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I am going to explain this the best I can as it is a unique scenario.  Below are notes we gathered when testing:

  • Searched for John Doe by typing Doe and received the message "We couldn't mind an exact match. Try refining your search"
  • Typed Evans - Tracey Evans did not come up
  • Backspaced to Eva - Tracey Evans did come up
  • Entered Evan - Tracey Evans did come up
  • Typed Evans - Tracey Evans did not come up
  • Backspaced to Evan - Tracey Evans did come up
  • Backspaced to Eva - Tracey Evans did NOT come up (inconsistent with 3rd bullet)
  • When I first started watching Phil, I noticed he was under "New" instead of Groups or Status.  I had him change to Groups and that is where we were testing.
  • He also noted that some days he is fine and can search without issue.

So far we have tried the following:

  • Browse to %localappdata%\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Lync\sip_<>
  • Delete the following files:
  • Galcontacts.db
  • galcontacts.db.idx
  • CoreContact.cache
  • ABS_<sign-in name>.cache
  • Mfugroup.cache
  • PersonalLISDB.cache
  • PresencePhoto.cache
  • Restart Lync, allow 30 min for contacts to sync through

  • Cleared login cache in Skype, logged out, and back in

We have had success with the first option, but after logging out and back in to Citrix the issue presents itself again.  Is anyone else having similar issues?
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User (A) wish to be able to schedule Skype Meetings on behalf of user (B) and user (C). I connected to both user (B) and (C)'s Outlook and granted user (A) delegation access. She is now able to schedule Skype Meetings on behalf of user (B) but when she tries to schedule a meeting for user (C), she is still getting the error message below:

"You do not have permissions to schedule Skype Meetings on behalf of the owner of this account. Please contact the owner of the account to get delegate permissions in Skype for Business."

As Skype for Business will not be support soon, we are trying Microsoft Team.

When I first tried it, there was an option which let me put in my phone number after I joined the meeting.  

I do not see that option any more.  That means all users will need a head set and microphone connnect to their computers in order for the meeting invitees to hear each other, right?

Someone who knows please advise.  

Thank you very much.
Looking for ways to limit users to only using Microsoft Teams for IM, voice and video calls.

We already use Slack and think that Slack does what Slack does better than Teams.

Unfortunately due to Skype for Business going end of life, we are being forced into Teams.

Some of the telecoms, video-conferencing and IM stuff is great in Teams but we prefer Slack for collaborative working.

We don't want to confuse users though, so are looking for ways to lock down the Teams specific stuff but still allow people to use it for the stuff it does well.

Has anyone got any advice about how to lock it down?

One other way we thought we could tackle it was to have notifications enabled for anyone that creates so that we can delete them / advise against.  Any thoughts about achieving that?

sir i am trying to use my cc cam as a web cam to chat in skype i tried so many thing but ultimately i have failed
Hi, we had our user BT Meet Me accounts integrated into Skype For Business and it was working fine until recently, now the BT conference details are missing from the footer of the Skype invite... I check through Teams admin/skype legacy portal and the details are missing there too, when I add them back in again, it looks like they save but dont... have MS discontinued this feature with a view to 'forcing' us to use their audio options?!?
We recently experienced some Microsoft Exchange database corruption and worked with Microsoft to get a new database created and then I restored emails from backup. One of the things I've now noticed afterwards is that the "Play on Phone" option is missing from Outlook on all clients.

I followed the steps in the above Microsoft article to ensure that it is enabled and it is. I even disabled it and re-enabled it seeing if that would help and it didn't.

I'm not sure what else to try. Any thoughts?

So i've got an odd one, we're using Skype for business 2016 along with Skype for business online, a lot of the time there are no issues at all however we're getting calls being passed from reception to users whom have call fowarding on and it drops the call.

My knowledge of this is limited and as such would love some direction on what to look at, where to go and what I can try to do to sort this out.


We have a Skype account for our company.

We sign in with our company email address to access our Skype account on our Windows 10 Pro PC.

For people to get in contact with us, they usually request a Skype ID.

Our Skype ID displays as something like the following: live:" "_(numbers)

Other companies have their Skype Name/ ID displayed without the "live:" part like "walmart" for example.

