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SFB Powershell module not working. I am unable to connect and receive bad gateway error. I can connect to all of our other Office 365 online resources/cmdlets using powershell but unable to connect to SFB. Anyone experience this issue in the past and can assist?
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Dear Expert,

I have  client computers connecting to 1 GB speed access to switches 3750/3850.

These access switches connect to a pair of 6500 core switches. These go out to the SD WAN ISP, and they mark the Skype traffic, both voice and video.

I would like to prioritise Skype traffic on the LAN segment from desktop SfB client to the edge. We use SfB online only.

Would a class map suffice and any recommendations would be highly appreciated.

Many Thanks in advance
Hi everyone,

I'm trying to install the Microsoft Lync Web App Plugin.  I get to a point during the process where I'm prompted to run the plug in, in order to get audio and video.  However, as the progress bar gets to about 90% complete a dialogue box generates and indicates the "The specified account already exists", then closes and the users is never able to reach their meeting.

Here are some details surrounding the setup -

  • The device is a Dell laptop
  • The OS is a WIN 7 64-bit platform
  • Running Microsoft Office 2013
  • This is a domain environment
  • The user is a standard user on the laptop
  • I, as an admin, have installed the Skype Meetings App as I can see it listed in Control Panel
  • I've also got the latest version of Silver Light installed
  • I've also uninstalled and reinstalled the Skype Meetings App a couple times and get the same dialogue box - Account Already Exists
  • I've cleared the cache and history
  • We don't run Office 365

I'm a bit stumped.  Any thoughts?

Thanks for your help.
Need steps to configuration integration of Skype for Business 2015 with Exchange 2016. Already have the integration running between Skype for Business 2015 and Exchange 2010.

Have introduced Exchange 2016 in same Exchange organization need to SfB integration for exchange 2016 as well.
Need help in Implementing Skype for Business 2019.

I am in the process of Implementing Skype for Business 2019 in our company. We already have 2015 Skype for Business with 2 different pools as we have 2 sites(but in the same domain). However, one issue I currently have is that the CMS(Central Management Server) is still hosted on a Legacy Database(SQL 2008), it wasn't moved to the latest database back then. So, until the CMS is not moved to the compatible Server(which is minimum of 2012), the topology for 2019 will not publish as it keeps saying that there are legacy systems and the topology is unsupported .

I wanted to ask if I could create a new CMS with the already existing(old) CMS and parallelly run the new SFB 2109 Deployment? Or any other ideas if you people can help me with?

Can Cisco WiFi prioritize Skype for Business online real time ports? These would be UDP 50,000-59,999 and UDP 3478, 3479, 3480, 3481.
How would the access point be able to classify and prioritize that traffic relative to the other traffic received on the radio?
I'm wanting to setup QoS for Skype for Business Online. When I do a packet capture I see that the real time
ports that come into play are the UDP 50,000 - 59,999. The article below calls the 50,000 - 59,999 as optional.
Is there any way through group policy to tell skype to use the UDP 3478, 3479, 3480, 3481 only or at least
to prefer it? Marking all TCP/UDP 50,000-59,999 for EF classification seems pretty broad.
Hello Experts,

I support multiple companies and am working to enable inter domain \ inter tenant use of Teams and Skype between some of them per the article listed at the url below.  Currently, I've made changes in the Microsoft Teams & Skype for Business Admin Center --> Org-wide settings --> External access area for each of the three, enabling "External access" and "Users can communicate with external Skype users" and then adding the other two domain names with status of Allowed.  After doing that I had some initial success in chatting with a user in one of the other domains when logged into the Teams app on my local system.  Since that time, however, I have attempted to chat with other users in the two other domains from my Teams app, with no success.  When I send a chat message, I typically get a message stating "This user is unavailable or offline.  We've sent an email instead.".  I even observed this when sending a chat message to another user, when I was connected remotely to his system, and was able to verify he was logged into the Team app on his system.  Is there anything else from a configuration standpoint that I need to complete?  Do I need to enable Guest access in Teams for each of the tenants?

