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A server is a computer program or a machine that waits for requests from other machines or software (clients) and responds to them. This architecture is called the client–server model. The clients may run on the same computer or may connect to the server over a network. The purpose of a server is to share data or hardware and software resources among clients. Typical computing servers are database servers, file servers, mail servers, print servers, web servers, game servers, and application servers.

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We have newly configured AlwaysOn in SQL Server 2016. But we didn't added any DB to AG group (Just empty).
When i ping AG listerner i am not able to ping.

My understand is if we not add any DB to AG group, the listerner will not work.
Am i correct?  if not please correct.
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[Webinar] Kill tickets & tabs using PowerShell

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I am now responsible for a very old 2003 environment with 2003 AD, 2003 Exchange and several 2003 servers.  I would like to do long term upgrade to AD2016 and on premises Exchange 2016.  Can the AD upgrade go directly to AD2016 (via additional new servers) and then a new Exchange 2016 server while still support existing 2003/2008/2012 servers with Win 7 end user devices ?  Would like to preserve existing domains (two) and upgrade the AD to 2016 first and then do an inplace/onsite migration from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2016.

Lastly, there are still some Windows XP machines - I assume they must go ??
I have a search issue on my SharePoint 2013 farm. I not able to delete or create any search service application. When I looked at the ULS it keeps on saying the "SSA Did not match <guid> - <guid>"
This is critical for the company. Can anybody share their expertise on this please? I am attaching the log file
We've had users complain of slowness of a HyperV running on a HP ProLiant DL380p Gen8 server. I can't see anything wrong with the HyperV itself, but the host server is showing strange issues.

The first thing I noticed is that one of the CPU threads is almost constantly pegged at 100% by System:

1 CPU thread at 100%
Digging deeper with Process Explorer I can see that is is ntoskrnl.exe that is that cause, but that is the system kernel, and so doesn't narrow it down by much:

Process explorer
Deeper still with Windows Performance Analyzer, the exact library in use is hal.dll and PSHED.dll:

Windows Performance Analyzer
My thinking was this is either a driver or hardware issue, based on the components involved here. So I start with some hardware checks using HP's System Management Homepage. First thing I notice is one of the 4 memory modules is reporting "degraded". I get the bad module removed and boot back up, and everything looks fine initially. But about an hour later a different CPU thread is now pegged back at 100%.

Ok, so maybe it's a driver or different device issue. No errors showing in device manager, so I went through and disabled as many non-critical devices as I could - no change.
I also updated the drivers for the HP iLO as it didn't seem properly installed - no change.

At this point I contacted HP Enterprise support. They downloaded their Active Health System logs, but didn't find any issues. They noted that …
I am using Oracle 9i database and PHP(5.6.33) for an application.
Application is showing PHP extension issue "None of the supported PHP extensions (OCI8, PDO_OCI) are available".
But i have tried to download couple of php extension named as OCI8.dll and PDO_OCI.dll to my PHP configuration file, but
still error is not going.Please help me on so I can connect oracle database with PHP.
Hi Guys,

I am desperate for a solution!

We've setup an Exchange server 2016, transferred all the mailboxes across from Exch 2010 and everything was working just fine.
Abruptly the server could not access OWA or ECP and gave an error:

Bad Request - Invalid hostname
HTTP Error 400.  The request hostname is invalid.

Workstations were also unable to connect.

Upon troubleshooting I found all certificates on the server to be missing.
Creating a new request for both Godaddy and Selfsigned produced blank entries after import.

I recreated virtual directories, confirming virtual URL's, etc to no avail.
I called it a day, as we were under a lot of pressure and reloaded Exchange 2016 in a VM.

This time round I documented every step and followed the setup conservatively.
Fortunately the mailboxes were still available in the "broken" setup to be transferred.  This made me believe that the initial errors were IIS related.

The second-installation 2016 VM server (ecp, OWA, mapi) all was working fine and all mailboxes were transferred yesterday.

I made an IIS backup today "appcmd add backup xxx" to prevent an unrecoverable scenario as with the first 2016 installation.

About 30 minutes after the backup, ECP was broken yet Again!
BAD REQUEST - Invalid Hostname
HTTP Error 400.  The request hostname is invalid.

Needless to say did a couple of checks in EMC, including Default Website bindings in IIS, and did not find anything wrong ...

Setup required:
-1 x SQL 2017 standard server
-100 x ATM machines will be accessing the SQL server

I'm currently looking at two licensing models:
-Per core
-Server + CAL

Per core licensing:
If the SQL server has 6 cores, then I will need 3 x SQL 2 core pack licensees.

