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I am a pastor that wears two lapel mics because of two separate systems I need to broadcast to.

1 is a Sennheiser XA and the other is a RodeLink TX

The way they screw into the transmitters is the same.

What I need to a system where I can get two identical microphones onto one tie clip.
I don't care what model... as long as the quality is reasonable.
Meet the Family that is Made for Collaboration
Meet the Family that is Made for Collaboration

The TeamConnect Family product group as part of the Sennheiser for Business Portfolio comprising high-quality, technically well-conceived meeting solutions for business communication – designed for any meeting room and any meeting situation.



At Sennheiser, everything we do is about improving communication.  Effective communication is vital to your company’s success: it increases sales, improves brand perception, solves problems faster, and boosts performance and productivity.  It can even create happier staff and customers. Communication is at the heart of all businesses. That’s why our headsets are designed to create the most natural, comfortable listening experience possible for everyone involved in the conversation. Enhancing and improving verbal communication is where our product solutions excel.