Thanks in advance,

Issues with Skype for business signing in due to DNS unable to find our server.  This is for a single user.
Hi Experts

We are fighting to find a standard device to use it in our company for XenDesktop and xenapp
And this device has to cover this
1- support HDX protocol and 3 DHX
2- support RTME for Skype for business
3-  ability to connect two monitors
4- ability to connect webcam and headset and digital tablet
5- option if possible power over Ethernet
I managed to bring all to work on Intel NUC with windows 10

And part of these things on Intel NUC with ThinLinks as OS

But my manager wants such device cover all that but without windows
I don't find any pro thin client can cover all that without using windows as OS

Any ideas or advice here

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Can group chat be disabled in Skype for Business? Is there a setting so that only certain users can create/initiate a group chat?

Other users can basically only do an individual chat.

Hey guys looks like Microsoft forced one of our clients into using Teams for Microsoft :(

Is there a way to create contact groups like you could in Skype for Business?

The best thing that I can find to do is to search for people and make then favorites.
Hi Experts

we have on premise Skype for business 2015 and everything work well

but today some users they have Iphones they made update to the latest mobil client and they are not able to login anymore

from IOS the latest version with the latest version of skype for business client

i have iphone with IOS version 11.2.5    and skype cleint version   and everything working with me

so the problem located on the client version

do i have to change something on front end server or what i have to do to figure out this issue

kindly advice
i have Windows 10 Pro (full up to date) and i have SKYPE App (8.3) along with SKYPE for Business.
My issue is that SKYPE for Business works fine and loads and logs me in automatically. however, the SKYPE App does sign in but doesnt start to the point if someone messages me i get a notification.
i have Notifications on. there is no way to add the SKYPE icon to the styart-up folder to force it to open,
does anyone know how to make it open fully when windows is started. like you could do in the old Desktop version.
Is there any to have Skype for Business show you all the Poor Quality calls for a given time period?
MS Call Quality Dashboard appears to show you the number and percent of bad calls for a building
or region. But it does not show you any details about those calls - who the users were, the phone
numbers, the date/time, the MOS scores, the jitter etc. If I go to Skype Analytics I can search on user
ID and then scroll through the calls for that individual user. But in order to find a pattern for poor
quality I need better search. Barring that - is there any way to export Skype Analytics data or data
from MS CQD?
We are running an on prem Skype for Business server that was only used internally for IM and meetings. It was a 1 server setup and all worked great.
We now want to add an edge server so we can host skype meetings with external clients
The edge server is in our dmz and not a domain joined server
I edited my topology and added the edge server and published the topology. I then exported the config to a zip and imported it during the installation of the local configurations store. after running all was fine with the green checkmark and the complete.
I ran the setup for server components, requested and added a cert form a online auth. all went fine also

Everything installed fine except the server keeps giving topology errors saying it cant find info on the local domain
Has anyone seen this before?
i have users that can not sign into Skype for business. They can log onto their Outlook and other office products, but when they are on the Guest Network they can sign into Skype for Busniess. I was able to get a hold of MS/Skype for Business support.
Hi Joseph
I have checked the logs and found that there is an issue with the ADFS wherein some connection issue with the ADFS server on corporate network is stopping user to sign in. Below are the findings:
LOG findings:
<11284,11436,8:22:46:68>: -CProxyHandler::SendRequestWithProxyFailOver=0x80072EFE
<11284,11436,8:22:46:68>: -CTransport::SendImplementation=0x80072EFE​
<11284,11436,8:22:46:68>: SendImplementation failed 0x80072efe.@transport.cpp_254​
<11284,11436,8:22:46:68>: +CSingleIdentity::SetRequestStatus(hrRequestStatus = 0x80048820)@credstore.h_306​
<11284,11436,8:22:46:68>: -CSingleIdentity::SetRequestStatus()​
<11284,11436,8:22:46:68>: SetExtendedError: dwErrorCategory=2, dwErrorCode=-2147012866, dwPort=443​
<11284,11436,8:22:46:68>: -CPPCRLBaseRequest::SendInternalHelper=0x80072EFE​
<11284,11436,8:22:46:68>: -CPPCRLBaseRequest::SendInternal=0x80048051​
<11284,11436,8:22:46:68>: -SendRequest=0x80048051​
<11284,11436,8:22:46:68>: CSingleIdentity::AuthIdentity - Failed when sending auth request.@svcapi.cpp_999
Error Code      Symbolic Name      Error Description      Header
Hex      Dec                  
We have Skype For Business with our Office 365 business subscription.  I use it all the time and see to have little trouble with it.  When I receive a calendar invite in Outlook , and it is time for the meeting to start, I click the 'Join Skype Meeting' link.   The desktop application opens, I am asked if I wasn't to use Skype For Business audio (yes) or some other audio option and then I am in the meeting room and my picture appears.  Works flawlessly.