Server + CAL licensing:
-I will need 1 x SQL Standard server license
-I will need 100 x SQL device CALs or can I go with 1 x SQL user CAL if all the ATMs are the same user?
I had this question after viewing Way to restrict RDP access in 2008 server by computer name and/or mac address?.

Is SecureTS ever released?
Or is there similar tool?
I keep seeing this error message on two 100% identical (same hardware ProLiant DL380p G8, 8 GB RAM on each, same 2012 R2 o/s, same updates) servers that are currently
doing nothing and have nothing else installed in terms of roles and
features except file server. No Exchange, no DC, etc.
Both are physical servers (NO virtualization running on them) on the same network in the same AD domain as all other servers that do not show this error
They both have Shadow Copies enabled and configured for previous versions of files/folders,

Source: ESENT, Type: Warning, EventID: 906
svchost (1036) A significant portion of the database buffer cache has been written out to the system paging file.  This may result in severe performance degradation.
Resident cache has fallen by 4749 buffers (or 97) in the last 1 seconds.
Current Total Percent Resident: 2 (111 of 4860 buffers)

always followed by ESENT EventID 912
svchost (1036) A portion of the database buffer cache has been restored from the system paging file and is now resident again in memory. Prior to this, a portion of the database buffer cache had been written out to the system paging file resulting in performance degradation.
Resident cache has restored by -1 buffers (or -100) in the last 589 seconds.
Current Total Percent Resident: 0 (0 of 9 buffers)

and on one server preceeded by these almost always

msiexec (4124) Instance: The database engine (6.02.9200.0000) is starting a new instance (0).
hi am  in window 10 am having this error when starting my vm
Free Tool: ZipGrep
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Free Tool: ZipGrep

ZipGrep is a utility that can list and search zip (.war, .ear, .jar, etc) archives for text patterns, without the need to extract the archive's contents.

One of a set of tools we're offering as a way to say thank you for being a part of the community.

This is a fresh install of Exchange 2016 CU8 on windows server 2016 standard.

Driver letters:


D: Exchange 2016 CU8 ISO (mounted)

After Exchange 2016 CU8 install, the ISO was dismounted and I setup a new data drive for Exchange. The data drive took drive letter D: by default. When I restarted the server, D:\AdvancedDataGovernanceLogs folder was created.

If I change the data drive letter from D: to something else like E: drive, D:\AdvancedDataGovernanceLogs folder does not get created when the server is restarted.

What is AdvancedDataGovernanceLogs folder and how do you change the location?

If someone wants to lead team(s) of software engineering in large scale ecommerce companies or social network companies or Software as Service then what all things they should be familiar with especially in the space of software engineering and distributed systems.

What are some of the good books they should have read or blogs they should have internalized that they can help their teams succeed

Hi, although I enable Intel virtualisation and update BIOS to newest possible version I cannot turn on hypervisor (or created virtual machines will not power-on because hypervisor not running).  

I seek some info on Google but they always referencing to Intel VT function on BIOS.

Thank you

I want to create an online gambling site with slot machines and other casino games that will use flash. I want to buy a VPS for this purposes that will run CentOS. I need some help selecting the proper VPS. How much RAM do I need, what CPU and stuff?

Thank you!

I am trying to run PowerSchool Gradebook from our client computers that go through a forefront tmg filtering 2010.

But for some reason i get an error message i wish to share below with you.

can anyone guide me and help me whats happening?

Launch file error message:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<jnlp spec="1.0+" codebase="https://ps.askosova.org/powerschool-gradebook"; version="">
        <title>PowerTeacher Gradebook</title>
        <vendor>Pearson School Systems</vendor>
        <description>PowerTeacher Gradebook Application</description>
        <description kind="tooltip">PowerTeacher Gradebook</description>
        <homepage href=""/>
        <icon href="wgb_dockIcon.png"/>
        <icon href="splash.png" kind="splash"/>
    <resources arch="">
        <j2se version="1.7+" initial-heap-size="256m" max-heap-size="512m" java-vm-args="-XX:MaxPermSize=384m -XX:PermSize=256m -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -XX:+CMSParallelRemarkEnabled -XX:+UseCMSInitiatingOccupancyOnly -XX:CMSInitiatingOccupancyFraction=70 -XX:+ScavengeBeforeFullGC -XX:+CMSScavengeBeforeRemark" />
        <jar href="boot.jar" />
        <jar href="lib/powerschool-gradebook.jar" main="true"/>
        <jar href="lib/powerschool-httpinvoke.jar" />
        <jar href="lib/powerschool-i18n-sdk.jar" />
        <jar …
Hi Guys

I am having an issue on HPDM where I get the following when doing the rest repository result and the final bit of setting up HPDM:

Failed to connect repository Master Repository with protocol FTP.
Test on repository Master Repository with protocol shared folder was successful.

