Smartphone Programming

Smartphones run using a variety of operating systems -- Android, iOS and Windows Mobile most commonly -- and an even wider variety of programming languages, including Objective-C, Java, Visual C#, C++ and .NET, not to mention HTML5 and JavaScript, and cross-platform frameworks such as PhoneGap.

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How could I transfer my mobile contacts from "MS My Phone web site" to NOKIA N8 phone ?
please help me
I am trying to figure out how to permanently increase the storage space on this terminal. I can adjust the Storage/Program memory slider in control panel under System and it will stay there and during a warm boot. But if I do the cold boot, it all goes back to default. I want to be able to make the memory/storage space to desired settings and stay even during the cold boot.

Anyone had any suggestion or have experience similar and able to make the necessary adjustment or have alternative solution. Please advise.

thank you.
I was considering using Appcelerator's Titanium to write applications for iPhone and Android, but was told I could do it in C# using Monotouch.

Please tell me what mobile platforms I could support, if there is any cost / license fees involved, and what types of modifications would be needed taking a single C# program and making it run on multiple platforms.

I have heard I can use C# to write applications for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, etc.

Is this true?

If so, please tell me what I need to install and what platforms I could support. Also, it'd be great if you could give me a rough estimate of the effort involved in using the same application on multiple mobile platforms.

Hi, I am new with Windows Phone 7 development, I have a button from my from, I want to open another application when I press this button, how can I do?
Ex: Make Call, Open IE, Open Market Place, .......
I build an application using Windows CE 5.0 and C#, and installed the executable file onto a mobile device. When the user clicks the exe multiple times, multiple instances of the application will open on the device. How do I limit the application to only running one instance on the device? So as an example: the user clicks the exe on the desktop, and once they do, even if they click it again, only one instance will open.
Looking for a decent (and simple) php code to automatically redirect mobile devices to to a didicated "mobile" portion of a website.
I have been trying to work out this issue now and have still not been able to resolve it.

I had to confirm all settings were correct
This article was very helpful:
Exchange 2003 - Activesync Connection Problems FAQ

I did the connectivity test here:

Connectivity Test Successful!
ExRCA is testing Exchange ActiveSync.
Exchange ActiveSync was tested successfully.
Now, I can add the Exchange account without any initial errors, but when I click on the account to check or receive mail I am receiving an error 'Cannot Get Mail'. The connection to the server failed.

I also checked the inheritable permissions (as described by this article):

Any suggestions as I feel like I am stuck on this....

Hi everyone,

is there a software i can use on my HTC phone to block an unknown call?
Thanks in advance
I need some guidance on how I can setup my Microsoft exchange environment to allow emails sent to mobile devices such as HTC etc.

We have a MS Exchange 2003 cluster active/passive runnig on windows 2003.

what are the steps i need to get the mobile emails setup.

The attached screenshot should speak volumes about my questions but here is a text version of my question as well:

I created a WCF Service and added a reference to it in my Windows Phone Project...
I created a Function in the WCF Service called HelloWorld()

How do I access this Function from the Windows Phone Application?
I am building a Windows Phone App for company use and the overview is this:

Monitor a directory every x seconds and push notifications to Windows Phone that represent the file count inside the directory.

Now, if this was a Windows Service, or a Windows Application, it would likely be easy to do this, but I think I will need to accomplish this in a Web Service...

I was thinking something along the lines of:

Open in new window

but i struggle with the use of this in a Web Service. How would I get the Web Service to poll this directory on it's own?

If I understand correctly, Web Services are 'static' and will only serve out data when requested?

Is using a Web Service the best way to accomplish my task or is there some other way. Some of the Online Resources for Windows Phone I have been using to learn more about this are:

Note: the web service is in .net 2.0 and the Windows Phone App is .Net 4.0 Silverlight...
I have an application that runs on windows mobile 6.5 and connects to a oracle database through the activesync connection. Recently I tested it out by using an activesync installed on XenDesktop (citrix). There is no activesync installed locally. Everything works fine with this configuration and activesync connects, but now when I try to access the database I get this error: ORA-12571

Any Ideas?
I have a Windows 7(64) machine where the WMDC does not connect to the emulator.  

Normally this "just works", but not in this case:
1) Start WMDC
2) Start VS2008
3) Tools / Device Emulator Manager
4) Right-click on device (e.g. Windows Mobile 5) and select "Connect"
5) Right-click on device again and select "Cradle"
6) In WMDC, uncheck DMA and click ok, and then go back and check DMA.

Normally you'll see a brief dialog box on the emulator about "User Authenticated", etc. and the green wheel spins on WMDC, after which you get connected.  But on this machine, all that happens is that the emulator shows a dialog "Connecting..." and then "User Authenticated", but nothing happens in WMDC - it stays at "Not Connected"

I have disabled the Windows Firewall.

I am thinking about fully uninstalling and reinstalling WMDC, but I am not sure how to properly do that.  Here is why:
In "Programs and Features", I have this installed (same as on other machines, where it works fine):
Windows Mobile Device Center, 27.4 MB, 6.1.6965.0
Windows Mobile Device Center Driver Update, 44.3 MB, 6.1.6965.0

However, on the Internet I can only find this installation for WMDC: (drvupdate-amd64.exe), which is only the driver update.
I seem to recall that the actual WMDC installation files are under C:\Windows\WindowsMobile, but I am not sure.