We would like to change our Skype ID/Name to something better as it does not look professional.

We are aware we can change the display name for the account.

How do we change the Skype Name/ID for our Skype account?

Hello Team,

We have Some ad users where we need to set the AD attribute below for bulk users

msRTCSIP-DeploymentLocator  need to be set to SRV:

first i need to fetch the users which this attribute and then in second we need the command or script to input the users to set this Attribute to SRV :

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Microsoft Teams continues to restart. The login window appears for a moment and then restarts. After 10 attempts it stops.
I use an Office 365 account and MsTeams works regularly from the web.
All other Office 365 programs work regularly including Skype for business.
I tried to delete all the credentials present in the PC but without resolving.
Good afternoon,

I'm trying to help my neighbor out with Skype.

First off, he is using Skype, not Skype Business.

He has multiple PCs (HPs, Microsoft Surface, ...) and this occurs on all of them in the same manner, so it is highly doubtful it is a PC hardware issue.

The issue he is having is that quite often during a video call the session crashes.  He also specifies, this especially happens when communicating from here (Canada) with his European counterparts.  Skype remains open, but the call itself is lost.

I found and a Speed test on his network gave 25 Mbps download and 1.5 Mbps upload.  So at first glance it should suffice.

Is there a log created anywhere that can be consulted as to why a Call is dropped?
Could the upload speed of 1.5 Mbps be the issue? (I'm assuming this would fluctuate and then if other things are going on at the time perhaps this is simply insufficient?)
Would anyone have any recommendations?
Or, is this a normal behavior and the reality of using Skype?
Skype for Bossiness 2015 environment.
Users are unable to join meeting when they are travelling and see the error as shown below:
Skype.JPGOn the Edge server all services are running except the Skype Audio/Video Authentication service.
When I start the service it says that the service started and then stop and that some services do that.
Should this service be in running state?

We had a cert expired on this server and was replaced.
Users are saying issue started after that.

On the Edge server I see some of these errors:
"A fatal alert was generated and sent to the remote endpoint. This may result in termination of the connection. The TLS protocol defined fatal error code is 10. The Windows SChannel error state is 1200."
But this error has been therein the past.

How can I test the meeting connectivity with powershell or otherwise.
And what else can I look for?
Hi All,

We are looking for an analytics product to report on our usage of our on-premises Mitel VoIP system and Skype for Business Online. Can anyone recommend a product?
Reporting for Skype for Business Online is the priority, but we will likely need both in the future.
We are a medium sized charity and so our budget is limited.

Cheers, Ian
Dear Experts,

A colleague has following issue :
"I can't open any of the invitation I sent on Outlook where I have added Skype for Business. Outlook crashes and restarts automatically.
It means I can't change the content of an invite or see who has confirmed my invite.
The problem does not occur for invitations I received from others or for invitation I have created without adding Skype for Business.
Clearly the problem is linked to Skype. I have done a test right now: after closing Skype for Business Task (task manager) and I could open an invite without any problem."

OS : Windows 10 - Outlook 365 (32 bit  / Skype for business for Office 365 (32 bit).
'repairing online" Microsoft office unfortunately doesn' t help/   re-create a new profile in Outlook doesn"t help also..
What can be done?

Thank you
My business has started using Skype for desktop sharing during remote meetings.  I'm having two problems:

    1) If I click anywhere outside of the Skype window, the call is disconnected.  This problem makes Skype unusable for my application.
    2) I have to set my audio device every time I open Skype because it always chooses the wrong (and non-system-default) device.
Attempting to find current active conferences in Skype for Business Server 2015.
I get this result:

Convert-UTCtoLocal : Cannot bind argument to parameter 'UTCTime' because it is
an empty string.
At C:\Support\SfB PowerShell Scripts\Get-csActiveConferences.ps1:32 char:53
+   $Result."Join Time" = Convert-UTCtoLocal -UTCTime $Result."Join Time"
+                                                     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    + CategoryInfo          : InvalidData: (:) [Convert-UTCtoLocal], Parameter
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : ParameterArgumentValidationErrorEmptyStringNotAl

