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Skype for Business 2015 and Exchange 2016 integration/on-premise infrastructure.  Had upgraded from Lync 2010 and Exchange 2010 about 6 months ago and everything has been running smoothly.  But recently, there's 1 user out of 70 that has an issue with Skype and Exchange Unified messaging integration.  Basically, his Skype client can't properly connect to Exchange UM and thus, UM features from Skype for Biz Client are not present, i.e. call history, check/change vmail, and Calendar feed.  When checking the Skype Config Info, it shows "UCS Connection state = Exchange Connection Down" and "EWS Information = EWS not deployed".

I've tried enabling/disabling UM via EAC, running mailbox repair, and even moving the mailbox to another DB, but the issue still persists and there's no error of any kind on the event logs on exchange and skype servers.   The user's UM still works fine within Outlook.

At this point, i'm stuck and need so guidance.
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With voice calls and conference calling with Microsoft Teams - is there anything
different about the IP pathing or about the protocols that are used? With Skype
the RTP gots to an Anycast address and then into the MS network. Is all that
the same with teams? Any other differences for voice? For video?
What is needed in order to use Skype For Business?
Basically, we'd like to use Skype For Business to share screens and chat between two persons in our company but our company is NOT using Office 365.
So we downloaded and installed Skype For Business. On the Sign In page, we see the message "Use the sign-in address for your organization - not a Skype Name or Microsoft account".
Please see attached screen shot.

What is the "sign-in address for your origanization"? How can we get it? Does this mean that we have to open an O365 account and be a subscriber?

Skype for Business Server Access Edge gets this event ID 7024 form source Service Control Manager cannot be found.
Our company uses O365 for all employees. One app we use within it is Skype for Business. We would like to get a report showing how many individual messages a given user sends from Skype. The MS reports only seem to provide session counts. I know in the conversation history you can see the messages sent/received, but to manually scroll through Inboxes and count these is not practical. Are there any PS scripts for this?

Thanks for the assistance in advance!
How can I set my Skype default options to be that anyone can present/share files when Skype is opened? My current set up means that I have a Skype meeting and then when the person wants to share I have to change the settings and then re-commence the meeting? It's set so that only people from my organisation can share...thanks
Has anyone seen an issue where trying to run Skype for Business 2016 and Outlook 2016 on a Windows 7 machine causes Outlook to not be able to connect.

Skype is running,
When I try to open Outlook 2016, I get an error saying 'We are unable to connect right now. Please check your network and try again later."

Error Message
It was ugly with Skype. Still haven't figured how how to add (or invite) external contacts to chat in Teams

Having some issue with Azure AD Sync.
I was playing around with a user that was currently synced.

I moved him to an OU that wasnt synced, in Office365 he got deleted.
I then restored the account in Office365, now hes "In-Cloud"
I moved him back to the correct OU and initialized a "Start-AdSyncSyncCycle -PolicyType Initial"

However, he does not get synced, and as of right now he cannot setup a Outlook profile or login to Skype for Business.
Any ideas what i can do?

I want to be able to sync this user.
I want him to be able to login to Skype For Business and Outlook.
OWA works without any problems.

Error message when signing into Skype:
You can’t sign in to Skype for Business Online because the certificate can’t be acquired or validated
Hybrid Exchange 2010 with Exchange On-Line/Office 365.
AD Cloud Sync with on-Prem AD Server.
Skype For Business as Part Of Office 365 Premium

Years ago I tried installing a Lync Server, though never got all the way though. My Exchange User had a SIP email address entry in it.  This was Causing my Outlook to complain that My SIP and SMTP Addresses were not the same.   No One else in the Organization had a SIP email entry so I just removed mine. After that I could no longer login to Skype For Business. Did the Delete of the Appropriate files on my Machine, cleared the Stored Credentials, waited 24 hours and I still cannot login to Skype on ANY Machine (Mac/PC/PC) I can login to Exchange OWA, office Portal, Sharepoint, etc. Just not Skype. I seem to be the only affected user, other users are not affected.

Reading though many google searches I came across Update-CsUserDatabase which is supposed to Pull a copy of the User's Attributes from AD, though when I go to run that Command I get: "Update-CsUserDatabase' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet"
Though I can execute other get-Cs Commands with no issues, so I know I have a Good connection to the back end SfB.   (See Below) I can cycle though other Update-Cs Commands, just not the Update-CsUserDatabase one.

Is there a new way to refresh the backend User Database foe Skype For Business when its part of Office365?

PS C:\Windows\system32> remove-PSSession $cssession
PS C:\Windows\system32>

Open in new window

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Just installed WAMP on Windows 10. (There was no WAMP on my PC previously)

When I click the launch icon on my desktop, the command window opens for a few seconds and closes. The WAMP icon does not appear in the tray at the bottom right. (Although it did once, the first time, and it was Red).

I read somewhere (Google) that it could be a conflict with SkyPe also using Port 80. But my SkyPe is the latest version and Googling tells me that now you can't change (or see) the Port number on SkyPe!

What can I check please?

Looking for a VoIP phone system.
This client currently has a PBX black box supporting over 50+ phones. They are renting 5 lines from a local teleco.
They are building a very modern 100K square foot facility and will be moving to there in the near future. I started researching a new phone system to replace the current one.
I am not a telephone guy, so I would like to hear your opinions. First of all, I guess VoIP is the way to go, correct? I am kind of an old school and did not trust VoIP at the beginning. But after using Skype calling long distance for years, I find it has better voice quality than the landline most of the time.
I heard of 3CX, a cloud based phone system with no need to run an in-house PBX hardware or software. If the PBX is virtually on the cloud, how can we connect the 5 rented lines from the teleco to the virtual PBX?    
What solution would you recommend based on your real world experience? Reliability, voice quality, easy management.