However , some users here don't have the same experience.  For some reason, when they repeat the same steps, their browser opens?  It then prompts them to download and install the web app for Skype For Business?  Then it typically hangs.  Why does this happen?  They also have, and want to use, the desktop application for SFB.  

My browser never opens.  What is causing that to occur on theirs?  We both use the same web browser, IE, but get different results.

We are both using Surface Pro 4's running 64bit versions of WIndows 10 and the most current Office.

Thanks for any suggestions!  Frustrating! (for them).
In Skype for Business 2015, are there any APIs that I can use to query if a user has Enterprise Voice enabled?

I need to be able to differentiate users that have calling capabilities vs users that do not. Maybe being able to query if a user has a phone number associated with them would suffice too.
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Dear Experts, I have a question related to telephony service. We are using IP PBX Grandstream UCM6510 with SIP trunking from The Provider.

So as my understanding, for example if our number is +AA 710xxxxx; I create a conference room in UCM6510 at ext 8888; then when customers want to join a conference room with us, they will call to +AA 710xxxxx, press 8888. Am I right? (AA is my country code)

But the Boss now have some customers in USA, UK,... and he wants his customers will call to USA, UK numbers, (for example: +1xxxxxxxxx; +44yyyyyyyy) respectively instead of our number (+AA 710xxxxx)  to join our conference room.

Is this feasible? Can you please suggest the solution? Many thanks!
Hi Experts,

One of my customers is having some trouble with her Skype conferences.

When joining by phone and entering the conference id, the automated system states, ”Sorry, I cant find a meeting with that number.”

Any ideas as to why this may be happening with her conferences and what I may do to do troubleshoot?

My customer runs a SFB on prem with several from end servers and back end servers. Exchange 2016 with several mailbox servers in a DAG. Active directory single forest/single domain with multiple sites.
I am trying to run the remote connectivity analyser to look for an issue with my skype for business login. However, the verification of this tools fails every time almost immediately. This was working a few days ago. I have been making dns changes...are there DNS entries that need to be entered for this tool to work correctly?
Are there any tools other than Microsoft Call Quality Dashboard and Skype Analytics for measuring Skype call quality? Audio? Conerence calls? Video? We are mostly a Cisco network. There are shortcomings in the MCQ dashboard that have not been addressed since we adopted it.
We have a hybrid environment using office 365 and on-prem exchange. We have an autodiscover cname entry that points to our on prem server, All mail clients work fine. However some of the office 365 skype for business clients cannot connect. The analyser says that it cannot connect to autodiscover. MS says it should point to if I change it, them my exhange users keep getting pop ups to login...How do I make both work?
We are using Skype For Business 2015. We have a single pool with single FrontEnd, Backend, OfficeWeb and Edge. The rtcxds,rtc, rgsdyn are on SQL express with running on FrontEnd server.

Would like to know a steps CU update for Skype FrontEnd server and extra steps such Install-CsDatabase -ConfiguredDatabases -SqlServerFqdn <FEServer.domain> -Verbose

Thank you






Skype is for doing things together, whenever you’re apart. Skype’s text, voice and video make it simple to share experiences with the people that matter to you, wherever they are.

With Skype, you can share a story, celebrate a birthday, learn a language, hold a meeting, work with colleagues – just about anything you need to do together every day. You can use Skype on whatever works best for you - on your phone or computer or a TV with Skype on it. It is free to start using Skype - to speak, see and instant message other people on Skype for example.

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