When I run this PowerShell command .Get-csActiveConferences.ps1
Param (
  $PoolFQDN = (Read-Host -Prompt "Please enter the Pool FQDN")

#### Script Information
# Originally written by Richard Brynteson

# Convert UTC to Local timezone
function Convert-UTCtoLocal {
    [String] $UTCTime
  $strCurrentTimeZone = (Get-WmiObject win32_timezone).StandardName
  $TZ = [System.TimeZoneInfo]::FindSystemTimeZoneById($strCurrentTimeZone)
  $LocalTime = [System.TimeZoneInfo]::ConvertTimeFromUtc($UTCTime, $TZ)
  Return $LocalTime

#Loop Through Front-End Pool
Foreach ($Computer in (Get-CsPool -Identity $PoolFQDN).Computers) {
  $Result = Invoke-SQLCmd -ServerInstance "$Computer\rtclocal" -Database rtcdyn -Query "SELECT …
Having issues with Skype Meetings App - when I try to launch it, it says "initializing" for a long time then says "Service Error! There was an error in contacting the service. Please contact your administrator."

The problem was at first happening on my new computer but I went back to the old one, it was happening as well - even though it was previously working fine.
My Skype for Business Server started telling the clients it was out licenses. I purchased additional  CALs, but for the the life of me I can't figure out how to get SFBS to recognize them.  I contacted Microsoft licensing and they said a key is not needed.  After over an hour on the phone I still don't have an answer to my question...
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For one of our users external Skype/Lync contacts have all started coming up as "Presence unknown" and the user is unable to call or message them. Prior, the user had no trouble contacting them.
What should I check to resolve this issue?
User joins a Skype for Business meeting, afterwards, the call is muted by the user. But when the user tries to unmute the line, nothing happens. I believe the problem could be related to the host of the meeting, muting all lines and forgets to unmute it so others can speak.
Any ideas?

Windows 10
Office 365
Poly com Phone
Skype for Business compatible headset
Our organization uses Office 365 (not onsite) which includes Skype for Business.  One of my users schedules a lot of Skype meetings using Outlook.  It seems in the last couple of months the "Skype Meeting Add-in for Microsoft Office 365" continually unloads once the user exits out of Outlook.  I  have tried the following:
1.  I go into Add-ins and click the Skype Meeting Add-in Option"
2.  Repaired Office 365
3.  Uninstalled and re-installed Office 365

And the add-in continues to read "unloaded".  It is not disabled, but unloaded.   I have checked the registry entry and the UCAddin.LyncAddin.1 is set to 3 on LoadBehavior.

Is there something else I could try?
I have an excel spreadsheet with a dynamic phone list.  I want to user to be able to click on the phone number to make a call via the Skype for Business app.  I’m able to accomplish this by using the below formula but I want to use VBA to add the hyperlink to any cells in range (“B:B”) if not blank.  

When an Apple head phones or earbuds I believe they are called, is plugged into a laptop, the external LCD (monitor) ask to select an audio device, the ear buds are selected.
However, there is no output of sound via the headphones, when making Skype for Business calls. Other sound are heard via the headphones.

OS: WIndows 10
Office 365

Any suggestions?
Setup: The laptop is connected to the external LCD via an HDMI to VGA adapter.
The laptop gets it network connection via the Ethernet cable connected  to a VOIP phone.
The VOIP phone has the capability to output computer audio.

Additional notes, audio can be heard from the laptop's speakers.
There is no headphones  jack for the Apple headphones on the VOIP phone.
There is no sound output from the external LCD, nor does it have a USB port.
The audio drivers appears to be current.
Skype for Business shows a screen with a black background, when the screen is shared.
OS: Windows 10
Office 365
Alternate solution: Just share the application instead of the entire window.
Possible root cause: Not enough network bandwidth  to share the screen.






Skype is for doing things together, whenever you’re apart. Skype’s text, voice and video make it simple to share experiences with the people that matter to you, wherever they are.

With Skype, you can share a story, celebrate a birthday, learn a language, hold a meeting, work with colleagues – just about anything you need to do together every day. You can use Skype on whatever works best for you - on your phone or computer or a TV with Skype on it. It is free to start using Skype - to speak, see and instant message other people on Skype for example.

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