to prevent users from using those app in domain-joined PCs/laptops.
We are changing our Microsoft Partners for Dynamics GP and they requested our Microsoft Customer PSBC account and authorized numbers so they can fill out the Microsoft "Change of Partner" form. Just checking if it is safe to provide this information to the new Microsoft Partner? If it is not safe what are the risks or concerns?
I work for school. All the students use only Chromebooks and g suite services. I would like to be able to view the students' web activities and browsing histories. Is there a way of doing it from the admin console? If not, is there a 3rd party app that I can use?
Dear Experts
We are evaluating CCTV surveillance system appox 25 to 30 cameras which should store 03 months of recording hence NVR hard disk capacity we have sized 6 TB.  We have connected this location over MPLS link to the Head office hence we are thinking to look for solution but not sure at camera side or NVR side the recording to happen parallel to NVR and also to NAS device and this NAS device will replicate to another identical NAS device over MPLS link at head office
1.Please help is there any specific type of cameras OR NVR we should consider so that at the same time two places the recording is done one at NVR disks this is going to rotate once in month hence at any given time only last 30 days recording is available.
2.Also simultaneous recording in additional to NVR to store to NAS box for example synology NAS box ( one at site and another one in head office every day replication scheduled to head office)
Hello Team
I have server 2008domain  installed on Esx server as  virtual machine with the following roles domain controller,dhcp,dns,group policy and file server ,IIs,Print server as I would like to migrate this server with all of its roles to server 2012 with copying the same users and security permissons on file server with all other roles as well migrate all other member domain servers 2008 to member server 2012

How could do that in procedures  and without losing any role or data.






Security is the protection of information systems from theft or damage to the hardware, the software, and to the information on them, as well as from disruption or misdirection of the services they provide. Computer systems now include a very wide variety of "smart" devices, including smartphones, televisions and tiny devices as part of the Internet of Things -– and networks include not only the Internet and private data networks, but also Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other wireless networks.