Hi experts

I have performances and quality issues with xenapp and Skype for business
I read that I have to install on xenapp servers real time connector software
And on the client real time media engine

Do I have to do anything else like policy or something els

Plus we have 7.12. So do I have to install 2.1 connector because it came with xendesktop 7.12 media or any new version it is ok

And the same for client it has to be the same version on the servers or dose not matter

Kindly advice
Hello Experts,

One of my customers is running into an issue with her skype it keeps showing her as out of office even though she has no auto reply setup in her outlook and her OWA

Any ideas on how to resolve this issue?

My customer runs a SFB on prem with several from end servers and back end servers. Exchange 2016 with several mailbox servers in a DAG. Active directory single forest/single domain with multiple sites.
When booking a Skype enabled room that a Polycom Trio isnsigned in as, what are the expectations and controls over who can walk up to the phone and join the meeting?
It seems like a privacy/security issue.  
If you join the call from the conference room phone, how can you identify yourself as the organizer? Is the only way to do that to join from another device signed in as your organizer account??
I only want to use classic skype for windows 10

please dont recommend another product or another skype

very difficult to reach dial pad

when I am on hold, I am asked numerous times, do you want to keep on hold, press 1

and I need to click 5 places to see dial pad
Is there a shortcut
Dear All,

Our Company is implementing this effort for the client to meet the needs around the managers meeting where approximately 100 team members gather to speak to leadership. My Client has recently acquired 1500 Office 365 licenses and we will work closely with the organisation to implement a proven and best practices virtual meeting solution.

can someone please help me how to proceed with this project.
Skype 8 - force a lower resolution/frame rate for the other side.  I do not use a camera on my side and my bandwidth is slow.  In Skype 7 I never had much problem in having a conversation with someone across the world when they used video.  In Skype 8 I am ALWAYS having video problems because Skype 8 is attempting to show a high definition video and is killing the bandwidth.

I want a way (registry edit, config file edit, etc) that will force Skype 8 to use a lower resolution or frame rate so I can have some video at a reasonable standard definition level and not lose the call or freeze all the time.

Again, Skype 7 - no problems (99% of the time), Skype 8 - almost always a problem.

This is NOT a computer issue, this is a Skype 8 issue.

Dear all,

We currently have Skype for Business to communicate with board members located at different locations.  The quality of sound and picture is good.  However, it seems to be difficult to use by the board of trustees, because it requires a password to log in and sometimes they have an issue with audio.   The alternative solution suggested was Zoom.  I have tested the system and seem to be easy to use.  I am not sure about the quality of sound and picture?

What experience do you have with Zoom, if it is used for up to 7 users, in regards to the following points:
- Sound quality
- Picture
- Dial-in Number, reliability and sound quality

How do you compare Skype for Business with Zoom, relative to the above points?

Amazon Web Services
LVL 12
Amazon Web Services

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Can anyone point me to a sample configuration for accommodating Skype for Business Quality of Service on their Cisco IOS and/or Nexus OS network? This would prioritize Skype audio and skype video.
I was wondering if I have O365 and have  Room resources in Exchange, and then phones in each room physically that are licensed with Skype, is there a way to set it up so that the Booking the Room resource from Outlook will add the meeting a d/or Skype meeting to the phone calendar?
Would I need to sign into the phone with the Skype account or the Exchange Resource account?
Force the Skype for Business client to start when the user logs in. I am using Office 365 Proplus and SKype for business in our organization. Users are unchecking autologin manually after system logged in. How do force skype to login every time user logs in? GPO or any other way we can achieve this?
Skype for Bidness 2016 formerly known as Lync does not currently work on my computer. It did a week ago. I tried other computers and it works fine. Checked Tools>Options>Personal>Advanced and the internal server name and External server names are both correct. Tried uninstalling MS Office 2016. Not sure what else to check.
2 or 3 users are complaining that  they dont see new skype meeting icon in their calendar, it is  missing

i checked the add ins , one of .dll related to skype was disabled, i enabled  but still skype for meeting is not showing up in their calendar

anything else i need to do

som ehave outlook 2010, some outlook 2016 all other users seems ok

mailboxes are in office 365
Hi Experts,

I do have a user in my organization [SFB on prem] with several FE servers and MBX in a DAG 2016 with an unknown presence status on IM

Troubleshooting done so far

I remote into user’s PC, clear SFB cache client, outlook profile recreated, delete OAB files, reboot computer, no luck
User tried from another computer, same thing.
Fixed the discrepancy with SIP proxy address attribute
Any ideas?  What I missed here? Her account was updated yesterday, so OAB replication should not be an issue here.






Skype is for doing things together, whenever you’re apart. Skype’s text, voice and video make it simple to share experiences with the people that matter to you, wherever they are.

With Skype, you can share a story, celebrate a birthday, learn a language, hold a meeting, work with colleagues – just about anything you need to do together every day. You can use Skype on whatever works best for you - on your phone or computer or a TV with Skype on it. It is free to start using Skype - to speak, see and instant message other people on Skype for example.

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