I have checked the firewall access etc. still no luck I am literally stuck.. please help!
We need to block and monitor website access specific to certain users via a centralised Router / firewall or server program for a small business eg we need to allow access to you tube but allow some you tube pages through . Any recommendations please ?
One of my client who uses mapped drive for shared files/folders having issue with saving. It will saves the files, but every instance, there is pre-named file with "Copy of filename.xlsm" .  if he can remove it "copy of" it will be OK, but it is very frustrating for the client to do every time. is anyone had a issue? Thanks
I run a coaching and personal development business, and I have staff helping to run the coaching programs. All the coaching programs we run are videoed (so that we can keep records). We currently keep all the videos on many portable external hard disks. However the number of external hard disks has grown to an unmanageable number now and I would like to centralize the solution.

- Have at least 10 TB of storage space
- Backup capabilities available
- Restrict user access - configure user access for certain users to upload files to the storage but is unable to access/read/write to the storage
- Accessible remotely
- Less than $1000 cost over 3 years

I am currently thinking of setting up a dedicated desktop with owncloud.org. Does anybody know if this will work?  Or of a better solution that I can adopt?

Learn to develop an Android App
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Learn to develop an Android App

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Can anyone help me in step by step documents for creation of SFB 2015 DR setup. I have to FE Server in Production & 2 Edge Server in Production. I need to create a DR setup for the entire infrastructure.


Hi, Need some help and not sure where to start. I have a server 2012RS essentials I would like to have client machines listed under computers. But whenever I try to use http://server/connect I get address not available. NSlookup resolves servername.domain.local and the correct IP.

http://servername/connect resolves fine on the server itself.

Could someone help.
hello, anyone familiar with RouterOS? I'm trying to passthrough PPTP to my VPN server. Unfortunately I'm not well versed in this particular firewall and its setup.. At the moment I have accept for 1723 and GRE setup but it also requires a NAT command as well.. Any help would be appreciated.
I need to route an HTML-formatted e-mail from a Red-Hat server through a client's Office 365 instance.  At the bottom of this post is a command that I can use to reliably route e-mail through their server, it also works with 'mail'.  However, when I attempt to run an HTML file through, the e-mail displays the HTML code, not the rendered page.

I've tried adding MIME and Content-Type into the HTML file (putting the MIME and other header stuff before the <html> tag, and attempted different command line parameters to try to force the output as HTML.  The -a option in this flavor of Linux is to attach a file, so I can't use that to specify the content-type.

Thanks for any help or advice!


echo "Test Message 2" | mailx -v -s "Subject" -S smtp-use-starttls -S ssl-verify=ignore -S smtp-auth-login -S smtp=smtp://smtp.office365.com:587 -S from=sales@clientcompany.com -S smtp-auth-user=sales-test@clientcompany.com -S smtp-auth-password=MyPasswordIsHere -S nss-config-dir="/etc/pki/nssdb" danp@destinationemail.com

Thanks for any help or advice!
I have a problem with a folder tree that seems to go on forever.

Clients is running SBS 2011. In the scripts folder the is a folder called $4328_NTFRS_2d0d1423.
In that folder is a subfloder $$4316
In that folder is a subfloder $$2226
In that folder is a subfloder $$4316
In that folder is a subfloder $$2226
In that folder is a subfloder $$4316
In that folder is a subfloder $$2226

and it goes on and on. These do not appear to be junction points as DIR /a shows them as regualar subfolders.

I can delete it as it tells me that the path is too long.

I even tried making a susbt drive to the bottom of the tree and when i did that it continued on and on from that point.

Of already run a chkdsk /r and it found no hard errors. How can I delete this? Its killing my backup. Thank You.
Hi, I have a lab set up and have set up a DC, 2 File servers, names FS01 and FS02. On FS01 i have installed the DFS roles and replication. However, when configuring name space on FS01, when I click New Namingspace and then put in the server name FS01 and press Next, it says cannot connect to the domain "my domain name". How do i get round this please?

Server Software





A server is a computer program or a machine that waits for requests from other machines or software (clients) and responds to them. This architecture is called the client–server model. The clients may run on the same computer or may connect to the server over a network. The purpose of a server is to share data or hardware and software resources among clients. Typical computing servers are database servers, file servers, mail servers, print servers, web servers, game servers, and application servers.