I could use some help with resolving this.  If someone knows the proper procedure…
I have a palm treo pro that was synced with an exchange account via activesync.  The Exchange server is no longer there and I want to backup all these contacts on the device.  If I setup another exchange sync it will overwrite what is on the phone already and need to save them to outlook first.  The Palm pro is windows mobile 6.1 and palm desktop doesnt work.  I also tried to use the windows sycn center in win 7 but i cannot choose what outlook profile to sync to  , it wants to use the existing exchange relationship to sync and spins and does nothing.
Hi All,

I would like to create an application that would compile a piece of code and transform that code into an Andriod application. I would like the piece of code to be in the VB language.


is there a way to delete all the inbox in a fe wsteps rather than one at a time?
I have an MFC (C++) app that I designed.

I normally run this program on iPAQ 114 (running Windows Mobile 6) devices but they are very hard to get now and if I manage to get one I have to pay almost £300 for one.

I have spotted a HTC Touch2 device that is running Windows Mobile 6.5.

My question is: will my program that ran on WM6 run on a WM 6.5 device??
hi guys,

i am developing an application on the Blackberry playbook.  but i am getting this error

 not found " import  qnx.ui.label;

i am using flash builder 4.5 .  i realized that it is not in the import library..  I NEED TO KNOW HOW i can get this in the library.
Hello there, Please i need your help in specifying the problem behind the slow communication when calling a webservice method from windows mobile application.When calling the same webservice methods from a desktop application is having a pretty fast responses. But when calling from a windows mobile application im facing a slow response. Is that related to the XML serialization? since the network environment is great and professionally designed.
I’m using BlackBerry JDE 4.1 and have a requirement to capture the content of a mail message prior to it being forwarded, this then being stored for future reference.

I have captured the message object and can interrogate it to get TO, CC, BCC and the main Body Text. However my requirement is to capture the main Body Text along with the Original Message Text (the message text seen below the actual message text).

Can anyone tell me how to capture the Original Message Text?
We are working on an application for Honeywell's Dolphin 9900 device.
The application has to handle incoming call via our custom application in C++/ Java.
We have to extract incoming call number from the incoming call,
Following is the code snapshot
        lpCallInfo = (LINECALLINFO*)malloc(sizeof(LINECALLINFO) + 254);
        lpCallInfo->dwTotalSize = sizeof(lpCallInfo) + 254;
        if (CWMTapi::m_hCall == 0)
        hResult = lineGetCallInfo(CWMTapi::m_hCall, lpCallInfo);
            char szCallerID [ TAPIMAXDESTADDRESSSIZE ] = {0};
            if (lpCallInfo->dwCallerIDFlags & LINECALLPARTYID_ADDRESS)
                strncpy_s(szCallerID, (char*)((BYTE*)lpCallInfo + lpCallInfo->dwCallerIDOffset), lpCallInfo->dwCallerIDSize);
`    .....

szCallerID is not populated, not sure how to get the incoming phone number.
We have a very odd problem. One of our clients is running exchange 2003 on a 2003 server. There seem to be no mailflow issues when using outlook or OWA. However, users are only able to get their phones to download new emails a few times a day. Everyone's phone is setup to auto push so the phone should receive email as soon as it arrives. Example, if I sent an email to someone, they will get it immediately in their inbox, however they may not receive it on their phone for several hours. If they send something from their phone, it comes throw instantly. We've already reviewed all logs on the server and don't see any type of problem. It appears to be ALL phones and they are all windows mobile. I also tried one of their accounts on my droid and get the same result. I'm still waiting for several test messages to come to my phone. They don't pull down even if we force a manual sync. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Can someone help me understand (or point me to a tutorial) about what exactly the data from Windows CE Remote Spy in VS 2005 is telling me?

I have two forms.  Form A and Form B.  
The frmLogin form calls Form A.  Form A does its job.
Form A creates a new instance of Form B and calls it with a show then closes itself
 ' Create the Form
                    Dim FormB As New frmPrice(dsItems, False, False, Me)
                    ' Remove the data object
                    oD = Nothing

Program Control moves to Form B.  It does its job then it creates an instance of Form A and calls it.  Back and forth between the two forms.

So.. Remote Spy just keeps adding and adding lines that reference the process ID of the Application i am running as in the attached picture.

I have a memory leak and the application just gets slower and slower.  I am trying to find it using Remote Spy, Heap Walker, etc.  But i don't think i understand what they are telling me.

How can i turn what i see into something that i can find in code?  It appears windows are being left open, but i have closed, disposed every one.

I guess the basic question is how to track this memory leak on a Windows CE 5 Device given the tools i have(and i am willing to buy additional tools!).  And don't tell me about Red Gates Ants or others - as they do not work on Windows CE devices.

 Remote Spy Results

i need a way to display controls from right to left on windows mobile applications, my search result was nothing but the mirrored controls, and i couldn't have it running.

if any one has done this before, please help me.

Thanks in advance.

Smartphone Programming

Smartphones run using a variety of operating systems -- Android, iOS and Windows Mobile most commonly -- and an even wider variety of programming languages, including Objective-C, Java, Visual C#, C++ and .NET, not to mention HTML5 and JavaScript, and cross-platform frameworks such as PhoneGap.